I have a question, where can I ask?

Read the rest of this page first, then read the guide. If you still have a question, join our Discord and ask in the #question-and-answer channel and someone will assist you.


Can I start at level 1? Do you have leveling?

Our server does not have the concept of levels. You will need to progress through increasingly difficult content to improve and grow your character. See the guide here.

What level cap is this server?

See the above answer first, but to clarify:

  • PvP is set to the 70-cap era PvP skills and stats
  • PvE is a custom mix of old and new DN skills and content, including awakening skills, so we really don't have a "level" so to speak

I'm disconnecting from the world while creating a character/Why is there a 2 minute timer?

Login and character select have a 2 minute timer before it disconnects you (unfortunately, we cannot change that - it came with the game). Please create or pick your character quickly - you can always adjust your appearance later.

Where are the dark classes/spinoffs? (Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter, Ray Mech, etc)

We have them! You can freely switch between dark classes and regular classes on Project Duck.

  • Create a normal class (e.g. for Dark Avenger, create a Warrior)
  • Go to NPC Kylie
  • Select [Class Specialization]
  • Specialize to your desired class

My antivirus is flagging files in the game folder

That's normal - in order to make certain changes to the game, we have to use certain methods that can be alarming to antivirus programs that have not seen our files often (many antivirus programs treat unusual or uncommon programs and files as threats to be on the safe side). Please add an exclusion to the folder you installed the game to and restore any quarantined files. You may need to add the exclusion and then reinstall if the antivirus damaged the game files.

Do you have a torrent to download the game? Why not Google Drive?

No, but our downloader-installer can usually reach speeds rivaling torrents and operates on similar technology. In most populated areas of the world, we are able to saturate your downlink completely, so you are downloading as fast as possible. Our installer also takes care of installing required dependencies so you don't have to worry about those.

I logged in recently and now my character is named IGN1234. What happened to my name?

Our server has an inactive name reclaim system (details here). If you have not logged onto a character in 6 months, that character's name can be claimed by someone else. If your name is claimed, your character will be given an IGN#### name as a placeholder. Please contact a staff member to have a free [Name Change Scroll] credited to that character. Use it and you can claim a new name.

How do I get X/what should I do/how do I gear?

Please consult the Beginner's Guide's Intro to PvE. It contains the entire gear and nest progression route from zero to hero.

I forgot my login credentials or PIN

Please direct message staff on Discord for assistance. You can also link your account to Discord to avoid needing staff assistance to recover your account.

How do I use Rune Amplifiers?

Watch this video:

How do I earn QC/DNP?

You can earn QC and/or DNP through a few methods:

  • Donating (via the website)
  • Clearing [Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore] (see this patch note) earns weekly QC
  • PvPing to earn [Goddess Medals] and trade them in for DNP

Do you have Vandar?

We currently do not have Vandar, but plan on adding it when we have the technology to do so.

Will you add VDJ/DDJ/2nd Awakening/Hero Skills?

We do not plan on bringing in dream jade skills, 2nd awakening skills, or hero skills directly into the game. However, we do integrate some of them directly into class reworks as regular skills where it makes sense (we usually avoid the shitty skills). We also have a few of our own custom skills.

Is the client 64-bit?

No. However, we do have several performance improvements in our client that help. We also have an experimental graphics renderer (available via GameConfig) that significantly boosts performance and gamefeel for most players.

Do you have multiple regions or multiserver like Origins?

We currently do not have regional/multiserver. However, we have an experimental relay feature (see Discord for information) that helps some players. We plan on introducing multiserver when our tech catches up.