More spookiness as we prepare for this year's Halloween Spooktacular!

Nest Drops

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Coins will now drop from all of the following nests! Use them to purchase exclusive Halloween Weapons from Count Crockula.

Nest Amount
Daidalos Nest 5
Volcano Nest 5
Typhoon Krag Nest 5
Daidalos Nest Hardcore 10
Guardian Nest 15
Granom Nest 15
Ice Dragon Nest 4 Man Legacy 15
Black Dragon Nest Hardcore 35
Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore 50
Red Dragon Nest Easy 50
Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore 50
Ice Dragon Nest 8 Man Legacy 75
Ice Dragon Nest 8 Man Hardcore 100


Count Crockula is here to CROCK everyone's shit for Halloween; TRICK OR TREAT

Get the weapons to match the new costumes!

More goodies and rewards will be coming to these shops with the spooktacular event as well!

[PvE] Class QoL


[Awakened Passive] Overclock physical damage and additional damage enhancement duration increased 120s --> 900s


[Awakened Passived] Overclock physical damage enhancement 120s --> 900s


  • Erosion Wellsprings (Unique) now stack up to 999
  • New loading screen
  • Fixed some inconsistent logo work
  • UIString fixes
  • Class specializations at Kylie now prompt you for the 2nd spec immediately after doing 1st spec (e.g. clicking "Swordsman" will then take you to a menu that lets you select "Lunar Knight" and "Gladiator" instead of kicking you out). Sorry dark classes, you'll still have to re-interact for now.
  • Internal shuffling of Athena stuff for future tech upgrades
  • Preloading autologin (will be enabled in the next week or so - details will be posted when that happens)