Patch Preview

[PvE] Content

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Now drops an additional [Hailstone] per player (5 total)

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 30



[Coup de Grace] execution damage scaling increased: 29% → 32%
[Hyper Drive] damage increased: 23049 → 26506%
[Hacking Stance] damage increased: 1020% → 1173%

/\c24\Lunar Knight

[Class Mastery II] Passive MATK reduced: 10% → 5%


Too much damage on the class that ignores practically everything

[Flying Swing] damage reduced: 5774% → 4619%
[Awakened Passive Weapon Mastery] passive PATK reduced: 20% → 15%
[Awakened Roll Attack] damage reduced: 6642% → 5977%

/\c76\Dark Avenger

[Class Mastery II] passive PATK reduced: 25% → 20%


A change that falls under Sharpshooter but is technically for Sniper

[Ankle Shot]

  • CD reduces with level: 18s/16s/14s/12s at levels 1-2/3-5/6-8/9-11
  • Damage increased: 184% → 286%
  • Arrow spread reduced
  • Projectile sped increased


Sniper hold left click gameplay in Siege Stance was fucking lame. Windshot also constantly failed; especially if you have high ping. Scrapped it all for a completely new playstyle. I expect this SHOULD be weaker than the previous version of Sniper. We can hotfix buff it as we see fit. I'd rather release something underpowered and ridiculously overpowered.

[Lucky Shot] → [Headshot]

  • Activation chance increased: 60% → 100%
  • Additional damage on proc reduced: 50% → 10%

[Charge Shot]

  • VFX changed to look like windshot (behavior remains the same)
  • CD reduced: 10s → 7s
  • Damage increased: 2616% → 3597%

[Rain of Arrows]

  • CD reduced: 24s → 11s
  • Damage reduced: 674% → 627%

[Windshot] removed

[Charge Shot EX]

  • VFX changed to look like windshot (behavior remains the same)

[Rain of Arrows EX]

  • Changed to shoot an arrow into the sky which splits into a “rain of arrows”

[Class Mastery]

  • When Deathbloom is casted, increase physical damage by 10% for 15 seconds
  • No longer grants 50% INT

[Class Mastery II]

  • After hitting enemies with [Ankle Shot], [Arrow Barrage] is enhanced to fire a concentrated arrow
  • Ankle Shot’s damage is increased by 1000%
  • When Ankle Shot hits, Arrow Barrage’s cooldown is reduced by 6s
  • Grants 20% PATK passively

[Enhanced Arrow Barrage]

  • Damage: 39951%
  • Shares cooldown with regular [Arrow Barrage]

[Class Mastery III]

  • Enhances Piercing Shot, when used, throws the caster backwards and concentrates Charge Shot for 2s
  • Damage: 3150% → 2520% per shot
  • [Awakened Piercing Shot] no longer causes enemies to bleed

[Camouflage] → [Focus Shot]

  • Fire off a concentrated arrow. Transfer the concentrated energy to the next skill.
  • Enhances the next cast of a main skill for 3s. The enhanced skill will have different effects
  • Bleeding enemies take an additional hit of damage 35% of total dmg
  • Cooldown reduced: 20s → 12s
  • Damage: 12517%

[Sliding Shot] → [Blink Shot]

  • Blink a short distance firing a quickshot
  • Invulnerable for 0.5s during the blink
  • Store up to 2 CTC
  • Damage: 100%

[Awakened Passive Siege Stance (Accumulate)][Awakened Passive Concentration]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown of Charge Shot or Rain of Arrows when Siege Stance hits enemies
  • Ammo system replaces wind shafts
  • Maximum 4 ammo
  • Required to cast [Awakened Siege Stance]
  • Casting [Aerial Chain Shot] or concentrated skills grant 1 Ammo

[Concentrated Charge Shot]

  • Faster cast, fires two charge shots instead of one
  • Grants 1 Ammo

[Concentrated Rain of Arrows]

  • Faster cast, splits into more arrows but spread is increased
  • Grants 1 Ammo

[Awakened Passive Piercing Shot] [Awakened Passive Sniper’s Resolve]

  • Do not learn this for PvP as you will be unable to use [Aerial Chain Shot]
  • [Aerial Chain Shot] and [Deathbloom] are awakened

[Awakened Aerial Chain Shot]

  • Grounded
  • After charging for a short duration, fire off powerful mortar arrows
  • Damage: 10338%

[Awakened Deathbloom]

  • No longer spawns a flower
  • Shoots a projectile that spawns a whirlwind of floral energy which erupts into a wind explosion
  • Enemies hit are afflicted with bleed dealing 5520% bleed damage every 2 seconds for 15 seconds (damage does not get scale with additional damage, crit, elemental atk, or final damage)
  • Damage: 9341%

[Awakened Passive Siege Stance (Aim)] → [Awakened Passive Siege Stance]

  • No longer enhances your other skills
  • Consume 4 Ammo to go into Siege Stance
  • Fire up to 4 shots using left click
  • Shots 1-3 shoot basic piercing arrows
  • 4th shot fires an arrow that explodes into wind energy on contact dealing 500% of normal shot damage
  • Damage: 8027%, 40135%
  • Lasts until you consume all ammo or cancel by using [Blink Shot] or [Tumble]
  • Dodge a short distance W/A/S/D (vulnerable during dodge)


[Awakened Sylph’s Aid] works the same as the old [Sylph’s Aid] before this patch. It was only created to separate the two instances for Sniper and Warden

[Awakened Passive Extension Core] also awakens [Sylph’s Aid]
[Awakened Sylph’s Aid]

  • PATK and MATK buff: 25%
  • Movement Speed and Action Speed buff: 25%


[Somersault Dance] damage increased: 4331% → 4547%
[Kick Shot] damage increased: 7338% → 7704%
[Marionette] damage increased: 5969% → 6267%


Resetting and doing 30k% every few seconds was totally balanced everyone CAP

[Awakened Falling Star] 27775% → 18053%
[Class Mastery II] passive PATK reduced: 25% → 15%

/\c81\Silver Hunter

Enhanced skill names i.e: (New) renamed to (Soar)

Some of the skill descriptions were HORRIBLY WRONG and out of date. These are all 5% nerfs internally and then we’re fixing the description for next time

[Soar Spiral Bolt] damage reduced (5% nerf; description error): 4718% → 4482%
[Soar Wild Shot] damage reduced (5% nerf; description error): 326% → 240%, 3593% → 2887%
[Soar Arrow Storm] damage reduced (5% nerf; description error): 3379% → 4012%, 1300% → 1604%
[Soar Deluge Bolt] damage reduced: 1708% → 1622%
[Soar Razor Wind] damage reduced: 12066% → 11462%
[Tornado Shot] damage reduced: 1547% → 1469%


[Class Mastery II] passive MATK reduced: 15% → 10%
[Hot Rod] damage reduced: 1109% → 992%
[Summon Meteor] damage reduced: 5495% → 4890%


[Elemental/Conviction Mighty Blow] damage increased: 10660% → 11726%, 18655% → 20520%
[Elemental/Conviction Hammer Hand] damage increased: 9490% → 10439%, 16607% → 18267%


[Class Mastery] additional damage on electrified enemies: 20% → 15%
[Awakened Detonate] damage reduced: 6516% → 5994%
[Lightning Storm] damage reduced: 1712% → 1626%

/\c48\Gear Master

[Class Mastery] PATK increase on casting [Extreme Tower]: 30% → 25%
[Class Mastery III] 10% HP/mp heal → 3% hp/1%mp heal


[Slime Shake] no longer gives 50% INT
[Class Mastery] passively gain: 50% INT
[Awakened Ground Zero] 4495% → 5394%
[Elemental Flair] 26784% → 29462%


[Slime Shake] no longer gives 50% INT
[Injection] damage increased: 1108% → 1440%
[Class Mastery] gives 50% INT
[Expunge] Given own skill on hotbar
[Poison Strike] damage increased: 22042% → 26450%
[Awakened Toxic Spill] damage increased: 2431% → 2917%
[Awakened Disease] damage increased: 441% → 573%
[Awakened Lovesick] damage increased: 1314% → 1708%

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

[Class Mastery II] passive PATK reduced: 20% → 10%
[Ride Land Crash] damage reduced: 15248% → 14485%
[Ride Bombardment] damage reduced: 50682% → 48147%

/\c58\Blade Dancer

[Gust Dementia] damage increased: 700% → 750%
[Blade Step] damage increased: 1050% → 1124%

/\c59\Spirit Dance

[Abolisher] damage reduced: 5424% → 4881%
[Awakened Whirling Dervishes] damage reduced: 2500% → 2250%
[Class Mastery II] passive PATK reduced: 25% → 20%
[Awakened Praetor] damage reduced: 13715% → 12343%
[Crushing Hammer] damage reduced: 20682% → 19647%
[Acanthus] damage reduced: 15500 → 14725%

/\c89\Oracle Elder

[Class Mastery II] passive PATK reduced: 30% → 20%


Mini rework to solve some minor problems before full rework to solve the major issues


  • Clones no longer displace enemies that shouldn’t be able to be displaced

[Mortal Blow] damage decreased: 4625% → 4412%

[Blade Runner EX]

  • End lag reduced
  • VFX changed slightly
  • Animation changed so you don’t appear so high up

[EX Enhancements] ashes summoned will attempt to target the closest enemy

[Class Mastery] enhanced skills have blue flames instead of red
[Class Mastery II] passive PATK reduced: 25% → 20%
[Class Mastery III]

  • Now works off of [Flare Blitz] as well, consecutive casts of [CM3 Mortal Blow] increases the damage of the final slam hit
  • 1 cast: Damage increased by: 75%
  • 2 casts: Damage increased by: 150%
  • 3 casts: Damage increased by: 250%

[Awakened Burning Escape]

  • End lag reduced
  • Fixed a bug where [Awakening Passive Burning Escape] was not doing proper damage 4001% → 6025%
  • Shadow cast skill renamed to [Burning Escape (Shadow)]

[Flame Dragnile]

  • Can now use L-click dash and R-click retreat immediately after casting
  • Can now use R-click retreat after using the L-click dash for an additional attack (3 total)

[Beast Swipe] changed to [Flare Blitz]

  • New Project Duck Exclusive Skill!
  • No longer summons shadows in [Shadow Rage]
  • Dissolve into flames while attacking at blinding speed before reappearing to deliver a final uppercut
  • Damage changed to: 13197% (Normal) 26083% (Enhanced)

[Awakening Passive Counter Attack][Awakening Passive Lethality]

  • No longer enhances damage after a successful [Tumble] (which didn’t work anyway)
  • Grants 5% Physical Damage passively


[Chain Punisher] damage increased: 5926% → 8296%
[Dead Fall] damage increased: 7958% → 9550%

/\c91\Blood Phantom

Last class to not have 50% stat on CM1

[Class Mastery] Passive STR & AGI increased: 30% → 50%


[Class Mastery II] passive MATK increased: 25% → 30%


[Class Mastery II] passive PATK increased: 30% → 35%

Cash Shop

Jade Set


Insidious and Sinister Jade Costume Sets (2 Color Variants)


Jade Wings and Tail

Additional Wings

  • Wings of the Blue Viper Vernica
  • Military Wings
  • Blue Ocean Guardian Wings
  • Dignified Ancestor Dragon Wings
  • Brilliant Ancestor Dragon Wings
  • Dark Ancestor Dragon Wings
  • Bright Ancestor Dragon's Wings
  • Blue Luminous Wings
  • White Luminous Wings
  • Pink Luminous Wings
  • Bat wings with poison
  • Dark Shadow Wings
  • Light Spirit Wings

Blush Beauty Shop

[Sunny Lifeguard] Costumes and Wings being replaced with new [Prestigious Wedding] Costumes and Wings!
Part Price (Blush Bags)
Helmet 2
One-piece 8
Wings 10
Prestigious Wedding Costume Sets
Prestigious Wedding Wings

Mysterious Lovely Contract

For those who don't want to see a pet following you around

The summoned pet is invisible and has its nameplate hidden, but you'll still receive stats and auto-loot items. Sold in the Cash Shop for the usual pet price.


  • Reaper's [Barrage EX] clones no longer push bosses
  • Reaper clones now spawn in a constant amount of time instead of random
  • Raven's [Open Edge EX] no longer pushes bosses
  • Clear chests in EXP3F dungeons now have glows on them
  • In-game chat max characters increased from 60 --> 80
  • The game will no longer load incorrectly named mods and will pop a warning to you
  • Dark Avenger's [Vengeance Storm] reduced seizure-inducing flashes
  • Added a constantly refresh cooldown switch to [Boulder Training Ground]  that refreshes your cooldowns every 2s
  • Realtime DPS meter now starts automatically when entering [Boulder Training Ground] and automatically starts after a short delay after using the reset pad
  • Rewrote Duck Overlay game event handling code, which should improve performance a bit when using the realtime DPS meter and other overlay features
  • Players that are under the effects of buff-based invulnerability (e.g. from [Heart of Glory], [Immortality]) now glow yellow on the party DPS meter
  • Updated DXVK to the latest version, which should give minor performance improvements while using the DXVK experimental renderer option
  • Relay connection message is now a toast notification rather than a chat message
  • Added internal support for per-skill damage and stat tracking (no display yet)
  • Combined all town channels into Channel 1


  • Fixed an issue where [Awakened Heart of Glory] would linger on the buff bar for about 5 extra seconds after the effects wore off
  • Fixed the game crashing for some users upon exiting. Not really an issue but just mildly annoying
  • Fixed more cash shop costumes that expire that shouldn't
  • [Vessel of the Goddess] now has the proper amount of FD

Labor Day QC Rebate

25% QC rebate for Labor Day active at patch (22:30 PDT) for 2 days (Sept 8 23:59)

Fashion Fall 2021

Brand new fashion nest event!

Fall is coming and Project Duck is in need of some of the newest and most A E S T H E T I C fashion trends! Post a screenshot of your character wearing your best outfit! There is no particular theme this time.

Rules & Guidelines

1. Post a screenshot of YOUR character include a message with the screenshot with your IGN

2. Do not post group images with multiple characters, post a screenshot of only YOUR character

3. Do not post more than one screenshot. If you want to resubmit, please delete your old post and make a new one

4. Only submissions within the event period will be accepted

5. Screenshots should clearly show off your character's costume and face

6. You're welcome to do light photo-editing on your image to adjust things like saturation, lighting, contrast, etc

7. Only post screenshots in this chat. If you wish to discuss the screenshots, use general

8. If you have any questions regarding this event, please use question-and-answer

9. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason we deem appropriate

10. Screenshots must be taken in Skitzovania

11. DO NOT use any kind of mods that alter your appearance

Event Duration

After maintenance ~ October 1, 2021 11:59 PM GMT-7 (PDT)


Winners of the Project Duck Keychain MUST BE OK with privately disclosing a shipping address. If you win a Project Duck Keychain can not/do not want to provide a shipping address, you can give it away to a friend or ask us to raffle the keychain

Community favorite vote will be conducted after the event duration has ended

1st - 35,000 EC + Project Duck Keychain + Player Decided Custom Title (you pick the title name and color (within reason))

2nd - 30,000 EC

3rd - 20,000 EC

Community favorite - 30,000 EC + Project Duck Keychain


  • Use the hide-UI function by pressing CTRL + PRNTSC
  • Use high-quality in the system setings
  • Change your image format to PNG in system settings
  • Try to be unique and mix up costume pieces