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Lunar Knight is a specialization of the Warrior class that utilizes close and mid-ranged attacks during nests to output high amounts of sustained DPS. They focus on a simple but fast paced rotation of bubble generation and damage. Lunar Knights play around 2 main DPS skills and weave in bubble generation and filler skills to maintain their damage.

Please note that LK does not tend to perform as well as other top DPS classes in 4 man or solo content.

Bubble System

Lunar Knight caps at 50 bubbles. Bubbles are created by using any Tornado Skill – [Awakened Moonlight Splitter], [Awakened Eclipse], and [Awakened Cyclone Slash].

  • Each of these skills will generate 10 bubbles on cast, meaning they can be canceled and will still give stacks.
  • All 3 should be used off cooldown to maintain the 20 bubble cost of [Moon Blade Dance].
  • [Flash Stance] can also generate bubbles if used quickly after [Cyclone Slash].



[Impact Wave (CM3)]: CM3 increases [Impact Wave]'s damage and changes the skill to shoot a sword beam forward. This is used to enhance [Moon Blade Dance] and [Crescent Cleave], which increases their damage output and changes how the skills act.

[Brush Off]: Removes 5 debuffs and resets your position back to standing from any character state.


[Moonlight Splitter]: Highest damaging bubble generation skill. Use this and follow it with a left click to instantly cast [Cyclone Slash]. It has an 8 second CD, so using it in tandem with [Cyclone Slash] is not always possible.

[Cyclone Slash]: Bubble generation skill that leaves a tornado at the spot of impact and reduces crit resistance of enemies by 20%. Always start a combo off with this skill and weave it in off cooldown due to its quick cast time and bubble generation.

[Eclipse]: Bubble generation skill used to deal extra damage when up close, iframe attacks, and break animation locks. (The iframe is short but can be used to dodge almost any attack.)

[Moonfall]: Very high damage skill that rains sword beams down on the boss. Use normal cast [Moonfall] on smaller bosses (a good reference is Koadiak or smaller). CM3 [Crescent Cleave] (impact wave + moonfall) reverts [Moonfall] to [Crescent Cleave] and increases the number of hits. Use this version of the skill on bigger bosses (ex: Apocalypse bosses, dragons). Make sure to position yourself half the optimal distance of [Moon Blade Dance] before casting [Crescent Cleave].

[Luring Slice]: This is your damage amp (increases damage dealt by 20%) that activates [Halfmoon Slash (Instant)]. Once its been casted and the first hit makes contact, cancel out by left clicking for [Halfmoon Slash (Instant)] or casting [Eclipse].

[Halfmoon Slash]: A filler skill that has small burst damage – use with [Luring Slice] to make it an instant cast and to add damage after your debuff. Very good at pushing objects like statues and crystals.

[Courageous Shout]: Buffs your damage by 30% for 20 seconds. Keep this active at all times.

[Parry]: Only used to block an attack and deal damage when [Eclipse] is on cooldown or to block an attack after dodging. Note that if you parry an attack that debuffs it will still debuff you.

[Blade Storm]: Lunar Knight's Ultimate – this acts as extra damage every 2 minutes but is not a priority. The size of the boss and the angle you throw this skill at changes how many times it will hit (up to 8). The final beam can be fired immediately after casting with left click.

[Infinity Edge]: This is a nice iframe skill to avoid death in a sticky situation.

Lunar Knight

[Moon Blade Dance]: This is Lunar Knight's bread and butter skill, dealing around 30% of your total damage in nests. This skill is highly dependent on the boss size, your distance from the boss, and the angle at which the skill hits. To maximize damage, you want to be around the mid-range distance and aim for the center of the boss. When used with [Impact Wave (CM3)] it will
change into a short hop quick cast [Moon Blade Dance] that increases its damage by 25%. Rotate between the regular and CM3 version.

[Flash Stance]: Currently this skill has only one use – that is, to generate bubbles after casting [Cyclone Slash] then quickly using [Flash Stance]. This will never be used in a fight unless the skill is updated/changed, or you mess somethign up horribly and need filler.

[Moon Blader]: Buffing skill that is used as a strong pushing skill and helps reduce [Smash X]'s cooldown.

[Smash X]: High burst damage skill with a large hitbox. Reduce the cooldown of this by using [Moon Blade Dance]. Every 2 casts of [Moon Blade Dance] should result in a [Smash X]. [Moon Blader] reduces its cooldown by 1 second per hit.

Skill Build

Skill Crests

[Moon Blade Dance CDR] / [Impact Wave CDR] / [Halfmoon Slash AS] / [Moonlight Splitter DMG] / [Cyclone Slash DMG] / [Moonfall CDR] (DMG version is also an option if you want prioritize small boss dmg. ex: 4 man content)

+1 [Moon Blade Dance]


The opener that I use tends to be the same, but after I rotate through CM3 skills and [Smash X]. I then focus on maintaining bubble generation. Always keep the [Courageous Shout] buff up, and during any down time keep bubbles at 50.

Big boss rotation:

[Cyclone Slash] --> [Luring Slice] --> [Halfmoon Slash EX (Instant)] --> [Impact Wave] --> [Crescent Cleave] --> [Smash X] --> create some distance from the boss then [Moon Blade Dance]

Following this starter you can use [Blade Storm] before or after as it is just filler. Each time [Impact Wave] is off CD use it with [Moon Blade Dance] twice before using it with [Crescent Cleave].

Small boss rotation:

[Cyclone Slash] --> [Luring Slice] --> [Halfmoon Slash EX (Instant)] --> [Moonfall] --> [Smash X] --> [Impact Wave] --> [Moonblade Dance]

You want to use this rotation on smaller bosses, and always use [Impact Wave] to enhance [Moonblade Dance].

Lunar Knight's skill cap resides in your experience with the class. Your ability to cast skills and rotate properly while avoiding damage will lead to higher overall DPS.


Big Boss:

Small Boss: (Courtesy of Taro)

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