Thank you guys for enjoying and putting up with our menacing April Fools Day patch! We hope you had fun with your OP classes and Speedwagon Nest Vahrcore.

Thanks Wozz/Aruzamu#6183 for this wonderful summary

If you want to keep (most of) the Jojo lines for RDN VC or actually liked deep-fried Skitzovania, you can download these mods:

Now, the actual real patch notes for this week!

[PvE] Class Balancing

Smol changes to improve the QoL of some of our classes

/\c24\Lunar Knight

Just a smol adjustment to make rotations a little smoother
  • [Awakened Eclipse] Cooldown reduced from 9s --> 7s


The other tank classes are dealing DPS that puts them squarely in the support-DPS role.
Guardian, meanwhile, literally does less than half of a common DPS. It also doesn't bring too much to the party besides the common tank capabilities, so we're looking to give it a nice boost in damage and some more party utility, as well as opening up more gameplay variety.
Note that we're still planning on giving Guardian a total overhaul, but in the meantime, this should do
  • [Justice Crash] Launch damage increased from 50% --> 100%
  • [Awakened Armor Break] Now generates 1 Guardian Grace upon striking an enemy
  • [Divine Ascension] Damage increased from 4,500% --> 5,850%
  • [Divine Ascension] Can now be used immediately after casting [Stance of Faith]
  • [Awakened Passive Divine Barrier] No longer reduces the cooldown of [Thrust Force] by 50%, now reduces the cooldown of [Justice Crash] by 50% for the duration of [Heart of Glory].
  • [Elemental Aura] 10% elemental attack self-buff is now also a party aura
  • [Conviction Aura] Removed the 10% elemental defense party and self aura

[PvE] Project Flow


  • [Divine Vengeance] and [Divine Vengeance Instant] endlag reduced

[PvP] Class Balancing


  • [Fireball EX] Lvl 3 version hitbox duration on impact reduced from 60 to 30 frames.


  • Implemented several items for upcoming content (not available to obtain though!)
  • Added tiers to clarify gear strength to crests and talismans


  • [Divine Ascension EXi]'s projectile now does proper damage (was doing 1 hit of 20%, fixed to do 5 hits of 20% each)
  • [Lunaria Lance] and [Lunaria Blaster] can now be equipped (we turned them into a spear- and knuckle-type so they're compatible)
  • [Rock Fist] skill description fixed to reflect actual damage
  • [Icy Swords EX] black swirly removed.