Ello, my name is Tofu or rather Emsixz. I'm mostly known to play Silver Hunter but I also played a fair amount of Ray Mechanic. So here we go. Ray Mechanic is a class that can be played in more than just 1 way, so get ready for a few builds and maybe some useful stuff overall about the class!



[Slip and Slide] Lolis good old Movement speed boost. You can't use it in mech form.

[Star Burst] Your CM3 skill. You will always want to combo it with [Multi Ray Shot].


[Multi Ray Shot] your CM3 combo skill which deals good dmg, and has homing in its CM3 version. It also has a pretty decent range too, so it try to use it at 3 stacks mostly.

[Dynamic Laser] low CD low dmg. Mostly used to explode [Singularity] to use instant [Atomic Blade], or to get Bubbles stacked out of a fight, or when you are on cooldowns.

[Flicker] Just throw it off CD. It has a good range with decent dmg and nothing special.

[Atomic Blade] Your main dmg skill when you run only Loli Ray Mechanic but also overall a really good skill because of the low CD and dmg it deals. You spam it in Generation Field.

[Lasernator] Great dmg skill that needs a while to get to its max DMG output but if it's allowed to do so it's great. It has a rather long CD but still use it off CD if the boss allows it.

[Plasma Grenade] Your usual debuff skill that's it tbh

[Electric Spanner] I do not use this skill it feels ass

[Generation Field] It's your top priority to use if you want good dmg from Ray Mechanics Loli version. Both the skill itself and the exploding [Singularity] have the same effect of generating a field that turns [Dynamic Laser] and [Atomic Blade] into there Instant Version and able you to spam these two skills in the field: [Dynamic Laser] turns into a gatling gun with decent dmg and good range.[Atomic Blade] is the same as the normal version but it is now able to hold down LMB to spam it while in the field and dealing great dmg.

[Singualrity] As I mentioned it also generates [Generation Field] when you explode the 2 orbs you shoot out. It also deals good dmg other than that it's mostly used for the field to use instant [Atomic Blade].

[Atomic Shield] It's a parry.

[Plasma Boost] It reduces all CDs by 50% except Satellite Beam.

[Satellite Beam] You shoot down a laser from the sky that lingers for 6 sec dealing good dmg

Ray Mechanic

[Alfredo Frontier] Your Transformation Skill which you can either use to transform into/out of the Mecha Form,or just as a long i-frame depending on the playstyle you choose.

[Dynamic Voltex] You shoot a laser while holding LMB that deals good dmg but also takes a while to cast and it takes 20 [Plasma] on use.

[Plasma Mastery] In short, you get Plasma from using skills, and ,at max Plasma aka 30, you heal 2% every 2 sec.

[Class Mastery 1] You gain 50% AGI and 15% PATTK. Also, every time you use the following  5 skills: [Multi Ray Shot] [Dynamic Laser] [Atomic Blade] [Flicker] [Lasernator], you have a chance to get 1 Atomic Energy. At 5 energy, you can use Atomic Blade EX, which is a stronger Atomic Blade with more range and more dmg to it.

[Class Mastery 2] You gain 20% PATTK and every time a skill hits you have a 5% chance to reduce [Alfredo Frontiers] CD by 1 sec

[Class Mastery 3] [Star Burst]
attack area increased, deals more dmg, and enhances [Multi Ray Shot] into [Multiflexer], shooting out 7 homing plasma bolts

[Ride Shoulder Charge] Forward dash skill. low CD and good dmg.

[Ride Whirlwind] You spin around with a big punch to the ground at the end. Overall good dmg but takes a bit of casting time to use.

[Ride Crashing Charge] Always use it in air for a quick animation. Best case always use it after [Ride Bombardment] while being in air

[Ride Land Crash] TABLEFLIP your main dmg in Mecha Form by far, depending on boss size it nukes the boss away. It can get a max hit count of 6, so try to position yourself before you use the skill to get more hits.

[Ride Bombardment] ALWAYS use this skill in air to combo with [Ride Land Crash]

[Ride Dash] Low CD and good DMG. Great for movement.

[Ride Power Punch] Your ult slow but big hit. That's it.

[Ride Mecha Laser] It's a laser. Decent dmg, good range.

Tips and Tricks

Since you can swap your playstyle rather quickly as Ray Mechanic, don't worry about swapping it mid-run. Even if your crests are not perfect for the situation, you might get more dmg out of it!

Example: Knight in Rune Dragon is awful for Loli Form, since she's pretty reliant on Bosses that don't move a lot to deal her max dmg. You can just go in the mecha form for that Boss to deal more dmg than you would in Loli Form. Basically, learn the Bosses and know which is better for each Boss, which could be Loli Form, Mecha Form, or Hybrid.

Ray Mechanic in her Mecha Form has a bigger hitbox, so don't try to squeeze somewhere. Don't worry about going out of the Mecha form, it might save your life!

Ray Mechanic loves to fight big Bosses like Dragons or good old doggo from RuDN, since her 2 main dmg skills [Atomic Blade EX] and [Ride Land Crash] deal more dmg the bigger the Boss is. On small Bosses, her dmg is fine but not as great.

You can fully use Mecha Transformation to skip Pizza mech at the 3rd Boss in RuDN with the right timing.

You have HUGE SA in the Mech so try to keep a look at your HP, since you don't really get canceled from any Boss attacks.

Ray Mechanic suffers from 1 big problem in her Loli form, which is Bosses that move a lot and make your overall DPS lower than it could be. This is because [Atomic Blade] wants you to stay in 1 spot mostly for the full dmg. It is great against dragons since they don't move much. But, against most normal bosses, Loli form is really lackluster, which is why Hybrid build works really better most of the time.


Loli Form

Multi Ray Shot CD/DMG
Generation Field CD
Flick CD
Lasernator CD
Dynamic Laser DMG
Singularity CD
Plasma Boost CD
Skill Up: Atomic Blade

Full Mech Form

Lasernator CD
Dynamic Laser CD
Plasma Boost CD
Multi Ray Shot CD
Flick CD
Satellite Beam CD
Atomic Blade CD
Skill Up: Plasma Boost

Loli/Mecha Form

Multi Ray Shot CD/DMG
Generation Field CD
Flick CD
Lasernator CD
Dynamic Laser DMG
Singularity CD
Plasma Boost CD
Skill Up: Atomic Blade/Plasma Boost

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Ultimate Skill Cooldown

Bubble System

Use skills to get bubbles and use your main skill to get Plasma for Atomic Blade EX

Skill Priority

Loli Form

You want to prioritize [Singularity] and [Generation Field], so you can spam [Atomic Blade] which is your main dmg. But also spam CM3 since it's also great dmg other than that go ham.

Mecha Form

[Ride Land Crash] is your top priority since it's your main dmg.
[Ride Bombardment] paired with [Ride Crashing Charge] causes second highest dmg in Mech
[Ride Dash] to move around fast and deal decent dmg

Loli/Mecha Form

To be honest, the same as the other 2 but a mix of them depending on the Form you are in atm


[Alfredo Frontier]
[Generation Field] when you place your hand on the ground
[Ride Crashing Charge] the air version
[Ride Dash] until you press LMB
[Atomic Shield] it's a parry
[Ride Guard] Still a parry


Loli Form

Mecha Form

Loli/Mecha Form