To celebrate the release of part 1 of expansion 3, we've prepared some events!

Donation Rebate

Get 25% more EC when you donate from patch release to April 20th!

Reverse Harem Challenge

Duration: From patch until April 27th

Clear [Legacy Ice Dragon Nest 8-Man] with a party of at most 2 female classes (so 6 or 7 male classes).

Please take a screenshot of the clear and post them to the #reverse-harem-submission channel. We'd also appreciate it if you typed out all the names too (so we can just copypasta)


30k QC per account, [Dragon Slayer Prince] and [Dragon Slayer Princess] titles (depending on the gender of your participating character(s))

Nest Grand Prix

From patch until April 27th

Rev your engines! Or rather, your overpowered classes, team comp wits, and a bit of luck.

Clear the following nests on one character (per account), solo or in a party, taking a full screenshot of the clear screen (with clear time) and take note of the approximate server time (PST, use this website to get the current server time) for each:

  • [Red Dragon Nest Hardcore]
  • [Legacy Ice Dragon Nest 4-man]
  • [Typhoon Krag Nest]
  • [Daidalos Nest Hardcore]
  • [Granom Nest]
  • [Guardian Nest]

Please upload the screenshots to an imgur album and post in the #grand-prix-submission channel. All 6 nest clear screenshots must be present and the approximate server time for each clear must be in the image description. Please make sure your in-game name is visible.


  • 1st place: 120k QC, the [Speedwagon Speedster] title, and a custom title of your choice
  • 2nd place: 90k QC and the [I wish I had a Blue Shell] title
  • 3rd place: 60k QC and the [Barely on the Podium] title
  • 4th place: 30k QC and a consolation virtual pat on the head

In the event of a tie, all players within the tie get the reward for that place.

Fashion Nest Event

Duration: From patch until April 27th

Dress your character up to be as fashionable as possible! Who will have the best style?

This time, all submissions must be taken in the [Frozen Foothills] or in any of the nests directly accessible from there (so IDN, GN, and GrN).

Simply screenshot your character and post in the #fashion-nest-submission channel with your IGN. Camera angles, poses, scenery, and other photographic elements are also taken into account when we judge the fashion. Be sure to get your best angle! One entry per participant.


  • 1st place: 30k QC & Event Title: “As cold as ice”
  • 2nd place: 20k QC
  • 3rd place: 10k QC
  • Fan vote: 20k QC

Gameplay Video

Duration: From patch until April 27th

Show us your moves! Record yourself clearing (in a party is OK!) any of the new nests (IDN4, IDN8, GN, GrN) and upload the video to YouTube.

Submit your videos in #gameplay-video-submissions. Videos must be public and have a link to in the description. You may also add the Project Duck badge to your video if you want to look extra fancy.

Be badged delight!

Your video should showcase a few of the following:

  • Stylish gameplay (really show how much of a pro you are at your class)
  • Mechanical flex (handle those nest mechanics like a pro)
  • Good ol funtime with friends (hilarity in voice chat or in gameplay is always welcome)
  • Enjoyable to watch (no snoozefests please!)

A public vote will also be held for the most popular submission.

Note: Submissions will be graded subjectively based by the judge’s taste. First Place is exempt from the Fan Vote Prize. Participation prize is not awarded to first or second place winners. Friendos in the video get the participation prize if the video wins a prize


  • 1st place: 60k QC and [The Protagonist] title
  • 2nd place: 30k QC
  • Participation prize: 5k QC