PvE Content Changes

Red Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • 5 runs per week --> Unlimited

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • 2 runs per week --> Unlimited

PvE Class Balancing Wave 16b

Just some QoL stuff and Party buff changes

/\c24\Lunar Knight

[Awakened Luring Slice] debuff duration 10s --> 20s‌‌
[Moonblader] buff duration 180s --> 900s

/\c38\Chaos Mage

[Gravity Crush EX] debuff duration 10s --> 20s


[Armor Break] debuff duration 7s --> 20s


[Dance of Ecstasy]

  • [Minotaur] 45% damage --> 30% damage
  • [Elves] 1.1% per 1% HP --> 0.75% per 1% HP

PvP Class Balancing

This is just initial Ray Mechanic balancing/revamping. These are not the final changes for Ray Mech but we believed these changes put Ray Mech in a better spot in PvP for now.


Slip N Slide slip delay of 15 frames added. Duration reduced from 1000ms to 800. This should hopefully guarantee only 1 slip.


‌‌Dynamic Laser cooldown increased from 6 to 12 sec

‌‌Dynamic Laser hit state changed from light impact to stagger

‌‌Atomic Blade SAb decreased from 600*2 to 400+600.

‌‌Atomic Blade Combo sa refresh of 600 removed.

Flip Flop gains 20 frame iframe on use.

Flick dmg decreased by 50%

Sudden Spanner aoe increased, sab increased from 300 to 400

Lasernator dmg decreased by 50%

Quicks stun removed

Singularity balls changed from LI*2 to Stagger*2

Singularity Explosion SAb increased from 50*2 to 300*2.

Singularity Explosion Coefficient to match balls, (189% to 50%), Changed from Stagger*2 to Lift*2

Atomic Shield Parry to start at frame 0 instead of frame 10.

Atomic Shield Parry Atk iframed until end of attack (30 frames). SA increased from 200 to 400. SAb increased from 300 to 400.

Enhanced Atomic Blade given longer cooldown to reduce spammage. (1 to 2 sec cd).

Enhanced Atomic Blade sab reduced from 600+400 to 400*2

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Enhanced Atomic Blade dmg coeffs reduced from 110%*2 to 50%*2

‌‌Dynamic Vulkan dmg reduced by 50%

‌‌Class Mastery I: Changed Ultimate Atomic Blade bubble gen to only on hit, not just skill use.

‌‌Ultimate Atomic Blade sab decreased from 600/hit to 600+100/hit

‌‌Ultimate Atomic Blade aoe made to match projectiles

‌‌Ultimate Atomic Blade damage decreased by 50%

‌‌Dynamic Voltex dmg decreased by 30%

‌‌Alfredo Frontier trans dmg decreased by 50%


  • Buff stones (Zeke's Blessing, Power of the Mighty, etc) cooldowns 60s --> 10s (so RoyBot will buff more frequently)
  • Stamps in GM.X's shop are now in stacks of 100 (so you don't flood your inventory)
  • Auto Egg Openers in Kylie's shop are now in stacks of 10 (ditto)
  • Bunch of IDN prep stuff


  • Memory Crystal description fix from Kylie --> GM.X
  • Hot Rod EX should no longer burn yourself in PvP. It will burn enemies instead.