UI Changes

D/N - Joorji: I think we need some new paint over the boring game
  • Every class name is changed to better match their identity
  • Overhaul in UI
  • Weapon names
  • Skill verbiage
  • and more!

[PvE] Class Balancing

D/N- Kozima: Apparently all I do is nerf, so i'm here to buff now :zeke:


Tired of it not deleting bars

[COUUUUUP] 5163% --> 60000%; 25% per 1% down --> 50% per 1% down, CD 3s

[Courageous Shout] 5s --> 1s

/\c24\Moon Astronaut

Just a smol adjustment to make rotations a little smoother
  • Name changed from [Lunar Knight] to [Moon Astronaut]
  • [Awakened Eclipse] Cooldown reduced from 9s --> 7s
  • [Moon Blade Dance EX] 10000% per hit
  • [Moon Blade Dance EX] can now hold right click to combo into another MBDEX


Suprise! New barb rework

  • [Ultimate Circle Swing] Can now continually swing
  • [Ultimate Circle Swing] 3548%-->20069%
  • [Devastating Howl] damage 100x, 5s CD

/\c26\Screwdriver Time


[Crash Mode] 5265% --> 52650%, 3686% --> 36860, 263% --> 2630%
[Devastating Howl] damage 100x, 5s CD

/\c76\Angry Man


[Nightmare Fatal Impact] 14658% --> 100000%, 2.5s CD

/\c29\Kiting Baby


[Windforce] 33000% --> 300000%, 10 bubbles --> 1 bubble

/\c30\Purple Kiting Baby

Small adjustment to try and fix the damage spread

[Fatal Guided Missiles] 1300% --> 12100%

/\c31\SB Slave

It's not really an ultimate skill so....

[Nature's Rage] 26200% --> 150000%
[Spirit Boost] 180s, 10s CD

/\c32\Get Ready to Fly!

You gotta really fall like you mean it

[Falling Star] 15695% --> 100000%
[Spirit Boost] 180s, 10s CD


Actually flying

[Main skills while transformed] no CD

/\c35\Fire Slut

[Summon Meteor] damage 10x, 3s CD

/\c36\Ice Bitch


[Frost Chaos] 40% --> 600%, 1s CD


[Nine Tail Laser] 3 CTC --> 20 CTC

/\c38\Ball Juggler

[Gravity Well] 2.5s CD, damage 10x

/\c85\Fiddlesticks Rework

[Contract skills] no longer require bubbles, damage 10x


The other tank classes are dealing DPS that puts them squarely in the support-DPS role.
Guardian, meanwhile, literally does less than half of a common DPS. It also doesn't bring too much to the party besides the common tank capabilities, so we're looking to give it a nice boost in damage and some more party utility, as well as opening up more gameplay variety.
Note that we're still planning on giving Guardian a total overhaul, but in the meantime, this should do
  • [Justice Crash] Launch damage increased from 50% --> 100%
  • [Awakened Armor Break] Now generates 1 Guardian Grace upon striking an enemy
  • [Divine Ascension] Damage increased from 4,500% --> 5,850%
  • [Divine Ascension] Can now be used immediately after casting [Stance of Faith]
  • [Awakened Passive Divine Barrier] No longer reduces the cooldown of [Thrust Force] by 50%, now reduces the cooldown of [Justice Crash] by 50% for the duration of [Heart of Glory].
  • [Elemental Aura] 10% elemental attack self-buff is now also a party aura
  • [Conviction Aura] Removed the 10% elemental defense party and self aura
  • [Heart of Glory] Grants 500% STR/VIT
  • [Heart of Glory] Duration set to 999 seconds.

/\c68\Zeke Tamer

Inspired by DBZ
  • [Sunshine Spark] 6420% --> 69420%


  • [Summon Shadow] Duration 999 seconds
  • [Abyss Strike] 1100% --> 6969%

/\c64\Crow Tits

[Rain of Death] 1.5s, 15 CTC

/\c91\Lethal Torture

Apparently this class is useless. Have some buff's.

  • [Lethal Torture] Damage increased from 8,165% --> 81,690%
  • [Lethal Torture] animation shortened
  • All resettable skills are now replaced with lethal torture
  • [Bleed Phantom Transformation] cooldown set to 1 second
  • [Shadow Overdrive] can now be inputted infinitely
  • [Shadow Overdrive] 1419% -->10420%

/\c73\Charging Sweep

Now its name no longer matches. O well sue me.

  • [Backflip Pierce] Damage increased from 441% --> 4420%

/\c99\Killed Class

It wasn't good enough, we nerfed plaga too hard. Now the name doesn't match on this one either. Sue me
  • [Sacrifice] Damage increased from 32625% --> 242069%

/\c79\Rock Fist

I've heard that this class is one button. We feel thats not true. Now a one button class.

  • [Rock Fist] Cooldown set to 4 seconds
  • [Rock Fist] Damage increased from 3500% --> 35000%


Now critting wont matter :^).

  • [Intense Shock] Damage increased from 10000% --> 100000%
  • [Intense Shock] Damage increased from 20000% --> 200000%

All Other Classes

Because im biased

  • Physical/Magical class mastery increased by 10x

[PvE] Project Flow


  • [Divine Vengeance] and [Divine Vengeance Instant] endlag reduced


  • Added tiers to clarify gear strength to crests and talismans


  • [Divine Ascension EXi]'s projectile now does proper damage (was doing 1 hit of 20%, fixed to do 5 hits of 20% each)
  • Missing boss voice lines have been re-added to [Red Dragon Nest (All Variants)]
  • [Skitzovania]'s environmental color mapping has been fixed to the correct values
  • [Sleepy Lizard Nest], [Sandpit Nest], [Speedwagon Nest], [Crystal Point Nest], [Clown Fiesta Nest Hardcore], [Waterfall Nest], [Arendel Trial Nest] have had their drops removed and gold drops removed because fuck you
  • [Pebbles] no longer randomly hurls insults at you
  • [Archbishop Nest] was a bad idea
  • [Red Dragon Nest Hardcore] and [Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore] have been stricken by COVID-19. We have brought in the substitute nest [Speedwagon Nest]