Hi, my name is Kiro. I dabble in both PvE and PvP, and people know me for my PvP Randgrid. I've played Duck for 2 and a half years as of posting this guide. I also play Arch Heretic, Warden, and Guardian. I hope you enjoy Randgrid in PvP!

These PvP guides are meant to be bite-sized and basic. If you want to add to them please feel free to message @snot#7451 on discord. Remember that PvP builds are customizable to your preferences. Experiment!

Skill Build

Skill Plates

Required: [Headbutt Action Speed] / [High Kick Action Speed] / [Land Crush DMG] / [Stomp n Stab DMG] / [Lava Raid Action Speed]

Optional: [Counter Flare DMG] (only if you +1, unnecessary if you don't use 50s) / [Falling Meteor Action Speed OR CDR] (most use AS, I use CD to catch AE out of [Rising Lava])

Skill up: +1 Counterflare or Stomp n Stab. If you max out Land Crush, you can also +1 it. This crest depends on what you're going for but [Stomp n Stab] is usually the most common. It's mostly personal preference.

If you run a costume weapon that +1’s [Iron Lance] you can run the crest as well to get the +2.

Combo Practice