We're (Joorji and Vahr) are back from our vacation and we're putting Kozima back in the cupboard (jk).

This update has followup changes to several bits of content based on feedback, several class adjustments (including Lunar Knight revamp), an update about Vandar, and the usual misc changes and bugfixes.

Also, we know things are a little slow since it's been about a month since our last update and Honkai Star Rail came out. We hope everyone who's playing HSR is lucky with their pulls and artifact stat rolls! Vahr is definitely not a Jing Yuan simp

[PvE] Content

Snowdrift Citadel

  • Boss 2 Bhaal now has more downtime after certain attacks to give players some breathing room and a window to attack freely

Illusory Domain

  • Added /ff to Illusory Domain
  • Several mobs have had their damage nerfed
  • Several mobs can now be SA broken/juggled/affected by Ruler's Authority
  • Fixed the hitbox on some problematic mobs
  • Fixed certain mobs being iframed too much especially when SA broken
  • Reduced the attack pacing of certain mobs
  • Removed or reduced the repeat cast count of certain annoying mechanics
  • Added a [Reset Round] option to Illusory Domain. Click on this prop to restart the current round (e.g. if you're on R15 W3, you will go back to R15 W1) This can be used to reset the map if it gets stuck, if you fucked up (but hasn't died), you don't like the boss you got (though you'll have to fight your way back up), etc Note that you will lose any accumulated invader bonuses and it cannot be used during the reward phase

Invader Bonus Drops

Bonus drops added per invasion cleared increased from 5% per encounter at all rounds to:

  • Round 12 and under: 5%
  • Round 13 and up: 7% multiplied by the number of rounds since round 12 (so round 19 will give 49% more drops per invasion cleared)

Solace of Oblivion

Added /ff to Solace of Oblivion

New Bosses

New round 1 bosses:

  • Kikum (Granom Nest boss 1)
  • Kodiak (Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-man boss 1)

New round 2 bosses:

  • Bhaal (Snowdrift Citadel Master difficulty boss 2)
  • Hyper Dynamo Core (Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore 4-man boss 3)

Desert Dragon Zakad

  • Eyes of Life mechanic time until fail increased from 9s --> 12s
  • Eyes of Life mechanic now only happens twice, once at 75% and once at 25% (instead of 80%, 70%, and on a cooldown between 40-25%)
  • Increased the cooldown on most fly mechanics
  • Decreased the life time of the laser orbs when Desert Dragon Zakad goes berserk in Solace of Oblivion to 15s

Black Dragon Pether

  • Visions of Chaos mechanic should no longer stagger and redo the landing animation upon failing or succeeding the mechanic

New Artifacts

  • Sustain: Heal 2% max HP every 2s
  • Perfect Dice: Always do high-roller damage, gain 5% ATK
  • Redemption: 25% increased healing effectiveness
  • Gamba: 50% chance for offensive hits to miss, deal 125% more damage
  • Meticulous: Deal 30% more damage but lose 20% CDR

Early Game Content

Includes everything until Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4-Man)
  • Remove the [Beginner Buff (FD)] that gave +60% FD
  • Decreased the FD cap in content that the buff used to be in to 1000 (making your FD always 100%)

Boulder Training Ground

Added 3 trillion HP option to BTG

Cast Tokens

New system [Skill Cast Limit] added, which limits the number of times certain skills can be cast, using [Cast Tokens] which are given by the stage, are reset upon entry, and bound to the corresponding skill.

You can see how many casts remain by looking at the bottom-right corner of the skill hotbar icon or by checking the skill tooltip

Ruler's Authority

  • [Zephyr] is no longer needed to cast [Ruler's Authority]
  • [Ruler's Authority] now requires [Cast Tokens] to cast. [Cast Tokens] are given in places that [Zephyr] used to be given

[PvE] Gearing

Paradox Gem Divinity

Added for people who don't enjoy the Illusory Domain grind as much but love Solace of Oblivion. If you're curious about the numbers, this recipe should slightly longer to craft (calculated using average clear times)

Added an alternative recipe for Paradox Gem Divinity which requires 900 Mirage Mirrors and 750 Eternal Timepiece instead (the rest of the material costs are the same as the normal recipe)


Vandar is on the way and we're starting to allow some very limited testing on live servers to developers only first. Select testers will be able to try out Vandar soon as well once we buff out some small issues.

Duelist and Trickster are going to be released as they were on official with some minor tweaks. We'll be posting the list of changes once Vandar is closer to releasing to the public.

Some of you may have heard that we were planning on reworking Duelist and Trickster shortly after they release. We've decided to change our stance on this to avoid a situation like "Classic LK". Basically, we're going to release Duelist and Trickster as they are with minor tweaks. Leaks on official have datamined the second branch of Vandar and we'll be waiting to release our own exclusive 3rd branch (similar to Rai/Jotunn or Mystic Knight/Grand Master) once we have some more animations to work with.

Things to Expect

We're planning on changing some of the base animations for Vandar such as the right click, jump, idle animations, and maybe tumble since they seem very stiff and wack. We're not sure when this is going to happen but we're planning on it

[PvE] Class Changes

Tumble (all classes)

Tumbles (including dark tumbles) are no longer affected by action speed. This means the iframe and animation duration are always the same


[Justice Crash], [Maelstrom Howl], and [Beyond the Wall EX] no longer reduce the damage dealt by enemies
[Divine Barrier], [Empowering Howl], and [Awakened Overclock] are no longer affected by CDR
[Divine Barrier], [Empowering Howl], and [Awakened Overclock] cooldown increased 20s --> 30s, duration increased 25s --> 35s

/\c24\Lunar Knight

If you've been in the Discord (and sometimes in game), you would notice that there's a large number of people who wanted the original Lunar Knight back (pre-rework). We understand that the new LK was too different in terms of changing the damage dealing style and that part was definitely a mistake. The new LK was more of a burst class that relied on a buff. This wasn't the case in old LK. A lot of people miss the consistency in that LK that didn't exist in the new LK It's the same as like if we reworked Inquisitor into a class that doesn't do any damage over time and had all instant casting skills.

The thing is people tend to forget how LK rework happened. A lot of the LK players wanted something different because they were bored of doing MBD spam every 3 seconds. Maybe our solution to fixing that didn't meet the bar that everyone wanted, but it was something that I heard a lot of.

There is a big reason as to why we're not having them be two different classes and we've explained it many times but people seem to think that it's for other reasons. Although they played differently, they're essentially the same class with the same thematic. They have the same skills that just look a bit different. We're not going to release a classic version of a class that pretty much already exists. That's why we're doing this remaster/re-rework to bring it more in line to what LK was originally.

Twilight mechanci has been removed.

[Awakened Blade Storm]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Ascension]
  • Grants 2 Lunaris per hit


  • No longer consumes Lunaris per second
  • No longer puts you in Ascension mode
  • Cast time reduced slightly
  • Sound FX updated
  • Hit spread changed to load most of the damage at the end explosion (damage unchanged)
  • Cooldown increased: 80s → 35s

[Awakened Moonlight Splitter]

  • Grants 1 Twilight per hit → 3 Lunaris on hit (once per cast)

[Awakened Sword Flurry]

  • Grants 1 Twilight per hit → 3 Lunaris on hit (once per cast)
  • Hitbox fixed

[Awakened Flash Stance] damage increased: 6325% → 7620%

[Crescent Cleave] → [Moon Fall]

  • The first half (pre-left click) range increased: 200 → 500 (matches the left click)
  • Visual effects edited to include falling sword waves upon left clicking
  • Holding S while casting [Moon Fall] to use [Crescent Cleave] instead allows you to shoot out cleaves instead of creating a burst of energy in front of you
  • No longer grants Lunaris per hit

[Moon Blade Dance EX]

  • Cooldown reduced: 20s → 10s
  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Ascension]
  • Now reduces the cooldown of [Smash X]
  • NEW: Grants 2 Lunaris per hit

[Class Mastery III] additionally allows [Halfmoon Slash EX] to generate 3 Lunaris on hit (once per cast)

[Thousand Moon Waltz]

  • Tap a directional key → Double tap a directional key OR shift + directional key to dodge and continue
  • Lunaris consumption increased: 30 → 90
  • Can be continued 3 times based on your bubble count → 2 times maximum


(Experimental) [Haymaker Frenzy] only goes on cooldown when it applies the buff


[Awakened Ignite]
Damage increased: 7928% --> 12209%
Cooldown increased: 10s --> 18s
Grants 5 Fever on hit (once only)
Can tumble out during the cast earlier End lag reduced

[Enhanced Summon Meteor]
Tier 3 Meteor bubble requirement decreased: 100 --> 90
Tier 1 Meteor bubble consumption reduced: 100 --> 50
Tier 2 Meteor bubble consumption reduced: 100 --> 75
Tier 3 Meteor bubble consumption reduced: 100 --> 90


[Immortality] duration decreased from 3s --> 1.3s, can be cast so long as you aren't downed, hit, or airborne, now applies instantly, and is now map wide


[Consecrated Grand Cross] now electrocutes enemies at a 100% rate for 12 seconds per hit


[Sleet Step] cooldown increased from 6s --> 7s
[Frostborne] no longer provides healing and damage reduction

/\c91\Blood Phantom

Fixed issue with SO where I accidentally calced the number out as a +2 instead of +1 (essentially 10% damage increase kekw)
Same damage on large bosses, cutting small boss damage down a bit

[Shadow Overdrive] damage increased to 1328%, first 9 hit coefficient changed from 200% --> 150%


[Counter Flare] hitbox area reduced to a cone in front instead of a circle around you


Fixes an occasional bug

[Follow Up EX] additional hits now occur automatically without needing to press the [Regular Attack Button]

[PvP] Class Changes

This is a change that applies globally so PvP gets it too

Tumble (all classes)

Tumbles (including dark tumbles) are no longer affected by action speed. This means the iframe duration is always the same

[PvP] Arenas

Added combo practice room (the grid arena) as Rounds and Rounds (BL) maps under the name "Grid Arena"

Cash Shop

  • Removed the old/broken Warrior baseball gender-bend costume


[Vergil Coat] (made by Koshiro)


  • Added a setting to change/disable camera acceleration
  • Talisman of Jerovine, Kosmos, and Ancient Elemental Talisman are no longer unequipped by the auto unequipper
  • Client prefers IPv4 when making API calls, should mean less issues for certain people where they get the error at startup or keep getting pestered to set their profile info on login
  • Added an option to change where damage numbers show up on enemies to make it easier to see on large bosses
  • Shooting Star big skill tracker switched from [Splash] to [Star Mortar]
  • Gold limit increased to 99,999,999
  • Loading screen tells you what server you're connected to
  • Several currencies now show with comma separators (gold, QC, DNP)
  • Buffs that have less than 2 seconds remaining show tenths of a second for the remaining 2 seconds
  • Debuffs that can stack multiple times (e.g. Ligna's death mark) now also show their duration (duration, count)
  • Added a setting to disable spacebar input for Illusory Chakra
  • Nerfed the sound range on Belin NPC's blacksmithing sounds by a little over half



  • Fixed an issue  where the input config for burning escape would not be loaded on logging in
  • Fixed one cause for invalid request when removing dragon gems
  • Fixed an issue that can sometimes cause some of your skills to not properly be learned even if it shows it as learned


  • Fixed Illusory Domain Circle Arena's fog being too close on low settings
  • Fixed Illusory Domain Chaos Mana Ridge one specific environment's fog being too close on low settings
  • RuDNHC boss 2 destroys clones if you kill the boss during the continuous charge mech


  • Mystic Knight: Attempt to make [Tumble] --> [Mystic Step] iframe chaining more consistent
  • Fixed a bug where Defensio's [Class Mastery] Super Armor effect did not apply to the release versions of [Stomp Shuffle], [Cycle Kick], or [Steam Release]
  • Fixed a bug where Ruina's [Class Mastery] Super Armor effect did not apply to the release versions of [Stomp Shuffle], [Cycle Kick], or [Steam Release]