The holidays are here and so have the Project Duck annual festivities. This year we've brought back some original events such as Santa Orc as well as introduced a brand new piece of content. You'll see soon...

Myla Laurel

Welcome to the holiday season! Myla has been dressed up and snowed-in for the holiday spirit. Enjoy the new decorations and new scenery for a limited time.


Santa Orc

Chase the Santa Orc around the arena and knock him up to steal some of his goodie bags! You can obtain a Santa Orc Cosmetic Bag 2023 or Santa Orc Material Bag 2023. You can also break the boxes to potential receive some bags of gold!

You can find it in the Garden of Solace's event portal (where you would usually find Vein of Sorrow). You'll need the special Snowflake Pendant (2023) entry pass to get in.


  • Obtain 4 Snowflake Pendants per day (Santa Orc passes) through Special Storage
  • Clearing Santa Orc grants you Santa Orc 2023 Cosmetic Bags or Material Bags
    • Material bags drop lot's of goodies to help players through mid-late game
    • Cosmetic bags drop lots of well, cosmetics...
  • Duckmas 2023 Open Letter (Event Tokens) to sped at Mei's Event shop by clearing the following:
    • Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore DX (1200)
    • Rune Dragon Nest 8 (100)
    • Rune Dragon Dragon Hardcore 8 (300)
    • Black Dragon Nest Time Attack (120)
    • Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack Norm+ (450/600/650)
    • Solace of Oblivion Loop 2+ (35)
The idea is that you can either run Santa Orc to open gacha bags to randomly obtain things from the shop, or you can choose to convert the Santa Orc passes into Tokens and run content to obtain more tokens and straight up purchase what you want from the shop. Or a mix of both, whichever one you fancy.

For those of you who want quick maths that's 6,000 tokens if you decided to convert all your Snowflake Pendants to Duckmas 2023 Open Letters


  • Patch v844 ~ January 2nd, 2024

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore DX

DX means director's cut btw.

Experience IDNVC the way that it was (almost) originally intended to be experienced. We spent a lot of time working on IDNVC but in the end, a lot of mechanics and ideas were scrapped for the sake of time or because they made the raid too hard (we didn't have checkpoints on release!). The director's cut adds some of those mechanics back, adjusts several other mechanics, and fixes several minor issues.


  • Equalized
  • No party-size scaling
  • Checkpoints after every boss (so if you wipe, you can retry the boss again)
  • Special artifacts added
  • New and changed mechanics
  • 0 manual revives; 1 revive after every boss


The following is a list of potential artifacts you can roll in this IDNVCDX
  • Radiant
  • Abyssal
  • Ego
  • Quintessence
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Focus
  • Bolster
  • Nimble Strike
  • Dancer
  • Meticulous

NEW Artifacts

  • Heath of Protection - A field is generated in the center of the arena every 30 seconds that lasts 8 seconds. Allies inside of the field are cured of debuffs, gain immunity to burns, freeze, electrocute, and gain 15% damage reduction for 1s
  • Emboldened Ascension - At the start of battle, a random player is chosen to ascend. While ascended, gain 50% True Damage and 20% Cooldown Reduction. However, lose 30% max HP. Furthermore, whenever an attack deals at least 50% of their max HP, they will instantly die
  • Frost Affliction - At the start of battle, a field is generated on the map, the first player to walk over the circle becomes Frost Afflicted permanently. Frost Affliction causes the bearer to apply ice stacks to enemies hit by their skills for 3s. The player also deals 15% additional damage when attacking frozen enemies
  • Winter's Approach - Upon taking damage equal to at least 20% of your max HP, gain a strong life steal effect for 3 seconds that can heal up to 20% of your max HP
  • Idle Death Gamble - A gambling addict's dream. Every 60s roll the dice and get a random effect: JACKPOT777 / Spirit Boost / Fast Forward / +True Damage / Heal over time / Damage over time/ MP drain / ATK down for a duration of 15s

Event Shop

Mei's Event Shop will contain Duckmas 2023 Event cosmetics and materials that are found inside of the Santa Orc bags available for purchase using Duckmas 2023 Open Letters (Tokens)

As usual, the shop will stay open for a while after the event is over

If you get a token from the Santa Orc Run, you can redeem it on the 2nd page of the Cosmetics tab
Material tab

Key Rewards

In order to purchase these key rewards, you must clear Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore Director's Cut, earning the clear achievement

Perfect Santa Claus Snow Orc
Snow Angel's Declaration Zeal
Ricardo Hair (Assassin)


  • Added sharable party join web links, so you can invite people to your party using a regular HTTP link that opens in your web browser

To create these links, you can use the /pl command or press the Share Link button on the party menu, then paste the link into Discord or any other chat program

This is what will show in Discord!


  • Special Skill Crests (e.g. Gerrant crest, Black Dragon crest, Minotaur Strike) now share a common cooldown (applies to PvE and PvP)
  • The party join dialog has been rearranged to show class icon, server region, and player nicknames
  • Hair Styles and Character Faces are no longer consumed when used (so you can buy each hairstyle or face once and reuse them)
  • The game now says in chat who broke red DPS bars
  • Artifacts (Solace of Oblivion, IDNVCDX, etc) no longer appear on allied buff bars (activation buffs will still appear)



  • Fixed an issue where other players' swordtrails are hidden while in town if your Party FX transparency setting is set to 100% (will still be hidden in field)
  • Fixed an issue where certain trail effects would still show through Party FX Transparency 100% (e.g. Inquisitor Exceed Lightning)
  • Fixed an issue where using a chat link to join a password protected party didn't always autofill the password
  • Attempt to fix [Air Raid] and [Flamingo] causing client-server ground state desync while cast in midair
  • Fixed several cosmetics not working for Vandar (keep submitting reports for more!)
  • Fixed Black Dragon costume weapons being unpurchasable due to asking you to pick a skill but not being able to (pls report more of these as well!)
  • Special crests (the ones equipped in the special middle slot) now all share cooldown with eachother (affects PvP & PvE)


  • Fixed/clarified [Flying Swing EX] description regarding the parry; base skill no longer has any references to parry
  • [Nether Burst] should teleport you through the boss less often
  • Fixed Halloween Jack-O-Lantern spirit not having proper stats
  • Fixed most stomps and some hit areas in all versions of IDNVC not being consistent; mostly fixed Gate 3 (Human Ice Dragon Guy) super armor break; improved ping friendliness of certain mechs
  • Fixed Boulder Training Ground (Equalized) not applying skill crests or +1 crest


Winter Wonders Photography Event

Event details TBA, keep an eye out in Discord!

Upcoming PvP Events


This is a 4 week competitive PvP event happening every Saturday of January 2024 at 8PM EST for INSANE PRICING! The events will be as follows in this order: Group 3v3 Rounds, Wipeout 1v1, Wipeout 3v3, BL 1v1 Rounds.

The general rules are as follows:

  • You can only bring one character/class to each event but you may switch between events.
  • All rooms will be hosted in NA Central server. Sorry to our international players.
  • The event will be streamed on the Project Duck discord with your favorite players commentating every moment! We may also release a highlight reel video at the end of the month!!!
  • You must register on our Challenge link every week with your/your team members IGNs. Those are the characters you will play with for the event. If you show up with a different character you will be asked to change or you/your team will be disqualified.
  • For team events, you are responsible for forming your team with other players. A team leader is responsible for submitting to challenge the name of the team and the IGNs in the team (TEAM NAME: IGN 1, IGN 2, IGN 3). The team is also responsible for everyone showing up on time to every match. If anyone is late by 10 minutes the entire team will be disqualified and may even be banned from the next event.
  • Any abuse of game breaking bugs, failure to follow rules, or unsportsmanlike conduct can result in a DQ of the player/team at the organizer’s discretion.
  • Players can choose to drop out of the event for any reason after round 1 and will still receive participation rewards. This must be communicated in the ⁠#pvp-results channel. If you do not communicate that you are dropping from the event and you no-show your next round you will be DQ’d, wont receive participation, and may even be banned from the next event.
  • Anyone that can manage to top every event will receive: The Goat custom title, exclusive [ASS KICKER WINGS], and a bonus 100k QC. These will be bonuses on top of every other pricing you may receive (once per account obviously). You are encouraged to try hard and participate in every event in order to achieve this prestigious title.

We will be starting January 6th with our Group 3v3 Rounds event. The specific rules for that event will be posted later. Excited to see you all come through with some powerful teams!

Please check the #pvp-events channel in Discord for updates and event times