Hello, my name is Zach (ZenZach#0007). Lunar Knight on Project Duck has a major change to the flow and gameplay with its custom rework. The class has shifted to a burst style of combat that revolves around [Moon Blade Dance] while filling in damage with [Smash X], [Crescent Cleave], and [Halfmoon Slash].

I play a variety of different classes and you can see my other guides for Ice Witch, Sniper, and Pyromancer in the Class Guide Archive.



Lunar Knight no longer has a CM3 activation skill so this tree is used for getting your passive skills, plus [Brush Off] and [Breaking Point].


[Moonlight Splitter] - Medium ranged skill that can be extended 2 additional times with left click and grants 3 [Lunaris] on hit once per cast. [Moonlight Splitter] is primarily a filler skill used to create [Lunaris]  which are consumed upon using [Thousand Moon Waltz].

[Sword Flurry] - Medium ranged multi hit skill that has a short walk back upon its initial cast followed by a short walk forward. This can be used to dodge attacks but it does not grant any iframe. [Sword Flurry] is your crit resistance debuff and a filler skill used to create 3 [Lunaris] on hit once per cast.The damage is split up with the blades fired dealing about 30% and the rift left behind dealing about 70% after a short delay.

[Crescent Cleave/Moon Fall] - Is split into 2 skills that can be used at any time by either holding S  for [Crescent Cleave] or not holding S for [Moon Fall]. Both skills can be extended with a left click for more damage

[Crescent Cleave] is a short ranged skill firing out multiple waves that does very high damage vs medium and large enemies. Positioning is important before casting on medium sized enemies to ensure the greatest amount of damage dealt. CC deals up to 30% more damage if all 31 hits occur
[Moon Fall] combines the waves into an area of projectiles that are less dependent on enemy size.

Overall [Crescent Cleave] does more damage vs medium and large enemies if most of the hits connect compared to [Moon Fall].

When used after [Luring Slice] it becomes [Moon Fall Instant] which combines the waves into one projectile that has no dependency on enemy size. [Moon Fall Instant] does not share its cooldown and deals about 60% of the damage of the full 31 hits of [Crescent Cleave] and about 80% of the damage of [Moon Fall].

[Halfmoon Slash] - Short ranged skill that grants you a 10% magic damage buff on cast and deals high damage. This is your consistent damage to any enemy regardless of size. Ensure the damage buff is always active while in combat.

[Luring Slice] - Short range debuff that enables [Crescent Cleave Instant] or [Ascended Crescent Cleave Instant] if you are ascended. You can cancel the animation after the first hit with [Crescent Cleave Instant] or [Eclipse] to minimize downtime.

[Parry] - Only used to block an attack and deal damage when eclipse is on cooldown, or to block and attack after dodging.

[Eclipse] - Short range skill used for additional damage, useful iframe to dodge attacks, and break animation locks. (The iframe is short but can be used to dodge almost any attack.)

[Courageous Shout] - Buffs your damage by 30% for 900 seconds. Keep this active at all times

[Blade Storm] - High damage skill that puts your character into the air dealing AOE damage around you then landing dealing 3 large hits. Invulnerable while in the air. Primarily used to dodge mechs and build 2 [Lunaris] per hit (up to 16 hits).

Lunar Knight

[Moon Blade Dance] - Medium ranged skill that outputs medium to very high damage depending on the size of the enemy. Each hit reduces the cooldown of [Smash X] by 3 seconds, this requires a good attention to the enemies hit box and size to ensure the maximum number of hits. On most enemies aiming up and to the left will result in more overall hits.

[Flash Step] - Utility skill that fires out a wave dealing average damage and allows the user to move backwards upon cast. After the initial cast your character becomes invulnerable during the roll animation. While moving you can turn your camera to allow for a wide variety of movement.

[Smash X] - Long Range very high damage skill. Due to its long cooldown it should be used as soon as possible to maximize damage output.

[Ascension] - Long Range high damage burst skill with a decent cast time, this is a strong skill but not as high of a priority due to its cast time. You can cancel out of the animation a tad early right near the end with [Eclipse] to animation cancel the explosion damage. Be careful to time this correctly or else you'll miss out on a lot of damage.

[Thousand Moon Waltz] - Costs 90 [Lunaris] to cast by holding the [Special Attack Button] during [Moon Blade Dance]. You can hold down the button to continue slashing in the air up to one more time. Alternatively, you can dash in the air by using [Tumble] in the air. It'll count as an iframe, however, you may miss out on some hits since it'll cancel the animation to dodge. This attack is like [Moon Blade Dance] but it'll do max damage per hit regardless of boss size.

Before entering content ensure you have 100 [Lunaris].

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, Final Damage Boost

Skill Crests

[Moonlight Splitter DMG] - [Cyclone Slash DMG] - [Crescent Cleave DMG] - [Moon Blade Dance CDR] - [Eclipse DMG] - [Halfmoon Slash Action Speed]

Skill up: +1 Moon Blade Dance

Dragon Gems: 1 Conversion 3 Elemental


*The order of skills won't always be exactly this, but in general will result in overall higher dps when looking at priorities.

Skill Priority

-[Halfmoon slash]

-[Smash X]

-[Moon Blade Dance]

-[Crescent Cleave]

-[Crescent Cleave Instant]

-[Moonlight splitter]

-[Sword Flurry]

-[Flash Step]

-[Eclipse] - used in between other skills



Lunar Knight is a mid ranged class that focuses on Moon Blade Dance and Thousand Moon Waltz, the rotation revolves around filling in the gaps between the cooldown of Moon Blade Dance.

Example Rotation:

[Halfmoon Slash] > [Smash X] > [Crescent Cleave/Moon Fall] > [Luring Slice] > [Moon Fall Instant] > [Eclipse]>  [Moon Blade Dance] Hold Right Click > [Thousand Moon Waltz] > [Moonlight Splitter] > [Sword Flurry] > [Crescent Cleave/Moon Fall] > [Luring Slice] > [Moon Fall Instant] > [Moon Blade Dance]

Gameplay Video

Skill Spreads

(Small) Hrungnir -

(Medium) Golem -

(Large) Dragon -