Welcome to Project Duck DN! We're glad to have you here. If you're new to Dragon Nest or a seasoned raid veteran, please read through this guide before and while you're playing Project Duck. We have a lot of differences from DN official and other private servers, so to ensure you succeed and have fun, please do read carefully.

Many questions that are asked in the Discord and in game can be answered quickly by checking this page.

Let us know about any useful information that we are missing so we can add to this page!

Background Information

Server Specifications

  • Location: East Coast USA (New York)
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5639 @ 2.13GHZ 32 GB RAM 480GB SSD / 1 gbps upload and download

Project Duck Features

Please read here to see our unique features

General Information


Although donations are not necessary, if you like the work we do and would like to help us keep running while making yourself look pretty with costume armor and weapons, then feel free to donate.

  1. Log in on the website
  2. Click on "Donate" at the top of the page
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Wait for the system to process your donation. This usually takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes

If you have issues with your donation, contact us on Discord.

General Inquiries

Reporting a Bug

  • Capture screenshots, video, a well written description, etc.
  • Please report it in the Discord channel. If it is abusable or a security issue, please contact a Game Developer privately
  • Depending on the severity of the bug, you may get a reward!


Suggestions can be anything from content, events, quality of life, or class balancing. Please allow ample time for the staff to look over it and be aware that we will do our best but sometimes we are not able to fulfill a suggestion due to technical or design reasons.


  • Cosmetic mods and QoL mods are allowed!
    • Our lead developer Vahr, has a Discord server that has many mods that he’s created, including visual mods, FPS/performance mods, and other fun stuff
    • Link to Vahr’s Divinitor Discord
    • As mentioned before our server integrates with Athena so all Eris mods will work unless otherwise noted
  • DVXB mods will not work, however we have plans to bring those here as well
  • There are directions on how to install mods in the #mod-help-tutorial channel
    • Some super useful mods that we recommend:
      • Directionally Challenged Minimap Mod
    • For those of you who want the old UI (with the minimap in the middle of the skill bar) you can download that mod here

Getting Started

Creating Your Account

Visit the main website to register an account

Downloading the Game

Download the game here. Follow all the instructions on the download page.

Please note that we have our own custom installer. The website download contains only the installer. Extract ProjectDuckInstaller.exe into the folder you want to install the game to and then run it. Read and follow the on-screen instructions.

Launching the Game

  • Launch Project Duck through the launcher. Use "dnlauncher.exe" NOT "DragonNest.exe"
  • After you patch, you can also use "dv-athena-quicklaunch.exe" to skip the launcher and jump straight into the login page

Logging into the Game

  • Use your Account Login Name as the username, not your email that you used during registration
  • You have 3 minutes to login, create a character and come up with a suitable name before the game disconnects you automatically (this is normal)
  • Don’t freak out if you get disconnected, just think faster and harder next time you login :^)

NOTE! Creating a Dark Class

Dark Class character creation is currently bugged. Please create the regular class (e.g. Warrior for Dark Avenger), specialize to a final spec at Kylie (e.g. Gladiator), then class change using a Class Change Scroll (purchased at Kylie) into the dark class of your choice.

General In-Game Overview

Logging into Skitzovania

Once you login, you'll be placed in our custom town map.
Next, you:

  • Will automatically be level 70 (cap)
  • Spawn with the Duckling Starter Bag which contains the following items:
    • Storage Expansion
    • Inventory Expansion
    • CoolCat
    • Corrupt Velskud Spirit
    • Costume Pouch
    • Costume Accessory Pouch
    • Flaming Wings
    • Crest Expansion
    • Talisman Expansion
    • Dual Skill Scroll
    • Dual Crest Scroll
    • Skill-up Crest
    • Book of Unlimited Unlearning
    • Dreamy Revival Scroll x10
    • Portable Storage Kit
    • Class Change Scroll
  • Should go to Kylie’s General Store > Roy’s Starter Shop to:
    • Sell the Kavasnacks for gold
  • Ask Kylie to Specialize your class
    • If you accidentally specialized as the wrong class, you can purchase a Class Change Scroll for a couple of silver
    • Purchase Inventory and Storage expansion bags
    • Purchase [Flaming Flames] wings for movement speed bonus
  • Ask Kylie any [Questions?] you have about starting off!
  • Use [Goddess’s Medals] to buy skill crests from DWC Colosseum NPC or purchase them for 1 gold from the Priestess of Darkness Mocha's Nest Point Shop

Important Unique NPCs


Starting NPC for all your beginner PvE and PvP needs

Important Items

  • Golden Goose VIP Membership (or purchase at GM.X)
  • Storage and Inventory Expansion
  • Free pet, costume, costume accessories, wings, tail, decal
  • Automatic box opener
  • PvP Goddess Medal Exchange Items
  • 10,000 DNP Coupon
  • Costume Engraving Scrolls
  • Dual Skill Scroll
  • Skill Up Crest
  • Crest Expansion Slots
  • Test Weapons for bug reporting and damage testing


One-stop shop with tons of PvE items

Important items

  • Golden Goose Membership for 500g
  • Crest, Talisman expansions (30 days), and Skill Up Crest
  • Costume Engraving Scrolls
  • Approval Stamps
  • Unique Expedition Crests
  • Titles
  • Attunement OVERloader
  • Mercenaries and mercenary EXP potions
  • Talismans
  • Dragon Gems

Alter Roy

NPC for mid to late game PvE equipment, Costume Weapons, and select cash items requested by players in our Discord!

Important items

  • Costume Weapons
  • Rune Amplifiers (Costume Synthesis Pieces)
  • Engraving Extractors
  • Twilight Luna Armor and Weapon Exchange Shop
  • Player Request Shop
  • Select cash items requested by players in our Discord!
  • Titles, hairs, mounts, wings, and more!
  • You can preview the items on our reference site or visit this DN SEA forum thread

Overlord Zeke

The PvE exchange shop of the century, Overlord Zeke has tons of items that will aid you no matter where you are in your gear progression.

Important Items

  • Tuners (Dawnbursts/Lunarbursts)
  • Enhancement materials
  • Buff stones
  • Steve Fiend Coupons

DWC Colosseum Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper for all your skill crest needs and more!

Important Items

  • Skill Crests
  • Skill Reset Scroll
  • Dual Skill Scroll
  • Dual Crest Expansion Scroll

Introduction to PvP

Looking for PvE guide? Scroll down to here

Settling In

  • Ensure that you have purchased your skill plates from the DWC Colosseum Shopkeeper
  • I can't teach you to get your ass kicked or kick other people's ass in this guide so good luck with that
  • Once you have played a couple of matches, you can purchase dual skill scrolls, crest expansion slots, and a skill up crest for [Goddess’s Medals] at Kylie


  • Press “N” and head to the events tab to see what daily missions are in store for you!
  • Note: This tab auto appears upon logging on as well

Daily Missions:

  • Animeme’s Bizarre Adventure: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each
  • Win 1 PvP match
  • Lose 1 PvP match
  • Win 5 PvP matches

Kiy’s Trial of Blood: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Play Wipeout Mode 3 times
  • Win Wipeout Mode 3 times ROFL

The Sad One’s Quest: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Play Ghoul mode twice

Salad’s Vengeance: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Play 5 PvP matches.

Humanity Switch OFF: DEMOLISH: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Win 1 Ladder Match.
  • Play 3 Ladder Matches
  • Achieve 10 kills in PvP

Weekly Missions:

  • Humanity Switch OFF: DEMOLISH: 25 [Warrior Trophies] each
  • Achieve 50 kills in PvP
  • Play 15 ladder matches

Elite Quartermaster Shop

  • Purchase EXCLUSIVE PvP costumes with your [Warrior Trophies]

Arena PvP Shop Host: Josh

  • Costumes sold here are priced at 35 Warrior Trophies each
  • Shop will update with more costumes in the future

Introduction to PvE

Looking for the PvP guide? Scroll up to here

Settling In

  • Once you have class changed and purchased your skill plates from the Priestess of Darkness Mocha or DWC Colosseum Shopkeeper
  • Make sure to create a proper skill build, as Project Duck does NOT have infinite SP and SP limits

Understanding Our Custom Changes

Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of custom PvE changes to skills that overhaul gameplay for classes. This process smoothes out the imperfections of Dragon Nest and are meant to provide the most satisfying gameplay experience. Here are some examples of Project Flow changes that we have made:

  • Removed Camera-lock
  • Reduced skill end lag/lockout
  • Faster animation/cast speed
  • Faster input reading
  • Seamless transition between chain skills (left click after casting luring slice to use [Half Moon Slash Instant] or left click after [Divine Combo] to use [Sawblade CM3])
  • CLICK HERE to see the full list of changes for every class

Party Buffs

As you may have read from the website, Project Duck takes elements from 70 cap and 95 cap gameplay and mixes them up for the perfect gameplay recipe. That being said we have all level 95 skills but we also have some skills reverted to be party buffs again (although at a weaker level). Here is a list of party buffs that used to be self buffs in 95 cap.

  • Spirit Boost (Acrobat)
  • Dance of Ecstasy (Dancer)
  • Slime Shake (Physician)
  • Fast Forward (Mystic)
  • Blessing of Light, Blessing of Strikes, Protection Shell (Saint)
  • Phantom Guard (Kali)
  • Sacrifice Crow (Shinobi)


As a special service to this server, Roy has created Roybot! Join his party at anytime to receive his blessings every 1 minute interval. These buffs will increase your damage significantly. Simply rejoin his party at any moment to refresh your buffs if you find them running out.

There may be times when Roybot is not online or his party is not up in town. Please consult the Discord server when this happens. Do not report Roybot's downtime in the #report channel as it is not a game bug.

Class Balancing

Click here to see the almost complete change log of all our PvE balancing patches.


  • You can see the drops of every nest here
Work in progress, not done

Gearing and Progression Path

Click Here if it's too small
Click here cause it's small

You can follow the flow chart to guide you in how to progress through the game.

Once you have finished settling in and adjusting to our server, you're ready for your first nest!

Early Game

Use the CoolCat and Velskud Spirit from your starter bag to gain a boost in stats. Enter the Garden of Solace in the North portal of Skitzovania and find the Dawn of a New Beginning portal. There you can find your first target, Cerberus Nest.

Cerberus Nest is an equalized nest. This means that none of your equipment matter.  You can go in naked (as you probably are right now) and deal the same amount of damage as someone in the strongest equipment possible.

Clearing Cerberus Nest yields [Cerberus Paw], if you're in a party, the party leader gets a bonus [Cerberus Paw]. You can exchange these for Vibrant Sun equipment at Overlord Zeke in Skitzovania next to the Blacksmith.

You'll want to purchase a box for each type of equipment. If you get the wrong kind of mainhand weapon, don't worry; just go to GM.X near the marketplace to buy a epic weapon converter on the second page of his main shop for 20g to change the weapon to the one you want.

Now that you have your Vibrant Sun equipment, you can get dragon gems from GM.X for 1 gold each. Plop those into your gear and now you're ready for Archbishop Nest and Manticore Nest.

Archbishop and Manticore Nests are locations to get [Garnet Fragments] and gold for new players which are used to enhance your Vibrant Sun equipment to +10. Archbishop Nest also drops [Ririka Accessories] and Crests which you can use to strengthen your stats greatly. Make sure you get more dragon gems from GM.X for your new accessories. Manticore Nest drops Magic Grade Talismans which also boost your stats.

You should run Archbishop and Manticore Nest until you have +10 Vibrant Sun equipment

Your next goal is to move to the Golden Wind equipment

Mid Game

Your next step is to step into Daidalos Nest. Once you finished your first clear, you'll find a couple new items you haven't encountered before. These new items are [Hero's Golden Coin], [Pillowsheep Stuffing], [Garnet], [Downy Accessories]. These are all very important items. [Hero's Golden Coin] can be exchanged for [Requiem Arrow] and [Fragmented Arrow] at Overlord Zeke to transmute your Vibrant Sun equipment to Golden Wind equipment. [Pillowsheep Stuffing] is used to exchange for [Rune Amplifiers] from Alter Roy. More on that later. [Garnet] is used to enhance your Golden Wind equipment. [Downy Accessories] are a direct upgrade from [Ririka Accessories].

From here you will be getting your next huge stat increase. If you're aware with other Dragon Nest servers, [Rune Amplifiers] work the same way as Conversion Costumes. They provide huge stat increases but do not have any visual appearance at base. You can apply your own costume appearance on top of the [Rune Amplifiers] at the Magical Mirror in town.

You can repeat Daidalos Nest until you have enhanced your Golden Wind equipment up a good amount and gotten all your [Rune Amplifiers]. At this point, you're ready for harder nests. Volcano Nest, Third Core Nest, Black Dragon Memoria, and Black Dragon Hardcore should now be in your scope. Volcano Nest drops important materials for your Twilight Luna equipment later. Your main focus for now should be all the other nests though.

You can think of Third Core Nest as a bonus stage. Nothing that it drops is necessarily exclusive (except for the Dark Stone), it only has 3 clears per week and is a boost to your income and equipment. Black Dragon Nest Memoria and Black Dragon Nest Hardcore is where you can acquire your next set of equipment.

End Game

Black Dragon Nest Memoria and Hardcore is where the game becomes a little difficult. If you have been solo'ing up to this point, pat yourself on the back. However, solo'ing these content might get very challenging or impossible. Black Dragon Memoria can be duo'd fairly well with your new equipment. However, Black Dragon Hardcore should be done with at approximately 6 people with Golden Wind Equipment, or less if you have some geared friends.

You can use the Slayer Points you gain from Black Dragon Nest Memoria to exchange for tuners to upgrade your Golden Wind equipment to Twilight Luna. Alternatively, you can clear Black Dragon Nest Hardcore and use [Twilight Fragments] and [Luna Fragments] to craft Twilight Luna gear at the Blacksmith.

Now you should be strong enough to do Volcano Nest and easily do Third Core Nest. You may have also gotten [Steve Fiend Coupon] which can be exchanged at Alter Roy to get new Unique Grade [Rune Amplifiers] which is a significant upgrade from the Epic Grade ones. You can also continue to do Black Dragon Nest Memoria for Slayer Points to exchange at Overlord Zeke for [Life-Giving Essence] to enhance your Twilight Luna. You will also need [Lava Sparks] to enhance your Twilight Luna armor which drop in Volcano Nest and Third Core Nest or exchanged using Slayer Points. You can now also defeat Arendel Trial Nest for new titles, expedition plates, mercenaries, quality dragon gems, and more!

Now that you have enhanced your Twilight Lunas a good amount, you're ready to move on to Desert Dragon Nest End Game. Desert Dragon Nest End Game is NOT required on the progression path.
Here you can find semi-exclusive item [Aujery] you can use these to purchase Rare Grade Talismans which are a direct upgrade from your Magic Grade Talismans. You'll need a party to defeat this Raid.

Once you get your Twilight Luna equipment to +20, you're ready to move on again. Now you'll be tackling Red Dragon Nest Hardcore, Vahrcore, and Memoria. For these you'll need a party. Memoria can be done to get Dawnbursts from Overlord Zeke's shop using the Lebrium Points that drop if you don't have a raid team. Otherwise, gather your team and defeat Red Dragon Nest Hardcore and Vahrcore to get Red Dragon Wraths and Scales to craft Dawnbursts from the Blacksmith. Alternatively, you can also try your hand at Typhoon Krag Nest or Volcano Trial Nest to obtain Crystal Points which can be used in Overlord Zeke's shop for lots of amazing items including Red Dragon Wraths and Scales. Vahrcore and Hardcore also drop the new Evolving Radiance Accessories which can be crafted into higher tiers to further your progression. Materials to enhance Evolving Radiance accessories are obtained by extracting Evolving Radiance Accessories.

Once you get your Ardent Dawn equipment, you'll begin the grind to enhance them. You'll get your Red Dragon Scales and Wraths from the Crystal Point shop and Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore and Hardcore. You'll find Memory of Roy and Zakad Crystal from the Crystal Point Shop, Revamp Exchange Shop, or Desert Dragon Nest End Game. You can also purchase Dawn Talismans and Ardent Crests by using the [Enhancement Vouchers] and [Talisman Vouchers] exchanged at Alter Roy or Overlord Zeke. Now you're really in the End Game.

Once you have completed enhancing your equipment to Ardent Dawn +20, you'll be ready to move on to Midnight Frost. First, you'll need to defeat Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4man or 8man) to gather some Snowballs. Second, you'll need to clear Red Dragon Nest 4-Man Easy, Vahrcore, IDN 4-Man, and/or IDN 8-Man enough times to obtain enough Glimmering Ice Shards (unless you already have enough) to craft Frostbursts. Once you craft your Frostbursts, you'll be able to convert your Ardent Dawn +20 to Midnight Frost +0. At this point you should continue to gather more Snowballs and Frosted Plates to enhance to +5. You can also obtain new crests and talismans from clearing Guardian Nest and Granom Nest respectively.

You can also upgrade your Evolving Radiance III accessories to tier IV with enough Snowballs and Lumens.

You are now ready to clear IDNHC. Clearing IDNHC will drop Hailstones which you can use to enhance up to +17 on your Midnight Frost equipment. You can also use those Hailstones to upgrade your Evolving Radiance tier IV to tier V.

Congratulations, you made it!

Any More Questions?

Ask in Discord. Do it.