Ello, I'm Bird AKA Emsixz, the weird Silver Hunter Main. I'm making a guide about Silver Hunter, so let's go.
We love Ignoring Mechs don't hurt me Joorji.



[Magic Arrow] Used for CM3 and extended air time. Decent dmg but that's about it to be honest.

[Fury of the Owl] Your class buff. USE IT EVEN ON SH. Drop down if needed and rebuff.


[Spiral Bolt] Your crit resist debuff which also deals good dmg but can be “hard” to hit depending on the range from which you shot it from. It might also be difficult to hit depending on the boss size. Aside from that, the ground version can have a little tumble to it depending on your input with pressing A,S or D.

[Wild Shot] Decent dmg long animation. Ghosts a lot (pls fix) but great to extend your air time with. Never use the ground version tbh. It can also ghost a lot if you are too close to a wall, the reason for that is probably some projectile issue going on from what I know.

[Arrow Storm] You can legit look the other way and still deal great dmg with it, since it's a tracking arrow. Don't be too far away from the boss, otherwise the skill just doesn't do anything. Even though it does have a pretty big range to it, it still has its limit.

[Deluge Bolt] Your main dmg skill with some funky stuff going on with it. First being the problem of ghosting, second being the higher you are in the air the harder it gets to hit. Since it always lands before you, depending on how high you are, you might shoot that skill into the wall and not into the boss under you. So either try to be lower to the ground using the skill, or if you are higher up don't have the boss underneath you.

[Razor Wind] Great dmg but lower range than most SH skills, so don't be too far up otherwise it becomes useless. Besides that, it has good AoE to it and a pretty long CD.

[Blast Zone] It's your ult, and it has really burst but sadly you can't use it in air. So you need to drop down to use it. With such a long CD, it's not always worth using mid fight depending on the situation.

[Summon Falcon] Summons a Falcon that deals almost 0 dmg.

[Monkey Roll] Your main way to move in air with a low CD and 2 Options to use it: one being LMB after using it to go forward a second time or RMB to go backwards to your old spot. Both have great use. I like to use RMB when I want to stay in 1 spot but need to still be in the air and LMB if I need to follow the boss around.

[Insight] It’s full i-frame on cast and allows you to use Instant [Tornado Shot]. It also resets the CD of instant [Tornado Shot] when it hits an enemy. Insight has a really small hitbox, so you need to hug the boss for it to hit.

[Trap Master] Let's you choose between 3 Traps each having 3 charges

  • W: An explosive trap with decent dmg but not worth using.
  • A: Freezing trap which has a chance to freeze the boss aka apply ice stack which is great.
  • D: A flashbang with decent dmg but also not worth using.

[Trapper] Allows you to place down your Traps. Has 40% chance to apply ice stack for a 5 second duration.
[Flamingo] Air passive to keep you up in the air .
[Air Raid] same as [Flamingo]

Silver Hunter

[Silver Hunter] Transforms you into Silver Hunter Enhances [Spiral Bolt] [Wild Shot] [Arrow Storm] [Deluge Bolt] [Razor Wind] into their Holy Skill versions, being able to use them in air and deal more dmg. It also allows you to use [Air Tumble] which costs 5 bubbles to use. It's a normal Tumble but in the AIR!

[Tornado Shot] Great dmg skill can be used in air. It has a longer cast time but the dmg is worth it.

[Swift Evasion] Can be used to either parry a hit on the ground or get a jump into the air when pressing spacebar after using it, which is my main way to get in air at the start of a fight or if I just wanna go back up from the ground .

[Class Mastery 1] INT + 50% MATTK +40% and each hit of your Holy Skill reduces the CD of [Silver Hunter] by 3sec

[Class Mastery 2] another 20% MATTK [Insight] now procs Instant [Tornado Shot]
Instant [Tornado Shot] does not share Cooldown with normal [Tornado Shot]
[Class Mastery 3] enhances [Magic Arrow] to be usable in air and makes it so the dmg of any Holy Skill and [Tornado Shot] is enhanced by 25% (at least that's what the game tells us)

Gameplay Tips

Being real here, the only real tip is be able to keep your airtime up with your skills and passive. Other than that there isn't much to talk about here besides don't be near walls when casting [Wild Shot] and [Deluge Bolt] or they won't deal any dmg. Because of projectile things happening or not often deal dmg, instant [Tornado Shot] tends to ghost a lot, get used to it.


Wild Shot CD
Razor Wind CD
Arrow Storm CD
Deluge Bolt CD
Spiral Bolt CD
Tornado Shot DMG/AS
Magic Arrow CD (Optional)
Blast Zone CD (Optional)
Skill Up: Deluge Bolt

Skill Build

Unified Skills: FD Boost

A/B Choices

Enhanced Dodge I just took A cause it doesn't matter
Enhanced Attack I took A cause Final Damage feels better at least from what I tested. You can also go B if your already at Final Damage cap but since i'm not I went with A.
Specialty I took B because it increases the duration of the Ice stack from the trap to 7.5 sec which is really good and the bird ain't worth. (sry little one)
Silver Hunter EX I took B just to make sure I can always have Transformation up when needed. Even though A probably has some nice stuff going for it with the 5sec i-frame.

Bubble System

Silver Hunter also has bubbles called Vigor which are used for [Air Tumble]. You can have a max of 10 Vigor and need 5 to use [Air Tumble]. You get 1 Vigor each second while you are in Silver Hunter Transformation.

Skill Priority

[Deluge Bolt] should be your number 1 priority since it's your main dmg.
[Arrow Storm] also a prio since its really good dmg for a braindead use
[Spiral Bolt] to keep the debuff up
[Razor Wind] for the debuff and its great dmg  other than that SH is a “use of any skill you have up” class. It doesn't  really have a good priority since it's all about keep being in air and dealing as much dmg as you can.


For what do you need i-frames man, you're flying…
[Swift Evasion] Can parry attacks.
[Insight] Full i-frame when you hit an enemy with it.
[Silver Hunter transformation]


Her DPS is not the best in the world but she's a very safe class to play and very beginner friendly. Once you master how to keep being in air she's really easy to play, she has some little things about her like ghosting on skills and such, but that's sadly just DN being DN. Maybe we will get a rework for her at one point but for now you can keep being a bird that ignores most mechs in the game with some knowledge. Most important thing is again rebuff when needed. That's it from me.


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