We're a little late (its now the 2nd week of Pride) but we needed some time to finish off work that was in-progress but couldn't be rolled back for a patch. Have some fun, show off your colors, and beware the menacingly large rainbow flags in the distance...

We're heavily working on internal stuff so rolling out patches is a little slow. Thanks for everyone's patience while we grind through the necessary work!

Pride Event

Gay Dragon Nest

Kalahan and his crew in all their fabulousness returns! Just like last year, GayDN is an equalized 8-man raid with artifacts. This time, we've increased the artifact pool, made some fight changes, and gave Kalahan's dragon form a much needed hitbox increase.

Are you ready to take his load?

GayDN can be found in Frozen Foothills --> Event Portal .

  • Equalized (The only gear that matters is Skill Crests, Skill-Up Crest (+1), Elemental Conversion Gems (if applicable), and Wellsprings)
  • Krakas no longer kills the rest of the party and leaves the member that failed to hide behind a statue alive with ADAD. Instead, only the party members that failed to hide will die
  • Various other mechanic changes (some new ones compared to last year!)
  • No free revives (however, dead players will be revived after each stage is completed)
  • Autobubbler is enabled after each boss
  • Systems/mechanics related to artifacts are the same as Solace of Oblivion, except rerolls are available at every stage
  • Artifact pool is a subset of Solace of Oblivion and IDNVCDX's
  • Drops [Kalahan's Crown Jewel Box (Pride 2024)] which can be opened to receive a random number of [Kalahan's Crystalized Left Nut]
  • Additionally drops [Kalahan's Crystalized Left Nut] which can be used in Mei's Event Shop

Also, this time around, the [Choke Me Daddy] achievement and title are operational!

Event Reward Shop

Mei's event shop has been updated and she's ready to exchange your Kalahan's Crystallized Left Nut for goodies

  • Rerun of the 2023 [X came out of the closet] and [Kalahan's Cumslut] titles
  • New 2024 titles [X's left nut] and [X's right nut]
  • Mounts: [Bare Tree Swing], [Green Tree Swing], [Golden Apple Tree Swing], and [Gay Tree Swing]
Absolutely fabulous
  • Added Queen's Chair gestures - these are color variants of the default King's Chair gesture. There are 14 colors + 1 rainbow special effect options!
Absolutely fabulous hair flicking
  • Midgame materials to help those players stuck doing Rune Dragon

If you're looking for the 2023 Pride weapons, they're available in the F11 Cash Shop for a limited time (see below)

Social Systems

tl;dr friends and blocks are now account-based and more OP
  • Friends are now account based, so adding someone will show them as a friend across any character they log in on
  • The friend menu has been overhauled to show your friends' account names and current logged in character
  • Friend location (in the More button) updates in almost real-time now
  • We plan on improving the Friend UI to be easier to read at a glance to see what your buddies are up to
  • Blocks are now account based, so blocking someone will block ALL their characters and interactions (all chat, gestures, requests, etc)
  • If your friend or blocked person changes their nickname, you will see them under their new nickname (so don't worry about people trying to evade you by doing that)
  • Blocks are significantly more powerful now. We've prevented or hidden a large number of interactions that previously got through the old block system

Existing friends and blocks will be migrated during server maintenance. You will likely need to review your friend lists and block lists, as migration will add any character friends you had as account friends across ALL your characters.

PvE Content

Rune Dragon & Rune Dragon HC

We weren't able to make these changes in time for this patch, but we're letting y'all know that we'll be significantly reducing the Rune Dragon slogging required to finish Astral equipment next patch. We understand that this point in gearing up is a major turnoff to a lot of people due to how mind-numbing it is (on top of new players always seeming to have a hard time finding parties, but then we see 3 parties with 1 or 2 people in each of them IN THE SAME REGION and shake our heads...)

This will involve merging the two versions of Rune (or rather, eliminating one of them) and adjusting how Astral equipment enhancement materials are obtained and used, as well as providing per-boss rewards so that newbies learning the ropes get rewarded for clearing a boss even if they fail to clear the entire nest. Its a learning process, we know.

Desert Dragon Time Attack

DDNTA ended up being absurdly punishing to players who hadn't learned the raid prior to equalization. The morale system makes it extremely burdensome to teach or even carry inexperienced players and isn't really needed now that the nest is equalized
  • Negative morale (caused by dying) has been removed
  • Positive morale is gained the same way as before (clear a boss without anyone dying), but losing positive morale is capped at losing 1 stack per boss instead of being uncapped
  • Reduced the damage of several attacks at Spitflower and the lava floor

Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

Small adjustment here, this nest is significantly easier to run with less experienced players, but the dragon fight tends to slog on more than it should
  • Reduced the HP of Black Dragon somewhat and adjusted fight pacing

[PvE] Class Changes


Warden rework is in progress! Check the Discord for updates and previews


I'm just copy-pasting what Chris put in #wip-changelog
Okay he gave me a blurb to paste here too so here it is:
Defensio is getting some tweaks to incorporate some new tech in regards to projectile detonation. Her steam generation from hitting skills is being slightly reduced but in return she is getting a lot more steam from properly using Trick and Parry. Cycle Kick will now be changed by taking Class Mastery II. This enhancement will now launch you into the air and allow you to use all of the aerial versions of her skills while also reducing the post-fire time of Cycle Kick to use these skills faster. This should make Cycle Kick actually useful and feel better. This should also free up trick for actually dodging with it instead of always using it with Beyond the Wall

[Trick] steam generation on successful iframe 5 --> 10
[Lariat] steam generation on hit 15 --> 10
[Awakened Taunting Blow EX Instant] steam generation on hit 15 --> 10
[Awakened Taunting Blow EX] steam generation on hit 15 --> 10
[Awakened Parry] now provides a buff in addition to 30 steam on successful parry that generates 1 steam every 0.2 seconds for 3 seconds (15 Total, this does stack with ult regen)
[Awakened Taunting Blow EX] Projectile detonation with [Beyond the Wall] now generates 5 steam (New tech)
[Awakened Taunting Blow Instant]  Projectile detonation with [Beyond the Wall] now generates 5 steam (New tech)
[Class Mastery II] Now enhances cycle kick, cycle kick will now lift the player upwards (This will flow into air beatdown and air twister much better, if you choose to use the lmb and rmb input for beatdown or twister or hotbar cycle kick, you are also a cycle path) You can use any air action out of cycle kick now (this includes taunting blow, beyond the wall, ruination parry, and strike of the martyr)
Significantly decreased the prefire time of [Cycle Kick], you can now use any valid aerial skill or use the mouse inputs directly after the damage is fired

Cash Shop

Starfall Assassin Weapons

Added Starfall Weapons for Assassin. These are not gacha, we are selling them in the F11 cash shop under Weapons. There are the following weapons:

Wolf Gravestone Dagger (5 variants)


Falcon Dagger (4 variants)


Kunwu Dagger (6 variants)


The Kunwu Dagger has special attack effects (samples)

Styling Ideas

Pair these weapons with other costume pieces for some very nice effect combinations!

There's also discount packages that contain all of each kind at a 40% discount (aka buy 5 for the price of 3)

Pride 2023 Rerun

The 2023 Pride Weapons are back in the shop for a limited time! Get your rainbow bonkhammer!

As usual the 2022 and 2021 Pride Weapons are always available for purchase.

User Interface

There's a lot of these, so it gets its own section!
  • You can now control whether or not you see the PvP team red/blue halo and ground marking in the Settings tab
  • Convert FTG to Medals & EXP is now on in PvP by default
  • Added Heroic prefix to FD roll extinction talismans
  • Added support for localizing loading screen tips
  • Swapped out some loading screen tips for more... helpful ones
  • You can now resize the width of the chat box
  • Guildmates that change their character name will now update sooner in guild chat (guild menu/guild member list will still be delayed for now)
  • Added a setting Interface > Chat > Show account nickname instead of character name, does what it says
  • Clicking on an item link in chat will keep the tooltip on the screen (no longer immediately disappears when you move your mouse off of the link; if you don't click the behavior is the same as it currently is)
  • Hovering a name in chat will show their account nickname. If you have the show account nickname in chat setting on, it will show the character name instead
  • Changed "Save Name" to "Copy Character Name" and added "Copy Account Nickname" to the chat context menu
  • Windows toast notifications now include the account name when you receive a like


  • Players by default have full inventory and storage space unlocked (no more needing to use storage/inventory expansion on new characters)



  • Fixed an issue on Guardian where you could not hold left click to continue using CM3
  • Fixed an issue where Raven's [Class Mastery II] CD reset of [Raking Stars Instant] did not apply
  • Fixed Silver Hunter's aerial tumble having virtually zero SA
  • Fixed an issue where Ripper's clones would display empty name tags on your screen (now properly hidden)
  • Fixed a bug where Chaos Mage's range extension on Gravity Rush from patch v855 was not applied properly
  • Fixed a bug where Vandar gestures were missing visual effects
  • Fixed Aerial Versions of Defensio's [Awakened Beatdown], [Awakened Twister Kick], [Awakened Taunting Blow], [Awakened Beyond the Wall] not having any super armor
  • Fixed a bug on Defensio that allowed you to cast a non-awakened version of [Awakened Twister Kick] if the mouse input during cycle kick was used and [Awakened Twister Kick] was on cooldown


  • Fixed an issue where Forest Dragon's DPS checks would go crazy if the server has been running for more than 38 days without a full restart
  • FDN 50/10% HP mech now wipes Crash Mode and transforming into a ghoul resets your velocity and momentum (should fix the issue where Destroyers get yeeted into the sky)


  • Fixed a bug where the context menu when clicking on a player name in chat caused it to appear significantly higher up on the screen than where your cursor was
  • Fixed a bug where the Like context menu action was missing
  • Fixed various Jotunn/Rai related text saying Kiwi instead of Zeke

Known Issues


  • You will not receive notifications about friend requests while not in town


  • Sprite-based spirits will not appear on Vandars (Gay spirit, Menacing spirit, Moyai spirit, etc)
  • Some text may appear partially cut off on the bottom edge in certain circumstances when using the DX9 renderer