Heyo, I’m Mr. Luigi. (Call me Luigi for short) I’ve been playing this server for almost 4 years now and play a few classes, mainly Tinkerer classes like Ray Mechanic and Gear Master but GM’s been my favorite class to play since the classic times. If there’s any question you want to ask regarding the class that isn't included in the guide let me know In-game or Discord.

Gear Master is one of the easier classes to play with in the game. The class overall does high-burst and consistent DPS all around the fight. The class is very forgiving as even if you miss your burst you still get decent DPS.

Bubble System:

Mechanic Gauge is GM's bubble system and it only gets consumed for only 1 skill which is Extreme Towers. There are 2 ways you can get bubbles easily which are using both Summon Towers and Kami-Quackum which is a total of 70 bubbles which you need for Extreme Towers.



[Air Shot (CM3)]: You don’t need to press left click to get the full damage cause it automatically does it itself. It also recovers 1% HP, 3% MP, and it's an iframe.

[Yum-a-tron]: Class buff which gives both 10% FD, 20% mana consumption with skills and 10% skill cooldown reduction.

[Slip and Slide]: Boosts everyone’s movement speed by 50% with up to 8.5 second duration. It comes in handy when having to speed-run from one area to a boss especially in dungeons and nests. It also has a 33% chance of making enemies slip which comes in handy. For example, on BDNTA Dragon phase 1, the enemies you have to lure to the breath, you can cast the skill so they slip and not move at all so they can die by dragon’s breath.


[Rocket Crash]: You can use it with RMB after you tumble in any direction or while dashing without having to use the skill itself in the skill bar. It comes in handy getting through things like RuDN dragon's fire trail during Sigil mech if you're surrounded between them since it's an iframe.

[Chemical Grenade]: This is your debuff which is all elemental resistance decreased by 20%.

[Quackum Crash]: You shoot up to 4 ducks by holding left click. This comes in handy for removing buffs on bosses like RuDN dog's enraged buff.

[Kami-Quackum]: When you use it the quacks take a moment to then explode on the enemy doing average damage overall. I only use it when I want to get bubbles which you can get from this skill which is 20.

[Mechanic Ice Pump]: It hits twice doing decent damage plus the animation isn’t slow.

[Mechanic Gatling Gun]: It does good damage although it has a slow animation with it unless you have AS crest equipped. The skill itself you can cancel by tumble.

[Mechanic Cannon]: You shoot out cannons that do good damage and you can even spam it by holding left click since it has no CD. It’s one of GM’s best skills to use.

[Summon Towers]: It gives out 50 bubbles the moment you cast it and it summons 4 towers close together. It does good damage to any enemy that is close to it. Note that if the boss moves a lot especially in an open arena, you will lose damage with them.

[Extreme Towers]: You can only use this Ult by having 70 bubbles and when you use it, your towers get buffed and do more damage.

Gear Master:

[Mechanic Chainsaw]: It shoots out an electric saw doing mediocre DPS. This is a debuff which is all received damage increased by 20%.

[Gigaton Quack]: You hold it above your character’s head until it changes from small to its largest size which is stage 3 and you throw it at the enemy doing a lot of damage. There are left/right click versions of the skill. The LMB is weaker than the RMB version so always use RMB.

[Class Mastery I]: This gives a 5 second 25% ATK boost to yourself whenever you use extreme towers so you better cast your strong skills with it.

[Class Mastery II]: After you use Quackum Crash, you get a mecha cannon skill which can only be used for a short duration. Make sure to use it off cooldown. It takes a moment till it fires a big cannon and it explodes on contact. It does okay damage to bosses. It’s a big AoE which comes in handy in dungeons when there's a lot of enemies. It only shoots at a straight line.


[Flag Cannon]: You hold LMB and it does decent damage. It's one of GM’s best skills because after you use your 2nd flag cannon you get Gigaton quack off cooldown with it doing more damage.

[Auto Pump]: It surrounds you doing small damage. Even though it doesn't do much damage, I use it when it's off cooldown.

[Awakened Passive]:

  • Enhances Extreme Towers to make it so that all of your Mechanic skills when hit with enemies will decrease the cooldown for Extreme Towers by 3 seconds. Mechanic Cannon is the best skill to easily get Extreme Towers off cooldown.

  • Reduces summon towers duration by 15 seconds and does more damage while slightly building up your bubbles.

  • Enhances Gigaton Quack by making it do more damage. When the enemy is subdued when hit with gigaton it does additional finish damage (Which I’m going to be honest idek what that even means and I don’t think anyone else knows about subdued)

  • Enhances Quackum Crash by making it a parry but only at the start animation before you summon ducks. When it works you do damage with mecha fire which does average damage. Note: if you parry and you hold LMB, you summon ducks instead of mecha fire so if you want to summon your ducks back while you parry, you can left click.

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP boost and Final Damage boost

Open Build on Minerva Skillsim

Skill Crests:

  • Action Speed: [Gigaton Quack], [Mechanic Ice Pump], [Mechanic Gatling Gun], [Mechanic Cannon]
  • Cooldown Reduction: [Summon Towers], [Extreme Tower]
  • Skill up +1: [Gigaton Quack] or [Extreme Towers] up to you but I use Gigaton.


  • [Air Shot]: Iframe throughout the entire animation.
  • [Rocket Crash]: You should only use it when tumbling or while dashing.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Overall, [Gigaton Quack]’s Right-Click does more damage because it’s more consistent than the Left-Click because to get the full damage with it you need all 6 bombs to crit.
  • [Mechanic Cannon] is good if you want to dps the boss from afar and you can't get too close to it
  • [Air Shot (CM3)] could cancel any skill you are currently using, especially if it’s a long one at that.
  • Ducks can sometimes get aggro but it rarely happens nowadays.
  • [Extreme tower (CM1)] is your best friend on doing a lot of dps especially if the boss is debuffed with both chemical grenade and chainsaw.
  • Whenever your 2nd flag cannon is almost off cooldown around 2 - 3 seconds you can use it just in time to get your gigaton back quicker.

BTG Rotation, Video & Spread:


[Quackum Crash (CM2)] - [Summon Towers] - [Gigaton Quack] - [Flag Cannon]x2 - [Extreme Towers (CM1)] - [Mechanic Chainsaw] - [Mechanic Gatling Gun] - [Mechanic Ice Pump] - [Gigaton Quack] - [Mechanic Cannon].

Gear Master is mostly close ranged but becomes mid-ranged when spamming cannon from a far or using [Quackum Crash (CM2)].

Skill Spread

BTG Spread
RuDNHC Spread