Welcome to Project Duck's 2020 Halloween Spooktacular! Man have we got some deep fried gameplay for you! Please enjoy yourselves, collect cool weapons, and play tennis with the bosses.

Spooktacular ends when it pleases, so experience Spooktacular while it lasts!

What is Spooktacular?

Here at Project Duck we like to do crazy things and have fun. This last April Fools we "balanced" the classes, fucked up all sorts of names, deep-fried the town sky, and injected a healthy dose of Jojo memes into RDN. Turns out once a year isn't enough, so we've decided to make Halloween an "October Fools" of sorts. Think of it as like Doom Bots or URF (from League) for DN.

On the developer side, it also lets us try out new ideas and techniques without having to meet our usual high bar or having to worry about balance, class identity, and the other usual factors. We can just make something cool or crazy and just run with it. Sometimes things even turn into legitimate changes or are incorporated into reworks! Think of it like being able to experiment and practice so that we can do better when it counts. Also, the extreme changes push the game and our tools to their limits - we've already made several improvements to the tools as a result (if only the game engine itself were that easy to improve...).

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our memes,
- The Project Duck Team

UI Changes

  • Class names renamed
  • Some items renamed
  • Some UI elements renamed
  • Some skills renamed
  • New loading screen for Spookzovania thanks to Raudhr!
  • Raid leaderboards (on website) now filter by event
You thought we'd just disable leaderboard entries during this huh? NAH GO FLEX

Count Crockula

Let us welcome these spooky Halloween weapons with custom colors and effects created by Blush! Please take advantage of the event and claim yours ASAP at Count Crockula... for a hefty coin price!

You can also see the new Menacing Spirit available in the shop!

These will no longer be available for purchase after the event is over.

Instance Changes

Ice Dragon Nest (Hardcore)

  • HP increased significantly
  • Dragon Phase 1 skipped
  • Plummet no longer traps you if you are in a solo instance

Granom Nest & Guardian Nest

  • HP increased significantly
  • Halloween Coin drops boosted to 50
  • Timers removed

Boulder Training Ground --> Dick Measuring Contest

  • HP increased to 25 trillion

Nest Drop Changes

Drop changes to the following nests. This was done to prevent extreme exploits (Lumens and gold drops are also limited to 40 and 900 respectively for ALL of the following):

Ice Dragon Nest (Hardcore)

  • 1 guaranteed talisman/plate per character
  • 1 Prismatic Medal
  • 1 Hailstone
  • 5 Frosted Plates
  • 2 Snowballs
  • No longer drops Subglacial Rune

Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (8-man)

  • 2 Snowballs
  • 3 Frosted Plates
  • 1 guaranteed plates/talisman per character
  • Rollable plates/talismans removed

Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4-man)

  • No longer drops Snowballs
  • No longer drops Frosted Plates

Red Dragon Nest (Vahrcore)

  • No longer drops Luminous Sparks
  • 4 Wraths
  • 4 Scales
  • 1 Vahrein
  • 12 Crest & Talisman Vouchers
  • 4 Memory of Roy
  • 4 Zakad Crystal
  • 1 Glimmering Shard
  • 1 set of Evolving Radiance Accessories

Red Dragon Nest (EZ)

  • No longer drops Luminous Sparks
  • 4 Crests & Talisman Vouchers
  • 4 Memory of Roy
  • 2 Wraths
  • 2 Scales
  • 4 Zakad Crystal
  • No longer drops Evolving Radiance Accessories

Red Dragon Memoria

  • Lebrium points reduced to 100

Desert Dragon (Hardcore)

  • 4 Memory of Roy
  • 4 Zakad Crystal
  • Vahrein removed
  • Crystal Points reduced to 400

Black Dragon Nest (Hardcore)

  • Drops less Steve Coupons

Guardian Nest

  • 1 Plate
  • No longer drops Crystal Points
  • 1 Superb Wellspring Pouch

Granom Nest

  • 1 Talisman
  • No longer drops Crystal Points
  • 1 Superb Wellspring Pouch

Typhoon Krag Nest

  • 200 Crystal Points

Daidalos Nest (Hardcore)

  • No longer drops Steve Coupons

["PvE"] Class "Balancing"

Some things will leak into PvP, oh well, have fun. Different devs had fun with different classes, some classes may be wildly unbalanced compared to others.

FPS is going to drop significantly, your ears are going to hurt, skills will bug. Epilepsy warning.

- Duck Team


Become a fiend, a demon FUELED BY MOTIVATION. Combo like never before.
  • Skills renamed
  • Triple Slash shoots flash stance, halfmoon slash, smash X, MBD, or crescent cleave depending on left or right click and infinitely chains. 5th slash right click no longer jumps, press space bar at any time to lift into the air for aerial combos using left click or right click to slash downward throwing a blade forward
  • Feint’s AoE is massively increased and empowered
  • Hacking Stance slashes are super fast, hold right click does ultimate circle swing, dashing cuts enemies in front, dmg up, duration up
  • Brave gives 20% AS and gives 20 bubbles
  • Aerial Combo CD removed, dmg up
  • CM1 reduces CD by 75% instead of 50%
  • Coup animation changed to MBD, left click to smash down with Coup and release a massive explosion and shockwave, costs 1 bubble, CD reduced to 5s
  • CM3 Heavy Slash Coup jumps much higher and leaves a bigger explosion
  • CM3 Destructive Swing Coup leaves a much bigger explosion
  • Hyper Drive can now immediately go into left click or right click faster, left clicks can chain infinitely, right click unleashes Judgement Cut; unsheathe your sword
  • Line Drive shoots Hyper Drive projectiles
  • Dash Kick after Line Drive is much more powerful
  • Side dodge left or right to leave behind wind blades, forward or backwards to release cleaves, has no CD
  • Parry left click shoots Great Wave and Hyper Drive right click
  • Forward Thrust Shoots Crescent Cleave, right click (non S version) does lifts higher, sends cleaves, press right click again to slash downwards throwing a blade forward

/\c24\Celestial Lord

  • Projectile hit limits removed
  • MBD can be chained by using right click at no cost to stay in the air and continue firing, also fires tons more slashes per slash. Press [Spacebar] to launch higher. Left click to shoot CM3 CC
  • MBD CM3 can be chained like MBD, but no spacebar. Ends with CM3 CC
  • Moon blader spam speed and projectiles
  • Flash Stance shoots more, has a forward dash combo, backward dash combo, spacebar jump into spacebar or left click, lasts for 999s, right click can be combo’d (leave alone or parry to exit)
  • CM3 CC shoots tons of blades forwards in parallel
  • Cyclone Slash shoots 4 nados
  • Halfmoon Slash EX shoots CM3 CC
  • Halfmoon Slash EXi shoots CM3 CC
  • [Woke] Luring Slice shoots CM3 CC
  • Eclipse does Fullmoon Slash and shoots CM3 CC
  • Moonlight Splitter shoots CM3 CC
  • Smash X is an iframe and shoots more

/\c25\Beyblade God

  • Stomp coefficient 100% → 800%, base dmg increased by 30%, CD reduced to 4s AoE increased significantly
  • Whirlwind periodically STOMPS at the same time, CD reduced to 8s, Frenzied Whirlwind CD reduced to 1s and hold left click to keep spinning
  • Demolition Fist → Fist of the Unforgiving God Slayer, coefficient 70% → Incalculable%, is an iframe for the whole duration, Sends Orbital lasers, Judgemental hammers, Sacred Fury, Sunshine Spark, Ice Dragon Breath. Don’t stand too close… CD reduced to 10s, base % increased significantly
  • Circle Swing nados and stomps

/\c26\"Stealth" Bomber

  • Bombs Away is fucking massive AoE and damage up, CD 2s
  • Empowering Howl HP increase 50% → 500%
  • Punishing Swing throws 12 bombs instead of 1
  • Assault Crash infinitely chains, coefficients changed to at minimum 100%, at max around 2900% instead of 20% - 40% approx, last hit does Bombs Away AoE and damage
  • Rolling Attack can be chained by holding left click, fires cluster bombs Punishing Swing while in the air
  • Crash Mode right + left click does Bombs Away AoE and damage
  • Flying Swing does Bombs Away AoE and damage
  • Maelstrom Howl scream volume increased
  • Devastating Howl volume increased, screenshake increased, damage increased, duration

/\c76\Avenger's End Game

  • Piercing Crescent Machine gun
  • Vengeance Storm has many more hits, coefficient greatly increased, last hit explodes
  • Cataclysm now fires off Vengeance Storm
  • Death Knell machine gun, hold left click to keep shooting, hold right click after the rotation to end to cartwheel
  • CM3 Fatal Impact 100% coefficient → 1000%, AoE massively increased
  • Regular Fatal Impact releases a massive doomblade upon landing, coefficient massively increased
  • Doomblade AoE increased, swords are huge, piercing crescent comes out from different directions
  • Phase Blade teleportation blows up
  • Soul Cutter has 5x the amount of hits
  • Soul Cutter INS slams the ground with Doomblade every slash
  • Dark Anguish also fires off Piercing Crescents, right click casts Vengeance Storm
  • Grave Slash left click last slash slams downwards for Doomblade instead of dashing forward, right click summons larger swords
  • Dark Stinger left click shoot Piercing Crescents, right click spawns Vengeance Storm


  • Windshotmachinegun (fires multiple windshots just in case you wiff)
  • Awakened Piercing Shot has 1s CD, bleed effect buffed
  • Camouflage duration 900s, 1s CD
  • Siege Stance fires Windshot and guided missiles
  • Walking Target debuff 20% → 50%
  • Sylph's Aid lasts 999s, CD reduced to 5s


  • Guided Missiles shoots 5 times the normal amount of arrows, lowered CD, 10x dmg
  • Rapid Shot fires 2 times the amount of arrows, dmg up
  • Cannonade, shoots 6 barrages
  • Swift Shot fires 2 times the amount of arrows, left click shoots guided missiles, dmg up
  • Frag arrow fires 3 times the amount of arrows and guided missiles, dmg up
  • Sylph's Aid lasts 999s, CD reduced to 5s
  • Detonating Arrow fires 5 per shot and fires guided missiles
  • CM1 35% FD → 175%


  • SB lasts 999s (includes pt version which also gives 40% CDR/AS now just like solo)
  • CM1 10% dmg → 100%
  • Hurricane Dance hits many many more times and has increased coefficient and spawns nados
  • Current Punch Smash AoE increased, causes a massive explosion, bubble cost decreased
  • Marionette yoinks the whole map
  • Spiral Vortex spawns many more nados, coefficient increased greatly
  • Kick Shot fires more projectiles, coefficient increased
  • Hurricane uppercut fires many more nados and generates 10 → 80 bubbles
  • Bubble limit 100 → 800
  • Somersault Dance dmg up
  • Butterfly Float CD removed
  • Chain Tumble CD removed
  • Spirit Shot CD removed


  • Current Blooming Kick fires 4 projectiles instead of 1
  • Current Eagle Dive is now Falling Star
  • Current Rising Storm coefficients massively increased and explodes on liftoff
  • Rising Storm takes you into the stratosphere
  • Cyclone Kick fires Blooming Kick per kick
  • Air Pounce goes boom
  • Spiral Kick [spacebar] shoots Blooming Kick
  • Flash Kick hit count increased 3x, shoots projectiles and jumps a bit higher than usual
  • Swift Attack hit coefficient massively increased, last hit is a nuke, summons spiral balls
  • SB lasts 999s (includes pt version which also gives 40% CDR/AS now just like solo)
  • Showtime lasts 999s
  • Bubble limit 100 → 800
  • CM1 30% dmg → 75%
  • Butterfly Float CD removed
  • Chain Tumble CD removed
  • Spirit Shot CD removed


  • Arrow Storm fires 5 projectiles, cd reduced, dmg up
  • Deluge Bolt fires 3 times the amount of projectiles, cd reduced, dmg up
  • Raging wind fires many more projectiles, cd reduced, dmg up
  • Wild Shot fires 3 times as many projectiles and spews a bunch of other shit,
  • Tornado Shot fires 5 projectiles, cd reduced, dmg up
  • Spiral Bolt poo poos more projectiles, cd reduced
  • Flamingo and Air Raid spawns more Arrows
  • Blast Zone fires 3 times the projectiles
  • Transformation CD reduced to 1s

/\c35\Meteor Witch

  • Summon Meteor → Meteor Swarm (24 meteors), CD reduced to 5
  • Hotrod CM3 doubled firepower, shoots meteors, and flies
  • Inferno summons meatballs
  • Ignite summons meteors
  • Fireball shoots many many projectiles and meteors
  • Magma Ball is a meatball parade
  • Bubble gen chance 35% → 80%
  • Firewall is massive and coefficient increased


  • Ice Tornado has no bubble cost
  • Ice stacks are 100% chance
  • Frost Chaos on Glacial Field has 10 CTC
  • Glacial Field has multiple instances
  • Icy Shards has 10 CTC and spawns ice cyclones that move forward when used in CM3
  • Chilling Mist is IDN breath, Cd reduced to 10s, and left click spawns an ice cyclone

/\c37\Ear Rape

  • Nine Tail Laser charges 3 → 15, dmg up
  • Linear Ray fires Orbital Lasers
  • Laser Ray fires many more lasers and is huge when holding left click dmg up, costs no bubbles, dmg up
  • Spectrum Shower has many more lasers, dmg up
  • Energy Blast summons Spectrum Shower
  • Laser Cutter summons many more orbital lasers, dmg up
  • Fast Forward CD reduced to 10s, duration up to 999
  • Bubble gain up


  • Triple Orbs → Dodeca Orbs, dmg up
  • Summon Comet drops 1 mega rock, coefficient greatly increased
  • Gravity Crush spawns triple orbs under it, dmg 25k%, CD 11s
  • Gravity Rush leaves behind orbs
  • Gravity Well also detonates orbs, left click drops comets, right click spawns a tornado
  • Gravity Blast throws 4 instead of 1, CD 4s,
  • Black Hole dmg up, summons 3
  • Fast Forward CD reduced to 10s, duration up to 999
  • Teleport CD removed
  • Class Mastery I, 125% INT
  • Focus Gravity CD removed

/\c85\101 Dalmatians

  • Transformation costs 0 bubbles and lasts forever, cooldown reduced to 0.5s
  • Skills cost 0 bubbles
  • Contract skills dmg up
  • Cleaving CD 5s, dmg 42069%
  • Cleaving and Void Coil throw extra dark projectiles
  • Entomb CD 12s, dmg up, more skills proc it
  • Insult CM3, doubled projectiles, CD removed
  • Exhale leaves 5 scythes
  • Ripping Air can now chain into contract skills
  • Ripping charges 2→ 10, dmg up
  • Black Strike coefficient up
  • Smokestorm explodes
  • Haze CD 0.2s
  • Wraith form CD 5s, heal up 0.8% → 8%
  • CM2 25% → 80%


  • Overwhelm back and forth for free and shoots Divine Ascension bolts; damage up
  • Divine Ascension bolt spam and has no hit limit and flies very slowly
  • Divine Vengeance blows up the entire map
  • Bubble gives SA and has 200% HP and lasts 60s
  • JC has coup (including its Skill FX explosion) and shoots DA bolts in all directions; damage up
  • Shield Charge lasts forever until left click
  • Thrust Force does not require hitting a target, fly forward forever until left click or collision
  • Armor Break can break boss SA (how many 9’s am I gonna need… - turns out, 999999999)
  • Armor Break left click shoots DA bolts
  • Stance of Faith spacebar to block without needing to block, dealing tons of damage
  • Stance of Faith has a 1s CD and can always be used regardless of down/airborne/hit
  • Stance of Faith perfect parry breaks boss SA (including spacebar activation above)
  • Divine Punishment ticks 4x
  • Divine Ascension EXi has a 2s CD

/\c42\Mallet Man

  • JHammer throws 2 clones on either side as well
  • Sacred Hammering fires extra hammers
  • Hammer Hand has extra hammers
  • Mighty Blow does additional smite damage and AoE
  • Electric Smite EX AoE increased and damage up, summons hammer and deals mighty blow
  • Goddess Relic drops 3 instead of 1, coefficient increased
  • Divine Hammer is huge and coefficient increased
  • Zeal CD 5s, duration 999s

/\c43\Pope Francis

  • All base relics spawn 3 mini lightning relics
  • Lightning relic spawns 9 mini lightning relics
  • Cure relic spawns in front and behind you
  • Blessed Sign spawns Heal Relics around you
  • Antiphona Pool shoots a lot of balls
  • Relics are randomly sized


  • Consecration range 600 units → 2000 units, and gives 80% CDR
  • Lightning Bolt shoots 6 additional Grand Crosses and fires bolts in every direction
  • Judgement Spear throw 5 extra spears, CTC increased to 20, dmg up
  • Detonate shoots additional bolts in every direction (like unawakened version)
  • Lightning Fury bubble requirement 50 → 1, Lightning Fury shoots 6 extra projectiles
  • Lightning Storm has double the hit count, sends out waves of lightning and detonates Judgement Spears periodically
  • Grand Cross shoots 2 extra projectiles and 12 extra OTHER projectiles :wink:
  • Holy Burst has 2x the amount of hits, coefficients increased
  • Mindsnapper throws 3 extra balls of lightning

/\c83\Big Bad Guy

  • CM3 Sawblade shoots 2 more the blades
  • Land Corruption is huge
  • Death Gate loops itself
  • Shield Smash goes to Death Gate
  • Sawblades on Carnage, Execute, Guilt Attack
  • Cruel Rush ground marks are deeper
  • Savage Attack Instant (after Evil Hand) has devastation explosion
  • Carnage CTC increased from 20 to 50
  • Carnage is tankier
  • Pain to Gain decreases hp by 99%, increases damage by 50%
  • Soul Steal can heal more than once
  • Cruel Slash is protected by shields
  • Deadly Blow Explodes
  • AH trans is electrically spooky
  • Devastation has multiple explosions


  • Splash stores 20 CTC instead of 5, CD 0.5s, dmg up DOUBLE PROJECTILES.
  • MiR cost, 3s CD, dmg up
  • Chemical Warfare projectile count up
  • Summon Buster CD 15s, dmg 3x
  • MIR infinite left click

/\c48\Microsoft Engineer

  • Turret cap increased to 80
  • Summons the Muscle Duck from Duck Nest to fight for you
  • Ducks say “yes sir” over and over again
  • Duck cap increased to 20


  • Magma Monument dmg significantly increased
  • More Ice Hands, 6 to be exact
  • Volcano Punch and Ice Punch chain forever, dmg increased, camera lock removed, fists are larger
  • Ground Zero AoE increased to hit the entire map, dmg increased, if using an unenhanced version or lv 2 enhanced version, hold left click to do the lv3 version automatically, CD reduced to 8s
  • Volcano Jump punches with fists, cooldown charges up to 20, dmg  up, cd reduced to 1s
  • Slop Cocktail Shotgun, dmg up
  • Frost Fangs dmg up
  • Elemental Flair requires 0 bubbles, cd reduced to 15s, dmg up
  • Ice Beam INS can left click into the EX shot, EX shot can be chained infinitely and is a shotgun, cd reduced, dmg up


  • Injection gives allies 50% action speed for 250 seconds and refunds 5s CD to skills, CD reduced to 8s
  • Poison Strike AoE DECREASED significantly, dmg in return has been massively increased and can chain into Poison Break INS, cd reduced to 7s
  • Good Vibrations heal proportionate to damage 30% → 200%, lasts 100s
  • Love Sick is a kiss of death
  • Toxic Surge burn damage increased to 20696969420 every 2s for 30s, dmg up


  • Alfredo Frontier CD reduced to 1s, movement speed reduction removed
  • Dash CD reduced to 0.5s
  • Mecha Laser CD reduced to 5s, fires missiles periodically, dmg up significantly
  • Bombardment CD reduced to 5s, dmg up
  • Crashing Charge CD reduced to 2s, coefficient increased 100% → 350%
  • Whirlwind CD reduced to 10s, whirlwind AoE increased, dmg increased, SPIN LONGER, hit at the end, movement speed increased during spin
  • Land Crash CD reduced to 10s, coefficient increased 100% per hit → 450%
  • Power Punch (ULTI) DMG increased 420,000%
  • Atomic Blade CD 1s, dmg up

/\c55\Lewd Hand Holding

  • Phantom Avenger duration increased to animation speed and cooldown reduction increased 30% → 60%
  • Ascending Phantom CD 10s → 3s
  • Phantom Claw hit count doubled, coefficient 100% per hit, loops by holding left click
  • Chaos hit count up, dmg up, CD reduced to 15s
  • Chain Claw coefficient increased
  • Shadow Euphoria mdmg 15% → 20%
  • Unholy ground dmg up, cd reduced
  • Shattering Hand also attacks with revenge hand and CD reduced to 10s
  • Revenge Hand 9x, press left click to chain into revenge hand instant
  • Rampage Claw coefficient increased, more hands, left click to continue to do the final slam

/\c56\Dog Trainer

  • Phantom Avenger duration increased to animation speed and cooldown reduction increased 30% → 60%
  • Wolves split even more, dmg up
  • Soul Liberation duration, CD 32s → 10s, 1350% → 10350% per hit, hitcount 2.2x, last hit explodes and summons wolves
  • Specter of Torment fires many more projectiles, left click additionally fires wolves
  • Soul Scream coefficient increased, summons a dog for some reason, idk
  • Ghost Gate summons 3 gates
  • Summon totem’s buff effectiveness 30% → 120%, CD reduced to 20s
  • Spirit Paper now spawns many more papers
  • Class Mastery II 20% → 50%


  • Swivel Charge CD 3.5s, dmg 2x
  • Gust Dementia CD 5s, dmg 10x, now moves faster and lasts longer
  • Chakram Storm spawns Whirling Dervishes and other nados (from Soul Dancer) and can be continued by holding left click
  • Whirligig AoE massively increased, coefficient increased
  • Blade Step can be continued if you hold left click, dmg increased, cd decreased
  • Windcall and Illusive Gaze have 0s CD
  • CM2 25% → 70%


  • Arcanthus, Crushing Hammer, and Praetor summon all other Stands and coefficient increased, CD reduced, dmg up
  • All stands have been renamed and given sound FX
  • Stalker spawns 8 stalkers
  • Windcall and Illusive Gaze have 0s CD
  • CM1 50% STR → 100%

/\c89\Senior Citizen

  • Chain Rush no CD
  • Position Shift no CD
  • LIGHTS..
  • ACTIONS!!!


  • Shadow Hand: 4206.9% coef
  • Barrage EX: spawns 15 clones > final hit coef 420% > infinitely loops w/ left click
  • Flame Locust EX: 420% coef per hit > spawns 5 new blade runner projectile on left click
  • Blade Runner EX: 420% hit coef > spawns 13 blade runner projectiles (420% coef) [has BMJ effects, hits quicker, and has larger hitbox]
  • Reworked Mortal Blow CM3: CTC 20x > 420% coef per hit, 3rd or more charge spin final hit coef 4206.9% and spawns 5 new blade runner projectiles
  • Shinobi Drop EX: spawns 9 clones > infinitely loops w/ left click
  • Burning Escape: spawns 13 clones > single hit coef 420%>loops infinitely w/ left click;stand version stockpiles shadows w/ left click (doesn’t detonate) and can then detonate all at the same time by casting reg version when off cd
  • Pursuer EX: spawns 13 clones > ex attack spawns 13 more clones > infinitely loops w/ left click
  • Flame Drag: infinitely loops w/ left & right click [gas speed] > hit and projectile 420% coef (added New VFX)
  • Beast Swipe: 420% coef per hit > spawns 5 new blade runner projectiles on left click [added New VFX]
  • Enhanced Barrage: 420% coef per hit > infinitely loops w/ left click & right click
  • Enhanced Shinobi Drop: 420% coef per hit > spawns 23 new blade runner projectiles (420% coef) [added new VFX]
  • Enhanced Pursuer: 420% coef per hit > infinitely loops w/ left click
  • Enhanced Beast Swipe: 420% per hit > spawns 9 barrage clones, 9  shinobi drop clones, and 13 pursuer clones > spawns 5 new blade runner projectile on left click  [added New VFX]
  • Made final hit of pursuer & shinobi drop clones attacks 420% coef; made all barrage hits 420% coef; made ash burning escape hits total 420% coef

/\c64\Garbage Man

  • Chain Combination: hit coef 420% and drops an Enhanced Guillotine Cross projectile; loops infinitely w/ left click
  • Star combination: throws more projectiles and loops infinitely; 420% coef per hit
  • Umbra EX: drops 4 more around the main one; final hits all do 420% each hit
  • Applause EX: 2nd hit drops Enhanced Guillotine Cross projectile
  • Punishment EX: final hit drops Enhanced Guillotine Cross projectile
  • Rake EX: throws more projectiles (420% coef  per hit)
  • Rake INS: throws more projectiles and each projectile drops an awakened Fan of Edge (invisisble VFX unless you cast certain skills after it)  projectile
  • Crow’s Deadfall: drops more projectiles (420% coef per hit)
  • Awakened Fan of Edge:  initial hits all do 420% coef; drops more projectiles (420% per hit)
  • Crow Storm: drops Crow’s Deadfall projectiles at the end
  • Enhanced Guillotine Cross: 420% coef per hit and links into Chain combination
  • Rain of Death CTC 20x (420% coef per hit), 1s cd; lower end lag
  • The End drops around x3 the projectiles (projectiles all drop a Crow’s Deadfall projectile)


  • Sunshine Spark throws more projectiles and always visible to party
  • Old meditate is back and buffs party members FD by 75%, heals 15% HP
  • Ult is infinite left clicks, right click can be used anytime, right click lots more projectiles
  • Fulbright detonates unseen a lot more, hits a lot more
  • Chakra grip goes zoom
  • Piercing star awake unlimited hit count, throws 3
  • Outbreak hits more, can right click anytime, infinitely. Right Click projectile spawns 3x
  • Regular Strike ring ticks 3x faster, lots more damage.detonate unseen art the entire time.
  • Unseen art is global. Lasts 60 seconds. Damage up a lot
  • Fever skill xd (hero skill)

/\c69\Edge Lord

  • Clone lasts forever, CD reduced to 1s
  • Shadow duration infinite
  • Abyss strike projectiles...changed
  • Illusion strike 3x projectiles
  • Lotsa ult projectiles
  • Abyss claw hits a lot more, lots more projectiles
  • Nightfall makes a venn diagram
  • Spectral Blades earrape
  • Night burst spawns 5x
  • Fever skill xd (hero skill)


  • Lethal
  • Torture
  • Btw, dont use lethal torture


  • Twirling Thrust EX loops infinitely as long as you hold left click
  • Twirling Chop loops infinitely as long as you hold left click and pops Vulnerability at regular intervals too
  • Charging Sweep charges infinitely until you press left click, damage keeps ramping up to 800% of board damage
  • Awakened headbutt proc chance 25% -> 100%
  • CM1 Class mastery proc chance 5% → 25%
  • Rename LEAP ultimate into Windwalker → Damage x4 add stomp ex CRAZY EFFECTS
  • Twirling chop shoots lingering swing in random directions
  • Martial Spirit aura range 5m → 30m
  • Stalwart Spirit aura range 5m → 30m
  • Stab tug skill cone increased to 180°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°, hit coefficient x2
  • BFP is now a CTC, charges up to 20
  • Forceful bounce shoots multiple twirl chance beams in front of cast
  • Landing after using Bifrost is a big stomp you fatty, also has really slow projectiles


  • Cancer projectile spam is back but better/worse
  • Vengeance from Above has a lot more spears
  • Piecing Spike can be used continuously and theres more


  • Fighting Spirit duration 900s, CD 1s
  • Blizzard Shooter initial shoots 4x projectiles, dmg up, hold left click to continuously shoot blizzards rapidly, cd reduced to 5s
  • Fatal Stinger reset chance increased to 85%, dmg increased, press left click after any non-lv5 version to transition to lv 5 version (5 ice spears) also shoots 3 Crystal Shooters
  • Crystal Lance chance of acquiring a bubble 15% → 100%, max bubbles increased to 100, generates 5 bubbles per skill usage
  • Crystal Shooter fires 3 instead of 1, magic attack increases 2% → 10% changed to 10% → 80%, gain stacks twice as fast, duration increased to 90s
  • Momentary continues by holding left click, fires Blizzard Shooter continuously, cd reduced to 8s, dmg up
  • Blunt Slash freezes for 50s
  • Extreme Twister keeps GOING, CD reduced to 8s, dmg up

/\c94\BBQ Special 20% Off

  • Counter Flare only costs 1 bubble, dmg up, shockwaves, cd reduced to 15s
  • All EX skills dmg up, explodes
  • Falling Meteors create Land Crush flames, burn dmg up, cd reduced to 6s
  • Rising Lava cd reduced to 6s
  • Iron Lance cd reduced to 6s
  • Stomp N’ Stab cd reduced to 6s
  • Lava Raid cd reduced to 6s
  • Radical Charge cd reduced to 6s
  • Land Crush cd reduced to 6s
  • Brave Heart generation 1 per 3s → 1 per 0.5s
  • Heatup 1s CD, duration 900s, increases action speed by 25%
  • Fighting Spirit duration 900s, CD 1s
  • Lava Raid chains infinitely, creates explosions
  • Max bubbles 10 → 100 although this is kinda useless rofl


  • Ult chains infinitely, spawns more explosions and thorns
  • Infection more explosions
  • All bubble skills cost reduced to 1
  • Subconscious loops infinitely
  • Bunch of skills have thorns/more thorns


  • Ruination coefficient up
  • Reverse Order dmg up
  • Beatdown slams with Ruination dmg and higher coefficient
  • Taunting Blow BOOMs many more times, coefficient up
  • Aerial Parry makes many more currents
  • Auto-repair CD reduced to 20s, now cleanses 80 debuffs, refunds 7s of CD → 15s of CD to all skills
  • wProvoke is now a full circle and is mapwide
  • Beyond the Wall hit AoE greatly increased, CD removed, dmg up
  • Twister Kick 1s CD, gear step version jumps much higher, dmg 300%, drops Impactor bombs
  • Overclock Shield HP 500%, perma duration, dmg 15% → 100%
  • Pressure Release CD 10s, buff duration 999s, FD up 10% → 25%, defense and mdef up by 69%, cannot be debuffed
  • Cycle Kick, Stomp Shuffle, Steam Release action speed buff lasts 999s
  • Flyby rains down bombs, cameralock removed, initial jump height increased


  • Overcharge 0s CD
  • Followup, dmg up 100%,  hold left click to infinitely chain, coefficient increased to 150% per hit instead of 50%, some of the hits spawn tornados, right click to release a massive kick
  • Pressure Release 10s CD, buff duration 999s, FD up 10% → 25%, action speed up 5% → 15%, cannot be debuffed
  • Beast Rush hit count doubled, coefficient increased the longer in the animation you go
  • Rock Fist loops forever, coefficient increased
  • Exploding Palm shoots more nados
  • Overclock buffs phys 100%, cannot be debuffed, 999 duration, 0s CD
  • Pressure Burst final hit is now Impactor punch
  • CM1 AGI 50% → 100%
  • Kidney Blow coefficient increased, jump height increased
  • Cycle Kick, Stomp Shuffle, Steam Release action speed buff lasts 999s
  • Flyby rains down bombs, cameralock removed, initial jump height increased


  • Punch costs 0 bubbles, you can chain punches by holding right click, dmg up
  • Stunt Rush attack is most powerful pawnch
  • L-Buster chains infinitely, dmg up, costs 0 bubbles
  • Limit Runner gives 6 bubbles
  • Intense Pulse only consumes 1 bubble
  • Shoulder Crash gives 60 bubbles
  • Flyby rains down bombs, cameralock removed, initial jump height increased


  • Countdown CD 1s, buff duration 900s, 20% → 60% light atk
  • Eternal Light Quartz buff duration 10s → 900s, 5% buff → 20%
  • Cast Cassia dmg up
  • Carnival Rush dmg up
  • Eternal Light Soul CD 40s → 20s, Absorbs 0.005% of damage as HP → 0.010%
  • Libero Blast dmg reduction 20% → 30%, 1s buff duration → 10s, CD 5s, dmg 3x
  • Flyby rains down bombs, cameralock removed, initial jump height increased
  • CD projectiles added to more stuff
  • Cast Cassia added to more stuff