Hi, I'm Xavi and this is my basic gladiator guide for PvP. I hope it helps you!

These PvP guides are meant to be bite-sized and basic. If you want to add to them please feel free to message @snot#7451 on discord. Remember that PvP builds are customizable to your preferences. Experiment!

Skill Build

Skill Crests

[Side Kick Action Speed] / [Triple Slash CDR] / [Counter Cross CDR] / [Line Drive CDR] / [Dash Slash DMG] / [Halfmoon Slash Action Speed] / [Moonlight Splitter DMG]
Optional: [Forward Thrust DMG] / [Hacking Stance CDR]

Skill up: +1 Line Drive

Notes: The [Moonlight Splitter DMG] crest is important for Gladiator to deal with long range matchups. [Hacking Stance CD] gives you an extra catch tool more often with the EX lift and [Forward Thrust DMG] if you want to do more damage against melee classes.

Combo Practice