New Content

Vein of Sorrow

New equalized dungeon released for all levels of players. The highlight I'd say is the Vestiges that will drop here.  Note: All classes will be able to redeem and equip these now :) - Altair


Can you clear and get the new Vestiges (Cloaks)?
Location: Garden of Solace


Party Size: 1
Entry Limit: 2
Max Revives: 3
Stats: Equalized

Vein X Shop at Kylie.

Drops - 1st Chest

Item Quantity
Twilight Fragment 1
Luna Fragment 1
Gold Pouch 1
Memory of Roy 3
Zakad's Crystal 3
Lava Sparks 5

Drops - Final Chest

Item Quantity
Gold Pouch 2
Memory Fragment 1 (50%) (Final Chest)
Memory of Roy 3
Zakad's Crystal 3
Lava Sparks 5

Modified NPCs

Fixing some old values in GM.X that should've been lowered a long time ago. Premium Benefit is currently unobtainable for new players since Arendel Trial Nest was disabled. It also should not cost 14,000 gold for you to change classes...
As for Overlord Zeke, the current Crystal Point shop prices were too high which made end game content unfavorable. It's bad enough to the point where it's more beneficial to run Volcano Nest if you wanted to grind Memory of Roy and Zakad Crystals instead of Typhoon Krag Nest or Desert Dragon Nest. We're bringing power back into the shop to make players actually grind the content that was made for them. The Illusive Burst Shop costs were also way too high. We got feedback from players, and we adjusted the numbers to lower the runs required to upgrade your equipment.
Side note: we are aware that Daidalos Nest Hardcore does need adjustments to be relevant as well.


Item Old Cost New Cost
Premium Benefit 10000 5000
Legend Weapon Tuner 10000 5000

Overlord Zeke

Crystalis Venture Shop

Item Old Cost New Cost
Red Dragon Wrath 3000 2000
Red Dragon Scale 2000 1500
Memory of Roy 250 125
Zakad Crystal 250 125
Enhancement Voucher 500 250
Talisman Voucher 500 250
Legend Weapon Tuner N/A 1000
Vahrein 500 250

Illusive Burst Shop

Item Old Cost New Cost
Sunbathed Dawnburst 1700 1000
Fired Dawnburst 2000 1300
Ignited Dawnburst 2300 1600
Crystalline Lunarburst 1500 600
Transparent Lunarburst 1000 400
Translucent Lunarburst 500 200

Revamp Exchange Shop

Item Old Cost New Cost
10x Superb Diamond N/A 1 Garnet

PvE Class Balancing Wave 11

Finally, a bigger patch to adjust more of the outliers of the DPS scale. Overpowered classes getting nerfed. Underpowered classes getting buffed.

Unified Skills

The game doesn't let us level up our Unified Skills. So we just said fuck the game, and decided to buff up the ones that everyone typically uses to the original values that they used to have
  • [Max HP Boost] 0.2% → 5%
  • [Final Damage Boost] 0.1% → 2%
  • [Ultimate Skill Cooldown Boost] 1% → 10%

/\c81\Silver Hunter

  • [Deluge Bolt] 1,042% → 1,356%
  • [Razor Wind] 7,366% → 8,839
  • [Tornado Shot] 9,280% → 10,208%


  • [Hotrod] 3,145% → 2,831%


  • [Shockwave] cooldown now 11 seconds
  • [Laser Cutter] cooldown now 11 seconds
  • [Linear Ray] cooldown now 11 seconds
  • [Class Mastery II] 15% → 30% (skill description was broken; it read 25% but only gave 15%)
  • [Laser Cutter] coefficients adjusted
Laser Cutter isn't adjusted yet. Will be done in future hotfix


  • [Slime Shake] no longer costs bubbles


  • [Poison Strike] 16,750% → 20,938%
  • [Toxic Spill] 2,026% → 2,431%
  • [Poison Pop] 2,533% → 3,344


  • [Dance of Ecstasy] passive dances all share cooldown (should bugfix dance 2 not happening sometimes)
  • [Illusion Dance] 60%  →  30% final damage

/\c58\Blade Dancer

  • [Breeze Call Dance] 60% → 30% final damage


  • [Rake] 275%  → 330%
  • [Guillotine Cross] 11,962% → 13,758%

/\c68\Light Bringer

  • [Strike Ring] 716% → 788%
  • [Class Mastery II] 15% → 25% physical damage multiplier

/\c69\Abyss Walker

  • [Enhanced Illusion Strike] 816% → 714%
  • [Darkness Incarnate] 40% → 30% dark attack
  • [Class Mastery I] 20% → 10% additional damage

/\c94\Land Grid

  • [Rising Horn], [Iron Lance], [Bang and Junk], and [Land Crush] No longer cost bubbles to use their EX attack
  • [Lance Mastery] Now grants 10% phys/mag instead of 10% crit and 5% crit damage
  • [Brave Heart] Grants heat every 5 → 3 seconds
  • [Meteor Pole] 5288% → 6610%. Cooldown 17 seconds → 15 seconds
  • [Iron Lance] 3362% → 4203%
  • [Bang and Junk] 4014% → 5018%
  • [Honored] 4062% → 5078%
  • [Radical Charge] 5132% → 6415%
  • [Land Crush] 6080% → 7600%
  • [Heroic Charge] 450% → 1000%
  • [Counter Flare] 5997% → 4197%. Parry damage 9214% → 6449%. Cooldown 31 seconds → 22 seconds
  • [Class Mastery II] No longer reduces cooldown of counter flare by 2 seconds
  • [Heat Up] No longer increases bubble cost of [Rising Horn], [Iron Lance], [Bang and Junk], and [Land Crush] by 1


  • [Shoulder Crash] cooldown: 10 seconds  →  9 seconds

Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of class gameplay improvements/smoothing to PvE
These changes are not intended to effect PvP. If you notice any changes to these classes in PvP, please notify staff in #report in Discord!
See background info and all changes here

/\c91\Bleed Phantom

  • [Top Suffering] animation changed
  • [Painkiller] animation changed

/\c58\Blade Dancer

  • [Chakram Storm] slightly increased animation speed, reduced lockout
  • [Blade Step] CM3 can be activated faster, reduced lockout
  • [Gust Dementia] less camera turn resistance, slightly increased animation speed
  • [Grazing Rush] reduced lockout
  • [Squall Spin] reduced lockout
  • [Chakram Flurry] reduced lockout
  • [Blade Flip] slightly increased animation speed, reduced lockout


  • [Spinning Takedown] timing changed
  • [Bifrost] can now use piercing spike after


  • [Brandish] Blunt slash left click input faster, camera lock removed, lockout reduced
  • [Blunt Slash] reduced lockout
  • [Fatal Stinger] reduced lockout
  • [Frosty Cross] faster input, reduced lockout
  • [Crystal Shooter] reduced lockout
  • [Gale Stab] reduced lockout

/\c94\Land Grid

  • [Heroic Charge] camera lock removed, animation speed slightly increased
  • [Radical Charge] camera lock removed, animation speed slightly increased
  • [Rising Horn] camera lock removed, animation speed slightly increased
  • [Flash Lift CM3] reduced lockout
  • [Land Crush] reduced lockout
  • [Bang and Junk] removed camera lock, animation speed increased, reduced lockout
  • [Honored] removed camera lock, reduced lockout
  • [Heat Up] animation speed slightly increased, reduced lockout
  • [Iron Lance] animation speed increased, reduced lockout
  • [Land Crush CM3] animation speed slightly increased, reduced lockout


  • [L-Action] slightly increased intense pulse animation speed
  • [L-Combo] slightly increased intense pulse animation speed
  • [Stunt Rush] slightly increased intense pulse animation speed
  • [Skipping] slightly increased intense pulse animation speed

Bug Fixes

  • [Arendel Trial Nest] is now fixed up and ready to explore. Gold amounts will be decided in the next patch and implemented to ATN
  • Attempt to fix [Soul Breaker] ground casting while in air
  • Attempt to fix [Bleed Phantom] not fully resetting cooldowns and not giving [Madness] all 3 CTC stacks
  • Attempt to fix [Madness] not properly dealing damage
  • Attempt to fix [Passaway] shuriken not properly dealing damage
  • Impenetrable Defense title added and distributed to previous event winners
  • Fixed description issue on Courageous Shout for Gladiator in PvP
  • Fixed description issue with Resentment for Mercenary in PvP
  • [Aerial Block] learning issue (PvP)
  • Can now teleport to [Overlord Zeke]
  • Attempt to fix [Force Shield] PvP bug lowering damage output of player


  • Money currency such as Kavasnacks, flame trinkets, and Vahrein (Exception: Raid Content) have been phased out. Instead, the end of the dungeon or nest will reward the player with gold.
  • Removed Daredevil Faire from Skitzovania
  • Fixed last chest / lava spark drops in Vein of Sorrow.