Small patch while we preload a lot of files from Korea as well as making more adjustments to Vandar before release. Updates to the ongoing Pride event, weekly DNP, PvP changes (new maps!), and the usual plethora of bugfixes.

2023 Pride Event

2 weeks remain on the pride event! Make sure you get your exclusive pride weapons while they're still free. We're adding boxes to more content so you can take a break from Gay Dragon Nest and still earn those beans.

  • Gay Dragon Nest now drops 1 --> 2 [Gay Fucking Box]
  • Gay Dragon Nest now gives 3,750 Social Credit upon clearing
  • You can now earn up to 7 [Gay Fucking Box] every day (per account) by completing daily missions. The daily missions involve clearing various content once a day. Check the Event menu for details, grab some friends or new players that need help, and get those boxes!

Free QC System

Before, you could earn up to 15,000 QC every week per account by clearing IDNVC8 twice a week (for 7,500 each). Now, you can earn up to 15,000 DNP every week per account by completing weekly missions.

Mission Reward
Clear Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-man in a full party 1,000 DNP
Clear Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-man in a full party 1,250 DNP
Clear Kaeron Trial Nest 1,250 DNP
Clear Rune Dragon Nest (8-man) 1,500 DNP
Clear Rune Dragon Nest (Hardcore) 2,500 DNP
Clear Black Dragon Nest Time Attack 2,500 DNP
Clear Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore 8-man 5,000 DNP

As with the event boxes, grab your friends and grab some newbies that need help!

You can track your weekly progess on the Event menu as well. This DNP is not tradable.

New DPS Meter

The new DPS meter is working very well in Gay Dragon Nest. It isn't 100% at feature parity yet, but this patch adds more of the missing functionality. Hopefully we'll be able to replace the old DPS meter everywhere soon.

  • Skill breakdown now works
  • Big hit tracker now works

PvE Content

  • Rune Dragon Nest (4-man) now has party size scaling/adjustment, the same as other early-game nests
  • Rune Dragon Nest (4-man Hardcore) has been added to the Rune Dragon portal, and will be available in the next patch
  • Desert Dragon Time Attack has been added to the Perilous Return portal, and will be available in a later patch


We're still plugging away at getting Vandar ready for public release! Our testers have been hard at work testing them out, so this patch contains several bugfixes and damage adjustments, as well as more costumes imported.

We hope to have it ready for everyone soon!

Also we fixed his stand animation to not look stupid.




  • All class base buffs cooldowns adjusted from 10s to 5s
    This helps with BL/Wipe/Group environments to get them out of the way
  • New PVP Colosseum Maps!!!!???
    I think there's like 3 of them. There's the Santa Orc map, the Mino Nest map, and the old Duck Colosseum lobby map! Hopefully they're useable for Group PVP?
  • Some Cash Shop Weapons that didn't have skill +1s might now have +1s to choose from?
  • Cash Weapon +1s should now support all classes!!!
  • All Cash Weapon +1s should now contain a combined list of base class skills and the 1st spec skills to choose from (Example: Warrior Weapons should be able to choose from the base Warrior +1 skills AND the 1st Spec skills on each weapon, rather than having 1 weapon have base Warrior +1 skills but not 1st Spec skills and so on).

Archer, Assassin, Lencea, Machina:

  • Drop Kick: SAb decreased from 200 to 190


  • Drop Kick: SAb increased from 150 to 190

Dark Avenger:

  • Soul Cutter: Fixed absurd Action Speed making the skill bug/instantaneous
  • Shadow Pact: +26% Fire Damage > + 15% Fire Damage
    26% was a bit high...


  • Dance of Ecstasy: Slight nerf to Heal on Dance 1
    This Dance heals quite a bit and gives a damage buff. The small nerf is warranted, more may come.


  • Dedicate Crow: Cooldown reduced from 90s to 45s
    This buff didn't really do much in group and we wanted Chasers to be able to contribute in group pvp a bit more. Ravens might be a bit overtuned though and may get a group oriented nerf if so.


Arashi damage was still a bit high in all pvp modes. This should hopefulyl help with that.

  • Storm’s Center: CD increased 1s > 60s
    Buff Duration: decreased from 999s > 30s
    The buff value may be increased later if this ends up being too much of a nerf.
  • Blizzard: -20% damage
    This was too free to use for the amount of damage it did.


  • CM1: Phys Dmg +10% > +1%
    Again, their damage was just a bit high.


Vandar is still in the beta-state. Without awakenings the class has been feeling a bit clunky. We've tried giving it a few utility buffs this patch to see how it performs.

  • Increased forward movement and lift height on double rise
  • Added air left click option for double rise
  • Flush & EX: SAb/hit decreased 100/hit to 75/hit (since SA is at 800)
  • Power Dive SA increased to 200
  • Pale Burst 2nd hit to 400 SAb on normal & EX (normal 1st hit para matched to EX 1st hit para)
  • Unchained bolt & EX to 400 SA
  • Ripple Effect starting with 10 frame startup instead of 20.
  • Low Slicer 300 SAb

Cash Shop


We're slowly restarting the recolor process, we've gotten more creators to work on requests and their own projects! Thanks to Cope for this set:

Black Fashionista Rabbit Body
Black Fashionist Rabbit Gloves
Black Pirate's Greaves
Classic Black Royal Outfit


  • The Event menu now pops up upon entering town once per day
  • Projectiles are cleared from the map upon clearing a stage (should stop the eye-rape when you kill bosses during certain mechanics during the clear screen)
  • Lots of internal code refactoring
  • Snowdrift Citadel's Ligna now dies faster after being killed


  • Fixed NDPS meter getting stuck on white highlight when changing aggro in certain ways
  • Fixed an issue where your skill keybinds would disappear from your skill bar
  • Fixed Jotunn's [Shadow Hand] not being usable in PvP if you learned [Class Mastery III]
  • Fixed Lustre's [Eternal Light Soul] not being affected by the duration increase skill crest
  • Fixed Crusader's [Holy Relic EX] inconsistent hit count when cancelled by another skill (now always does 2 hits, damage unchanged)
  • Fixed an issue where taking more than 2.17 billion damage in a single hit while protected by a shield (Divine Barrier, Ice Barrier, etc) would increase the durability of the shield instead of depleting it
  • Fixed being unable to list items on the marketplace for more than 210k gold rolled back due to an issue