It me Naka! This will be a mini guide on dragon gems that briefly discusses different types of gems - what they do, what to equip, etc. If you have any questions, message me at naka#0323 or ask away in #question-and-answer in the Discord.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is meant to be a general overview of how gems work and is in no way tailored for specific class gem setups. If you have any specific questions I would highly encourage asking/double-checking your gem set up in Discord.

Finding your Main Stat

To optimize your damage, you want to make sure you are using the right gem for your class. This means using the gem that provides the correct main stat. To find your class' main stat, open up the Character screen (should be automatically hotkey'd to P): the main stat will then be displayed next to it.

For example, my character's main stat is AGI.

Equipping and Removing

To equip your gem onto your gear, simply right click the gem in your inventory and select the gear you would like to apply it to.

To remove your gem from your gear, hold down shift and right click your gear. You are then able to select what the gem you want to remove from your gear.

Sometimes there will be an error when trying to remove your gems, which will then promptly boot you off the game. No worries – this can randomly happen. Once you log in again the gem should appear in your inventory or still on your gear.

Types of Gems

Skill Gems


There are three different types of skill gems that can be applied on weapons, armor, and headgear. All have different abilities that prove useful for different classes, so find the one that works for you best.


Skill gems can also apply in PvP but with reduced effects. Hold Shift when hovering over a skill gem to see its PvP variant. Do note that headgear skill jades will not work at all in PvP.

Main Stat Gems

Main stat gems include Windswept (AGI), Brutal (STR), Wise (INT), and Life-giving (VIT). All these main stat gems can also roll for a third stat, but it is usually best to aim for a gem with only your main stat on it. Most people will typically pair up a Life-giving with a third stat of their main stat (AGI, STR, INT) in order to maximize their damage output.

Main stat gems can be equipped onto your necklace, earrings, and armor. Armor allows you to equip two main stat gems, but they cannot be the same (think two Windswept on one armor piece).

Elemental Gems

Elemental gems exist for every element in the game (ice, fire, dark, light). Players usually equip these when elemental converting (see conversion gems). These can be equipped on both rings and mainhand/offhand weapons.

Damage Gems

There are two types of damage gems: one for physical and one for magic. Non-elemental classes will typically not use these and instead only use elemental. These can be equipped on both rings and mainhand/offhand weapons.

Conversion Gems

Conversion gems allow the player to convert their non-elemental damage to one of four elements: fire, ice, dark, and light. These can only be equipped on primary weapons. If your class has innate damage of a certain element, do not equip conversion gems as they are unnecessary. For any non-elemental classes, it is recommended to always run conversion.

Dark AvengerFire
Silver HunterLight
Ice WitchIce
War MageConvert
Chaos MageDark
Black MaraDark
Arch HereticDark
Ray MechanicConvert
Oracle ElderLight
Light BringerLight
Abyss WalkerDark
Blood PhantomDark
Vena PlagaDark

Why convert elements?

Converting grants you an entire new damage multiplier and access to another layer of enemy debuffs that you can benefit from. With the server's current stat balancing on equipment and bosses, you gain far more damage than you lose from the conversion penalty, lack of additional ATK%, and boss resistances.

How do I balance elemental attack and regular attack?

Also known as the "how many destructive/mystical gems do I run vs elemental gems?" question, determining this requires a little bit of math or manual testing.

Damage calculations can basically be reduced down to a simple formula:

OUTPUT = DAMAGE x (1 + FD%) x (1 + ELE%)

So if you have 5020 phys or magic attack, 20% FD, and 50% ele, you have:

= 5020 x (1 + 0.2) x (1 + 0.5)
= 5020 x 1.2 x 1.5
= 6024 x 1.5
= 9036

To determine what balance of gems to use:

  1. Start with all elemental gems and calculate the above formula.
  2. Switch a gem out, calculate it again, and compare.
  3. Go with the setup with the higher number.
  4. Repeat until the number goes down, then go back to the previous setup and roll with it (the setup with the highest number).

You are essentially trying to find which "rectangle" has the most area, where the side lengths are your damage and elemental damage.