Hey, it’s Turtles here (Daver#7761). I've been playing Duck since 2020 on and off. I play a variety of different classes such as Runia, Blood Phantom, Gladiator, Light Fury, Raven, etc. I don’t really know much about classes since I don’t spend the time to look into the skill/mechs. However, here is a guide that I put some effort into since it's the class I come back to a lot.

Defensio was formerly a complex tank with tons of utilities in its kit. It was recently reworked, and now the class has a more supportive role and the rotation is a lot easier to pick up.

(If you're interested in learning other classes, check out or Class Guide Archive) - Vino


Defensio Bubble System

The Defensio bubble system is called Steam and by using [Parry], [Beyond the Wall], [Cycle Kick], [Stomp Shuffle], and [Steam Release] you will get bubbles. You are able to gain up to 20 Steam and after using one of those skills again, you will gain the [Pressure Release] buff.


[Lariat and (CM3)]: A skill that has a forward movement with a three punch animation. CM3 allows for a left click after the skill to cast an enhanced version of [Taunting Blow].

[Body Check]: Level this to 1 just for pushing. I sometimes use this skill to get into [Ducking] and [Steam Release].


[Cycle Kick]: Slight forward momentum into handstand kick. This skill does activate CM1 which gives insane amounts of super armor. After using [Cycle Kick] you can right click to combo into [Twister Kick].

[Steam Release]: Debuff skill that makes boss take additional damage. I usually use this by using any skill such as [Taunting Blow] --> Spacebar --> Right Click to activate [Steam Release].

[Beat Down]: Awakening changes this skill so that you no longer leap into the air but have three body blow animations on the ground.

[Twister Kick]: The EX version of this skill make you spin on the ground for a bit before you are launch forward in the air. While in this skill you take less damage and dodge stomps when in the air.

[Parry]: Instead of leaping into the air and blocking, you can now decide to use a grounded version or air version of [Parry]. When you successfully parry an attack, you do a small back flip on the ground or move to the ground quickly in the air. You can also left click at any time during the animation to do a quick uppercut to deal some damage.

[Beyond the Wall]: There are two version of this skill, ground and air. The ground version will have your character do a run up for a volleyball spike. The air version does the second half of the animation where you slam down from the air. This skill increases Final Damage of [Beat Down], [Taunting Blow], [Ruination] and reduces the cooldown of [Strike of the Martyr].

[Strike of the Martyr]: Gives you and your teammates a 10% ATK buff. This skill can have a bigger zone for the buff and increase damage if you do the following: [Parry] --> Left Click --> [Strike of the Martyr].

[Overclock]: Bubble/Shield for your teammate that is 30% of your max HP. It also has a self heal of  1% Max HP for every 2 second.


[Auto-Repair]: Removes debuff and quickly gets you off the floor if you get knock down. After rework, this has a 20% Max HP self-heal.

[Taunting Blow]: Usually only use the CM3 version that happens by [Lariat] -->Left Click which will create a small zone that explode multiple time. The air version will do a quick punch that takes you down to the ground quickly and if hit successfully will reset [Taunting Blow] cooldown. This will provoke the boss when hit as well.

[Pressure Release]: Self buff for Final Damage, Action Speed, Damage Reduction, and [Ducking] can be spammable. This will get buff wipe so keep this up by using the skill itself or by the bubble system.

[Endure]: Standard tank immortality, use it wisely.

[Concussion Blow]: Skill will hit in front and back of yourself. Removes enemy buffs so use this when the boss enrages to get rid of it.


[Trick]: Great damaging skill, great movement and gives i-frame. Also reduces the cooldown of [Beat Down], [Beyond the Wall], and [Twister Kick].

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, Ultimate CDR

Skill Crests

[Auto-Repair CDR] / [Strike of the Martyr CDR] / [Taunting Blow DMG] / [Lariat DMG] / [Beat Down DMG or CDR] / [Twister Kick DMG] / [Beyond the Wall CDR]

Skill up: +1 Beyond the Wall, Beat Down, or Taunting Blow


Defensio is a tank and you will be expected to move the boss to better position on the map to allow for you teammate to DPS. You will prioritize using your bubble/shield to help teammates survive and now buff your teammate with your ultimate.

Self buff yourself before the raid/content with the following:
[Boost]: Harmonize and FD buff
[Pressure Release]: Self buff for FD, AS, Damage reduction, and reduced CD of [Ducking]
[Overclock]: Bubble/Shield for self and teammate

Example Rotation:

[Parry] --> Left Click --> [Strike of the Martyr] --> [Beyond the Wall] --> Spacebar --> Right Click --> [Ruination] --> [Lariat] --> [Taunting Blow] --> [Trick] --> [Beyond the Wall] --> [Beat Down] --> [Twister Kick] --> [Trick]

Dragon Gems

1 Omega Convert Gem

3 Elemental Gems