Welcome to Project Duck! We're glad to have you here. If you're new to Dragon Nest or a seasoned raid veteran, please read through this guide before and while you're playing Project Duck. We have a lot of differences from official and other private servers, so to ensure you succeed and have fun, please do read carefully.

Many questions that are asked in the Discord and in game can be answered quickly by checking this page.

Let us know about any useful information that we are missing so we can add to this page!

Getting Started

Having technical issues? Jump down to Troubleshooting

Create an account

To create an account, fill out the registration form.

Download the game

Download the game launcher to download and install the game. Please read the entire page to avoid having issues.

Join the Discord

Join the Project Duck Discord to stay up to date, get announcements and status updates, find other players to play with, get help with the game or technical issues, and more. Developers are active on Discord as well as several helpful players.

You don't have to actively participate, but this is the best place for news, information, and assistance.

Play the game

Once you've installed and updated the game, its time to get started!

If you're interested in PvE (dungeons, nests, raids, gearing), please follow the PvE Guide

If you're interested in PvP (fighting other players), please follow the PvP Guide

Frequently asked questions

For common questions you may have, please check our FAQ


Account problems

If you're having account-related issues, please join the Project Duck Discord and fill out the Account Assistance Form.

Technical problems

If you're having problems with the launcher, website, or game, please check the troubleshooting guide first.

If you're still having issues, please join the Project Duck Discord and submit a technical issue request.