Probably our most anticipated feature ever, the Project Duck team has the pleasure of presenting our multiregion implementation! Like a few other servers (Origins, Infinity), we now have several other servers located all over the world.

UPDATE December 22 2022: We've added Hong Kong!
UPDATE April 2024: We've added Brazil!

How it works

If you aren't familiar with multiserver, here's a quick rundown. Your account and character data stays the same, and everyone still uses the same shared login and town server (located in Chicago, USA). However, when you go to run content or PvP, you are able to select what server you (and your party/room) will connect to.

Selecting your preferred region

Every account must set up a "preferred" region - this is the region that you will connect to if you do not join a party and the default region selected when you create a party or PvP room.

Upon logging in for the first time, you will be greeted by a prompt to set your preferred region.

If you wish to change your region later, you can change it in the ESC --> Settings --> Networking section

Party Play

When creating a party, the party creation menu allows you to select a server region. Your preferred server region is selected by default.

As party leader, you can change the server region from this dropdown menu (or by selecting Party Info to edit the party)

Everyone in the party can see everyone else's ping to the currently selected server region. If you have players from a variety of locations, you can check which server region is best using the Ping Helper

Parties in the party list will show their selected server region in the left column.

PvP Play

Similar to parties, you can select a server region when creating a room

While in a room, you can see the current selected server region at the bottom.

To change the room's region, change it from the room settings. A quick edit dropdown and Ping Helper will be added in the next update.

Lobbies in the lobby list will show their selected server region next to the title


If I join a party, what server region will be used?

The server region selected by your party leader. Check the party menu to see which server region it is.

Note that all players will connect to the same server region in the same party.

Can I play with players from other regions?

Yes, you will still see all your friends (and enemies) in Skitzovania. However, if you want to play with them, you will need to pick a server region that has the best connection for all of your party (which does mean unfortunately that some people may experience higher latency than others).

Why am I still lagging?

Make sure you're connected to the best region server for you. Pick a server region with the lowest ping.

Also, sometimes cables on the internet break or some kid in their parents' basement is launching a DDoS attack against a website and your connection gets caught up in the mess.

Are there plans for more server regions?

Yes, we will be considering adding more server regions depending on demand and financial feasibility.

If you have any other questions, please re-read this post. If it still doesn't answer your question, then you may as in the Discord (DO NOT PRIVATE MESSAGE DEVELOPERS)