Here's a quick rundown on several features and integrations that our server has.

Minerva Integration

  • Minerva was also created by Vahr and is used as a reference website for (almost) all things Dragon Nest. Visit it here or use the "Game Reference" link on the homepage
  • Minerva can search up items, class stat scalings, final damage and critical damage values, skills, and more


Players using AMD/ATI graphics cards will no longer suffer from transparency issues

Account Summary and Custom Character Color

If you login to the website and select "My Account" (1), you can see this page. Here you can see your account name, email, amount of Duck Credit (EC), DNP, character list, gold, guild, likes, and more (2). If you click on a character, you can see this screen.

Here you can customize your hair and eye color to almost exactly what you want it to be. There are some limits placed on it by Dragon Nest, but this is as good as it gets! The secondary hair color only applies if you have a hair style that allows secondary hair colors.

Inactive Name Reclaims

If there is a character name that you want and the character that owns it is inactive for at least 6 months, you can claim that name via the website. Instructions and additional information here