New Equipment

Midnight Accessories

New accessories found in IDN 8 Man - they have the same stats as [Evolving Radiance IV].
They're kinda pretty!
Can be Traded Yes
Can be Server Storaged Yes
Can be Enhanced No
Crafting Upgrade Available No

Instance Changes

More wellspring pouches in raids as well as harder content to promote more raid play and increase accessibility of Erosion Wellsprings

Red Dragon Nest Easy --> Red Dragon Nest 4-Man (Easy)

No more complaining about RDN progression. If you still can't beat this, I'm sorry but there is no saving you.
  • Nest rebalanced to fit 4-man parties
  • Parties up to 4 can enter
  • Mechanics are the same
  • Timer removed
  • Added 2 revives
  • Drops cut by 60%

Guardian and Granom Nest

  • Superb Wellspring Pouch x2 --> x5

Black Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Now drops Superb Wellspring Pouch x8

Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Now drops Superb Wellspring Pouch x8

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • Now drops Superb Wellspring Pouch x8

Ice Dragon Nest 8-Man

  • Now drops Superb Wellspring Pouch x8
  • Now drops Midnight Accessories

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Now drops Superb Wellspring Pouch x8

Typhoon Krag Nest

  • No longer asks you to pick a chest when you clear the nest

Volcano Nest

  • No longer asks you to pick a chest when you clear the nest

Boulder Training Ground

  • Added multiple boss options: Boulder, Ice Dragon, Minotaur, Tacticus
  • Added two boss HP options: 500b and 1,000b (1 trillion)
Click on the orbs to cycle through the options.
New challengers approach..!


Return to monkey Winter minus the Christmas props. Braziers are also removed to test FPS improvements in town.
Feels a little empty, but I think it saves a good amount of FPS

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 24


[Flying Swing] 4812% → 5774%


[Rain of Arrows] 586% --> 673%
[Charge Shot] 2616% --> 3008%
[Siege Stance] 977% --> 1025%
[Sliding Shot] now fires at cursor instead of in the air, hold left click after sliding to continue shooting in Siege Stance

  • 32000% --> 35200%
  • Now aims at your crosshair instead of following along the floor


[Hawk Ballista] 22533% → 33800%
[Guided Missiles] 562% → 618%
[Cannonade] 2006% → 2207%
[Rapid Shot] 583% → 700%
[Detonating Arrow] 4394% → 5712%
[Frag Arrow] 667% → 767%
[Class Mastery] 10% MATK → 15% MATK


[Punch Smash] 13250% → 13912%
[Furious Winds] 7579% → 7958%
[Marionette] 5191% → 5969%
[Kick Shot] 6381% → 7338%


[Current Blooming Kick] 9984% --> 11980%
[Current Eagle Dive] 9633% --> 11559%
[Current Rising Storm] 9756% --> 11707%
[Current Swift Attack] 13231% --> 15877%
[Falling Star] 28249% --> 32486%
[Air Pounce] 1485% → 1707%


[Awakened Passive Fire Mastery] 12% Fire ATK --> 10% Fire ATK
[Class Mastery II] 25% MATK --> 20% MATK

/\c38\Chaos Mage

[Triple Orbs] 3402% --> 2891%
[Gravity Blast] 3575% --> 3039%
[Magic Mischief] 30% --> 25%


[Electric Smite] 4914% --> 5651%
[Divine Hammer] 25063% --> 30075%
[Awakened Passive Divine Bless] attack power 60% increase → 75%

/\c47\Shooting Star

[Bullet Barrage] 850% --> 765%
[Make It Rain] 660% --> 594%
[Splash] 436% --> 371%
[Cannon Blaster] 3488% --> 3139%
[Class Mastery] 20% PATK --> 15% PATK

/\c56\Soul Eater

[Spirit Wolf] 9446% --> 8501%


[Awakened Passive Assassinate]

  • Now additionally awakens Overkill
  • Overkill's damage is increased
  • Casting Guillotine Cross reduces the cooldown of Overkill by 5 seconds or 10 seconds (depending on how many bubbles were used to cast)

/\c68\Light Bringer

[Unseen Art]3822% → 4395%
[Chakra Grip]3960% → 4356%
[Outbreak] 3003% → 3303%
[Fullbright] 3974% → 4768%
[Class Mastery 2] 25% PATK → 30% PATK

/\c69\Abyss Walker Rework

Abyss Walker’s problem is also the only thing it has going for it. Besides needless dagger spam, there's not much. The plan is to improve cast weaving and bubble burst mechanics while changing the gameplay pattern to incorporate all skills. Appearance-wise there's not much of a difference, but there are a lot of under the hood changes to make mechanics work and change up usability.

[Illusion Strike]

  • 8s → 7s
  • 408% → 364%

[Nether Burst]

  • 18s → 13s
  • 4455% → 7317%

[Spectral Blades]

  • Removed need to press W to cast forward version, now always casts this version
  • 15s → 10s
  • 2712% → 3052%

[Night Burst]

  • 15s → 12s
  • 3995% → 4877%

[Dark Line]

  • 24s → 16s
  • 7840% → 10304%

[Dark Focus]

  • 16s → 12s
  • 8299% → 8962%

[Dark Conviction] 2437% → 2534%

  • UI description edited to be clearer across the board
  • 30s → 20s
  • 1776% → 7318%

[Abyss Strike]

  • Bubble Cost 50 → 33
  • 8250% → 4875%

[Darkness Incarnate] 30% Dark ATK → 20% Dark ATK
[Class Mastery] Additional Damage 20% → 10%
[Class Mastery II]

  • 20% PATK → 15% PATK
  • Now reduces cooldown of summon shadow by 4 seconds when [Night Burst] (including Instant) hits enemies.

[Class Mastery III]

  • UI Description Edited
  • Now properly states that [Nether Burst] has a CM3 Function in addition to Dark Line

[Awakened Passive Summon Shadow]

  • Biggest change to how the class plays
  • No longer increases damage of [Illusion Strike] and [Abyss Strike]
  • Now grants Abyss Force per hit of any skill as opposed to only [Illusion Strike]

[Awakened Passive Dark Conviction]

  • Improving functionality - [Night Burst] tends to be spotty in its consistency so this adds a new way to detonate for better usability
  • Added ability to detonate fireballs on the spot by casting [Dark Conviction] again while ultimate is on the field
  • [Dark Fireball] spawn locations shifted to be more forward.
  • Added counter (bubble icon) for duration that [Dark Conviction] has been on the field (FYI: ultimate stays out for 10 seconds)

[Killing Wave]

  • 15s → 14s
  • 250% → 725%

[Abyss Claw]

  • 30s → 28s
  • 27500% → 35637%


[Piercing Spike] 1875% --> 1688%
[Twirl Trance] 3276% --> 2785%
[Vengeance From Above] 9672% --> 8705%


[Follow Up] 5292% → 6086%
[Overcharge]8208% → 9029%
[Beast Rush]17400% →  19140%
[Kidney Blow] 7525% → 8278%

[PvP] Class Balancing


Destructive Swing might work after learning Glad CM3 now.

Crisis Howl able to be used at frame 0.
Devastating Howl cooldown nerfed from 50 to 125s.
Devastating Howl cooldown fixed from 1250s to 125s.

Bone Crash SA buffed from 600 to 1800.

Counter Blade able to be used at frame 0.
Removed Transformed Dark Dash animation skip on 4th hit.

Spiritual Focus AGI nerf from 18% to 5%.
Spiritual Focus AGI bug fix from 50% to 5%.

Somersault Kick no longer useable after Untouchable when learning the awakening passive.

Saint Awakened Great Heal should not have any awakening benefits.

HoG dmg bug fix for each level (lvl 1 had lvl 4 dmg, 2 had 1 dmg, 3 had 2 dmg, and 4 had 3 dmg)

Rocket Crash 2nd hit hitbox extended to make it easier/more consistent to hit.

Bleed Phantom CM1 gained 5% DMG buff.
Intense Suffering 1st hit hitstate changed from LI to Lift.

Known PVP Issues That Should Be Fixable:
SH Ult isn't useable.
Stance of Faith lasts infinitely.

Planned Future PVP Changes:
War Mage Arcane nerf maybe?
Inquisitor Consecration dmg buff?
Paralyze reduction effect on Flash Stance if possible.
Triple Orbs EX dmg increase
Helm Breaker and Cyclone split into different skills (Salad working on a custom icon??)
Saint/Priest healing nerfs (First Aid and/or Great Heal)
Frosty Cross slow effect added if possible.
Overdrive gets melee range hits when charging skill for combo use.
Bombs Away AOE/Animation made to match?
Old Windshot added back to Sniper...
HMS for DA.......

New Cosmetics

Both available in the cash shop for the usual prices.

Angelic Medic

Dark Winter


  • GM.X Vein X cape shop moved to Pitch Black for consistency
  • Ghoul pet idle noise removed
  • Frozen Foothills portal towards Garden of Solace visual changed to match the one used in town
  • Spirit Dancer spirits should no longer be visible to party members with high transparency settings
  • Black Mara effects should no longer be visible to party members with high transparency settings
  • Partial Sniper skill description update
  • Gladiator and Swordsman skill description update
  • [Frenzied Charge] renamed --> [Line Drive]
  • You should no longer get Obsession Theano equipment from the Growth Guide when enhancing your weapons to +8 for the first time. You should now get [Garnets], [Garnet Fragments], and [Kavasnacks]
  • [Varnak Breaking Point] crest no longer obtainable from [Auj Pandora Boxes] and GM.X
  • Updated Varnak crest description and skill description to match new effect (which is nothing)
  • Updated Gerrant crest skill description to match new effect (only healing, no attack increase)
  • Preload new accessories
  • Preloading more new content
  • Added high resolution shadows option to gameconfig.json and the website


  • Randgrid [Class Mastery II] no longer says that [Counter Flare]'s cooldown is recovered by 2 seconds when it hits enemies

Patch v663

  • RDN 4-Man EZ further nerfed after some data. We didn't nerf it enough
  • Fixed [Overkill] plate not applying once it was awakened
  • Hotfix buff to Abyss Walker as it was underperforming
  • Hotfix nerf to Raven's [Overkill] to compensate for the plate working
  • Acrobat's [Spiritual Focus] now properly gives 5% AGI instead of 50%

PvE Bugfix and Hotfix Buffs


[Overkill] 1589% --> 1351%

/\c69\Abyss Walker

[Abyss Strike] 5625% --> 10125%