Alright, this is the big "we're changing stuff" patch before our next content and gear drop (which is Desert Dragon Time Attack). Critical and Critical Damage are now stats that matter now, several class adjustments, PvP getting a crazy big update, tons of new cosmetics, and holy the number of QoL changes and bugfixes...

As always, thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy!

Critical Revamp

Hi and welcome to a new era where crit chance and crit damage matter again.

We're reintroducing critical chance and critical damage as vital stats again. We've been through this cycle once before in the past but we changed our minds again. In the past, crit chance and crit damage were utterly unimportant.

PLEASE provide feedback and bug reports! We'll be doing tweaks for DDNTA so you really want this to be right before then

What are the details?

As a whole, critical chance is going down from the 90% cap that everyone had to roughly ~60% to ~80% depending on your class. Furthermore, critical damage is going down from a cap of 300% to 200%.

This is where your main stat comes into play. Classes that are INT and STR have a lower critical chance but higher critical damage. Meanwhile, AGI classes have a higher critical chance but lower critical damage. We've done the damage calculations to make them roughly equal so it's mostly a feel thing.

Since the crit damage cap has gone down by a whole 100% (300% --> 200%) and the fact that you're no longer automatically crit damage cap, the variance in damage when a hit crits and not has gone down significantly. This should make not landing a crit on an important hit feel not as bad as it did before.

We've removed some of the crit and crit damage stats off of certain cosmetics to help make our lives easier and prevent exploits.

How/where does it apply?

Going forward with every new content release, critical chance and damage will matter. However, if you are a rather new/mid-game player, these stats won't matter to you yet. If you are doing older content, you will still be at crit cap (damage and chance).

Here is a list of all the content where crit matters.

  • Everything in the Void Gate

Yeah I'm not listing everything.

Isn't everyone weaker now though?

While it's true that decreasing everyone's crit chance and crit damage reduces everyone's damage by a significant chunk, we've taken this into account and have given everyone a ~40% damage buff to compensate for the lost damage (we did the math and it's pretty close to pre-crit changes).

We gave every class a 40% damage buff to compensate for the loss in damage. However, some classes are affected by the crit changes moreso than others. This means that the flat 40% damage buff we've given to everyone does not fully compensate for the loss in damage for some classes.
We have been planning to do a major class balancing pass anyway so this is a good opportunity to make major changes to crit.

Why Reimplement Crit?

Since we've added this system back into the game, this gives us more tools at our disposal to set classes apart from each other, introduce more interesting items/equipment with more varied stat differences, and (in the future) introduce more ways to customize your characters to fit your style.

In the future, we'd like to introduce more systems to change how you play and this is just a minor step in that direction.

Crit Plate

Make sure you put get one and put it on as soon as possible if you don't want to nerf your damage
Lookie here

We've added a fierce plate for the Astral tier and above. You can obtain them through the usual means either through Belin's shop or by opening Sealed Astral Crests.

Make sure you purchase/obtain one as soon as possible so you're not missing out on a ton of damage.


  • Critical Damage range reduced from 200%-300% --> 100%-200%
  • Damage will be adjusted across the board to make this not change your resulting DPS (that much)
  • Classes no longer unconditionally convert STR and INT to Critical Damage, physical classes now convert STR to Critical Damage, magic classes convert INT to Critical Damage
  • Removed or adjusted crit and critdamage stats on Rune Amplifiers, special costume weapons, and pets
  • Content before RuDN forcibly caps critical and critical damage (until we revamp early game progression and properly balance the content for the new system)
  • Your BTG numbers are going to go down quite a lot but your damage content should stay relatively the same or only slightly less

Solace of Oblivion Season 2.5

Important Note

We're reducing the power of some of the most egregious and powerful artifacts to make runs feel a little more consistent. As it is right now, Solace's clear rate is pretty dependent on how luck you get on getting some of the most powerful artifacts such as Shaped Glass, Precision, or Spice of Life for example. Runs become so much easier when you have these. We're nerfing these and a handful of other artifacts to make it feel "not so bad" when you don't get one of those artifacts. This also allows us to flatten the damage growth more when it comes to stacking artifacts. As some of you know, we're going to be making Solace of Oblivion loopable. This means that the enemies will continue to scale infinitely while you also get more and more artifacts. With these changes, your power will not spike insanely as it does now and will make it easier for us to balance the new Solace difficulty

What is True Damage?

Some of the artifacts use this system. This is a new hidden stat. We're using this as a final multiplier on your damage. This applies AFTER literally every other multiplier in the game. This means that your damage is multiplied by your True Damage stat after calculating Final Damage, Crit Damage, etc. It's another final layer of damage calculation. This means if you have 200% critical damage and 100% final damage and 30% True Damage, it'll calculate as such 100 base damage (before any multipliers) 200 damage (since it crit) 400 damage (since you have 100% final damage) 520 damage (since you have 30% true damage)

How does True Damage stack?

True damage stacks additively. If you have two different sources of True Damage that give 20% and 10% respectively, you'll have 30% True Damage NOT 20% x 10% for 22%.

Why did we add True Damage?

This allows certain artifacts to become more or less valuable depending on the artifacts your currently have. With diminishing returns, you'll want to strategically pick between getting ATK and True Damage.

Overall Changes

  • Solace of Oblivion now starts with you picking an artifact (so you will have 3 artifacts total)
  • Solace of Oblivion is now on a scaling level system (prerequisite for looping/endless scaling), no change to you as the player besides you'll see a difficulty selector (with only one option)
  • First stage selection for Solace of Oblivion should be more consistently random across the map pool

Artifact Changes

Shaped Glass

  • Lv 1: 50% --> 30% HP reduction, 30% ATK --> 10% True Damage
  • Lv 2: 55% --> 45% HP reduction, 45% ATK --> 20% True Damage


  • Lv 1: 15% --> 10% Action Speed/Movement Speed slow, 50% --> 30% Execution Start threshold, 4% --> 2% per 1% HP under threshold
  • Lv 2: 20% --> 15% Action Speed/Movement Speed slow, 50% --> 30% Execution Start threshold, 4% --> 3% per 1% HP under threshold

Spice of Life

  • Lv 1: 250K --> 100K Burn DoT, 25% --> 15% Action Speed/Movement Speed, 15% --> 5% CDR
  • Lv 2: 300K --> 250K Burn DoT, 30% --> 25% Action Speed/Movement Speed, 20% --> 10% CDR


  • Lv 1: 50% --> 30% Ultimate Skill CDR
  • Lv 2: 70% --> 50% Ultimate CDR


  • Lv 1: 35% ATK --> 10% True Damage
  • Lv 2 : 50% ATK --> 15% True Damage

Slow Start

  • Lv 1: 200% --> 100% Critical damage
  • Lv 2: 250% --> 200% Critical damage


  • Lv 2: 30% --> 40% Increased healing


  • Lv 1: NEW: Max MP% recovery added 3% per 2 seconds
  • Lv 2: NEW: Max MP% recovery added 5% per 2 seconds


  • Lv 1: 50% --> 20% Chance for attacks to miss, 25% ATK --> 30% True Damage
  • Lv 2: 60% --> 25% Chance for attacks to miss, 45% ATK --> 35% True Damage


  • Lv 1: 20% --> 10% CD increase
  • Lv 2: 25% --> 15% CD increase

New Artifacts

  • Dancer - Tumbling reduces the cooldown of all active skills by a few seconds
  • Juggernaut - Convert a % of your Max HP to ATK
  • Vanguard - Gain True Damage after successfully blocking/parrying an attack
  • Assassinate - Gain a large but temporary reverse execute buff at the start of the stage

Class Balancing

With the current balance of the game shifting heavily with this patch, expect to see some shakeups in what is considered "busted" or "broken OP." That being said, we're going to be doing more balancing patches following this one now that we have the major changes out of the way. We have had a guideline in the past to follow but we've kind of strayed from that in the past (funny that we say that but compared to most other servers, we're still way more balanced overall).

We're looking to include some more nuanced factors outside of just "damage" into what makes a class strong and we'll be adjusting damage accordingly. Expect some biggest balancing passes to more classes in the coming patch(es).


We won't even explain the math here but TL;DR is that the new one is better
  • All critical resist debuffs in the game now use a Common Critical Resist debuff (-20% for 20s). This debuff is a flat percent reduction in critical resist (so a boss with 30% critical resist will have 10%) instead of a stat decrease


Note that this is part of major critical/critical damage system changes that was explained above in this patch. [Harmonize]'s crit chance goes above the 90% cap.

[Harmonize] no longer grants 15% AS and MS, now grants 10% crit chance
All classes now passively gain 15% AS and MS

Dynamic Balance

Since we're going to need to rebalance everything anyway after the crit changes, we're clearing out all active dynamic balance that are affecting classes in all content and in raids (so nest and dungeon balancing will stay, since those are to cover class archetype disadvantages in small party content)

/\c70\Mystic Knight

Changing the gameplay/priority to be [Overline]

[Vision Blow] damage decreased: 13611% --> 12930%
[Celestial Wave] damage decreased: 23566% --> 22387%
[Overline] damage increased from 15840% --> 19800%


Now that we have chip damage implemented, Guardian gets to use its HP bar. You'll take some damage, but in return we've given back some of your self healing via Stance of Faith EX

[Vanguard] successfully blocking an attack with a Vanguard skill now causes you to take damage equal to a % of the damage you would've taken from not blocking the skill, maxing out at 10% of your max HP per Vanguard

[Stance of Faith EX]

  • Restores 5% HP on a regular block
  • Restores 10% HP on a perfect block


Dragoons use Valk ult as a pretty major increase to their DPS. We're splitting it up to make them use their own ulti


  • No longer grants 25% Light ATK while standing in the field

[Awakened Passive Martial Spirit]

  • Renamed to [Awakened Passive Martial Leap]
  • Additionally awakens [Leap] to [Awakened Leap]
  • [Awakened Leap] additionally grants 25% Light/Dark/Fire/Ice Attack for 10s
  • [Awakened Leap] can be canceled a little earlier by pressing [Regular Attack Button]
  • [Awakened Leap] iframe no longer begins at the start of the animation (iframe is only while you're in the air)


This doesn't change anything for Valkyrie players, we're just taking this away from Dragoons so we had to put it on one of your awakenings

[Awakened Passive Stalwart Spirit]

  • Renamed to [Awakened Passive Stalwart Champagne]
  • Additionally awakens [Champagne] to [Awakened Champagne]
  • Effects unchanged from pre v837 (keeps the 25% Light ATK)


Applies to every sub-branch (Reaper, Raven, Light Fury, Abyss Walker, Blood Phantom, Rai, Jotunn)

[Class Mastery] STR and AGI reduced from 50% --> 40%, added new effect: equalize your STR and AGI to the higher of the two


You can now press the [Special Attack Button] after [Ruination] or [Awakened Beatdown] to cast [Steam Vent]

Skill FX Changes

These are purely visual changes. Technically not balancing but it's buffing the classes in feel so...
  • Added dynamic camera effects and updated skill FX to Black Mara's [Agonal Shadow]
  • Black Mara's [Class Mastery] bubble visual effect updated to be purple instead of red
  • Dark Avenger's [Fatal Impact] added an impact frame camera FX upon landing
  • Dragoon's [Awakened Leap] added an impact frame camera FX upon landing
  • Sniper's [Awakened Siege Stance] added camera FOV and impact frame FX on fourth shot

PvP Systems

  • Unstuck when trapped disabled in PvP
  • Added Banish Dummy button to PvP combo practice, which removes the combo dummy. Reset the room to get it back
  • PvP now has colored rings on the ground to show what team you're on

PvP Class Balancing

Alright FUCKERS... 70 cap***** PVP is OVER!!!! Pengatration (aka FEMBOYFUCKER) is in charge now! We're bringing in EX's on your 50s!! Barb buffs!! HMS on DA!! AH going from F tier to SSS+ tier!!!!! LK dashing in air during MBD!!
JK, I'm too lazy for ALL of that...

All Classes

  • Timing to use Wake Attack increased/delayed by 10 frames
    (When you're downed on the ground, instead of being able to Wake Attack after 10 frames have passed, you must wait 20 frames now)
    70 cap had the timing at frame 10, but at some point, Official increased the timing to frame 20. Some players wanted to try frame 20 again to see if it helps with "true" combos. (And now, we have a way to separate this timing in PvE vs PvP)
  • 50 EX animations now on ALL CLASSES. (You still have to learn the 50 EX passive of course)
    Hopefully the utility these EXs can give on 50s can make the gap between transform classes and normal classes a bit smaller. Most EXs give about 10% additional damage to their 50 as well. Some 50s had special things about them that made them do extra damage and can do greater than 10% here. A few 50s did pp damage (~6k) and so were increased to do ~10k damage.


  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c24\Lunar Knight

  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. The blades are blue btw ;)?


  • Removed Resentment Rage auto generation
  • Removed Crisis Rage generation


  • Ultimate Circle Swing Enabled and added to the BL
    (If UCS is too strong, it will be nerfed in a future patch)
  • Lifesaver HP consumption decreased: 35% > 5%
    Lifesaver Rage Generation decreased: 50 > 25
    Lifesaver CD decreased: 180s > 90s
  • Fixed Battle Howl not increasing ally Critical Damage.
  • Demolition Fist EX: Reworked the left-click after a successful hit process to be more fluid and not push the Barbarian backwards.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.


  • Rage: Now decreases damage taken by 0.24% per rage and increases Magic Damage by 20 per Rage.
  • Removed Flying Swing EX Rage Generation.
  • Dev Note: Now, Lifesaver is the only way for Destroyers to generate Rage. Once Lifesaver is used, they'd be trading 5% HP for about 6% damage reduction. The Magic Damage increase can only affect Punishing Swing EX's burn damage (since for some reason that's hardcoded to be Magic-based despite Destroyer being 100% Physical). The Magic Damage increase will never be greater than a Destroyer's Physical Damage. Also, Empowering Howl and Maelstrom Howl still take away Rage. In the end, this ability isn't that great, but, at least it does something.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c70\Mystic Knight

  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. (The enhanced version is useable but needs to be charged by holding the SKILL INPUT down instead of Left Click). Enhanced Attack's AoE slightly reduced.

/\c71\Grand Master

  • 50 EX gives +15% damage.

/\c76\Dark Avenger

  • Fixed Attack Accelerator A increasing Nightmare Doom Blade's damage instead of Nightmare Fatal Impact's damage.


  • Fixed Windshot not being useable in PVP. (Damage lowered to be +20% of Charged Shot's damage instead of ~+50%)
  • 50 EX gives ~+10% damage through a bleed effect.


  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.


  • Fixed a couple Awakening Passives still working in PVP.
  • 50 EX gives >10% damage. Whatever the special effect the EX gives works.


  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c81\Silver Hunter

  • Enhanced Attack A: Final Damage increase decreased 5% > 1%
  • Enhanced Attack B: Light Attack increase decreased 8% > 3%
  • Monkey Roll added another FX to hitbox. Made vertical hitbox smaller by 30%.
  • Trapper: CD increased 10s > 15s


  • Elemental shield duration increased 10s > 12s.


  • 50 EX gives +10-20% damage.

/\c36\Ice Witch

  • Ice Shield: CD decreased 120s > 90s. Magic damage base increased: 136% > 336% (~5k barrier HP now instead of ~1.5k)
  • 50 EX may have already been working if learned lmao? Effects should line up.


  • Second Sight: Damage increase decreased: 10% > 1%. Damage reduction of 10% added.

/\c37\War Mage

  • Fixed Laser Cutter Awakening having a CD of 15s instead of 30s.
  • 50 EX gives ~+12-22% damage.

/\c38\Chaos Mage

  • 50 EX gives +10-16% damage.

/\c85\Black Mara

  • Entropy A: updated description to indicate there's a 1s iframe after [Envy] Black Strike hits. Removed PVE's SA and Critical state effects from possibly interacting in PVP.
  • Entropy B: put back to 5% damage for 5 sec after Exhale is used. Removed permanent 5% Final Damage.
  • [[Envy] Black Strike]: Having a permanent iframe and invisibility under a certain scenario is fixed.
  • Cleaving Enhanced Contract: SAb decreased 600 > 300.
  • Damage Transfer Bug on: Charged Missile, Dark Nova Lv 6+, Glacial Spike, Poison Missile, Poison Missile Lv6+, Flame Road EX QUACKED Crest, Whirling Staff Lv 6+, Smoke Storm, Cleaving, and Contract Cleaving Fixed.


  • Reduced Holy Kick range back to what it was (with the animation matching?).


  • Potential Stun Transfer Bug on Quacked Smite EX Crest fixed.
  • Divine Punishment skill plate for the EX now works.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. SAb jumping increased 50 > 200. Some FX from PVE are there. Everything's iframed until you land.


  • 50 EX gives +??% damage. Whatever it does when it comes back idk.


  • Lightning Dash: CD 45s > 26s
    (this CD was increased before as a nerf to Saints because of Cure Relic EX being an evade. Now that it's no longer an evade, it seems appropriate to lower the cooldown back)


  • Fixed Heal Relic EX not healing an additional heal with the Saint's Magic Damage. Fixed Heal Relic EX recovering 100% MP?
  • Relic Reaction: 30% damage increase
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.


  • Mind Snapper EX: SAb on initial hit increased 200 > 400
  • Shock Transition rate increased (30% > 300% == 100%)
    (yeah after testing, this skill sucks and will probably be reworked in the future. At least 2 enemies are required. They have to NOT be electrocuted. Chain Lightning also doesn't trigger this. If one of the enemies is electrocuted but another was not, THEN Shock Transition applies for about 1k damage. If the enemy being hit is already electrocuted, Shock Transition won't trigger even if the electrocution debuff is reapplied.)
  • 50 EX gives +15% damage. Speed increase of 15% works.


  • Land Corruption: Effect now applies to allies as well.

/\c83\Arch Heretic

  • Fixed Land Corruption's cooldown recovery not working if Passive Attack A was taken.
  • Damage Transfer Bug on Quacked Smite EX Crest fixed.


  • Slip N Slide speed buff reverted to continuously reapply. Buff duration 10s > 5s. Slip effect only applies once still.


  • Rocket Crash: hitbox size on last hit reduced by 10% to be a bit more accurate to animation.
  • Super Ball bounce range decreased: 800 > 500
  • Mine Thrower's Stun/Bubble Transfer Bug Fixed

/\c47\Shooting Star

  • Super Ball EX bounce range decreased: 800 > 500
  • Star Commander actually disabled.
  • Mine Thrower EX Stun/Bubble Transfer Bug Fixed. Damage Description Updated.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c48\Gear Master

  • Class Mastery 3: disables Air Shot to avoid being useable whenever in PVP.
  • 50 EX gives +9-18% damage.


  • 50 EX gives +15% damage.


  • 50 EX gives more heal based on magic damage. Percent of Magic Damage the Heal is based off of increased 15% > 30%.


  • Stun Transfer and Damage Transfer Bug on Fan Auto Attacks, Fan Jump Attack, Needles of Despair, Soul Breath, Phantom Rage, Blitz Claw, Unholy Ground, Hands of Vengeance, Humiliation, Ghostly Web, Begrudge, Spirit Creeps, and Spirit Snakes fixed.

/\c55\Dark Summoner

  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c56\Soul Eater

  • Stun Transfer and Damage Transfer Bug on Spirit Creeps EX, Spirit Snakes EX, Specter of Torment, Specter of Torment EX fixed.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.


  • Damage Transfer Bug on Fan Auto Attacks, Fan Jump Attack, Needles of Despair and Soul Breath fixed.
  • Dance of Ecstasy 1 Damage per Hit decreased 336 > 200. Heal decreased 2200 > 2000
    If every Dancer keeps using this Dance instead of the others, it'll keep being nerfed...
  • Windcall Twirl: CD increased 15s > 20s. Damage Reduction decreased 10% > 5%.
  • Illusion Dance: CD increased 15s > 20s. Damage Reduction decreased 10% > 5%.
  • Bladeflip: CD increased 15 > 18s

/\c58\Blade Dancer

  • Class Mastery 1: Action Speed increase on reaching 10 bubbles decreased 20% (should’ve been 10%) > 5%. CD recovery on 10 bubbles decreased 15% > 5%.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c59\Spirit Dancer

  • Awakening Passive Illusion Dance effects disabled in PVP.
  • Abolisher EX hitbox slightly increased to better matched to animation.
    (The spirit itself was hitting outside the hitbox. About a ~5% increase in AoE on the uppercut hit)
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.


  • Raid not applying through teammate iframes fixed.
  • Decoy: CD decreased 40s > 30s. (Kiyy?)


  • Dedicate Crow not applying through teammate iframes fixed. CD increased 45s > 55s.
    45s was a bit much with a CD crest. Trying out 55s for now...


  • 50 EX gives +25% damage.


  • Punishment EX SAb fixed to be the same as non EX (250/hit)
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c68\Light Fury

  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c69\Abyss Walker

  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.
    The very original version in PVP of this skill was the PVE version that had the larger AoE... This is not that version :(


  • Damage Transfer Bug on Jump Air Attacks and Piercing Star fixed.


  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. EX is new for PVP, it allows the Jotunn to drop down quickly for an extra attack.
    I didn't feel like creating new projectiles and shit for this skill. Off me!


  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. Right Click to use the "instant" version that PVE has. Hitbox adjusted to better match FX.


  • Lethal Torture: 400 > 600 SA increase


  • Awakening Headbutt fixed to not apply in PVP (again?)
  • Hornets Touch having a separate CD with the Spacabar version fixed.
  • Charging Sweep damage increased by 40%
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.


  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. Idk how the detonation of other spears work in PVP now so don't ask me!!


  • Awakening Passive Frosty Cross gives Frosty Cross 20% slow for 4s in PVP now.
  • 50 EX gives -10%:+26% damage. SAb increased to be around 600-1200 based on version used. Coefficients adjusted respectively (90%-126%)


  • Brave Heart bubble generation interval lowered: 10s > 7s
    (This should still pretty frequently let Randgrids use the EX extra attacks. However, after a point (maybe mid match potentially) bubble usage may need to be prioritized/thought about.)
  • Counter Flare damage increased by 20%.
  • 50 EX gives +10-20% damage.


  • Overclock: Added old Lifesaver effect (upon reaching 1 HP, it can't go any lower) and Elemental Resist of 30% for allies only. Overclock lasts 20 seconds on allies. If the Lifesaver effect is triggered, the elemental resist is removed and the 1 HP effect lasts for 10 seconds.


  • Class Mastery 1: Changed to give 3000 Magic Defense for 10s after using Gear Step xd
    Allows Defensio to have more Mdef than Ruina.
    Defensio's MDef is 21k. 3k equalizes MDef to PDef basically.
    (~2% MDef increase)
  • 50 EX gives +5-10% damage. Extra hit is only 200 SAb.


  • Class Mastery 1: Changed to double Auto Attack damage for 10s after using Gear Step xd.
    Auto attacks include the 1st 4 basic attacks and the jump air attack.
    (Does not affect Charging Gear)
  • Pressure Burst: barrage part now iframed.
  • 50 EX gives +15% damage. Still iframed.


  • Trigger Damage Increased 400% (was actually 100%) > 900%.


  • Skipping damage increased by 35%
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. Fully iframed version...


  • Eternal Light Quartz additionally buffs ally SAb by 50%.
  • Eternal Light Soul Healing buff increased 0.15% > 0.25%
  • Class Mastery 1: At 50 Luminance bubbles Eternal Light Soul is enhanced to have an additional effect to allies. When allies are hit, they heal by 500 HP.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.

/\c100\Treasure Hunter

  • Arrow Sword: 400 > 600 SA increase
  • Unchained Bolt: 20% damage decrease
  • Double Rise: 22s > 14s CD decrease


  • Lightning Rod: Damage increased by 20%
  • Arrow Sword EX: SA increased 400 > 600. SAb changed from 100x3 + 400 > 200 + 50x2 + 400.
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage.


  • Hop Step: When Tumble/Hop Step is used, close-range skills' damage are buffed by 20% for 5s xd
  • Unchained Bolt EX: Bolts now follow view direction (Bolt goes where you’re looking)
    I can add this to the non-ex version if desired. But I figured it can be tried out first on Trickster.
  • Class Mastery 1: CD reduction for Falling Arms decreased from 50% to 10%
  • 50 EX gives +10% damage. Made sure lift height was acceptable.

Miscellaneous PVP

  • Ice Shield Skill Crest reverted to gain SA when used.
  • Frost Nova Skill Crest CD decreased 600s > 300s
  • Vandar Captain Helmet added in so it should now appear in Protect (Captain) Mode.
  • New PVP map: Ancient Cliff Field (based on 24 cap login screen)
    This is a very large map. It has a hill?! Might make a much smaller version of it where it's JUST the login screen at some point?...
  • Fixed Spirit Gardens allowing Dash. You dirty Vandars and your auto-learned Dash skill...
  • Santa Orc's Run Map: Mimi has kidnapped Santa Orc and has taken ownership of the map! She's opened the extra doors into the hallway that Santa Orc (not Roy) had closed off! The map is now named Santa Mimi's Run
  • Duck Colosseum of Death Map is selectable in 8 player rooms now
  • Forest Dragon Map is selectable in 10 player rooms now
  • Royal Castle Rumble Map is selectable in 8 & 10 player rooms now
  • Forest Gauntlet Map is selectable in 8 & 16 player rooms now
  • Saint Haven Arena Map is selectable in 8, 10, & 12 player rooms now
  • Daybreak Woods Map is selectable in 12 player rooms now
  • Grid Arena Map is selectable in 4, 8, 10, 12 player rooms now
  • The DPS Meter auto starts in every PVP map now! This was more for me since I forget to start it 50% of the time lmao? Maybe y'all will enjoy it too.
  • Roey’s Temple supports being chosen Wipeout Mode now? I have no idea how this will actually work when there's more than 2 players!
  • Fixed certain Gladiator AI skills not doing damage (Thank you Vahr!)
  • Fixed Gladiator AI's Cyclone flooring enemies instead of lifting them.
  • Fixed Gear Master AI potentially stun transferring?
  • Fixed Spirit Dancer AI not getting FD when using Illusion Dance on SD skills
  • Fixed Spirit Dancer AI not getting critical chance when using BD skills after Windcall.
  • Fixed Spirit Dancer AI not getting action speed on SD skills after using Illusive Gaze.
  • Fixed Spirit Dancer AI not getting critical chance for Praetor and General Dawnblade after using Sting
  • Fixed Spirit Dancer AI not doing the correct damage for General Dawnblade
  • Fixed Spirit Dancer AI hitting Swivel Charge's End hit twice
  • Fixed Crusader AI's Judgement Hammer doing less damage than it should

Dev Notes: I believe I tested everything here and that there shouldn't be any major bugs. However, if there are any, I'll fix asap. And speaking of bugs, the damage/effect transfer thing was very tedious to fix omfg. Anyways, next patch may end up focusing on Inquisitor and Saint possibly?
As always, if anything ends up being overbuffed or overnerfed, I'm still around to make changes. My main focus was on group pvp this patch (I know a bit of this will still affect 1v1s but hopefully those aren't changed too much).
At some point, I'll try to start hosting some events on the weekends? Maybe for a small prize? Maybe not that soon since Spooptober will be here soon and there's something small I'd want to do for it ;)?.....


Thank you and shout outs to all our helper staff in the costume-closet for making most of these recolors and cosmetics cause this is a long list. FASHION NEST ENJOYERS'S WALLETS ARE IN SHAMBLES.
Black Hades Grips
Far Far Away Bug Custom White Summer Witch Booties
Black Rabbit Tail
Opulent Bridesmaid Dress Dark Green
Dark Astral Extinction Greatsword
Silver Darkness Gauntlet
Ghost in the Shell Costume
Dark Purple Hex Tights
Convict Jade Gloves
Fallen Fragment Horn + Suit
Girlish Tankini
Purple Medic Sandals
Purple Plum Monocle
Stale Awakened Rocker Top
Barbie Plaid Dress
Project Duck Academy One Pieces
Dante's Coat
Avenger Visor
Sinister Jade Mask and Black Sinister Jade Mask
Purple Enhancement Kit Tights
New hairstyles
"Dragon" Slayer Tattoos, Battousai Tattoo, and Sukuna Tattoo
Class Icon Tattoos (yes there's one for every class in the game)
  • The following zeals now have versions that are in the tail slot instead of wing slot added to F11
    • Blue Energetic Zeal (Tail)
    • Green Energetic Zeal (Tail)
    • White Energetic Zeal (Tail)
    • Pink Energetic Zeal (Tail)
    • Red Energetic Zeal (Tail)
Shadow Shell Zeal (Available as Tail or Wing)


  • Internal refactoring of Solace of Oblivion code to make it easier to update/change
  • Sinsiter Dragon Gem extraction product increased: 10 --> 50
  • Sinister Dragon Gem enhancement failure degradation rate decreased & maximum enhancement level decrease reduced: 2 --> 1
  • The Costume Pouch from the Duckling Starter Bag now has a costume for Vandar
  • Black Dragon Nest Time Attack now drops 5x Bloodlust Runes (since they used to drop in BDNHC and then we never added a new source after replacing BDNHC with BDNTA)
  • Boulder Training Ground's Auto Refresh Cooldowns toggle now also enables autobubbler while active
  • Added [Thrift Shop Sticker] to the F11 cash shop, purchasable for QC only (no DNP). This item can be used to add a marketplace listing to cash items that support it (check Minerva if the item says "Need warranty" or has at least 1 listing built-in, see screenshot) once they have no more listings left.


  • Multiclienting removed
  • Added High Shadow Quality option (replaces the unused Texture Quality option)
(note you need to be on high settings and have a decently good GPU with lots of VRAM, at least 16 GB of VRAM. If you have a good GPU, there's very little FPS impact since its all GPU work)
  • Quick Swap now shows your Social Credit Points (SCP) as well (guild moved to the right side of the tile)
  • PvE and PvP stat scalings are now decoupled from each other (this doesn't change anything for players)
  • Added a screen-space indicator for Weak Point procs that counts down the duration
  • Helmet costume pieces now show in PvP
  • You now use your normal hair color in PvP
  • The Party FX Transparency setting now is separate in PvE and PvP - changing it in PvP will not affect the setting in PvE
  • Transparency sliders now show a % to be less confusing
  • Added a button to the Skill Tree window to use your Book of Unlimited Unlearning quickly
  • Passive skills on cooldown now have a ring indicator, cooldown number (if enabled) moved down as to not block as much of the skill icon
  • The cooldowns of the party-wide cooldown skills ([Endure] and every healer's [Big Heal] skill) and Saint's [Immortality] are now visible in the party list under the corresponding character's HP/MP bars
Now you can stop 
  • The /like command now supports liking multiple people at the same time by using commas (example /like Vahr,Joorji,Kozima,Vivid,Kira,Jiyuu,DPS103)



  • Fixed an issue where shadows at a certain distance would cease to exist in certain places (leaving a visible hard edge)
  • Fixed an issue where people using chairs (e.g. King's chair) would slide off their chair
  • Fixed an issue where on high ping, skills that change action upon hitting a target (e.g. Mystic Punch, Blade Runner) but canceling with a cancel skill (e.g. Burning Escape, Mystic Link) would cause the cancel skill to get canceled if you input it at a certain timing
  • Fixed an issue where certain effects on costume pieces would render at 0, 0, 0 on the map instead of on the target character
  • Fixed the game not ignoring the CTRL key for toggling mouse lock if you have a text input focused


  • Fixed an issue where the higher your FPS the more bosses would desync what direction they were facing (e.g. RuDN boss 3 carousel, RuDNHC boss 3 final barmech, RuDNHC dragon 30 men mech dashes, RuDn dragon rotating breath, bosses with dash skills...)
  • Fixed an issue where Guardian's [Overwhelm] did less damage than it should
  • Fixed an issue with Guardian where left-click to spend 10 graces to vanguard acted weirdly (sometimes wouldn't consume bubbles, Thrust Force would fly off to narnia uncontrollably)
  • Fixed Dragoon's [Leap] not actually applying a Weak Point
  • Fixed/cleaned up Dragoon's [Charging Sweep EX] hit boxes
  • Attempt to fix [Awakened Summon Shadow] sometimes fizzling
  • Fixed an issue for Reapers where tumbling out of certain skills reduced the duration of your tumble's iframe
  • Fixed a bug where Defensio's [Awakened Parry] would sometimes not let you press [Special Attack Button] to drop to the floor
  • Vandars no longer consume equipment durability when they die (just stop dying 4head)


  • Attempt to fix players randomly standing while electrocuted while being juggled in midair in PvP
  • Fixed certain automatically learned skill passives applying in PvP
  • Read the rest of the PvP section because there's a lot sprinkled in there

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