In this patch, we're finally releasing Trickster and Duelist. It took a lot of time to port due to the lack of technology but it's finally here. Among them is the War Mage rework. We'll give some more info on that later. Oh, and Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore (4-man) is here too I guess...

We also have a brand new town! This doesn't mean that you can't access Skitzovania though. If you want to go back to Skitzovania, you can take the bridge to the portal and return to the old town. However, the new town, Myla Laurel, is going to be the main town from now on. In the new town, you'll have access to all the usual NPCs and portals. Furthermore, due to how much smaller this town is, the NPCs and portal are closer together and easier to navigate to.

If you have seen this town in official, you'll immediately notice some of the changes we've made to beautify the town. PD Shade has allowed us to bring it to a whole new level. We hope everyone feels at home and enjoys the new town.

Login Screen

Two new login screens for you to look at since we've been looking at a door in space for a while now.

Character Select

Brand new character select screen that shows your other characters in the background! You'll find them doing random gestures or maybe just standing around.

Myla Laurel

We think it's been long enough to where we could use a change of scenery. All of the usual NPCs and portals are available here in a much tighter space. As mentioned earlier, you can still access Skitzovania if you take the portal across the bridge. That's right, the bridge.

We've expanded the town past what the official server has by including the bridge! Of course, Myla Laurel comes with our exclusive curated PD Shade out of the box. The lighting and colors are tuned perfectly to fit the town! For now, we don't have a day/night cycle in this town, but we're thinking about adding it later down the line.

If you're wondering where things are, you can check the map that we created right below these images.

New Player Spawn Point

We added a brand new NPC near the bridge next to where you spawn as a brand new character. Meet Dawri! Dawri greets new players and gives some guidance. It's fairly barebones right now, but we'll be adding more features in the future.

Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore


  • Bound Starlight Cluster drops increased 4x --> 5x


I guess for the people who REALLY wanted more Rune Dragon (said no one ever)

There isn't anything new here besides it being 4-man.

Party Size: 4
Revives: 0 (1 automatic revive after boss 2)
Roybuffs: Active
Autoclass Rebuff: Active
Party-size Scaling: Enabled
Item Drop Type Count
Gold Bound 5000g
Starlight Cluster Rollable 1x
Starlight Cluster Bound 2x
High-Grade Reinforced Plate Rollable 1x
Lumens Bound 500x
Lost Duckling Bound 1x


  • You can now create a Vandar!
  • We've also added Vandar-specific weapons to the usual crafting interfaces and the sort
  • Given that this is a new character, there are likely bugs. If you see any bugs, please report them in the proper channel in Discord. In the event of a major exploit or bug, you may ask to speak with a developer in private to discuss the details. Quick reminder that we do give free QC to players to tell us information on major exploits/bugs.
  • We are already aware of an issue where Alter Roy's special weapon shop doesn't show anything in it
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Class Balancing

We're planning on doing some more class balancing soon since we just got the brand new DPS Meter™ implemented into all content since it'll be more accurate now. Of course, this also means that Ranked BTG is one step closer to being done.

The following Vandar changelog below are changes we've made to the classes compared to when we initially grabbed it from official (around March 2022 or so).


Vandar's base tumble distance was WAY too far. Like, insanely so.

[Tumble] changed tumble animation and distance

/\c100\Treasure Hunter

Permanent 10% damage taken reduction is kinda absurd for classes that really don't need it on top of the free 20% HP heal in their base branch.

[Kanna Inject] no longer grants 10% damage taken reduction


Everything is mostly the same in terms of how it plays and the mechanics of the class. I mostly just moved around some iframes, removed the OP debuff, and did some slight animation adjustments that still keep the feel of the skill but change the pacing/movement - Joorji

[Arrow Sword EX] animation for the flip changed

[Ripple Effect EX] animation changed

[Phase Blade]

  • Damage decreased: 19800% → 13464%
  • Is no longer an iframe
  • Visual effects changed
  • Sound effects changed
  • Added camera FX
  • Press [Regular Attack Button] to end the skill early and skip to the dash, at the cost of losing 40% coefficient damage on the final dash

[Phase Blade EX]

  • Total coefficient reduced: 300% → 180%
  • Hit coefficient distributed more evenly across the cast time rather than loaded at the end

[Paleburst EX] no longer applies curse debuff (-10% ele)

[Execution] added a parry to the windup animation that causes the follow-up attack come out faster if you successfully parry an attack.

[Class Mastery II] passive ATK increased: 15% → 25%

[Flush EX]

  • Added periodic transparency during the multislash
  • Animation for the final slash changed
  • Cooldown reduced: 22s → 19s
  • Coefficient decreased: 300% → 250%
  • Hit coefficient spread changed
  • Multislashes = 150%
  • Final slash = 100%

[Requiem Instant]

  • Animation changed
  • Invulnerable until you land
  • Added a cursor timer for Requiem’s skill enhance duration

[Aircraft] is no longer an iframe

[Blading Edge]

  • Invulnerable for the first 30f of the animation
  • Healing reduced: 3% → 1.5%

Quark bubble duration increased: 120s → 999s


It was insanely strong. Other than that, no changes.

[Class Mastery II] passive MATK reduced: 25% --> 0%

/\c37\War Mage Rework

The main idea of the rework was to give the class a unique gameplay loop. As many of you have seen recently with the Pyromancer rework, we're leaning more into Soceress classes being more "cast oriented." This usually means that cast animations should be long and you should have to commit to skills. In the event that you cancel a skill, the price is paid heavily. War Mage is no different.

I designed this class to be slow and as a caster with actual cast times. You'll have to commit to your skill casts, especially your stronger ones. In addition to that, you'll also have to play around [Flux], which creates a field below your feet that greatly increases your damage. The whole idea is that you have to play around your field, moving as little as possible. This means that its highly involved with knowing boss movements, and good positioning. - Joorji

Laser Energy → Radiance
[Awakened Passive Nine Tail Laser] → [Awakened Passive Laser Mastery]

  • NEW: Additionally awakens [Linear Ray] and [Spectrum Shower]
  • NEW: The following skills are Empyreanand can be charged to deal significantly more damage
    • [Linear Ray], [Spectrum Shower], [Laser Cutter]
    • Scaling coefficient% based on charge time
      • 100%/130%/200%
    • After casting a fully charged Empyrean skill. The other remaining two Empyrean skills are enhanced to their Radiant versions if you have at least 15 Radiance

[Awakened Linear Ray]

  • No longer shoots beams of light ahead of you
  • NEW: Unleash a horizontal ray of destruction that explodes after a short delay
  • Cooldown increased: 13s → 17s
  • Damage increased: 3075% → 16870%

[Awakened Spectrum Shower]

  • Damage increased: 4931% → 20635%

[Awakened Nine Tail Laser]

  • Cooldown increased: 11s → 13s
  • Damage increased: 5593% → 15660%
  • NEW: Holding down the skill button consumes as many CTC charges as you have available. The more charges consumed, the more powerful the skill becomes
    • 1 Charges: Damage coeff per laser reduced 9% → 6%, deals 100% of base damage
    • 2 Charges: Light burst upward, nine tail laser downward, deals 200% of base damage
    • 3 Charges: Throw a spear of light that explodes upon impact of an enemy or wall. Summons orbs of light around the dome of the explosion. Upon using a fully charged Empyreanskill or Radiant skill, the orbs trigger and fire a laser at the center of the blast radius, deals 325% of base damage

[Awakened Beam Tempest] Damage increased: 14717% → 19868%

[Class Mastery]

  • No longer reduces cooldown of main skills
  • NEW: Disables the use of [Fast Forward]

[Class Mastery II]

  • [Dark Wave] no longer enhances [Spectrum Shower] to [Spectrum Shower Instant]
  • NEW: [Shockwave] now enhances [Spectrum Shower] to [Spectrum Shower Instant] for 2 seconds
  • [Spectrum Shower Instant] and [Spectrum Shower] do not share cooldown

[Class Mastery III]

  • No longer chains [Shockwave] into [Laser Cutter]
  • NEW: Gain 1 Radiance after casting a fully charged Empyrean skill
  • NEW: Converts all main skills to light element

[Energy Blast]

  • Invulnerable time reduced: 50 frames → 30 frames
  • Cooldown increased: 6s → 18s

[Laser Ray]

  • Cooldown increased: 11s → 30s
  • Damage increased: 375% → 444%
  • No longer requires Laser Energy
  • No longer has a [Regular Attack Button] input
  • NEW: Grants 1 Radiance per second while casting
  • NEW: Max cast time added: 5s
  • NEW: The longer the skill is channeled, the more powerful it becomes, shooting more projectiles and empowering the beam

[Awakened Laser Cutter]

  • Cooldown increased: 11s → 26s
  • Damage increased: 5588% → 26791%

[Awakened Passive Fast Forward] → [Awakened Passive Amplify]

  • Skill requirement changed: [Fast Forward] Lv1 → [Charged Missile] Lv1
  • [Charged Missile] is awakened to [Charge]
    • Holding [Charge] builds Radiance
    • Gain 2 Radiance per cycle while in [Charged Missile]
    • Attacking with [Charged Missile] with at least 15 Radiance enhances Empyrean skills to their Radiant versions
  • Radiant versions of the skills deal max damage without needing to charge (200%)
  • Upon casting a Radiant skill, lose 15 Radiance and the enhancement
  • Radiant skills have a 20 second cooldown
  • [Force Shield] --> [Flux]
    • Cooldown: 25s
    • CTC: 2
    • Is now an active ability that drops a field that grants you [Flux]
    • The field drops on cast position
    • The field is small and lasts 20s
    • While under the effects [Flux], your light attack is increased by 25%

New DPS Meter

Now rolled out to everything!

This patch we're rolling out the new DPS meter to everything*!

The new DPS meter is entirely server-sided, meaning:

  1. No cheating
  2. Disconnecting won't lose your DPS data when you reconnect
  3. No missing data due to people disconnecting or having poor connection to the API servers
  4. Much higher accuracy, since the server is the final authority on damage and also has information the clients don't
  5. It correctly computes your clear DPS, only taking into account combat time at each boss instead of total (wall clock) time
  6. Updates to the DPS meter and statistic tracking happen for everyone since we'll deploy them serverside instead of clientside
  7. Ranked BTG (think STG from official) becomes possible

Thanks for everyone who's been trialing it in Gay Dragon Nest and also it leaked into Rune Dragon last patch (oops).

Please note that we will be taking DPS data for balancing soon (but not immediately) once we've ironed out the last few kinks.

*Except for Boulder Training Ground (since that's the one place you need to be able to start/stop/debug)

Cash Shop

Vandar Costumes

We've added all 700+ Vandar costume pieces to the cash shop. Given the sheer volume of items and us using a script to do the heavy lifting, some may be broken or have wrong icons. Please report those to us in Discord so we can get those sorted out!

Additionally, because of the sheer number of costume pieces added to the cash shop, we currently do not have costume packages for Vandar costume sets available. We hope to gradually add them over time (it is a manual and extremely laborious process currently, unfortunately).


Shoutouts to our recolor gang, here's some more recolors, including Vandar ones!

Purple Night Sky Royal Outfit
Black and Golden Panda's Heels
Golden Panda's Heels
Golden Bishop Sorceress Hat
Golden Uniform Warmers
Golden Isere Tights
Golden Panda's Staff
Golden Panda's Vest
Golden Panda's Greaves
Golden Panda's Boots
Dark Vandar Hongmoon Body
Dark Green Vandar Hongmoon Body
White Vandar Hongmoon Body
Yellow Vandar Hongmoon Body


  • Added Vandar's Battle Sword or Wrist Bow to the Weapon Tuner - Legendary item
  • You can now walk while taking out or putting away your weapon in town and PvE (does not apply in PvP)
  • Likes are now displayed in the 'P' menu instead of your level since level doesn't matter anyway
  • You can now disable changing your sensitivity using the bracket buttons