Anniversary Event

Anniversary Infographic

Check out some cool year-in-review stats here!

Skitzovania Redecorated

Lunar New Year vibes... (we know we're late)

Anniversary Login Rewards

Daily Login Reward for 7 days! New accounts that were made during the event will not be eligible for the rewards of the same day. First rewards are given out on February 15, 2021. The following rewards will appear each day after.
  • Day 1: 1x Project Duck Anniversary Token, 10x Fireworks
  • Day 2: 5x Box of Lumens, 10x Fireworks
  • Day 3: 1x Project Duck Anniversary Token, 500 Crystal Points, 10x Fireworks
  • Day 4: Quakum Hat, 10x Fireworks
  • Day 5: 1x Project Duck Anniversary Token , 10x Fireworks
  • Day 6: 10x Box of Lumens, 10x Fireworks
  • Day 7: 1x Project Duck Anniversary Token, Project Duck Wings of Valor, 30x Fireworks

Discord Events Activated

Please visit our Discord server and view the channels under the events tab for each event!
  • Meme Showdown Submission
  • Screenshot Submission
  • Fan-Art Submission

QC Rebate Activation

Buying QC gives you more... QC...
  • 30% QC rebate when you load up, active now for a week! (February 14, 2021 - February 21, 2021)

Anniversary Trial of Champions Revisited

Trial of Champions is back a the event portal! This nest is equalized. Take on several bosses with the final stage being a wild ride...
Type Equalized Nest
Max Player Count 4
Revive Count 7
Recommended Gear Any
Drops Project Duck Anniversary Token

Belin Crafting

Travel across portals and tackle Project Duck's various content to obtain tokens to craft into amazing boxes... The first anniversary cardboard box is still here for those of you who want the regular remotes too! You can also obtain these via PvP this time
  • Ice Dragon Nest 8-Man Drops Frosty Token
  • Typhoon Krag Nest Drops Spinning Token
  • Volcano Nest Drops Fiyah Birb Token
  • Guardian and Granom Nest Drops G-Token
  • Desert Dragon Nest drops Sandy Token
  • Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore drops two random tokens from other nests

Kylie Anniversary Shop

Get your hands on our special anniversary goodies you might have missed out on last year and Developer Blush's new custom valentine samurai costume set! Pay a visit at Kylie to check out what's new.

Alter Roy

Starry Night costume sets and Royal accessories are now out of stock, but he is now offering a new exclusive Dawn of Imperial costume set!
Obtained through Auj Boxes
Dawn of Imperial Wings (FRONT)
Dawn of Imperial Wings (BACK)

Auj Box Update

  • Starry Night Voucher replaced with Blush's Beauty Bag
  • Meme Title Box replacing Varnak Crest.

Cash Shop

In the spirit of the lantern festival in Skitzovania Dev Blush has blessed us with Samurai and Imperial costume sets.

Cerise Imperial Wings and Tail

Samurai Costumes

Imperial Costumes

Spirits of Wonder Box

Box full of cosmetic spirits now available for 15000EC for 5 boxes

Daily Login Reward

Login everyday starting from X through Y to gain rewards!

P.S. we know if you're using multiple accounts to exploit rewards so don't bother

PvE Changes

After I played through some more of the early game gearing process. I decided to speed up the process around the areas that I felt were slow and annoying (particularly Daidalos Nest). I'm planning on doing more on this with the future Expansion 3 Finale Patch coming soon :tm: - Joorji

Arendel Trial Nest

  • Clear Gold fixed from 0g --> 1250g

Third Core Nest

  • Pillowsheep Stuffing drop increased from 1 --> 3

Daidalos Nest

  • Garnet drop increased from 15 --> 20
  • Pillowsheep Stuffing drop increased from 2 --> 3
  • Accessory drop decreased from 4 --> 3

Overlord Zeke

  • Now sells W/T/D engravings in the Illusive Burst Shop for 900 Slayer Points each

DPS Meter

  • Added a new realtime party DPS meter
Full party view
Solo molo
Mini mode available if you want it out of your way
  • Access the DPS meter via ALT-D --> DPS Meter
  • DPS meter window can be moved wherever you want
  • Auto start/stop will automatically reset and start the meter at the start of a gate and end it at the end of a gate


  • "[CHN] Lily" title renamed to "Lily"
  • Mischievous Halloween Onion spirit now has stats equal to other spirits
  • Added gun SFX to Glock-PD (if you don't want to hear the gunshots, download this mod)
  • Added a minimap to BTG


  • Fixed a bug where Arendel Trial Nest's clear reward preview from the nest selection screen was inaccurate
  • Fixed a bug where Vital Downy Accessories could not be sold
  • Fixed a bug where players could not select preset party options such as "Full", "Private", and "Fixed Party" for a Raid party
  • Fixed a bug where [Awakened Passive Trigger] had incorrect descriptions
  • Fixed a bug where [Awakened Passive Double Somersault] had incorrect descriptions