Self Introduction

Hi everyone! I am Neiphis (st_cryox). I’ve played Dragon Nest EU during cap 40 to 70 then started SEA DN cap 95 and I joined Project Duck in August 2020. I have been playing cleric since ever, mainly Inquisitor, Guardian and Saint.

(If you're interested in learning about other classes, we have a Class Guide Archive) - Vino


Inquisitor is a mid range burst class. The gameplay revolves around consecration positioning and timing your full burst. In order to DPS correctly on Inquisitor you need to know what is possibly the next move the boss is about to do. In other words, it rewards players who properly time and position their skills and accurately predict boss mechanics to effectively deal damage.


The skills are explained with the assumption that you have learned their respective awakening, class mastery, and EX passives. Cooldowns are explained with taking in account cooldown reduction buff from sorceress - kali.


  • EGC / EHB / EHJ ⇔ The E stands for Enhanced (enhanced skill version under consecration)
  • CM ⇔ Class Mastery
  • AoE ⇔ Area of Effect
  • DoT ⇔ Damage over Time
  • [Exceed Lightning][Chain Lightning]


  • [Righteous Bolt]: Used as a combo skill for CM3. Summons 8 lightning bolts around you expanding outwards 4 times. Each hits have a 10% chance of electrocuting the target. This skill has low cooldown and does really high damage if aimed correctly. It works well on mid sized boss where you can get at least 20 hits or more.

  • [Redemption Aura]: Class party buff (+20% Max HP | +10% Elemental damage) which shall be used every time a buff wipe mechanic happens or if a party member is asking for rebuff.

  • [Block]: Cleric's cheat skill . Gives you a buff that lasts 20 seconds or until you block 5 hits. This skill can save you from stomps or mechanics where other classes should be dodging. Keep in mind, while blocking it will cancel any skill you are casting.


  • [Awakened Lightning Bolt]: Summon lightnings in front of you that deals 10 hits. Each hits has a 35% chance of electrocuting the target. You most likely will apply electrocution with this skill, it is fast cast, big range, cone shaped AoE and gives 1 [Judgement Spear] stack.

  • [Exceed Lightning (Chain Lightning)]: Deals 26 hits in front of you in a large cone range. This skill has 100% electrocution chance. This attack is split into two parts. The first part is static 10 hits in front of you. The second half is the 16 projectiles that are summoned during the cast. These home into the nearest enemy and have a pretty significant range. Transforms into [Lightning Fury] at 35 Retribution.

    • [Lightning Fury]: After a short charge up time, fire off a powerful ball of lightning that explodes on contact with an enemy dealing damage in an AoE around the enemy. The projectile will also explode if it comes in contact with terrain. This skill has an extremely far range and can snipe bosses if you need it to.
  • [Awakened Detonate]: Your highest damaging skill. Conjure lightnings in your hand and explodes any electrocuted enemies near you in a 360° AoE.

    • Also explodes your [Judgement Spear] stacks as well as your [Mind Snapper].
      • [Judgement Spear Detonation]: Each [Judgement Spear] deals the base damage again split into 2 hits.
      • [Mind Snapper Detonation]: Deals 550% of the base damage (1 hit).
    • Deals a total of 6 hits split into:
      • 5 hits from the casting (hits both electrocuted and non-electrocuted enemies and does about 10% of the total damage).
      • 1 hit for the explosion (does 90% of the total damage and only works on electrocuted enemies).

    After casting [Awakened Detonate], enhance the skill into [Awakened Consecutive Detonate] for 5 seconds.

    • [Awakened Consecutive Detonate]: Explodes enemies (electrocuted and non-elecotrcuted) near you in a 360° AoE.

      • Also explodes your [Judgement Spear] stacks.
      • Does not detonate [Mind Snapper].
      • Deals 30% more damage on electrocuted enemies.

      Always reapply electrocution before using it.

      You can check the time indicator near your cursor to know how long you have left to cast [Awakened Consecutive Detonate].

      • [Awakened Consecutive Detonate] blue time indicator

      Consecutive Detonate timer indicator

  • [Mind Snapper]: Throws an orb of lightning in front of you dealing a maximum of 12 hits. This skill debuff enemies elemental resistance by 20% for 20 seconds and triggers [Class Mastery II] which gives 10% light attack for 20 seconds after casting it.

    • [Mind Snapper Detonation]: After using [Mind Snapper], an electric orb stays lingering for about 5 seconds and can be detonated with [Awakened Detonate] doing 550% of the base damage in 1 hit.

[Mind Snapper] should be casted at least 1.5 seconds before [Awakened Detonate] or you won't be able to detonate it.

  • [Grand Cross]: Fires off a fast projectile that slows down upon hitting an enemy (6 hits). This has a pretty huge range. Only use this variant if you don't have any other main skill.
    • [Enhanced Grand Cross]: Same as [Grand Cross] but deals more damage and each hits has a 100% chance of electrocuting enemies.

[Grand Cross] and [Enhanced Grand Cross] do not share cooldown.

  • [Holy Burst]: Deals damage around you in a 360° AoE (5 hits) and debuff enemies citical resistance by 20% for 20 seconds. Does lower damage than [Grand Cross] and should only be used as a last ressort.
    • [Enhanced Holy Burst]: Call forth a lightning strike in front of you dealing a lot of damage. The AoE is pretty big, hits 4 times and also applies the critical resistance debuff. One of your highest burst skill, use it off cooldown !

[Holy Burst] and [Enhanced Holy Burst] do not share cooldown.

  • [Heavenly Judgment]: Rains down a flurry of lightning bolt for 6 seconds (fully iframed), hits 22 times and has 25% chances of electrocuting enemies per hit. Only use this variant if you need long iframe.
    • [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment]: Leap into the air and rain down a flurry of lightning bolts. After channeling, slam down dealing a total of 16 hits. You are fully iframed during the whole animation (3 seconds). Each hits has 25% chances of electrocuting enemies. This variant is faster and deals about 10% more damage. [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment]'s cooldown is recovered faster while staying on the consecration field.

[Heavenly Judgment] and [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment] shares cooldown but [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment] cooldown recover faster while on consecration field.

  • [Wand Mastery]: A free +18% magic attack passive. Just learn it !

  • [Protection Shell]: Upon cast, applies a Damage Reduction buff to yourself (-27%) that lasts 20 seconds. This skill has a 52 seconds (72 cooldown - 20 duration) down time so use it wisely. Keep in mind Cleric's have [Toughness] a permanement 10% DR passive. Combined with Protection Shell, you get a total of -37% Damage Reduction which is huge !

  • [Blessing of Strikes]: Upon cast, applies a damage buff to yourself (+21%). You should always rebuff this with redemption aura after a debuff mechanic.

  • [Lightning Rush]: Your only mobility skill. Can cancel any skill and is an iframe during the dash forward animation.

    You can :

    • [Hold Forward key] (W) after the cast to transition into a dash.
    • [Press Regular Attack Button] (LMB) to use [Mind Snapper].
    • [Press Special Attack Button] (RMB) to use [Judgement Spear].
  • [Awakened Vengeance Blast]: When attacked summons a powerful lightning to strike nearby enemies by pressing [Jump Button]. You can also activate the skill by pressing [Jump Button] after:

    • [Judgement Spear]
    • [Lightning Storm]
    • [Regular Attack Button] (after the first one)

    [Awakened Vengeance Blast] has 100% chance of electrocuting enemy and is a 0.5 second Iframe.

  • [First Aid]: Priest's cheat skill. Have a 30% chance upon getting hit to attack with a holy energy and restore some HP (80% of caster's magic damage). The heal is really high, if you have 5m Magic attack, it heals you for 4m HP with a 27 seconds cooldown.

    You should not rely on [First Aid] but it will save you a lot of time.


  • [Inquisition]: Has 30% chance on every hit to deal 80% of your magic damage. Only works on electrocuted enemies. It is a passive just take it, it does some damage (when it wants to).

  • [Awakened Consecration]: All of your gameplay revolves around this skill. Consume 10 retribution and summons a big electric field in a 360° AoE under you lasting 15 seconds. The field hits a total of 36 times, 30 hits over 14 seconds doing 50% of the total damage and 6 last hits doing the remaining 50% of the total damage.

    • While on the field:
      • It gives 30% Action Speed and Movement Speed.
      • Enhance [Grand Cross], [Holy Burst], [Heavenly Judgment] into their [Enhanced] variant.
      • Gain 1 retribution point every 0.75 second (you gain a total of 19 retributions if you stand on the field for the 15 seconds duration).
      • Recover [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment] cooldown faster.
  • [Class Mastery]: Deals 15% more damage to electrocuted enemies. This passive is really strong. It usually is 1st or 2nd on the spread.

  • [Class Mastery II]: Using [Mind Snapper] grants 10% light attack for 20 seconds.

  • [Class Mastery III]: Enhances [Righteous Bolt] (already covered above). Using [Righteous Bolt] and casting [Awakened Consecration] immediately after will speed up the animation of [Awakened Consecration] and put down the circle (almost) instantly.

Inquisitor Awakening

  • [Judgement Spear]: One of the most important skill, huge damage loss if used wrongly. Move slightly forward and throw a spear (1 hit). The spear:

    • Leaves an afterimage for 15 seconds when it hits a target.
    • Gives 1 retribution.
    • Has 20% chance of electrocuting the enemy.
    • Has about twice the range of [Awakened Lightning Bolt].

    You can store up to 3 [Judgement Spear] and chain them faster by holding [Special Attack Button] after the first one.

    • [Judgement Spear Detonation]: As stated above, [Judgement Spear] leaves an afterimage on the target it hits. Upon using [Awakened Detonate] or [Awakened Consecutive Detonate], it explodes the afterimage dealing the same damage as the 1 hit but split into 2 hits which gives 2 more retribution.

    There is no limit to how many [Judgement Spear] you can stack. The only limit is the duration because each spear have their own 15 seconds duration timer and they don't reset the duration of each others.

  • [Lightning Storm]: Summons a strong lightning cloud dealing huge DoT in a 360° AoE zone. Lasts for 5 seconds and hits 16 times. Each hits have 30% chance of electrocuting enemies.

    The AoE is bigger than what the visual looks.

Invincibilty Frames

  • [Lightning Rush]: 0.5 seconds
  • [Awakened Vengeance Blast]: 0.5 seconds
  • [Sliding Step]: 0.6 seconds
  • [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment]: 3 seconds
  • [Heavenly Judgement]: 6 seconds

Skill Build

Unified skills : FD Boost, Max HP Boost

Inquisitor Skill Sim Minerva

I took Cure Relic since it is a really good utility tool but you can do whatever you want with the remaining SP I put on the Saint tree (the 3 relics).

Skill Crests

Damage :

  • [Chain Lightning]
  • [Detonate]
  • [Mind Snapper]
  • [Holy Burst]
  • [Righteous Bolt]

Cooldown Reduction :

  • [Consecration]
  • [Lightning Bolt]

You can replace [Righteous Bolt] DMG plate for [Heavenly Judgment] DMG or CDR plate. I prefer using [Righteous Bolt] DMG plate since if aimed well it does huge damage and goes up to 8-9th on the spread.

Skill up: +1 Detonate


New Inquisitor's gameplay is all about how well you can position your [Awakened Consecration] and time [Awakened detonate] detonation.

Bubble system

You can have a maximum of 50 retributions. [Awakened Consecration] costs 10 and [Lightning Fury] 35 for a total of 45.

You can gain retributions the following way:

Skill Retribution Gain How to
[Awakened Consecration] 1 every 0.75 second => total 19 (~15 seconds) Stay on the field
[Judgement Spear] 1 Throw a spear on a target
[Judgement Spear Detonation] 2 Detonate a spear afterimage

Note: Stacking 4 [Judgement Spear] (3 stack then [Lightning Bolt] + 1 * [Judgement Spear]) and detonating them will give you 12 retributions. This is a fast way to get enough retribution to cast [Awakened Consecration] if you messed up your retribution management.


There is no fixed rotation for Inquisitor since you need to adapt your burst output based on how long the boss is hittable and is staying on the same spot.

Instead you should try to follow these 3 rules:

  1. Prepare your burst by placing down lingering skills: [Awakened Consecration] / [Mind Snapper] / [Lightning Storm].
  2. Burst the boss with your big hitting skills: [Awakened Detonate] / [Lightning Fury] / [Enhanced Holy Burst] / [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment].
  3. Regenerate retributions by stacking [Judgement Spear] and detonating them with [Awakened Consecutive Detonate].

You certainly won't be able to use all of these spells. You will need to decide which ones to use based on the situation:

  • How long is the boss hittable ?
  • How long is the skill cast time ?
  • Is the cooldown of the skill up ?

Examples of rotations:

The following examples will be given taking in mind you have 50 retributions at the start of the rotation.

  1. Full burst rotation (15 seconds):
    • [Awakened Consecration] > [Mind Snapper]
    • [Enhanced Holy Burst] > [Lightning Fury] > [Awakened detonate]
    • 3 * [Judgement Spear] > [Jump Button] to cast [Awakened Vengeance Blast] > [Lightning Bolt]
    • [Lightning Storm] > [Awakened Consecutive detonate] > [Enhanced Grand Cross]
    • [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment] cancel endlag using [Lightning Rush] > [Regular Attack Button] after [Lightning Rush] to cast [Mind Snapper]
    • 1 * [Judgement Spear] > [Awakened detonate]

This rotation goes for the full consecration duration until it explodes. The biggest burst Inquisitor can do (about 500b in BTG).

  1. Quick burst without redemption regeneration (6 seconds):
    • Drop [Awakened Consecration] ([CM3] or not, your choice. One is just faster animation) BEFORE the boss appears / is hittable.
    • [Mind Snapper] (1 or 2 seconds before the boss is hittable or instantly when the boss appears) > [Lightning Storm].
    • Follow up with [Enhanced Holy Burst] > [Lightning Fury] > [Awakened detonate].

This burst does about 40% damage of the full burst. This is meant to burst a boss in between mechanics.

Note: You should always try to precast [Awakened Consecration] since it :

  • Costs 10 retributions and gives 19 (so you gain 9).
  • Gives 30% Action Speed + Movement Speed .
  • Reduces [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment] cooldown.
  • Nearly no boss stays 15 seconds without moving, iframing or doing mechanics so you should aim to get the last 6 hits for the 50% total damage.

In the end, there is no set in stone rotation for Inquisitor but only priority skills. You should focus on prioritizing the following skills in order to do small (or big burst) everytime the boss is hittable.

Priority skill

  1. [Mind Snapper] > [Judgement Spear] stack > [Awakened detonate] > Electrocution > [Awakened Consecutive detonate]
  2. [Awakened Consecration] (CM3) > [Enhanced Holy Burst] > [Lightning Fury]
  3. [Lightning Storm] > [Lightning Bolt]
  4. [Righteous Bolt] or [Exceed Lightning] or [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment]
  5. [Enhanced Grand Cross]

For the Electrocution, you can refer to the list below.

Electrocution skill

NOTE : Always reapply electrocute after each detonate for CM1 (+15% damage on electrocuted enemies).

Skills to reapply electrocute from best to worst:

  1. [PASSIVE] [Awakened Vengeance Blast] : 100% => Press [Jump Button] during any skill (careful to not cancel the current skill).

    I usually do it after [Judgement Spear] or press 2x [LMB] then [Jump Button].

  2. [Lightning Bolt] : 35% PER HIT => You most likely will apply electrocution with this skill, it is fast cast, big range / AoE and gives 1 spear stack.
  3. [Exceed Lightning] : 100% => Your second 100% electrocute skill with a longer cast time but an insane range and auto guided missile.

    I usually use it right before [Awakened Consecutive detonate].

  4. [Lightning Storm] : 30% PER HIT => Same as [Lightning Bolt], you will most likely get the electrocution off this skill but it is a static and DoT skill which needs the boss to be stationary.
  5. [Heavenly Judgment] / [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment] : 25% PER HIT => Both ultimate variant have quite the hit counts but [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment] is way faster. You will most likely get the electrocution off the ultimate.
  6. [Righteous Bolt] : 10% PER HIT => 8 waves of lightning bolts spreads from you and have a 10% chance PER HIT (x8) to apply electrocute. On big bosses where you can get a lot of hits, you will most likely apply electrocution.
  7. [Mind Snapper] : 10% on LAST HIT => Hits a total of 12 times and only the last hit has a chance to apply electrocute. You should not rely on this skill to get electrocution.

    This skill is your elemental debuff, buff and detonable skill. So using it mindlessly is going to cost you a lot of damage.

  8. [Judgement Spear] : 20% PER HIT => 1 hit skill with 20% chance to apply electrocute. You should not rely on this skill to get electrocution.

    Even though 20% is 1/5 chance to electrocute, it still is 1 hit only.


Golem Inquisitor video

Golem Spread

Inquisitor Golem 3000B Spread


  1. You can precast [Awakened Consecration] during mechanic downtimes in order to refill your retributions.

    • Example: RuDN Norm and HC S2 - Bar mechanic => You can drop [Awakened Consecration] near the shield (twice) then in the middle right before the stomps in order to get retributions. You will end up with 37 retributions if you had 10 initially !
  2. After using [Mind Snapper] you have about 5 seconds to detonate it using [Awakened Detonate].

    /!\ [Awakened Consecutive Detonate] DOES NOT detonate it.

    • Mind Snapper detonating timer
  3. You can cancel the endlag of [Heavenly Judgment] and [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment].

    You should avoid using [Heavenly Judgment] instead of [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment].

    • [Heavenly Judgment] pulses lightning waves 5 times so at the 5th one you can [Lightning Rush] out of it.
      • Heavenly Judgment cancel endlag
    • [Enhanced Heavenly Judgment]'s damage ends when the lightning sword slams down. After the sword hits the ground you can press [Lightning Rush] to cancel the end lag.
      • Enhanced Heavenly Judgmen cancel endlag
  4. If the map is not too big and bosses tends to move a lot (example: SDC S2) you should put [Awakened Consecration] in the middle of the map (it is fine if it does not hit the boss) and ALWAYS stay inside the field range. Inquisitor is mostly mid range except for

    • [Awakened Consecration] (pretty big zone).
    • [Lightning Storm] (fire and forget so just put it near the boss and get away).
    • [Righteous Bolt] (only interesting on big bosses anyway).

    So even if you stay in the middle of the map, you can still deal damage to the boss !