Hello everyone, welcome to patch 590. As we close into Expansion III, we're going to slowly ship out small changes where possible to reduce the clutter when we ship Expansion III.

New Costume Accessories and Weapons

We've added the new Lunaria accessories and cash weapons to the Cash Shop! These are available until May 1st, so grab them before they're gone!

Shop Changes

Zeke - Revamp Exchange Shop

  • Talisman and Crest Vouchers added to Zeke's shop. These can be purchased using Red Dragon Wraths and Scales.

GM.X - Low DMG Test Weapons Shop

  • Re-added Machina weapons
We know some of the icons are wrong, don't report it

PvP Class Balancing


[Stomp] debuffs properly against paladins again.


[Awakened Stomp] debuffs now to act as normal/EX version.


[Deluge Bolt] SAb increased back to 600 from 400.
[Arrow Storm Tracking] changed back to stagger instead of LI.


[Freezing Sword] SAb increased from 200+100+200 to 200*3


[Fireball EX] lvl 3 SAb increased from 100 to 400.

Ice Witch

[Icy Sword EX] camera resistance added.

Black Mara

[Black Mara Transformation] cooldown increased from 3 to 70 seconds.


[Divine Ascension] given 20 frames of charge time.


[Divine Ascension EX] given 20 frames of charge time.


[Goddess Relic] aoe slightly adjusted.

Arch Heretic

[Arch Heretic] cooldown increased from 60 to 70 seconds.


[Magnifying Glass] Skill usability made sooner.


[Toxic Twirl] put back to normal.


[Toxic Twirl EX] put back to normal.


[Atomic Blade] cooldown nerfed from 7s to 10s. SA changed to 400, no refresh
[Multiflexer] damage increased by 50%.
[Dynamic Laser] stagger changed back to LI.
[Enhanced Atomic Blade] sa no longer refreshes on 2nd hit

Ray Mechanic

[Alfredo Frontier] cooldown reduced from 225 sec to 150 sec. SA of everything adjusted. SAb of initial trans hit reduced to 200. Dmg decreased. Duration reduced from 100 to 43 sec. (Estimated to be twice that of other trans classes). Aoe nerfed.
Idle SA reduced from 4000 to 400.
1st 2 Normal/Special Atks SA reduced from 4000 to 400. Last 2 Normal/Special Atks SA reduced from 10000 to 600.
Trans 2nd atk sab from 1200*2 to 300*2, nerfed aoe
Jump Right atks SA reduced from 10000 to 600.
Tumble left/right click atk SA reduced from 4000 to 400.
[Ride Mecha Laser], 4000 to 1200 sa, camera locked
[Ride Whirlwind], 4000 to 600 sa refreshing, 360 to 50 sab per hit, last hit 1000 to 600 sab, cd increased from 28 to 44 sec
[Ride Shoulder Charge], 4000 to 400 sa, 40*3 + 300 + 600 to 100*3 + 200*2
[Ride Crashing Charge], 4000 to 1200 sab refreshing
[Ride Land Crash] 4000 to 1200 sa refreshing, cd increased from 28 to 40 sec
[Ride Bombardment] 4000 to 800 sa, air 4000 to 400 sa, 100 to 30 sab per hit
[Ride Guard] 4000 to 1800 sa, atk sa 4000 to 1800, sab 200 to 400
[Ride Ult], 4000 to 1800 sa refreshing, 60 to 600 sab
Added Knockback hitstate as stagger to Alfredo Frontier

Spirit Dancer

[Sting] double hit bug fixed


[Applause] damage descriptions on some levels fixed


[Barrage EX] Damage bug fix


[Dark Focus] Camera locked properly

Bleed Phantom

[Blood Phantom] cooldown increased from 30 to 70 seconds.


  • [Premium Benefit] can now be destroyed
  • Item drops in RDN and DDN have been consolidated into stacks
  • All test weapons can now be slotted with Dragon Gems


  • [Smash X] projectile range fixed
  • [Vena Plaga Transformation] dark elemental increase should now match transformation duration
  • [Struck by Lightning INS] damage coefficient fix in PVP and PVE
  • [Divine Ascension EX] iframe duration fix