Mostly an event-filled patch, but we have some pretty big changes as well!

2023 Pride Event

Gay Dragon Nest

Green Dragon Nest is back on the menu and much less "time-attacky." You can find it in the event portal in the Garden of Solace.

This time, the raid is equalized and has the same set of artifacts from Solace of Oblivion. We know some of you have been asking for more players in Solace of Oblivion, and while we won't be doing exactly that, this should give you a little taste of what it might be like.

We're also taking the time to use this event raid as a testing ground for the new DPS meter. It's not fully fleshed out with features yet. More details on this later.

Do not take this "raid" too seriously as it's mostly just for fun. We know that it'll be quite unbalanced given the strength and weaknesses of different artifacts.


  • Equalized (The only gear that matters is Skill Crests, Skill-Up Crest (+1), Elemental Conversion Gems (if applicable), and Wellsprings)
  • Krakas no longer kills the rest of the party and leaves the member that failed to hide behind a statue alive with ADAD. Instead, kills the party member that failed and makes everyone else ADAD
  • Various other minor mechanic changes (ie less flying at dragon)
  • No timers
  • No free revives (however, dead players will be revived after each stage is completed)
  • Systems/mechanics related to artifacts are the same as Solace of Oblivion (which received some changes this patch so check those below!)
  • Drops Gay Fucking Box (2023) which can be opened to receive a random number of Pride Jelly Beans (2023)
  • Additionally drops Pride Jelly Beans (2023) which can be used in Mei's Event Shop

Event Shop

Mei has some brand new goodies to keep you going back to Gay Dragon Nest!
Speed your way through early game or help yourself to some late game items
  • Items sold in this shop have purchase limits PER ACCOUNT and will refresh weekly at the same time as the Social Credit Shop


These costumes (and decal) are exclusive to this event and cannot be traded. Get them while you can!

There is one mainhand weapon per base class.

Example Warrior weapon (there's one for every base class)
Example Lencea weapon (there's one for every base class)

[PvE] Content

Typhoon Krag Nest (Berserk)

(The only gear that matters is Skill Crests, Skill-Up Crest (+1), Elemental Conversion Gems (if applicable), and Wellsprings)
  • Now equalized stats (you can't one-shot it anymore with end-game gear haha!)

Snowdrift Citadel

  • Bhaal (all versions) now has a longer delay between certain attacks and the cooldown of "Summons a snowstorm" fade attack increased slightly

Solace of Oblivion

General Change

  • You now start in Crudelis's arena in Solace of Oblivion instead of outside

Artifact Rerolling

You can now reroll artifacts! This means if you don't get any artifact that you want, you can reroll the set of three artifacts. The reroll guarantees you will not get any artifact you already rolled the first time.

Stacking (Leveling) Artifacts

Artifacts can now have up to two levels. If you rolled an artifact you already have, you can select it again to enhance its effects. Right now, the artifacts only have a max of two levels, but we'll be adding more as we introduce more content and artifacts to Solace of Oblivion.

When you enhance an artifact, all of its effects are more potent. This means adverse effects (if applicable), as well as positive effects, are increased. For example, if you pick Spice of Life when you already have it, the burn damage is increased, but you'll also get more speed and cooldown reduction.

Quintessence II is the second level of the regular buff which grants a 20% increase instead of the usual 15% increase (also this screenshot is taken in GDN but it applies to Solace of Oblivion)

Artifacts that are already maxed (Lv 2) will say ALREADY MAXED which means they do not gain any additional bonuses if you select them. This currently doesn't do anything in Solace of Oblivion since there aren't enough encounters in the instance to give you the opportunity to pick an artifact three times. But this will change when we add more stuff to Solace of Oblivion (soon™️)

Example of a maxed artifact (which means it won't give any additional effects upon selecting it)

Artifact Restoration

Artifacts will now be restored after you pick your next artifact if you died! Plain and simple, not much to explain here.

Artifact Specific Changes

  • Slow Start now shows how long until the no-crit portion ends on the buff
  • Retribution now clearly states how much duration is "short duration"
  • Reworded Slow Start description to be less confusing
  • Reworded Rally description to be more specific
  • Added more colors to keywords and values in descriptions of artifacts

Artifact Voting

You can now see which artifact your partner (or in the case of the event raid, team members) want to pick. This is indicated by the icons shown at the bottom of each artifact card.

The star icon is the party leader and the circle is/are the party member(s)

[PvE] Class Changes

We'll be making more adjustments after the new DPS meter is fully implemented

/\c24\Lunar Knight

An overall nerf, but primarily targeting their damage on smaller bosses

[Awakened Moon Fall] damage decreased: 18222% --> 15488%
[Awakened Crescent Cleave] per hit coefficient increased: 2.5% --> 2.75%
[Halfmoon Slash EX] first slash coefficient decreased: 250% --> 200% [Thousand Moon Waltz] damage decreased: 930% per hit --> 875%


This nerf affects all versions (enhanced versions) of the skill by the same percent (-10%)

[Summon Meteor] damage reduced: 4890% --> 4401%


Slight pre-nerf for overperformaing

[Class Mastery] Light ATK decreased: 35% --> 30%


Vandar is almost ready to go! We're going to be rolling out the availability to create the class to our testers to let them have a spin of the new classes and try and squash some bugs and make changes as needed. We have a few more problems to fix here and there probably but that's why we have internal beta testers™️.

We don't have the details finalized for changes we've made to the class. However, we can say that the class's buffs (the one that every base class provides to the party) will grant AS/MS and Stat% (Harmonize & Genie's Blessing). We expect to have the class ready within the coming weeks as long as nothing goes wrong. Thanks for being patient with us.

[PvP] Class Changes

Most of the pvp balancing time is being spent preparing for Vandar. A couple small tweaks to the following classes were made in the mean time. (As always if anything is overtuned, they can be undone :zeke:)


  • Fixed Grid Arena map names (normal and BL)
  • Disabled Dash in Combo Practice map for all classes except Warrior

/\c24\Lunar Knight

  • Fixed Lunar Knight's [Crescent Cleave EX] not working in PvP

/\c81\Silver Hunter

  • Hunter’s Eye: Increased MDMG decreased from +10% to +5%.


  • Fireball: CD decreased from 25 to 15 seconds.
  • Ignite: CD decreased from 45 to 36 seconds.


  • Inferno EX: Increased stiffprob (paralyze) so that it can paralock up to Guardian Tier para-resist.


  • Knight Punch: Made it so you don’t have to take this skill in order to get the rest of the Mystic Knight skills (Vision Blow, Celestial Wave)
  • Impaler: +80% damage
    (this skill was useless before and now is about as good as any other GrM skill)
  • Dreadnaught: (Ult) Left Click to land early
    (why not)

/\c71\Grand Master

  • Crossover: +30% damage
    (without the EX, this 50 wasn't performing as well as other 50s)
  • Fixed Arrogance calling PVE version instead of PVP version
  • Fixed Impaler EX enhanced calling PVE version instead of PVP version
  • Fixed Avoid Shot not affecting Arrogance duration

/\c68\Light Bringer

  • Sunshine Spark: 10% dmg nerf

/\c85\Black Mara

  • [Enhanced] Black Strike: Fixed Right click function getting overruled by Ebony Spark instead of using the backwards dash.


  • Lingering Swing EX:  increased action speed by 10%
    (they wanted 5% but, 10% probably safer)


  • Trigger: CD decreased from 60 to 6 sec (T-Operate is still 60 sec)
    (this is to allow Launchers to not have to leave to the other side of a map in the middle of a fight with flyby to summon Trigger)
  • Trigger: SA decreased from 1200 to 400
  • Trigger: Duration increased from 60s to 120s

Cash Shop

  • A couple of Vandar costumes were added pre-emptively


  • Guild member list no longer resets the scroll position when someone's guild status changes (e.g. online/offline, changing map, getting kicked)
  • Guild member list on the main guild page now matches the guild member list and shows class and account nickname
  • Reduced another 1-2s off of initial game load time
  • Added autobubbler for Ray Mechanic
  • Added Crystal Shooter to Avalanche's autobubber
  • Regicide, Dark Regicide, and Zephyrus Lencea spears scaled up 120% to fit better

Windows Push Notifications

Windows Push notifications pop-up only while you have the game minimized to tray. You can edit which notifications you see in the Project Duck settings menu as seen below. Certain notifications have context actions such as liking back the person who liked you or replying to their whisper.



  • Fixed dark class voice audio filter not working (again)


  • Fixed the Gamba artifact giving more damage than intended
  • Fix Illusory Domain Dread Gazebo /ff and reset round
  • Fixed Lunar Knight's [Awakened Blade Storm]'s description
  • Fixed Dark Avenger's [Soul Cutter Instant] not hitting until the final slash
  • Fixed Dark Avenger's [Soul Cutter] missing hits in random parts of the animation
  • Fixed Dark Avenger's [Dark Tumble] being slower than normal
  • Fix Vena Plaga autobubbler not granting any bubbles
  • Fix Blood Phantom [Shadow Overdrive] doing less damage than intended
  • Fix Chaser [Party Augment: Crow] not doing anything