Tweaks to ice stacking, tons of small tweaks, lots of bug fixes, PvP tweaks, and more work on Jotunn and Rai (hopefully ready soon!!)

[PvE] Class Balancing


  • Player-applied ice stacks no longer randomly fall off

/\c36\Ice Witch

[Frost Chaos] chance to freeze 40% --> 100%


[Awakened Ice Beam] (non-instant) chance to freeze 80% --> 100%

/\c76\Dark Avenger

[Fatal Impact] final hit damage is now spread over 2 hits


[Crusader Zeal] now applies at the moment of cast instead of being delayed (should fix it from fizzling)


[Overclock] no longer grants 15% PATK


[Concussion Blow] cast time decreased and animation smoothed out
[Class Mastery III] now allows you do to the old running forward animation of [Lariat] if you cast it while holding [W]. You can still chain into the left and right punches if you left click at any time during the animation.


[Awakened Passive Offensive Overclock] now additionally grants 15% PATK on top of the usual 20% additional damage

PvE Content

Rune Dragon Nest

Fixing a bug (its supposed to be iframed the entire time but the effect didn't kick in at the right time) with the added bonus of removing cringe
  • You can no longer hit boss 2 during barmech
  • Tracking lasers at dragon phase 1 should desync less

Vein of Sorrow

  • No longer has an entry limit

PvP Content

Now you can minimize to tray while you wait for nobody to join your PvP lobby
  • PvP Settings tab now has several new options (Skill Tree currently not available, hopefully will add later)

Cash Shop

Duke Bouffant Velvet Package
Medicine Frontier Package
Fancy Flower of Wealth Package
Medicine Frontier Package
Dignified Heavenly Fragrance Package
Other Side of Arrogant Package
Heroic Axe
Apocalypse Staff
Apocalypse Orb
Apocalypse Book
Apocalypse Puppet


Cobalt Amalgam Package
White Clock Rabbit Greatsword
Piss Heroic Axe
Flowing Blue Wolf Greatsword
Hot Pink Axe of Light
Hot Pink Hammer of Light
Pink Stormbreaker Sword
Pink Stormbreaker Axe
Pink Stormbreaker Hammer
Pink Stormbreaker Egosword
Pink Stormbreaker Gauntlet
Monochrome Hot-Blooded Gauntlet
Black and White Imperial Gauntlet
Marble Clockwork Gauntlet
Dark Clockwork Gauntlet
Dark Samurai Helmet
Blue Shine Awakened Rocker Top
Stale Awakened Rocker Top
Marble Electro-Couture Dress
White Glacier Staff
White Glacier Orb
White Glacier Book
White Glacier Puppet
Plain Jade Helmet
Edgy Punk Rocker Vest
Edgier Punk Rocker Vest
Turquoise Kalahan Pancho
Turquoise Kalahan Moccasin


  • Kiwi now performs class specializations in one step (e.g. Warrior --> Gladiator)
  • [Class Change Scrolls] are no longer consumed on use
  • Party list now shows full parties
  • You can now browse the party list while in a party
  • Moved projectile logic for projectiles changing action server-side (hopefully makes Valk work????)
  • Removed Christmas Event items from Mei's Event Shop
  • Skill-up crests can now be unequipped/relocated while in field / BTG
  • Other crests and talismans can be unequipped/relocated while in content


  • Maximum number of characters you can create daily increased from 5 --> 50
  • Maximum number of character slots increased from 50 --> 80
  • Max character name length increased from 10 --> 14
  • Slightly relaxed the distance requirement for inspecting other people
  • Reduced the cooldown of chat macros

Energy Bars

  • Added energy bar for Shooting Star [Munitions] bubbles
  • Added a cursor radial timer for Gladiator [Hacking Stance]
  • Added energy bars for Arch Heretic [Pain to Gain] and [Nightmare Force]



  • Effective damage on character sheet now properly handles BTG's highroller buff
  • Fixed an issue with some particles from the Dark Winter Gauntlet


  • Attempt to fix [Cast Cassia]'s movement and action speed buff
  • Fixed Impactor [Stunt Rush EX] fizzling for some people depending on what order files load in
  • Fixed Mystic [Force Mirror] debuff duration being too short (12s --> 20s)
  • Fixed Light Bringer [Sunshine Spark] projectile having different durations depending on if you cast it while standing on the ground or in the air
  • Fixed Ruina's skill being named improperly: [Awakened Passive Defensive Overclock] to [Awakened Passive Offensive Overclock]
  • Fixed a bug where [Momentum] was accidentally named [Munitions]
  • Fixed Launcher [Illusive Fist] spacebar input having priority over the cancel thing during [Fly-by]'s rolling attack
  • Fixed Defensio [Awakened Parry] left click not working on certain terrain
  • Fixed Defensio [Awakened Taunting Blow] not having a proper provoke debuff icon
  • Fixed an issue where using Guardian [Divine Ascension EXi] after proccing [Vanguard Divine Punishment EX] was inconsistent


  • Fixed some classes still being able to Dash in PvP
  • Fixed PvP room creation sometimes not having a default name
  • Fixed Shooting Star's [Lock n' Load] doing super high damage in PvP
  • Fixed Warden PvP AI not buffing FD when using Ward of the Spirits
  • Fixed Crusader PvP AI having a 21% chance to Autoblock instead of a 3.8% chance.
  • Fixed Crusader PvP AI having no cooldown on Aerial Block (now is 10 sec)
  • Fixed Ice Witch PvP AI using Aerial Evade while walking towards targets