Welcome to Expansion 3 of Project Duck! It's been a long time coming since the last expansion patch (approximately 6 months). We know everyone has been greatly anticipating this patch. We've been teasing it heavily for a long time now. The development team has been working very hard on this patch for a long time now. I would like to express my gratitude to the development team for all their contributions. Of course, none of this would be possible without the effort of our team of PDN Testers and Quality Assurance members as well. Please enjoy all the new changes and challenges for you and your party. - Joorji

Reinforcing Project Duck's Progression & Identity

We're trying to keep true to Project Duck's identity while maintaining the fun parts of gearing up in Dragon Nest. What I mean by maintaining our identity is:

1) You should be rewarded for your hard work

2) RNG should exist, but it shouldn't be the main reason for your characters' strength

3) Continued F2P friendly support

4) Gearing should be intuitive and you should FEEL the progress when you hit a major milestone
4a) You should never feel WEAKER with harder to obtain gear
4b) Raid focused gameplay and progression which means you shouldn't be able to grind for your gear doing an easily spammable nest

5) Perfecting class balancing

Equipment Changes

MDEF Adjustments

INT scaling is going out of control and we don't have a way to adjust it that doesn't affect PvP. That being said we have to nerf MDEF on gear to compensate for the huge growth in stats. We know this may have some greater repercussions in the mid game progression. Please let us know what needs to be adjusted.
  • Twilight Luna, Ardent Dawn, Midnight Frost base MDEF stat reduced by 50%

Vibrant Sun and Golden Wind

Gold cost is a bigger gate than the enhancement materials which makes running Daidalos Nest 10000 times a problem. We try to fix that.
  • Gold cost on enhancement reduced by 65%

New - Midnight Frost

A new gear set to make you feel spiffy. Must be getting tired of sweating all the time in the warm embrace of the sun. Now you get to be all edgy n' cold.

We had a lot of complaints regarding the lack of exclusivity and ease of access of Ardent Dawn equipment. This time we're taking a new approach to address all these issues. Midnight Frost is going to be a "raid-exclusive" equipment. We're also introducing enhancement gates, stat gain curves, and also fixing some of the issues we had with Ardent Dawn.

Obtainment / Frostbursts

Upgrade your equipment from Ardent Dawn to Midnight Frost using these Frostburst tuners crafted at Belin!

Please switch to Carnelian attunement on your Ardent Dawn equipment BEFORE swapping to Midnight Frost equipment.

Below are the conversion rates if you managed to reach above +20 on your Ardent Dawn mainhand weapon

Enhancement Process

Midnight Frost is our first gear set to introduce enhancement gates. You will require various different materials to enhance your gear at different levels.
  • +0 --> +5 requires you to clear Ice Dragon Nest 4-man or 8-man
  • +6 --> +17 requires you to clear Ice Dragon Nest HC
  • +18 --> +30 requires you to clear Ice Dragon Nest VC
We have changed how the +21 and above process works. Instead of clearing and everyone loses their minds about the 21st time you failed enhancing to +21, you will now lose your minds as a collective as your team didn't get a Permafrost Diamond after 21 clears. At least now you have a failsafe as you can trade in your Glacial Chunks for Permafrost Diamonds
  • You'll need Frosted Plates which are obtained in Ice Dragon Nest, or crafted using Zakad Crystals and Memory of Roy

Enhancement Transfers

As many of you may have Ardent Dawn +21 and above, you'll be able to tune your over-enhanced equipment to start at a higher tier of Midnight Frost. Below are the exchange rates.
Before Tuner After Tuner
Ardent Dawn +21 - +22 +1 Midnight Frost
Ardent Dawn +23 - +24 +4 Midnight Frost
Ardent Dawn +25 - +26 +6 Midnight Frost
Ardent Dawn +27 - +29 +8 Midnight Frost
Ardent Dawn +30 +12 Midnight Frost

Removal of Attunements

Many of you probably didn't even realize this system existed. You can switch between Carnelian and Topaz equipment of the same grade. Carnelian equipment gave more damage while Topaz equipment gave more tanky stats at the expense of damage. Carnelian eventually just became the norm for everyone at a certain point. We'll be working on making gear more universal in a sense. Tank classes may get adjustments as a result.

Evolving Radiance Season II

Now introducing Evolving Radiance tiers IV to VI. Experience huge growth in the palm of your ha... I mean between your fingers, and around your neck, and on your ears...


Acquire the new accessories by visiting Belin's crafting menu and using Evolving Radiance III accessories, Lumens, and Ice Dragon Nest materials to upgrade to a higher tier.

There are also "enhancement" gates for Evolving Radiance tier IV through VI. We want to provide players with a sense of accomplishment when they complete a big step.

New stats, new look


Item Type Stats
Ring IV Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 1350
PDMG / MDMG 4500
FD 100
Ring V Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 1755
PDMG / MDMG 9000
FD 120
Ring VI Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 3510
PDMG / MDMG 15750
FD 150


Item Type Stats
Necklace IV Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 2600
VIT 1425
FD 100
Necklace V Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 3380
VIT 1780
FD 120
Necklace VI Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 6760
VIT 2225
FD 150
HP 5%


Item Type Stats
Earring IV Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 2470
VIT 975
FD 100
Earring V Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 3210
VIT 1220
FD 120
Earring VI Main Stat (STR/AGI/INT) 6422
VIT 1525
FD 150

Midnight Crests

Now with more stats...
Sturdy and Adorned ones also added with same defense values but higher third stats

Frost Talismans

Now with more.... stats.... duh...
Sturdy and Adorned ones also added with same defense values but higher third stats

PvE Content Changes

Skitzovania New Portal and Braziers

Get amped up for the fight as the braziers in Skitzovania have finally begun to spark flames in reaction to the Ice Dragon becoming unsealed

New Portal Hub - Frozen Foothills

Experience a beautiful, yet eerie landscape with our brand new portal hub with the Expansion 3 update. The Frozen Foothills hosts all new nests and raids

New Raid - Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4-man & 8-man)

The Ice Dragon has been unsealed and ready to crock your shit. Come in prepared for a fight! This is the Ice Dragon fight as you may or may not have remembered it in retail Dragon Nest!

Legacy 4-Man Ice Dragon Nest

Take up to 4 people to challenge Ice Dragon Nest
Snowball 2 Bound
Frosted Plates 5 Bound
Lumens 5 Bound
Gold 4000

Legacy 8-Man Ice Dragon Nest

Take up to 8 people in your fiesta to challenge Ice Dragon Nest

These Sealed Talismans and Crests can be opened using the auto-opener found at Kylie btw.
8-Man Drops
Snowball 5 Bound
Frosted Plates 10 Bound
Lumens 10 Bound
Crests 3 Guaranteed Rollable
Talisman 3 Guaranteed Rollable
Crests or Talisman 10 Random Rollable
Gold 10000

New Nest - Granom Nest

Frost Talisman 2 Bound
Crystal Points 500 Bound
Lumens 3 Bound
Gold 3500

"New" Nest - Guardian Nest

The return of Guardian Nest. Only true Project Duck veterans remember Guardian Nest...
Midnight Crests 2 Bound
Crystal Points 500 Bound
Lumens 3 Bound
Gold 3500

Adjusted Nest - Desert Dragon Nest

We're adjusting old nests to add Lumens to the drops
Old New
Lumens 0 4 Bound

Adjusted Nest - Red Dragon Nest Hardcore

We're removing Pether's Soul Fragments as it was meant to be a temporary boost to those who reached +20 early before the next raid release. I hope you all understand :zeke:
We're adjusting old nests to add Lumens to the drops
Old New
Pether's Soul Fragment 1 Rollable 0
Glimmering Ice Shard 0 1 Bound
Lumens 0 8 Bound

Adjusted Nest - Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

We're removing Pether's Soul Fragments as it was meant to be a temporary boost to those who reached +20 early before the next raid release. I hope you all understand :zeke:
We're adjusting old nests to add Lumens to the drops
Old New
Pether's Soul Fragment 2 Bound 0
Glimmering Ice Shard 0 3 Bound
Lumens 0 10 Bound

Coming Soon - Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

Perhaps something might be more powerful than the Ice Dragon afterall...

Coming Soon - Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore & Vahrcore

If you thought Ice Dragon might be a challenge, you aren't ready for Hardcore and Vahrcore. We'll continue to polish the raid and release it when we're ready. Let's just say, things aren't going to stay the same...

Trial of Champions

Removed, cya, bye, later, arrivederci, sayounara

It was annoying fun while it lasted. Thanks for playing our EXTENDED 1st Anniversary event. The shop will stay around for another patch or so though.

Boulder Training Grounds

New gear means more damage, more damage means we need a FATTER BTG. Also we're bringing more lore to Project Duck as Pebbles now has a father. Boulder is a bit older and easy to weather so Pebbles is going to be tankier of course...
  • "Giant Golem" renamed to "Boulder"
  • "Battle Training Grounds" renamed to "Boulder Training Grounds"
Boulder is Pebble's papa
  • Boulder's HP increased from 200b --> 500b

Shop Changes

Zeke Revamp Exchange Shop

  • Added Dragon EXC tab to trade in your Ice Dragon Nest materials
It wasn't a leak!
I know this has been in the game for a while now, but I thought I'd mention it here for organization sake.

GM.X Dragon Gem Shop

  • Added Special Helmet Dragon Gems to the parchment shop

Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of class gameplay improvements/smoothing to PvE. See background info and all changes here


[Pressure Release Defense/Attack] casting speed increased

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 17

Big class balancing patch to come as we try to nerf what is too strong and buff classes that need more help. We want to make allow wide variety of party comps for IDN. We'll be keeping watch on select classes that may be too strong or too weak as a result from this patch.


[Class Mastery II] Physical damage 25% → 30%


[Spirit Ascension] 20% damage penalty --> 25%


[Charged Shot] 1900% → 2280%
[Siege Stance] 850% → 977%


[Detonating Arrow] 3380% → 4394%
[Hawk Ballista] 17071% → 20485%
[Frag Arrow] 242% → 556% (It’s actually 484% at max, but description says 242%; increasing it by 15% as planned though)


[Kick Shot] 5274% → 5801%
[Marionette] 4290% → 4719%
[Hurricane Uppercut] 7865% → 8651%
[Furious Winds] 5830% → 7579%
[Nature’s Rage] 24000% → 31200%


[Class Mastery II] 25% → 30%
[Awakened Air Pounce] 6s --> 3.5s
[Awakened Spiral Kick]

  • 1657% → 2154%
  • 6s --> 3.5s

[Awakened Passive Ride Current]

  • Swift Attack damage increase 70% → 85%
  • Rising Storm damage increase 20% → 30%

[Class Mastery III] Willow Kick no longer enhances Eagle Dive and Flash Kick by 15% for 5 seconds (only enhances Falling Star now)
[Showtime!] no longer increases Falling Star damage by 50%
[Awakened Falling Star] 18833% → 28249%

/\c81\Silver Hunter

[Wild Shot] 236% → 283%
[Arrow Storm] 3264% → 3916%
[Deluge Bolt] 1627% → 2115%
[Tornado Shot] 1173% → 1407%


[Beyond Time] 15% damage penalty --> 25%


[Justice Crash] Damage reduced from 11,287% → 9,876% (net result from previous patch is still a 17% buff vs the original 33% buff)
[Divine Ascension] Damage reduced from 5,850% → 5,265%
[Elemental Aura] No longer applies to party (this was actually bugged in the first place and didn’t give it to the party, but we’ve decided that this would be too much)
[Heart of Glory] Duration reduced from 25s → 20s (at rank 3)


[Protection Shell]

  • Duration 900s --> 20s
  • Cooldown 10s --> 80s


[Great Heal]

  • 60s --> 90s
  • 50% of mdmg scaling --> 30% of mdmg scaling

[Heal] 35% of mdmg scaling --> 25% of mdmg scaling


[Slime Shake] bugfix with selfbuff stacking with party 25% --> 16%


[Toxic Spill EX]

  • New skill input off [Special Attack Button] with 30s cooldown
  • Heals 10% of max hp to allies
  • Additionally heals for 20% of mdmg scaling every 3 seconds for 15 seconds

[Good Vibrations]

  • Heal 50% of mdmg scaling → 30% of mdmg scaling
  • 75s → 90s

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

[Multiray Shot] 874% --> 1093%
[Lasernator] 3099% --> 3873%
[Flick] 940% --> 1175%
[Land Crash] 12707% --> 15248%
[Power Punch] 45630% --> 54756%
[Whirlwind] final hit coefficient 40% --> 70%


[Ecstatic Audience] damage penalty 20% --> 25%

/\c56\Soul Eater

[Class Mastery II] magic damage 30% --> 20%

/\c59\Spirit Dancer

[Awakened Passive Illusion Dance]

  • No longer reduces cooldown of Dance of Ecstasy
  • Now grants additional 5% healing on cast and 12% damage reduction for duration

[Illusion Dance]

  • Heal 6% --> 2%
  • Damage reduction 22% --> 12%

[Acanthus] 19375% --> 15500%
[Praetor] 16040% --> 14436%
[Dawnblade] 15565% --> 14008%
[Crushing Hammer] 24190% --> 21771%

/\c89\Oracle Elder

[Class Mastery II] proc chance 40% --> 50%
[Oracle Elder Transformation] now grants 15% light attack for duration
[Rising Gust] 5111% --> 6133%
[Wild Spada] 3489% --> 4535%
[Twister] 4352% --> 5222%
[Sharp Hurricane] 3374% --> 4217


[Open Edge EX] projectile changed back to mini Deadfall version (like NA/SEA)
[Class Mastery II] physical damage 20% --> 25%

/\c68\Light Bringer

[Energetic Chakra] pdmg scaling heal 20% → 15%

[Miraculous Chakra]

  • Cooldown 75s → 90s
  • Hp Recovery 50% of damage → 30% of damage

[Healing Chakra] pdmg scaling 35% → 25%
[Class Mastery]

  • 30% STR/AGI →  50% STR/AGI
  • 15% Light → 10% Light

[Class Mastery II] 25% Phys → 20%


[Charging Sweep] 12783% --> 10226%
[Backflip Pierce] 441% --> 595%


[Double Somersault] 6117% → 6729%
[Angelic Spear] 550% → 600%
[Flag Shine] (Redirection on it removed, #FinallyUseful)

  • 280% / 2800% → 800% / 8000%
  • 8 seconds CD → 15 seconds CD


[Frostbite] proc chance 15% → 25%
[Gale Stab] 2244% →  2468%
[Splitter] 2712% → 2983%
[Momentary Phantasm] 5974% → 7468%
[Extreme Twister] 5238% → 6548%
[Blizzard Shooter] 2160% → 2376%
[Crystal Shooter] Duration 20 seconds → 60 seconds
[Crystal Lance] proc chance 10% → 15%


[Land Crush] CD 22 sec → 18 sec
[Radical Charge] CD 16 sec → 12 sec
[Class Mastery II] Added 20% fire attack
[Counter Flare] 4197% → 4616%


[Pulse] generation chance 41% --> 50%


[Eternal Light Soul]

  • Recovery based off damage .1% → .05%, healing duration 40s → 15s (dmg buff duration stays at 40s)
  • Phys/mag %5% → 10%

[Countdown] 60s → 50s
[Lightning Rise] 6862% → 7548%
[Carnival Rush INS] bubble cost 15 → 5
[Cast Cassia] No longer costs bubbles

[PvP] Class Balancing

Many PvP adjustments are in this patch due to Roy working from home and having more free time! The biggest focus was probably Arch Heretic. The class did ridiculous damage in trans and was very squishy for a cleric. To lessen the gap between trans and non-trans, the damage in trans was severely reduced while the class took an existing skill and allowed it to be used as an extra escape similar to air block. It can still be used as an attack if wanted. A bunch of other bug fixes and nerfs to help balance classes or make them less cheesy. I may be taking my focus off of pvp balancing in order to get some PvE reworks in for a little bit. Though, with those PvE reworks, I'll probably end up adjusting those classes in PvP since they'll be being worked on anyways. Reworking classes are: CM, WM, GM, SS, and possibly Priest (only in KDN atm). I'll try to slip in Mara's trans adjustments for PvP as Mara, OE, and VP are the only trans classes I haven't finished with yet and I don't expect Mara to take too long. (That also means BP should be pretty solid now with this patch! It mostly just needed a higher trans cd so, that was easy). Btw, this patch's VP nerfs were inspired by KDN's March patch. They nerfed the class much harder than we did here, but we like to take baby steps. So, if it's still super OP, we'll be even more inspired next time...
Remember, nothing done here is absolute and can always be adjusted!


  • Parrying Stance damage reduced by 50%.


  • Soccer Kick Combo damage spread adjusted and nerfed. Lvl 1 damage nerfed from 300% to 144%. Lvl 10 damage nerfed from 345% to 301%


  • Dash Combo's 1st hit's sab increased from 300 to 400.
  • Cataclysm's SA nerfed from 1200 to 700 (don't tell Peng)


  • Eagle Dive EX aoe reduced slightly to match effects better.


  • Insight's 2nd hit max distance range/aoe slightly increased
  • Flash Trap's SAB increased from 50 to 200.

/\c38\Chaos Mage

  • Triple Orb EX hit count increased. Damage unchanged.


  • Air Block given slight jump pause on use following into brush off's fall speed after the iframe ends.
  • Goddess Relic's AoE nerfed from a radius of 230 to 220.
  • Jump option removed from Divine Ascension.
  • Divine Ascension now has sound in beginning of animation.


  • Jump option removed from Divine Ascension EX.
  • Divine Ascension EX now has sound in beginning of animation.
  • Air Block gives 1 Guardian Grace if Autoblock EX is learned.


  • Savage Attack black lightning given 8 frame hit delay before hitbox comes out. Total duration of hitboxes reduced to match effects better.
  • Carnage is able to be canceled with right click 20 frames sooner.
  • Soul Steal made to be able to hit more than 1 enemy like in PvE
  • Cruel Rush SAB changed from 250 * 2 to 300 * 2.
    Stagger added to 2nd hit.
    Nightmare bubble consumption reduced from 15 to 5.
  • Deadly Blow damage increased by 50%.
  • Shield Smash stun chance decreased from 30% to 0%.
  • New Skill: Shielded Smash! (Copy of Shield Smash)
    Shares cooldown with Shield Smash. Changes input of Shield Smash to Jump instead of Normal Attack during Jumps.
  • Shield Smash and Shielded Smash cooldowns set to 45 second.
  • Can use Shield Smash and Shielded Smash to escape out of enemies combos.
  • You can only learn Shield Smash or Shielded Smash, not both.
  • Brutal Soul cooldown reduced from 60 to 35 seconds. Dark attack reduced from 20% to 7.5%.
  • Flaming Revenant cooldown increased from 45 to 60 seconds.

/\c83\Arch Heretic

  • Arch Heretic cooldown changed from x to 90 sec. (Cooldown plate makes it 72 sec)
  • Arch Heretic STR increase changed from 3% per level to 0.25% per level.
  • Arch Heretic SAB increased from 100 to 200.
  • Evil Hand's bonus damage cofficient changed from 25% to 5%.
  • Devastation's Explosion damage coefficient changed from 150% to 75%.
  • Cruel Rush SAB changed from 250 * 2 to 300 * 2
    Stagger added to 2nd hit.
    Nightmare bubble consumption reduced from 15 to 5.
  • Savage Attack bonus damage coefficient changed from 30% to 5%.
  • Arch Heretic (B) elemental resist increased from 10 to 25%. Damage increased reduced from 5% to 0%.
  • Arch Heretic (A) damage increase reduced from 10% to 5%.
  • Attack Accelerator B critical damage increased from 5% to 15%.
  • Power Accelerator B final damage increased from 5% to 6%.

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

  • [Ride] Dash damage decreased by 50%.


  • Phantom Claw's last hit changed from Light Impact to Stagger
  • Hands of Vengeance's Tumble usability timing delayed by 20 frames
  • Phantom Rage's SAB reduced from 150 * 4 to 100 * 4.
  • Blitz Claw cooldown at max level increased from 14.5 to 17.5 seconds.

/\c55\Dark Summoner

  • Hands of Vengeance EX's Tumble usability timing delayed by 20 frames


  • Open Edge EX projectile changed back to mini Deadfall version.


  • Lethal Torture given 15 frame delay at start.
  • Madness action speed increased by 20%.
  • Intense Suffering action speed increased by 20%.
  • Pass Away's SAB changed from 100 * 3 to 200 + 100 + 200

/\c91\Bleed Phantom

  • Lethal Torture's Combo's bubble requirement/consumption reduced from 8 to 0.
  • Bleed Phantom transformation duration increased from 15 to 20 seconds.


  • Harmonize action speed nerfed from 10% to 8%.
    Movement speed nerfed from 10% to 5%.


  • Twirling Thrust bonus damage nerfed from 100% per swing to 50%.
    SA changed from 600 refreshing to 1200 once.
    Tumble usability nerfed to only be useable after each swing's hits.
  • Spinning Takedown's Tumble usability nerfed to only be allowed after the hit(s).


  • Twirling Thrust EX bonus damage nerfed from 100% per swing to 50%.
    SA changed from 1200 refreshing to 1200 once.
    Tumble usability nerfed to only be useable after each swing's hits.
  • Spinning Takedown EX's Tumble usability nerfed to only be allowed after the hit(s).
  • Erratic Power changed to give bubbles only on attacks that hit.


  • Stomp N' Stab's SAB changed from 200 + 400 to 400 + 200.
  • Extreme Twister's SAB increased from 10 * 16 to 25 * 16.


  • Extreme Twister EX's SAB increased from 10/hit to 25/hit. Right click's SAB increased from 80 * 3 to 100 * 3.


  • Stomp N' Stab EX's SAB changed from 300 + 400 + 300 to 400 + 200 * 2.
  • Iron Lance EX's SAB changed from 100 * 3 + 250 * 2 to 100 * 3 + 150 * 2.
  • Lava Raid EX's projectile/field's sab nerfed from 200 * 3 to 50 * 3. Vertical lift velocity removed.


  • Exploding Palm's projectile SAB nerfed from 200 * 4 to 75 * 4


  • Taunting Blow now ticks with each flash. Last tick before the explosion made to be a special sound. Cooldown increased from 20 to 25 seconds. Detonation iframe reduced by 10 frames in the end.


  • Exploding Palm EX's projectile SAB nerfed from 200 * 4 to 75 * 4
    AoE increased to be like non-ex's.
  • Flying Knee-kick EX's air version's jump height made like non-ex.
    Vertical hitbox increased on each hit.
  • Pressure Release auto connecting the flurry of hits removed. Hold left click to go into the flurry of hits no matter what (similar to EX).


  • L-Action vertical hit height reduced. AoE made to match effects.
  • L-Combo vertical hit height reduced. AoE made to match effects.


  • L-Action EX vertical hit height reduced. AoE made to match effects.
  • L-Combo EX vertical hit height reduced. AoE made to match effects.
  • Intense Pulse Attacks from L-Action EX, L-Combo EX, and Stunt Rush EX aoe made to match effects (significantly reduced).
  • Intense Pulse now gives 1% more damage per Intense Pulse you have (up to 6%). SA increase removed.
  • Skipping Attack combo aoe nerfed.


  • Eternal Light Quartz duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Eternal Light Soul duration increased from 20 to 30 seconds. Cooldown decreased from 80 to 60 seconds.
  • Lightning Rise EX iframe duration reduced.


  • Fatalism sab nerfed from 400 * 2 to 400 + 200. Vertical hitbox halved to match effects.
  • Injury Combo vertical hitbox height reduced to match effects.
  • Infection vertical hitbox height reduced to match effects.
  • Dissembler vertical hitbox height reduced on 1st 2 hits to match effects.
  • Subconscious SAB nerfed from 70 * 10 to 30 * 5 + 70 * 5
  • Thorn of Reproof camera resistance removed

/\c99\Vena Plaga

  • Manic cooldown increased form 25 to 40 seconds.
  • Subconscious SAB nerfed from 70 * 14 to 30 * 5 + 70 * 5 + 50 * 5. Stagger removed.
  • Vena Plaga Transformation cooldown reduced from 180 to 90 seconds. Duration changed from max of 40 seconds to 20 seconds at all levels.
  • Vena Plaga Transformation aoe slightly increased to match aoe.


Vahr has given us more tools to enhance our game

FPS Meter

  • Built-in FPS meter now available for those of you who don't want to use third party programs
FPS meter on the left, frame time graph on the right 
  • Edit gameconfig.json found in your Athena folder
  • To show FPS meter, change "showFps" to "true" (top left on above image)
  • To show frame time graph, change "showFrameTimeGraph" to "true" (blue line in the above image)
  • If you need to cap your FPS, change "fpsCap" to something greater than 15
    "maxZoom": 600,
    "fpsCap": 0,
    "showFps": false,
    "showFrameTimeGraph": false
Here it is in copyable format so you can make sure you dont mess it up

Game Optimization

  • Increased FPS performance during certain laggy mechanics in Legacy Ice Dragon Nest 4man and 8man (ahem tornado)
  • Ray Mechanic's transformation sequence should no longer lag as hard as it used to on new nests (Guardian/Granom/IDN). This will retroactively roll out to other nests as we get to them
And this is how it's done-also btw FPS in IDN is fantastic


  • Login BGM changed from screaming Yoshi to the Arendel theme
  • Boxhead Anniversary Tokens no longer drop in their respective nests
  • Twilight Luna equipment can no longer be extracted
  • #temp-ui-report cleaned out and should reflect as such in game (if anything previously reported still exists, please report again and Roy will fex it)
  • Items with only flavor text have been updated to add useful descriptions
  • NPCs in Skitzovania now have deeper conversations...
  • Common items and materials now have lines that indicate where you can obtain said item (If we messed that up, please let us know in #temp-ui-report)
  • Goddess Auras, Beginner Blasters, and Beginner Lances no longer spawn with new Machina and Lencea characters
  • HP potions, MP potions, and Whalecum Adventurers no longer spawn with new characters
  • AI bots in PvP now use the 40 frame long iframe instead of the 20 frame long one. Reaper AI sab adjusted on a few skills to match Reaper class
  • Legacy Ice Dragon Nest 4-man and 8-man boss mechanics have been  modernized
  • Magic grade guild buffs (the STR/INT/AGI/VIT ones) have been consolidated into one buff (that gives all 4 stats) to give you some more spaces on the buff bar
  • Added Red Dragon weapons as costume weapons, currently unobtainable (still working out how we should release dragon raid costume weapons)
  • A dark version of the [Groomsman Gauntlet] has been added: [Refined Groomsman Gauntlet], which can be purchased by itself and also now included in the warrior Groomsman costume packages (along with the regular white gauntlet)
  • New HF Blade costume added to the cash shop which can be found in the weapons section. It can only be purchased by itself.
No more white gauntlet with black suit!
Epik Katana


  • [PvE] Gladiator [CM3 Coup de Grace] should no longer send your allies into the shadow realm (kill them with damage transfer)
  • [PvP] Gladiator [Parrying Stance Awakening] cooldown changed from 30 to 45 seconds to match non-awakening
  • [PvE] Windwalker [Showtime!] should no longer be accidentally canceled by moving
  • [PvP] Raven [Assassinate Awakening] no longer enabled.
  • [PvE & PvP] Crusader [Struck by Lightning Ins] Damage coefficients in PvP corrected. PvE now only hits once (damage unchanged from before)
  • [PvE & PvP] Archer [Longbow Basic Atks] are no longer forced physical damage, but dynamic instead.
  • [PvE & PvP] Warden [Frag Arrow EX] Typo fixed on hitstate, now staggers
  • [PvP] Warden [Frag Arrow EX] Frag Core added to projectile for S-Cast Swift Shot EX
  • [PvP] Paladin [Stance of Faith] no longer calls EX action
  • [PvP] Paladin & Guardian [Divine Ascension & EX] elemental attack added back.
  • [PvE & PvP] Arch Heretic [Deadly Blow] flow edits removed due to leaking into PvP.
  • [PvE & PvP] Arch Heretic [Evil Hand] now properly jumps instead of dragging your face across the floor.
  • [PvP] Dragoon [Hornet's Touch Awakening] no longer disables the parry action.
  • [PvP] Dragoon [Rough Sweep EX] damage reduction of 75% removed to act as non-ex.
  • [PvE] Impactor [L-Buster EX] no longer requires 2 Intense Pulse to use.
  • [PvP] Impactor [Stunt Rush EX] when used in air, no longer uses PvE landing.
  • [PvP] Lustre [Cast Cassia Awakening] no longer completely disabled. Still requires at least 1 Luminance to use but Luminance are no longer consumed now. Description updated in PvP to show this.
  • [PvP] Lustre [Eternal Light Soul] will no longer change into Eternal Might at 50 Luminance bubbles.
  • [PvP] Lunar Knight [Moon Blade Dance EX] no longer disabled ever.
  • [PvP] Ruina [Pressure Burst] ducking after Pressure Burst no longer forces a bugged version of the skill.
  • [PvP] Ruina [Awakened Passive Overclock] no longer gives more crit damage.
  • [PvP] Defensio [Awakened Passive Overclock] no longer grants a shield and increases defense by 40% of phys dmg instead of 20%.
  • [PvP] Dark Summoner [Chaos EX] action and movement speed buffs removed to act as non-ex.
  • [PvP] Inquisitor [Consecration EX] action and movement speed buffs removed to act as non-ex.
  • [PvP] Physician [Good Vibrations EX] extra heal removed to act as non-ex.
  • [PvP] Black Mara [Enhanced Contract Void Coil] black swirly removed.
  • [PvP] Black Mara [Enhanced Cleaving] damage on description fixed.
  • [PvP] Vena Plaga [Thorn of Reproof] fixed flow leak.
  • [PvP] Vena Plaga [Manic] 60 bubble version camera lock changed to skill lock.
  • [PVP] Gladiator AI's Triple Slash EX 1st hit's damage coefficient fixed from 30% to 40%. Hacking Stance EX's damage coefficient fixed from 130% to 115%.
  • Cleric anniversary weapon should now be visible (we should be removing this shop next patch so buy weapons while you can!)
  • Machinas should now be able to see Alter Roy's player request shop