Settling In

  • Class specialize at [Zeke] (east side of Myla Laurel)
  • Open your [Duckling Starter Bag] to receive expansion slots, dual skill scroll, etc.
  • Ensure that you have purchased your skill plates from the [Priestess of Darkness Mocha] or [DWC Colosseum Shopkeeper]
  • I can't teach you to get your ass kicked or kick other people's ass in this guide so good luck with that
  • If you need a new +1 crest or other starter items, you can buy them at [Kiwi]


  • Press “N” and head to the events tab to see what daily missions are in store for you!
  • Note: This tab auto appears upon logging on as well

Daily Missions:

  • Animeme’s Bizarre Adventure: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each
  • Win 1 PvP match
  • Lose 1 PvP match
  • Win 5 PvP matches

Kiy’s Trial of Blood: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Play Wipeout Mode 3 times
  • Win Wipeout Mode 3 times ROFL

The Sad One’s Quest: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Play Ghoul mode twice

Salad’s Vengeance: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Play 5 PvP matches.

Humanity Switch OFF: DEMOLISH: 7 [Warrior Trophies] each

  • Win 1 Ladder Match.
  • Play 3 Ladder Matches
  • Achieve 10 kills in PvP

Weekly Missions:

  • Humanity Switch OFF: DEMOLISH: 25 [Warrior Trophies] each
  • Achieve 50 kills in PvP
  • Play 15 ladder matches

Elite Quartermaster Shop

  • Purchase EXCLUSIVE PvP costumes with your [Warrior Trophies]

Arena PvP Shop Host: Josh

  • Costumes sold here are priced at 35 Warrior Trophies each
  • Shop will update with more costumes in the future