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Settling In

  • Head to Kiwi and class change to your desired specialization. Beside her, you can get skill crests from Priestess of Darkness Mocha.
  • Use your Duckling's Starter Bag and equip or use all the items. Select the Duckling title as your Stat Title under Character Info (default key: P).
  • Make sure to create a proper skill build, as Project Duck does NOT have infinite SP. Every class has SP limits. Check out our Class Guide Archive to see if we have a guide published for your desired class.

Understanding Our Custom Changes

Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of custom PvE changes to skills that overhaul gameplay for classes. This process smooths out the imperfections of Dragon Nest and are meant to provide the most satisfying gameplay experience. Here are some examples of Project Flow changes that we have made:

  • Removed Camera-lock
  • Reduced skill end lag/lockout
  • Faster animation/cast speed
  • Faster input reading
  • Seamless transition between chain skills (left click after casting [Luring Slice] to use [Half Moon Slash Instant] or left click after [Divine Combo] to use [Sawblade CM3])
  • CLICK HERE to see the full list of changes for every class

Augments and Party Buffs

As you may have read from the website, Project Duck takes elements from 70 cap and 95 cap gameplay and mixes them up for the perfect custom gameplay recipe. That being said we have all level 95 skills but we also have some skills reverted to be party buffs again (although at a weaker level). However, learning the passives to convert them into party buffs gives your own character a damage penalty for buffing the whole party. Here is a list of party buffs that used to be self buffs in 95 cap.

  • Spirit Boost (Acrobat)
  • Dance of Ecstasy (Dancer)
  • Slime Shake (Physician)
  • Fast Forward (Mystic)
  • Blessing of Strikes, Protection Shell (Saint)
  • Phantom Guard (Kali)
  • Class Mastery I (Soul Eater)
  • Sacrifice Crow (Shinobi)


As a special service to this server, Roy has created Roybot! Join his party at anytime to receive his blessings every 5 seconds. These buffs will increase your damage significantly and last over a day. Simply rejoin his party at any moment to refresh your buffs if you find them running out.

There may be times when Roybot is not online or his party is not up in town. Please consult the Discord server when this happens. Do not report Roybot's downtime in the #report channel as it is not a game bug.

Class Balancing

Click here to see the almost complete change log of all our PvE balancing patches.

Gearing Up

TL;DR Summary of Gearing

Detailed explanation below this section
  1. Use/equip items from Duckling's Starter Bag

  2. Purchase and equip Skill Plates from Priestess of Darkness Mocha

  3. (OPTIONAL) Run Vein of Sorrow

    • More upgrade materials for early-game. Limited entry count per week per character.
  4. Cerberus Nest

    • Get Cerberus Paws and trade them for Ardent Dawn gear, gems, crest, and talisman at Overlord Zeke
  5. Red Dragon Nest 4-Man Easy (RDN)

    • Get upgrade materials for Ardent Dawn
    • Acquire Tier 3 Evolving Radiance Accessories
  6. Typhoon Krag Nest Ardent (TKN)

    • Solo/Duo content to help farm Ardent Dawn materials
    • Helpful for when you can't find a party to run RDN
    • Trade drops at Mei for rewards and enhancement materials through Ardent Dawn +20
  7. Ice Dragon Nest 4-Man (IDN)

    • Upgrade Ardent Dawn to Midnight Frost and enhance to +17
    • Upgrade Evolving Radiance Tier 3 accessories to Tier 4 and Tier 5
    • Get Midnight Crest and Frost Talisman
  8. Granom Nest (Midnight)

    • Solo/Duo content to help you farm Midnight Frost materials
    • Helpful for when you can't find a party to run IDN
    • Trade drops at Mei for rewards and enhancement materials through Midnight Frost +5
  9. Guardian Nest (Midnight T2)

    • Solo/Duo content to help you farm Midnight Frost materails after +5
    • Helpful for when you can't find a party to run IDN
    • Trade drops at Mei for rewards and enhancement materials through Midnight Frost +17
  10. Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-Man (IDNVC)

    • Upgrade Midnight Frost to +20
    • Upgrade Evolving Radiance Tier 5 accessories to Tier 6
    • Upgrade T4 accessories to Tier 5
    • Drops two Omega Dragon Gems and Defiled Dragon Rune keys
  11. Green Dragon Nest Time Attack (GDNTA)

    • Get Omega Dragon Gems
    • Get Omega Expedition Plates
    • Get Defiled Dragon Runes
  12. Dungeons (Tyrant's Valediction/Goddess Lament/Reclaimed Peak)

    • Get Relics (25 of each type = 1 defiled dragon rune crafted at Belin)
    • Get Lapis/Vermillion Dragon Souls to enhance Omega Dragon Gems
    • Scale with party size so they are soloable or done with friends
  13. Professor K Nest (PKN)

    • Get Lapis/Vermillions
    • Get Flawless Dragon Powder
    • +4 your Omega Dragon Gems
  14. Kaeron Trial Nest (KTN)

    • Get Flawless Dragon Soul and Flawless Dragon Resin
    • Get Lapis and Vermillion Dragon Souls
    • +5 your Omega Dragon Gems
  15. Intricate Valley, Blazing Caldera, and Golden Grasslands

    • Three returning dungeons that help you get gear to prepare for Rune Dragon Nest 8-man Normal.
    • Drop Astral Crest/Talisman materials, Omega Dragon Gem enhancement materials, and Extinction Equipment crafting materials
  16. Storm Manticore Nest and Storm Apocalypse Nest

    • Two returning nests with a few special Project Duck edits
    • Drop Astral Crest/Talisman materials, Omega Dragon Gem enhancement materials, and Extinction Equipment crafting materials
  17. Rune Dragon Nest 8-Man Normal

    • The end game raid for the first part of EXP4
    • You WILL NOT be able to survive hits from this raid without first farming the Astral equipment from the new dungeons and nests.
  18. Rune Dragon 4-Man Normal

    • Simplified version of Rune 8-man balanced for a 4 person party
    • Has fewer drops than Rune 8-man, but is great if you are having trouble finding a full party
  19. Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

    • Each boss is time-gated, so make sure you're confident in your party
    • Farm materials for your Sinister Dragon Gem and enhance it to +10 (there's a small break chance)
    • Evolve your accessories again at Belin

Early Game

Before you embark on your mission to slaughter all monsters in PDN, make sure you join RoyBot’s party. RoyBot is a custom bot that provides free useful buffs for those who join his party. You can look at the remaining duration for your Roybuffs by hovering their icons under your character's HP bar. Afterwards, head to the Skitzovania North Portal to get started.

Just join his party, don't be shy!

Portal Guide

Portal 1 (Dawn of a New Beginning):

  • Cerberus Nest Beginner

Portal 2 (Twilight Rays):

  • Currently locked.

Portal 3 (The Abyss):

  • Typhoon Krag Nest (Ardent)
  • Granom Nest (Midnight)
  • Guardian Nest (Midnight T2)
  • Typhoon Krag Nest (Berserk)

Portal 4 (Vahrein's Descent):

  • Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore (Practice)
  • Red Dragon Nest 4-Man (Easy)
  • Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-Man

Portal 5 (Fading Memories):

  • Currently locked.

Portal 6 (Hyperbolic Time Chamber):

  • Black Dragon Nest (Hardcore)
  • Desert Dragon Nest (Hardcore)
  • Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore)
  • Ice Dragon Nest (Vahrcore)

Portal 7 (Trials of Eternity):

  • Currently locked

Portal 8 (Event Nest):

  • Vein of Sorrow
  • Event Nests

(Optional Vein of Sorrow)

Vein of Sorrow is a equalized nest so your equipment does not matter. The most important thing you need to have equipped here is your finished skill build, and equipped skill plates from Priest of Darkness Mocha. To enter, go through Portal 8 (Event Nest)

Vein of Sorrow can be difficult for new players of Dragon Nest. However, if you are experienced, you can do Vein of Sorrow and get a head start on materials and gold early on. Vein of Sorrow can be entered up to 5 times a week per character and drops useful early-game materials.

Cerberus Nest

When you first start out, you’ll only have access to basic weapons so don’t panic! The first nest you’ll want to clear is Cerberus Nest, which is an equalized nest meaning that equipment and stats don’t matter. You can go in naked (as you probably are right now) and deal the same amount of damage as someone in the strongest equipment possible. Go to Portal 1 (Dawn of a New Beginning) and enter Cerberus Nest Beginner. You’ll need to do enough runs of Cerberus Nest to purchase the following:

  • Ardent Dawn Armor Set
  • Ardent Dawn Mainhand
  • Ardent Dawn Offhand
  • Beginner Crest Box
  • Beginner Talisman Pouch
  • Beginner Dragon Gem Box (whichever main stat your class uses)
  • Beginner Accessory Box

Clearing Cerberus Nest yields [Cerberus Paw]. You can exchange these for Ardent Dawn equipment at Overlord Zeke's Revamp Exchange Shop in Skitzovania next to Belin the Blacksmith. If you get the wrong kind of mainhand weapon, don't worry; just purchase the [Weapon Tuner - Unique] from Overlord Zeke.

If you do not know how to use dragon gems, Click this link to find out!

Typhoon Krag Nest and RDN

After fully completing your Ardent Dawn set and equipping all of your crest, talisman, and dragon gems, you'll want to check the party list and try to find a Red Dragon Nest 4-Man Easy party. You can make your own and try to invite people to it as well. Or, you can grind your gear in TKN solo/duo. Red Dragon Nest 4-Man Easy may be a little difficult to solo in your current gear, and is rather grueling for players new to Dragon Nest. Clearing RDN will save you a lot of time compared to solo grinding TKN for all of your gear, but that's only if you can actually clear it. Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-Man is available for those up to the challenge. This version of RDN was the first custom raid for the server, and every boss has new mechanics. The drops in RDN Vahrcore are even better than the normal RDN drops, but this nest will require skilled players or a strong carry to clear.

If you prefer the solo/duo route, head to the Garden of Solace and walk up to portal 3 - The Abyss. Typhoon Krag Nest (Ardent) is solo/duo content available so you can hard-grind your gear by yourself if you want to. It is balanced around +20 Ardent gear, so the more you upgrade your gear, the faster your clears will get. Use the rewards from TKN Ardent at the NPC Mei, to the right of the North Gate portal, past the costume mirror. Purchase whatever mixture of enhancement materials you need in order to upgrade your gear the most. You should upgrade your mainhand weapon first, then your offhand, and then your armor. Ardent Dawn gear enhances all the way to +20 with no fail chance, so keep clicking as long as you have materials and gold.

Note: Typhoon Krag Nest (Berserk) is a special challenge mode with customized boss attacks where getting hit once means instant death. Upgrade your gear to Midnight Frost +17 before you try attempting any Berserk content. The rewards for clearing berserk content are found at NPC Mei.

Bonus Tips

  • If you're ever confused about what you need to upgrade your gear, here are a few ways to check: read the item description, try enhancing or crafting the item at Belin to see what materials you're lacking, or check the game reference on Minerva.
  • Joining an active guild is a great way to find parties for content. It is worth the effort to make friends and find people to play with.
  • If you're confused about something that is vague or left out of this guide, feel free to ask in the discord.

Mid Game

Portal Guide

Portal 1 (Legacy of Ice):

  • Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4-Man)
  • Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (8-Man Practice)

Portal 2 (The Frozen Wasteland):

  • Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4-Man)
  • Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4-Man Practice)

Portal 3 (Primordial Fissure):

  • Tyrant’s Valediction
  • Reclaimed Peak
  • Goddess Lament
  • Professor K Nest
  • Kaeron Trial Nest

Portal 4 (Hall of G):

  • Guardian Nest
  • Granom Nest
  • Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

Ice Dragon Nest 4-Man

At this point in the game, you will want to try to find parties to run IDN 4-Man to upgrade your gear. IDN 4-Man is found in the Frozen Foothills, which is the portal to the left of Belin in town. You will run IDN 4-Man all the way from Ardent +20 until Midnight Frost +17. Convert your weapons and armor from Ardent Dawn +20 to Midnight Frost +0 by making Frostbursts and begin enhancing them with the same priority: weapons first, then armors. Upgrade your accessories whenever you can.

Granom Nest (Midnight)

If you are having trouble finding IDN 4-Man parties, then Granom Nest (Midnight) is available for solo/duo. This version of the nest is available in the same portal as Typhoon Krag Nest (Ardent). It gives you materials to trade at Mei for you to enhance your gear from Ardent Dawn +20 to Midnight Frost +5. Likewise, it is balanced around having Midnight +5 gear, so your clears will get faster the more you upgrade. Clearing IDN is much more efficient than soloing, so remember look for IDN parties every once in a while.

Guardian Nest (Midnight T2)

Once you have your gear at Midnight Frost +5, and if you are still unable to find IDN 4-Man parties, then Guardian Nest (Midnight T2) is available for further solo/duo progression. This nest gives you materials to trade at Mei for you to enhance your gear from Midnight Frost +5 to Midnight Frost +17. Likewise, it is balanced around having Midnight Frost +17 gear, so your clears will get faster the more you upgrade. After reaching Midnight Frost +17 and Evolving Radiance Tier 5, solo progression stops and you will need to find parties for IDN Vahrcore 4-Man.

Granom Nest and Guardian Nest (Hall of G)

Granom Nest and Guardian Nest are also available in their normal 4-man form in the Hall of G located in Frozen Foothills. Granom Nest drops Frost Talisman, and Guardian Nest drops Midnight Crest. If you don't like the rolls on your crest or talisman, you can extract them and exchange the extracted materials at NPC Kaye for a new chance to roll your main stat. Running these nests is a great way to farm Midnight Crest and Frost Talisman while getting to play the game with a group.

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-Man

Last expansion's end game content has been scaled back to a 4-man nest. This nest has reworked versions of all of the bosses from IDN with many brand new mechanics, plus a new 3rd boss that replaces Phase 1 Dragon. This nest will be grueling for newer Dragon Nest players. You can check out the IDN Vahrcore Guide (note: this guide was made for the full 8-man raid, and some of the position mechanics are simpler for 4-man) as well as search up gameplay videos on YouTube. You will need to find groups for this nest to upgrade your equipment from Midnight Frost +17 to Midnight Frost +20, and your Evolving Radiance upgrade to Tier 6 is also locked behind clearing IDN Vahrcore. This is the biggest hurdle you've met so far, but is very achievable for improving players.

Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

Located in the Hall of G in Frozen Foothills, Green Dragon Nest is a returning 8-man raid balanced around having +20 Midnight Frost gear. Without it, you will probably fail the time attack and be forced to leave the raid early. There is an automatic revive after each boss. Don't forget to pick up the mask on the ground after every stage, or you will run into trouble at Phase 1 Dragon. This raid is optional for progression, but drops useful Omega Crest and Dragon Gem materials. There is also a clear reward of 6,000 free QC, for up to five clears, which is a total of 30,000 free QC per week per account.

Kaeron Trial Nest

KTN is a 6 man nest with the Trial nest mechanics that cause a random effect at the start of every boss. The nest is balanced around having +20 Midnight Frost gear, and this nest will be very difficult without it. It gives necessary materials such as Flawless Dragon Souls for enhancing your Omega Dragon Gems to +5, and farming them will save you a lot of gold over buying them off the marketplace.

End Game

Checklist for Post Midnight Frost Progression:

By this point in the game, you will want to have the following gear:

  • Midnight Frost +20 Weapons and Armor
  • Evolving Radiance Tier 6 Accessories
  • Midnight Plates with 3rd stat of your class
  • Frost Talisman with 2nd stat of your class
  • Omega Crest with good rolls for your stat
  • Omega Dragon Gems enhanced to +5 with good rolls for your stat

Portal Guide

Portal 1 (Mellow Past):

  • Blazing Caldera
  • Golden Grasslands
  • Intricate Valley

Portal 2 (Manic Rift):

  • Storm Manticore Nest
  • Storm Apocalypse Nest

Portal 3 (Gateway to Extinction):

  • Rune Dragon Nest 8-Man Normal
  • Rune Dragon Nest 4-Man Normal

Portal 4 ():

  • Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

Intricate Valley, Blazing Caldera, and Golden Grasslands

After you have completed the checklist above (congratulations for clearing one of the biggest roadblocks in the game!), you’re now ready to tackle end game content. The dungeons drop materials to enhance your dragon gems from +5 to +7. Each dungeon favors one of the three materials needed to craft your enhancement material, so it's recommended to alternate through all three of them evenly. If you're farming Zephyr, run Intrictae Valley and save all the villagers. Check out Belin's crafting menu for all of the new material uses and requirements. These dungeons have dynamic balancing, which means the difficulty scales with party size and class. You can solo these dungeons, even as a healer, or run them with friends in varying party sizes.

Storm Manticore and Storm Apocalypse Nests

Manticore Nest and Apocalypse Nest return with a few twists unique to Project Duck. These nests also drop Astral Crest and Talisman, as well as crafting materials for them. They also drop crafting materials for enhancing your dragon gems from +8 to +10. Each nest favors a set of the crafting materials, so you'll want to alternate between them to maximize how many materials you can craft. You'll want to make parties to run these nests, and you should expect a few hiccups while you learn the new mechanics and attacks. A full set of Astral crests and talisman are recommended before attempting Rune Dragon Nets 8-Man Normal.

Rune Dragon Nest 8-Man Normal

After you have your Astral Crest, Talisman, +10 Gems (yes, even life-giving), and enough players to make a raid party, it's time for Rune Dragon Nest 8-Man. This is the end game raid for the first part of EXP4. You'll want to make full parties and grind this raid to enhance your gear to +10 Extinction. You'll want to convert and enhance your weapons, then your accessories, followed by armor. Aside from bug fixes, this content is unedited from live servers, so it shouldn't be too challenging for experienced players, and should be relatively easy to learn for newer players who have managed to reach this point in gear.

Rune Dragon Nest 4-Man Normal

Alternatively, you have the option to find 4-man parties to farm your new gear. The 4-man version is fairly easier with some mechanics removed and simplified. As a result, you get less clear rewards compared to the full 8-man raid, so if you have enough people then running the full raid is more efficient. But if you're struggling with finding full raid parties, then you'll be spending a lot of time here.

Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

Once you've hit +10 Extinction equipment and finished your accessories, its time to run BDNTA. BDNTA gives you a new tier of accessories (Sinister Calamity) as well as a Sinister Dragon Gem. The Sinister Dragon Gem is only slottable in your Extinction helmet and can be enhanced up to +10. Please note that the +10 enhancing attempt can result in the gem breaking, so it is advised to have backup +9 gems before attempting to +10.

Additionally, if you earn the Unrivaled Destruction achievement by clearing the raid within 24 minutes, you get a new title (Unrivaled Destruction) which is the current best-in-slot title.

Congratulations, you made it! All that's left is to have fun playing with friends, trying new classes, and helping new players until the second part of EXP4 (TBA).

If you have any extra questions, people can answer your questions in our Discord server.