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Settling In

  • Once you have class changed at Kiwi and purchased your skill plates from the Priestess of Darkness Mocha or DWC Colosseum Shopkeeper
  • Use your Duckling's Starter Bag and equip or use all the items
  • Make sure to create a proper skill build, as Project Duck does NOT have infinite SP and SP limits

Understanding Our Custom Changes

Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of custom PvE changes to skills that overhaul gameplay for classes. This process smoothes out the imperfections of Dragon Nest and are meant to provide the most satisfying gameplay experience. Here are some examples of Project Flow changes that we have made:

  • Removed Camera-lock
  • Reduced skill end lag/lockout
  • Faster animation/cast speed
  • Faster input reading
  • Seamless transition between chain skills (left click after casting luring slice to use [Half Moon Slash Instant] or left click after [Divine Combo] to use [Sawblade CM3])
  • CLICK HERE to see the full list of changes for every class

Augments and Party Buffs

As you may have read from the website, Project Duck takes elements from 70 cap and 95 cap gameplay and mixes them up for the perfect custom gameplay recipe. That being said we have all level 95 skills but we also have some skills reverted to be party buffs again (although at a weaker level). However, learning the passives to convert them into party buffs gives your own character a damage penalty for buffing the whole party. Here is a list of party buffs that used to be self buffs in 95 cap.

  • Spirit Boost (Acrobat)
  • Dance of Ecstasy (Dancer)
  • Slime Shake (Physician)
  • Fast Forward (Mystic)
  • Blessing of Light, Blessing of Strikes, Protection Shell (Saint)
  • Phantom Guard (Kali)
  • Class Mastery I (Soul Eater)
  • Sacrifice Crow (Shinobi)


As a special service to this server, Roy has created Roybot! Join his party at anytime to receive his blessings every 1 minute interval. These buffs will increase your damage significantly. Simply rejoin his party at any moment to refresh your buffs if you find them running out.

There may be times when Roybot is not online or his party is not up in town. Please consult the Discord server when this happens. Do not report Roybot's downtime in the #report channel as it is not a game bug.

Class Balancing

Click here to see the almost complete change log of all our PvE balancing patches.


  • You can see the drops of every nest here
Work in progress, not done

Gearing and Progression Path

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You can follow the flow chart to guide you in how to progress through the game. Do note that it is recommended to follow along in the text version down below as the flow chart can be confusing at some points.

Once you have finished settling in and adjusting to our server, you're ready for your first nest!

Portal Guide

Portal 1 (Dawn of a New Beginning):

  • Cerberus Nest
  • Returned Archbishop Nest
  • Vengeful Manticore Nest

Portal 2 (Twilight Rays):

  • Daidalos Nest
  • Third Core Nest
  • Volcano Nest

Portal 3 (The Abyss):

  • Daidalos Nest (Hardcore)
  • Returned Typhoon Krag Nest

Portal 4 (Vahrein's Descent):

  • Black Dragon Nest Hardcore
  • Desert Dragon Nest (Hardcore)
  • Red Dragon Nest (Easy)
  • Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

Portal 5 (Fading Memories):

  • Black Dragon Memoria
  • Red Dragon Memoria

Portal 6 (Hyperbolic Time Chamber):

  • Black Dragon Nest (Practice)
  • Red Dragon Nest (Practice)

Portal 7 (Trials of Eternity):

  • Arendel Tial Nest

Portal 8 (Event Nest):

  • Vein of Sorrow
  • Event Nests

Gearing Up

TL;DR Summary of Gearing

  1. Use/equip items from Duckling's Starter Bag
  2. Purchase and equip Skill Plates from Priestess of Darkness Mocha
  3. (OPTIONAL) Run Vein of Sorrow
    • More upgrade materials for mid-game and huge gold boost
  4. Cerberus Nest
    • Get Vibrant Sun and start +10ing your gear
  5. Archbishop Nest (ABN)
    • Get accessories, Garnet Fragments, T3 Crests and Gold to +10 your gear
  6. Vengeful Manticore Nest
    • Get accessories, Garnet Fragments, T3 Talismans and Gold to +10 your gear
  7. Daidalos Nest
    • Upgrade Vibrant Sun into Golden Wind
    • Get accessories
    • Get Garnets
    • Get Pillowsheep Stuffing for Epic Rune Amplifiers
    • Get Wing / tail / decal engraving scrolls and engrave your Rune Amplifiers
    • +20 your Golden Wind
  8. Black Dragon Memoria
    • Upgrade Golden Wind to Twilight Luna
    • Get Pillowsheep Stuffing for Unique Rune Amplifiers
    • +20 Twilight Luna Armour
    • Get engraving scrolls and engrave your Rune Amplifiers
    • (Using Bonus Points) Farm Lava Sparks
  9. (OPTIONAL) Third Core Nest
    • Get upgrade materials for Twilight Luna and money
  10. Volcano Nest
    • Farm Lava Sparks and enhance Twilight Luna to +20
  11. Arendel Trial nest (ATN)
    • Get mid-tier dragon gems and expedition plates
    • Get Premium Benefit and Steve's Fiend Coupons
    • Get wellsprings
    • Have full U-grade Rune Amplifiers with engravings
  12. Red Dragon Vahrcore Memoria
    • Upgrade Twilight Luna to Ardent Dawn
  13. Red Dragon Nest
    • Get upgrade materials for Ardent Dawn
    • Get Evolving Radiance Accessories and Luminous Sparks
    • Craft Evolving Radiance Accessories from Tier 0 to Tier 1/2/3
  14. (OPTIONAL) Typhoon Krag Nest (TKN)
    • If Red Dragon Nest is too difficult, run TKN
    • Get upgrade materials for Ardent Dawn
    • Get Crystal Points to buy materials like Red Dragon Wraths or Scales
  15. Ice Dragon Nest (4-Man or 8-Man)
    • Upgrade Ardent Dawn to Midnight Frost +5
    • Upgrade Evolving Radiance Tier 3 accessories to Tier 4
    • Upgrade T3 accessories to Tier 4
    • Get Midnight talismans and crests
  16. Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore (IDNHC)
    • Upgrade Midnight Frost to +17
    • Upgrade Evolving Radiance Tier 4 accessories to Tier 5
    • Upgrade T4 accessories to Tier 5
  17. (OPTIONAL) Granom Nest and Guardian Nest
    • Crystal Points for upgrade materials/Vahreins
    • Midnight crests/talismans
  18. Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (IDNVC)
    • Upgrade Midnight Frost to +20
    • Upgrade Evolving Radiance Tier 5 accessories to Tier 6
    • Get some Omega Dragon Gems
    • Get Defiled Dragon Runes
  19. Green Dragon Nest Time Attack (GDNTA)
    • Get Omega Dragon Gems
    • Get Omega Expedition Plates
    • Get Defiled Dragon Runes
  20. Dungeons (Tyrant's Valediction/Goddess Lament/Reclaimed Peak)
    • Get Relics (25 of each = 1 defiled dragon rune)
    • Get Lapis/Vermillions to enhance Omega Dragon Gems
  21. Professor K Nest (PKN)
    • Get Lapis/Vermillions
    • Get Flawless Dragon Powder
    • +4 your Gems
  22. Kaeron Trial Nest (KTN)
    • Get Flawless Dragon Soul, Flawless Dragon Resin
    • Get Lapis/Vermillions
    • +5 your Gems
  23. Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (IDNVC)
    • +30 your weapon
    • ???
    • Profit

Early Game

Before you embark on your mission to slaughter all monsters in PDN, make sure you join RoyBot’s party. RoyBot is a custom bot that provides free useful buffs for those who join his party.

Just join his party, don't be shy!

(Optional Vein of Sorrow)

Vein of Sorrow is a equalized nest so your equipment does not matter. The most important thing you need to have equipped here is your skill plates from Priest of Darkness Mocha. To enter, go through Portal 8 (Event Nest)

Vein of Sorrow can be difficult for new players of Dragon Nest. However, if you are experienced, you can do Vein of Sorrow and get a huge head start on materials and gold early on. Vein of Sorrow can be entered up to 5 times a week and drops plenty of early to mid-game materials.

Cerberus Nest

When you first start out, you’ll only have access to basic weapons so don’t panic! The first nest you’ll want to clear is Cerberus Nest, which is an equalized nest meaning that equipment and stats don’t matter. You can go in naked (as you probably are right now) and deal the same amount of damage as someone in the strongest equipment possible. Go to Portal 1 (Dawn of a New Beginning) and enter Cerberus Nest Beginner. You’ll need to do around 2 runs of Cerberus Nest before you have enough materials to go back to Overlord Zeke to purchase your Vibrant Sun set.

Clearing Cerberus Nest yields [Cerberus Paw], if you're in a party, the party leader gets a bonus [Cerberus Paw]. You can exchange these for Vibrant Sun equipment at Overlord Zeke's Revamp Exchange Shop in Skitzovania next to Belin the Blacksmith. You'll want to purchase a box for each type of equipment. If you get the wrong kind of mainhand weapon, don't worry; just purchase the [Weapon Tuner - Epic].

Now that you have your Vibrant Sun equipment, you can get low grade dragon gems from GM.X's Gems, Talismans, and Crests Shop for 1 gold each. Plop those into your gear and now you're ready for Archbishop Nest and Manticore Nest.

If you do not know how to use dragon gems. Click this link to find out!

ABN and Manti

Archbishop Nest (ABN) should be your next focus in terms of gear progression. This nest drops T3 crests, Ririka accessories, Garnet Fragments, a small amount of of Lumens and 250g. Lumens are needed for endgame accessory progression. You’ll be needing a lot (in the thousands) to upgrade accessories. 100 Lumens is equivalent to 1 Lumen Box. This nest is nice in the sense that it is easily farmable for Garnet Fragments and gold as you need them to enhance your Vibrant Sun equipment. Make sure you get more dragon gems from GM.X for your new accessories.

Farm ABN until you have a set of usable crest plates for your class.

Vengeful Manticore Nest essentially gives the same thing that ABN gives, but instead of crest plates, it’ll drop T3 talismans instead. By the time you complete your talisman set, you should be at Vibrant Sun +10 and you can move forward to the next step of your gear progression. You do not need to have full T3 talismans to move on.

Your next goal is to move to the Golden Wind equipment.

Daidalos Nest

Move to Portal 2 (Twilight Rays) and you’ll encounter another set of nests that you can access. Your next goal is to upgrade your Vibrant Sun +10 to Golden Wind equipment by completing Daidalos Nest. You'll receive Garnets, Pillowsheep Stuffing, Lumens, Downy accessories, Hero's Golden Coin, and 400G from this nest. The items you’re looking for specifically is Hero’s Golden Coin and Pillowsheep Stuffing. The coin can be used to exchange for Golden Wind upgrade materials: Fragmented Arrow, Requiem Arrow from Overlord Zeke's Revamp Exchange Shop.

Right click on the arrows to use them on your equipment. You have to remove your Dragon Gems before you can use them.

Pillowsheep Stuffing can be used to purchase Epic Grade Rune Amplifiers from Alter Roy's Rune Amplifier Shop. Rune Amplifiers are essentially Conversion Costumes. You can put these on for significant increase in stats.

Once you upgrade all your Vibrant Sun equipment to Golden Wind, you can use your extra Hero’s Golden Coin to purchase Wing / tail / decal Engraving Scroll. Use these on your wing, tail, and decal Rune Amps to get a huge damage boost.

The Downy accessories are a better version of the Ririka accessories. Remember to equip the Downy accessories instead and move your dragon gems over.

Although upgrading your Vibrant Sun is a priority, this nest is also somewhat farmable for the Pillowsheep Stuffing, which can be used to exchange for Steve’s Fiend Coupons for Rune Amplifiers at Alter Roy. Rune Amplifiers add a substantial amount of stats to your character, so they are also a priority to get as you continue your gear progression. Continue doing Daidalos Nest until you have a full set of Golden Wind equipment at +20 and a set of Epic Rune Amplifiers with engravings for your wing / tail / decal.

Mid Game

Note: After the first three beginner nests, it will start getting increasingly more difficult to solo. You can still solo these nests if you are experienced; but if you can find a party it will be substantially faster and easier to progress.

Black Dragon Memoria Part I

Head over to Portal 5 (Fading Memories) and you’ll find Black Dragon Memoria Part 1. This nest drops Slayer Points, Pillowsheep Stuffing and Lumens. Slayer Points are needed to purchase Lunarbursts from Overlord Zeke to turn your +20 Golden Wind Equipment to +14 Twilight Luna equipment. The good thing about this nest is that you have unlimited revives, and there are only 2 bosses, though the bosses might take a while for you to kill solo.

The best part about BDM is that it’s easily farmable for Pillowsheep Stuffing, and some players will farm this nest until they get their Unique Rune Amplifier set. However, if you are confident in your abilities, you can move on to Volcano Nest to get your Unique Rune Amplifier set much faster. Furthermore, Slayer Points can also be exchanged for Life-giving Essences which is used to enhance Twilight Luna armor. You can also use Slayer Points to get Lava Sparks, but the exchange ratio is pretty bad (400 points for 1 Lava Spark).

Keep doing BDM until you have your full set of Twilight Luna. Aftwards, you have the option to continue farming BDM for Pillowsheep Stuffing for Rune Amplifiers, or go to Volcano Nest to farm for Lava Sparks.

Volcano Nest

Head over to Portal 2 (Twilight Rays) to access Volcano Nest. VN drops a lot of Lava Sparks which is needed to enhance Twilight Luna gear. For a beginner in Golden Wind gear, this nest is rather tough to solo. I would recommend that you avoid doing Volcano Nest until you upgrade your gear to Twilight Luna by running Black Dragon Memoria. You also have a limited amount of revives; however, I would say this is a great nest to learn your class because it teaches you to do mechanics while dodging.

Volcano Nest also drops a lot of Pillowsheep Stuffing, Garnet, Lumens, and Wellspring Pouches.

You can use your extra Pillowsheep Stuffings to exchange them for Steve's Fiend Coupons which are used to purchase Unique Rune Amplifiers or other cosmetics from Alter Roy

Once you have a complete set of Unique Rune Amps, you should purchase engraving scrolls from GM.X to further increase your stats. Only purchase the Wing / Tail / Decal engraving scroll if do not have them for your Unique Rune Amps yet.

Envgraving Scrolls Information

GM.X sells engraving scrolls which can be used on your Rune Amplifiers. Ideally, you want to use these engraving scrolls on your Unique Rune Amplifiers so that you don’t have to waste gold redoing them if you upgrade from Epic to Unique. Buy a ton of the engraving scrolls for weapon and armor, because you’ll be gambling for Unique Engraving Scrolls. You’ll want scrolls with specific stats on them:


  • Phys/Magical Damage: 1000
  • Main stat (INT/AGI/STR): 70
  • Secondary stat or VIT: 70
  • Critical: 1200


  • Phys/Magical: 2500-2500
  • Critical: 2000
  • Phys Dmg/Mag Dmg: 3.50% - 3.50%
  • Critical Damage 10000
  • One weapon with: Reduce all attribute resistance by 10%
  • Other weapon with: “Fracture”

Don't worry about not getting the best rolls on your armor engraving scrolls for now. Getting solid weapon ones are good enough. You can always go back and fix them later.

Tip: You can buy a stack of 5 engraving scrolls, then dismantle at the extractor and use the materials to purchase more engraving scrolls at GM.X's shop

Third Core Nest

Third Core Nest (Portal 2 Twilight Rays) is an solo optional nest that you can choose to complete 5 times a week. This nest gives gold and has a chance to give very useful materials (Pillowsheep Stuffing, Steve Coupons, Lava Sparks, Garnets, Vahreins) upon completion. The added bonus is that you can revive as many times as you want in this nest, which you will most likely be doing unless you’re a god gamer.

It is strongly recommended that you do this nest weekly, especially if you’re starting out. The gold income is great, and it’s basically free materials to aid in your progression.

Arendel Trial Nest

Portal 7 (Trials of Eternity) has Arendel Trial Nest which drops Parchment of Trials,Wellspring Pouches (which has a chance to give a Unique wellspring). The Parchments can be exchanged at GM.X for high-tier dragon gems with third stats (i.e. VIT + INT Life-givings, High INT roll wise, etc) and high-tier Expedition Plates. You’ll want to make sure you have a set of good dragon gems and dragon skill gems before moving on to the next part in your progression.

Your goal is to have a complete set of engraved Unique Rune Amplifiers and +20 Twilight Luna before continuing to the next set of your gear progression.

Red Dragon Nest and Alternatives

Once you get your Twilight Luna equipment to +20, you're ready to move on again. Now you'll be tackling Typhoon Krag Nest, Daidalos Nest Hardcore, Red Dragon Nest Hardcore, Vahrcore, and Memoria. For these you'll need a party.

If you need a guide for Red Dragon Nest 4-man easy, you can click here.

Red Dragon Vahrcore: Memoria (Portal 5: Fading Memories) can be done to get Dawnbursts from Overlord Zeke's Illusive Burst Shop using the Lebrium Points that drop. You can right click on the Dawnbursts to use them as usual.

Otherwise, gather your team and defeat Red Dragon Nest 4-Man Easy or Vahrcore (Portal 4 Vahrein's Descent) to get Red Dragon Wraths and Scales to enhance your Ardent Dawn equipment. Red Dragon Nest 4-Man Easy and Red Dragon Vahrcore also drop Evolving Radiance accessories and T4 crest and talisman vouchers. I'll explain more about Evolving Radiance accessories in a section below. You can use your T4 crest and talisman vouchers at Overlord Zeke's Ardent Exchange shop.

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore will yield a lot more materials than RDN easy, but sometimes it may be more time efficient to find a party of 4 as opposed to a party of 8. Furthermore, you can gain Glimmering Ice Shards from RDNVC which will be used to craft Frostbursts to upgrade your Ardent Dawn equipment to Midnight Frost.

End-Game Accessories (Evolving Radiance)

To transition to end game accessories, you have to either have Evolving Radiance Accessories or Titanite Accessories. Evolving Radiance can be obtained from Red Dragon Nest (either version) and Titanite can be obtained from the Community Point Shop or Prismatic Medals dropped from Ice Dragon Nest (Hardcore).

If you want to change your Titanite Tier 1 accessory into a Evolving Radiance Tier 3 accessory, you're gonna need to collect some Luminous Sparks and head over to Belin's crafting menu and use the "Titanite Transmutation" menu.

That being said, you can basically skip farming RDN for accessories and luminous sparks if you have the gold because Evolving Radiance (up to tier 3) and Titanite Accessories are also purchasable from other players. Alternatively, you can farm 10,000 Community Points and buy a set of Titanite from Kaye.

"Free DNP"

Clearing Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore credits DNP to your account automatically after the weekly reset. Clearing multiple times within the same week yields diminishing returns on DNP. Clear count resets weekly. Alternatively, you can purchase DNP coupons from other players using gold. Project Duck is not responsible for any scammers.

Clear Count DNP
1 4000
2 2000
3 1000
4 500
5 250
6+ 50

Typhoon Krag Nest & Daidalos Nest Hardcore

If you have a party and are confident in doing Red Dragon Nest, I would highly recommend doing so because it would speed your progression up greatly compared to just spamming TKN for materials. However, TKN and Daidalos Nest  Hardcore (Portal 3 The Abyss) are still handy along progression. TKN and Daidalos Hardcore both drop Zakad Crystals and Memory of Roy. These are used to enhance your Ardent Dawn equipment. TKN drops 250 Crystal Points which can be used to purchase important materials and items from Overlord Zeke's Crystalis Venture shop. You can also purchase the Talisman of Jerovine, Talisman of Kozmos, and Ancient Element Enhanced Talismans to boost your damage.

Daidalos Nest Hardcore drops Lava Sparks, Steve's Fiend Coupon, Memory of Roy, and Zakad Crystals. Use this to your advantage if you want to grind out some cosmetics from Alter Roy's shop or finish your Unique Rune Amp set if you for some reason haven't done so yet.

Other Optional Raids

Desert Dragon Nest (HC) and Black Dragon Nest (HC) are not needed for gear progression. They do give useful drops, particularly DDN for the 3,000 Crystal Points, but it may be difficult to find a party that is willing to run these outdated nests

Checklist for Post Ardent Dawn Progression:

You’ll want to ideally be at Ardent Dawn +20 with all T4 Talisman and Crests, along with Evolving Radiance Tier 3 with decent Dragon Gems and expedition plates (from Arendel Trial Nest) and all your Unique Rune Amplifiers engraved before moving to the next phase, which is end game progression.

End Game

End-game progression will require a party to complete, unless you’re severely overgeared (in +20s) and even so, the best content that you can solo are the 4man nests. Now would be the time to start using the Project Duck Discord and the in-game LFG tool to look for parties. You might also want to join a guild and expand your network of players who you’ll most likely be playing with throughout your journey in Project Duck.

Portal 1 (Legacy of Ice):

  • Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4man)
  • Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (Practice)
  • Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (8man

Portal 2 (The Frozen Wasteland):

  • Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (Hardcore)
  • Ice Dragon Nest (Vahrcore)

Portal 3 (Primordial Fissure):

  • Tyrant’s Valediction
  • Reclaimed Peak
  • Goddess Lament
  • Professor K Nest
  • Kaeron Trial Nest

Portal 4 (Hall of G):

  • Guardian Nest
  • Granom Nest
  • Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

Ice Dragon Nest 4-Man & 8-Man

After you have completed the checklist above (congratulations for clearing one of the biggest roadblocks in the game!), you’re now ready to tackle end game content. Ice Dragon Nest (4 man) and Ice Dragon Nest (8man AKA Norm) are two nests that drop materials to upgrade your Ardent Dawn +20 to Midnight Frost +0. You may have already gotten some Glimmering Ice Shards from Red Dragon Nest, but what you really need from IDN are the Snowball and Frosted Plates to upgrade and enhance your Midnight Frost gear.,

In total, you’ll need 35 Snowballs, and 21 Glimmering Ice Shards to have a full set of Midnight Frost +0.

IDN 8man gives a substantially higher amount of materials compared to IDN 4man similar to RDN. IDN 4man gives 2 Snowballs, 5 Frosted Plates and 1 (rollable) Glimmering Ice Shard per clear, while IDN 8man gives 5 Snowballs, 10 Frosted Plates and 1 (Guaranteed) Glimmering Ice Shards with 8 additional rollable Glimmering Ice Shards per clear. Additionally, IDN 8man will drop Midnight Accessories which are stat equivalent to Evolving Radiance Tier 5 accessories; however, Midnight Accessories cannot be upgraded.

After you obtain the Snowballs and Ice Shards, you take them to Belin to craft Frostbursts under General -> Extracted Fragments. You will then need to enhance your newly crafted Midnight Frost to +5.

It’s time for your wallet to start crying because you’ll need to upgrade your Evolving Radiance or Titanite Accessories to Evolving Radiance Tier 4. Each Tier 4 accessory requires 20,000 Gold, 100 Lumen Boxes and 5 Snowballs. Lumen boxes are obtainable by exchanging 100 Lumens for 1 box, so you’ll need 10,000 Lumens per accessory. You get Lumens from clearing nests (as you might’ve noticed), with the harder nests giving more Lumens per clear. You would want to grab a set of Midnight Accessories from IDN 8man and use those until you get enough Lumens to upgrade your Evolving Radiance accessories.

Additionally, Ice Dragon Nest will also start dropping T5 crests & talismans (Midnight/Frost) which you’ll want to keep an eye out for as they are currently the best crests and talismans we can get right now. Ideally, you’ll want each crest to have your main stat (or phys/mag dmg for wise/brutal/windswept gems) as a third stat. Note that these are also purchasable off the Marketplace as well.

Guardian and Granom Nest

You can also get Midnight crests from Guardian Nest and Frost Talismans from Granom Nest. Farming these nests is quite efficient because of how fast you can clear them in a party, and the added benefit that both nests also give 500 Crystal, Superb Wellspring Pouches, and Lumens as well.

Once you’ve gotten to Midnight Frost +5 with Evolving Radiance Accessories Tier 4 and a few Midnight Crest/Talismans with your main stat on them, you can look into tackling Ice Dragon Nest (Hardcore)

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

IDN Hardcore is far more difficult than IDN 4man and IDN normal because you only have one “group” revive at the end of the first boss, and then no revives for the remainder of the raid. Furthermore, the nest has unforgiving DPS checks that require a certain amount of people alive in order to clear, otherwise you’ll wipe.

IDN Hardcore drops 15 Frosted Plates, 4 guaranteed T5 Crests & Talismans, 4 rollable T5 Crests & Talismans and 3 Prismatic Medals. Prismatic Medals are particularly helpful early on because of the materials and gear that they can give one of the following items:

  1. 500 Crystal Points
  2. Sealed Midnight Crest
  3. 1 Sealed Frost Talisman
  4. Midnight Crest Teapot
  5. Frost Talisman Teapot
  6. 100 Lumens
  7. 1 Vahrein
  8. Titanite Tier 1 Accessories

You’ll also have access to a new enhancement material called Hailstone. You’ll receive 4 Hailstones per Hardcore clear which you will use to upgrade your Midnight Frost to +17 and upgrade your Evolving Radiance to Tier 5 using Box of Lumens, gold, and Hailstones.

For the most efficient use out of your Hailstones, following the following enhancement guideline.

At this point, before progressing to the last stages of endgame progression, you’ll be at full Midnight Frost +17 with Evolving Radiance Tier 5 Accessories along with full Midnight crests/talismans with the appropriate stats.

Final Stepping Stone

Congratulations on making it this far, you’re on your way to becoming the best Duck player PDN has ever seen! With the recent release of Expansion 3 Finale, we received a couple of new end game nests which we will be farming. Specifically, our goal is Midnight Frost Armour +20, Midnight Frost Weapon +30, Evolving Radiance Tier 6, Omega Dragon Gems +5 and Omega Expedition Crests.

Note that the order of which you complete the new raids are in the following order:
Ice Dragon Nest (Vahrcore) -> Green Dragon Nest Time Attack -> Kaeron Trial Nest.
You cannot skip the nest progression because each nest drops an entry pass to the next which is only consumed on clear.

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore

Ice Dragon Nest (Vahrcore) is the first raid that you’ll have to do before progressing further. Each clear of IDN VC will drop 3 Glacial Chunks, 1 Omega Dragon Gem and 2 Defiled Dragon Runes. Defiled Dragon Runes have a chance to yield Omega Dragon Gems, Dragon Souls, or even Omega Expedition plates. However, you’ll need a key to open the runes, which can be obtained from clearing IDN VC or Green Dragon Nest (Time Attack).

Glacial Chunks are used to enhance your Midnight Frost equipment to +20, and 45 Glacial Chunks can be exchanged for 1 Permafrost Diamond, used to enhance your mainhand weapon past +20 up to +30. Rarely, at a droprate of 5%, you’ll receive a Permafrost Diamond when you clear IDN VC. Getting your mainhand weapon to +30 Midnight Frost is no easy feat; therefore, it is recommended that you focus on other parts of gear progression instead of simply farming IDN VC for +30 as the stat increase is minimal compared to the stats you could get from enhancing your Dragon Gems.

IDNVC is a special raid that is exclusive to Project Duck. It features new mechanics, new boss, new soundtrack, and a makeover to the map. There is also a day pass and checkpoint feature. If your team clears the first two bosses without a death, you are rewarded a Ricardo's Day Pass. Using that pass, you can leave and re-enter IDNVC if you need to and skip the first two bosses (if your whole team has the pass in their inventory). You also receive a checkpoint at the start of the 3rd boss if you fail at any point past the 2nd boss. If you like to know more about the mechanics of IDNVC, you can check out the guide by clicking here.

Omega Dragon Gems

Omega Dragon Gems are end game gems that can be upgraded to +5, and grant a huge boost in stats. Ideally, you’ll want a high roll main stat gem (i.e. Brutal, Wise or Windswept) and for your Life-givings, you’ll want the 3rd stat to be your main stat as shown in the image below:

You can find these dragon gems from Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore, Green Dragon Nest Time Attack, or by opening Defiled Dragon Runes.

Dragon Souls

Lapis/Vermillion Dragon Souls are used to enhance your dragon gems up to +4 and can even be used alongside Dragon Cores (from dismantling Omega Dragon Gems) to craft gems at Belin.

If you want to enhance your dragon gems to +5, you're gonna need Flawless Dragon Souls which can be obtained from Kaeron Trial Nest or crafting them through Belin's crafting menu.

Note: You can exchange unused Iridescent Dragon Cores at Overlord Zeke in the Revamp Exchange Shop for more Dragon Souls. You can also craft these Dragon Souls from Belin's crafting menu.


Tyrant's Valediction, Reclaimed Peak, Goddess Lament

These 4-man dungeon are quick and efficient, and yield Lapis/Vermillion Dragon Souls and specific Relics upon completion of the nest. Tyrant’s Valediction drops Overpowering Relic, Reclaimed Peak drops Mischievous Relic, and Goddess Lament drops Graceful Relic.

You can use 25 of each Relic to create one Defiled Dragon Rune at Belin

Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

The next trial that you should be farming after you complete your Midnight Frost +20 is Green Dragon Nest Time Attack (GDN). This nest is mainly farmed because of the large amount of materials and Omega Dragon Gems, Omega Expedition Plates, Defiled Dragon Runes and Defiled Dragon Keys that can drop at the end of the nest. You should be farming this nest if you want to get your Omega Dragon Gems and Omega Expedition Plates, and you should also farm this nest if you want to +4 your gems due to the sheer volume of Lapis/Vermillion souls that can be obtained.

Important note: Extract unused Dragon Gems and exchange the cores for Lapis/Vermillions at Overlord Zeke or craft new gems using the cores at Belin.

Professor K Nest

Professor K Nest (PKN) is a 4man nest that drops Lapis/Vermillion Dragon Souls. With the upcoming changes to Flawless Dragon Souls, you’ll need to run this to obtain Flawless Dragon Powders, of which you’ll run KTN to get Flawless Dragon Resin to combine into a Flawless Dragon Soul.

Kaeron Trial Nest

Kaeron Trial Nest is a 6man nest and is part of the last few steps to end game progression, and specifically for min-maxing your Omega Dragon Gems. This nest drops Lapis and Vermillion souls, but it also drops a unique upgrade material called Flawless Dragon Soul and Flawless Dragon Resin which in conjunction with Flawless Dragon Powder from Professor K Nest, can be used to craft additional Flawless Dragon Soul to +5 your Dragon Gem.

Once you're done with your dragon gems you can go back to hunting for perfect rolls on your Expedition Crests and farming IDNVC to get Permafrost Diamonds.

Congratulations, you made it!

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