64-bit Client


For those of you who haven't seen our Discord announcement, we're working on a new 64-bit client! We've gotten mostly everything working, currently finding and fixing all the random little bugs. The new client boasts greatly improved performance (60 FPS in BDNTA finally!), far fewer crashes, faster loading, no more running out of memory, and lots of new features!

We hope to have this ready for public beta testing next patch and then it'll become the default client after that. We're also holding off on releasing RuDN HC and other content until we have the new client out so everyone can enjoy the game with better performance.

After the new client, we'll be working on updating the server software, which unlocks a lot of new things, namely multiserver, Vandar, new features, and more. Please be patient with us, as all this work will slow down content and class releases, but we think this will be worth it. Thanks for sticking with us!

Shop Changes

  • Overlord Zeke no longer sells Dragon Buff or Duck Buff for 500 Crystal Points
  • Kiwi now sells Dragon Buff and Duck Buff for 1g
  • Fixed Kiwi's General Shop organization

[PvE] Class Balancing

/\c24\Lunar Knight

No one uses the spread wave pattern anyway

[Crescent Cleave] W version removed


[Class Mastery II] PATK reduced: 10% --> 0%


[Burning Hand] trigger damage increased: 10% --> 15%
[Hot Rod CM3] now has a [Regular Attack Button] function that allows you to exit [Hot Rod] early


[Overwhelm] no longer costs mana to cast
[Thrust Force] no longer requires you to collide with a target to do the finisher attack, you now have full control over when it ends by left clicking at any time after flying forward

/\c91\Blood Phantom

[Draw Blood] healing should be more consistent with these changes

[Bloody Sign] no longer applies a 20% damage taken debuff
[Cruel Phantom Drive] now applies a 20% damage taken debuff


[Boost] can now be canceled early using [Ducking]


[Pressure Release] can now be canceled early using [Ducking]


[Pressure Release] can now be canceled early using [Ducking]


Doesn't seem to work in BTG though for some reason

[Trigger] and [T-Operate] work properly now (Ty Roy/Ali!)

[PvP] Stuff

All Classes

Minimum movement speed cap lowered from -30% to -50% (default speed can only go from 300 to 150)
Maximum movement speed cap increased from 440 to 880 (dash alone gives +140 to 300, so, with team buffs that give movement speed, this seemed appropriate).

New-ish Classes

Any class that didn't have 500k MP (like most do) now has 500k MP.


[Awakened Demolition Fist] now applies EX properties.


[Awakened Empowering Howl] description now reflects non-awakened version.


[Aerial Chain Shot] now useable from the ground.

/\c36\Ice Witch

[Awakened Icy Shards] now applies 20% slow instead of 30%.


[Aerial Block] cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 35 seconds.


[Awakened Heart of Glory] now applies correct buffs.


[Awakened Crusader's Zeal] now applies 5% damage increase instead of 25%.


[Awakened Grand Cross] description now reflects correct damage values.


[Awakened Contagion] plague damage 300 > 500.

/\c56\Soul Eater

[Awakened Spirit Snakes] applies root 4s > 1.5s.

/\c58\Blade Dancer

[Awakened Whirligig] reduces Windcall cool down by 5s on hit.

/\c59\Spirit Dancer

[Awakened Dusk Hunter] now applies Crit Resist debuff.


[Trigger] and [T-Operate] now work as intended thanks to ALISTAIR. T-Operate now teleports you to the Trigger or detonates the explosive Trigger.
The iframe on T-Operate was left alone, despite being an initial bandaid for these skills originally not working. This can be removed if necessary in a future patch.


AKA "Fierce Battle"

◆ Fierce Battle Victory Conditions

- Victory goes to the team that is fastest to the target score of 30000 points by killing monsters and opposing team heroes.

- If time runs out and neither team gets 30000 points, the team with the most points wins.

- If time runs out and each team has the same points, it will be a draw.

- Regardless of the time limit and the amount of points you have, if your opponent gives up, your team wins.

- Both Rumble Modes require at least 4 players total to enter the mode.

- The points earned will be added to the overall team score immediately.
- Points gained by individuals can be found in the Live Status window (input the PvP Combat Info Interface key).
- An icon based on the amount of points you have will be displayed above your character's head. - The location of the hero with the most points per team will be displayed on the opponent's mini-map (at the bottom of the screen).
Note: Open your Map during the game to see the location of all your teammates! (The Monster Elimiation Points are outdated!)
- You can register to surrender 5 minutes after the start of the game. - After entering the ESC key, press the Surrender button in the displayed System Menu to cast your vote. - If more than 70% of a team's members agree, the team will surrender.
- In the event a player withdraws from the battlefield, buffs are applied to the remaining team members to balance the power of both sides. - If the player who withdrew reenters the battlefield, the buff effects will be reassigned based on the number of people on the team.

Player Skills

Dash is ENABLED for all classes in this mode!
However, Dash on all classes (except Warrior) is slower than Warrior's Dash (120 vs 140) AND the MP cost is 10x as much (5 to 1% MP lost per second vs 0.5% to 0.1%)

At the beginning of the match, all cooldowns are greatly recovered to get your initial skills ready!

Player Killing

Killing an enemy still gives the point transfer that the original Rumble Mode uses.
The player that is killed loses 30% of their points while the other player receives them.

Monster Info

Normal monsters reappear in the same area 20 seconds after dying. Killing them grants 50 points.
Elite monsters reappear in the same area 60 seconds after dying. Killing them grants 200 points.
Champion monsters reappear in the same area 150 seconds after dying. Kill them to receive 500 points and a team buff (Guardian Insignia/Destruction Insignia).
Named monsters appear after 5 minutes have elapsed from the start of battle. Monsters reappear in the same area 300 seconds after dying. Kill to receive 2500 points and a team buff (Mark of Nimnu/Mark of Isir).
The boss monster appears after 8 minutes have elapsed from the start of battle. This monster will reappear in the same area 8 minutes after dying. Kill this monster to receive 5000 points and a team buff (Mark of Fedoru).

Monster Buff Information

◆ Insignias
Insignias are small team buffs to help support your team. They are obtained from killing Champion-level monsters.

- Guardian Insignia: Defenses increased by 10% and Restores 1% of HP every 2 sec for 150 sec. - Destruction Insignia: Attack increased by 10% and Restores 1% of MP every 2 sec for 150 sec.

◆ Marks of Bosses

All buffs can be stacked!

Monster Placement

- This is information on the placement of monsters (normal, elite, champion monsters) in each zone at the start of the battle. - The map shows the total number of points that can be acquired if all monsters in the area are defeated.
- This is information on the placement of monsters (named, boss monsters) that are generated on the battlefield after a certain period of time. - The arrow indicates the patrol path of named monsters.

Base Gimmicks

- At the ally base, heroes can rapidly recover HP and MP, and also receive a movement speed buff. - Players can destroy the enemy's base to prevent the enemy team from being able to recover. (Note: Destroying the enemy's base does NOT grant any points!) - The castle gate is the primary line of defense against entry into the base. - Though the castle gate has high durability, durability cannot be restored once lost. - Upon entering the enemy team's base, your HP will gradually decrease due to their base's firewall. - Destroying an enemy team base will stop all base functionality and apply the 'Chains of Lamentation' debuff to enemy team heroes. - [Chains of Lamentation: Removes all Rumble buffs & restricts movement actions for 10 seconds/disables Dash] - The destroyed base will automatically be restored 3 minutes later.


- Players can rapidly move across the battlefield using the warp structures. - Heroes cannot use the warp structures that are designated for the other team. - Heroes will be invincible for a brief period after using the warp structure within their base to warp outside.
. - Neutral warp structures can be used by both teams, but can only be used to warp one way. - Team warps can be used to warp either way.

Special Monsters

◆ Recovery and Movement Monsters

- There are monsters that drop recovery items when they are defeated and monsters that increase the movement speed of surrounding heroes UNTIL they are defeated.

◆ Crows

- Upon defeating the Battlefield Crow Scythe or Crow Sickle monsters guarding the central shortcut, there is small chance a 'Crow Trap' will be activated. - Heroes within range of the Crow Trap, will gradually lose HP and have their vision obstructed by a smoke screen.

Event Gimmicks

- There is a barricade on the opposite side of the central shortcut that prevents entry.
- The barricade can be destroyed after the boss monster appears.

◆ Heat of Battle

- After a certain amount of time passes from the start of battle, the 'Heat of Battle' buff will be applied to all heroes.

Heat of Battle: Increases attack power of all players.

Intense Heat of Battle: Greatly increases attack power of all players.

◆ Battle Magic

- After the first 5 minutes and until the end of battle, there is a certain chance Battle Magic support of the Black Corps Mages will activate. - The chances of Battle Magic activation increase over time. - Battle Magic has 3 different effects that activate randomly.

- The Hunting Time event activates after 10 minutes have passed from the start of battle and last 5 minutes.
- During Hunting Time, heroes can deal much greater damage to monsters at or below champion grade.
- During Hunting Time, a 'Pandora Mimic' event monster that gives a great deal of points will appear in each zone of the battlefield just once (total of 6 monsters).


Losing and Ties result in receiving a Good Effort Pouch

Winners receive the Spoils of Victory Pouch

Check Minerva for the rates on each item!

[PvP] More Maps!?!?

Salad's 1v1 Temple (Lost Temple (BL))

This version of Lost Temple significantly increases cooldowns on skills that are determined to be "Blacklisted" (according to Salad of course ;)). This type of feature may be used in the future on other maps and modes.

See Salad's Document for the list of Blacklisted skills.

Spirit Dancer example where Phantom Guard, Dance of Ecstasy, Special Skill Crest, and Ultimates are unusable for the entire Round.

This map is only selectable for Rounds mode and only allows up to 2 players.

Map Changes: Bridge removed. Side hallways cut off at certain points. Dome blocked off.

Roey's Temple

This map is a pretty similar copy of Lost Temple, with some slight wall/collision modification/improvements and a similar look to Salad's 1v1 Temple. Nothing else is changed compared to the original Lost Temple.

Unlimited Battlefield v2

This is the same map but with different monsters lol

[PvP] Map Updates

Lost Temple

Blush did something to original Lost Temple. He can tell you what he did lmao.

Forest Gauntlet

Attempt number 2 at smoothing out the walls to make wall-bouncing more reliable... (only applies to outside the domes)

Saint Haven Arena

The switch to open the door now allows for the doors to be closed or re-opened an infinite amount of times in certain game modes such as Respawn and FFA.
For Rounds, the switch can only be used once to open the door, and the door now closes itself after a round ends.

Other new maps

All new maps we've recently added now display the player who uses Unstuck in a match (as well as Forest Gauntlet).

[PvP] Event Shop

Necklaces (Chat boxes)

Cash Shop

Legendary Chef Costume Set

Legendary Chef Weapons


  • Updated Dragon Buff description
  • Unenhanced Sinister Dragon Gems can be extracted for 5 Chaos Construct
  • Improved game startup time a little bit
  • Town colors/environment/lighting changed
  • Rune Amplifiers are now L-Grade rarity
  • Dark Mode BTG mod (00Resource-darkgrid) baked into the game by default
  • Reduced background CPU consumption of the game
  • Standardized many debuff icons


  • Fixed [Awakened Sword Flurry] and [Ascension Sword Flurry] description
  • Fixed [Awakened Dark Conviction] description
  • Fixed [Awakened Ice Beam] description updated to be more clear
  • Black Dragon Nest Burpy Curse/Aura should no longer refuse to get wiped when Burpy starts bar mech
  • Fixed BDNTA forfeit sending the party to the RuDN portal in the Void, now properly places you in front of the BDNTA portal