Welcome to Project Duck DN! We're glad to have you here. If you're new to Dragon Nest or a seasoned raid veteran, please read through this guide before and while you're playing Project Duck. We have a lot of differences from DN official and other private servers, so to ensure you succeed and have fun, please do read carefully.

Many questions that are asked in the Discord and in game can be answered quickly by checking this page.

Let us know about any useful information that we are missing so we can add to this page!

Project Duck Features

Please read here to see our unique features

General Information


Although donations are not necessary, if you like the work we do and would like to help us keep running while making yourself look pretty with costume armor and weapons, then feel free to donate.

  1. Log in on the website
  2. Click on "Donate" at the top of the page
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Wait for the system to process your donation. This usually takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes

If you have issues with your donation, contact us on Discord.

General Inquiries

Reporting a Bug

  • Capture screenshots, video, a well written description, etc.
  • Please report it in the Discord channel. If it is abusable or a security issue, please contact a Game Developer privately
  • Depending on the severity of the bug, you may get a reward!


Suggestions can be anything from content, events, quality of life, or class balancing. Please allow ample time for the staff to look over it and be aware that we will do our best but sometimes we are not able to fulfill a suggestion due to technical or design reasons.


  • Cosmetic mods and QoL mods are allowed!
    • The Project Duck Launcher has a MODS tab at the top that you can use to browse, install, and uninstall a curated list of mods
    • Link to Vahr’s Divinitor Mod Discord
    • All Eris mods will work unless otherwise noted
  • DVXB mods will not work
  • For those of you who want the old UI (with the minimap in the middle of the skill bar) you can download that mod here

Getting Started

Creating Your Account

Visit the main website to register an account

Downloading the Game

Download the game here. Follow all the instructions on the download page.

Please note that we have our own custom installer. The website download contains only the installer. Extract ProjectDuckInstaller.exe into the folder you want to install the game to and then run it. Read and follow the on-screen instructions.

Launching the Game

  • Launch Project Duck through the launcher, named "pdlauncher.exe"

Logging into the Game

  • Use your Account Login Name as the username, not your email that you used during registration (so 420ProGamer, not [email protected])
  • Account name and password are CASE SENSITIVE. "PoTato" is not the same as "potato"

NOTE! Creating a Dark Class

Dark Classes are created like any other regular class. Please create the regular class (e.g. Warrior for Dark Avenger) and specialize to your desired class at Kiwi.

General In-Game Overview

Logging into Skitzovania

Once you login, you'll be placed in our custom town map.
Next, you:

  • Will automatically be level 70 (cap)
  • Spawn with the Duckling Starter Bag which contains the following items:
    • Storage Expansion
    • Inventory Expansion
    • CoolCat
    • Corrupt Velskud Spirit
    • Costume Pouch
    • Costume Accessory Pouch
    • Flaming Wings
    • Crest Expansion
    • Talisman Expansion
    • Dual Skill Scroll
    • Dual Crest Scroll
    • Skill-up Crest
    • Book of Unlimited Unlearning
    • Dreamy Revival Scroll x10
    • Portable Storage Kit
    • Class Change Scroll
  • Should go to Kiwi’s General Store > Roy’s Starter Shop to:
    • Sell the Kavasnacks for gold
  • Ask Kiwi to Specialize your class
    • If you accidentally specialized as the wrong class, you can purchase a Class Change Scroll for a couple of silver
    • Purchase Inventory and Storage expansion bags
    • Purchase [Flaming Flames] wings for movement speed bonus
  • Ask Kiwi any [Questions?] you have about starting off!
  • Use [Goddess’s Medals] to buy skill crests from DWC Colosseum NPC or purchase them for 1 gold from the Priestess of Darkness Mocha's Nest Point Shop

Important Unique NPCs


Starting NPC for all your beginner PvE and PvP needs

Important Items

  • Items from [Duckling Starter Bag]
  • [Treasure Chest Automatic Opener]
  • [Dreamy Approval Stamps]
  • Spare [Rune Amplifiers] if you need extras
  • PvP Shop


One-stop shop with tons of PvE items

Important items

  • [Legendary Titles]
  • [Weapon Conversion Hammers]
  • Mercenaries and mercenary EXP potions

Alter Roy

NPC for mid to late game PvE equipment, Costume Weapons, and select cash items requested by players in our Discord!

Important items

  • Cosmetics (weapons, hairs, mounts, wings, and more!)
  • You can preview the items by selecting the Preview button in the shop window

Overlord Zeke

The PvE exchange shop of the century, Overlord Zeke has tons of items that will aid you no matter where you are in your gear progression.

Important Items

  • PvE Progression Materials and exchange shops

DWC Colosseum Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper for all your skill crest needs and more!

Important Items

  • Skill Crests
  • Skill Reset Scroll
  • Dual Skill Scroll
  • Dual Crest Expansion Scroll

PvP Guide

Read about PvP here

PvE Guide

Read about PvE here

Any More Questions?

Ask in Discord. Do it.