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Self Introduction

Hello! I am Circles (mysexyhoe#2598). I’ve been playing Dragon Nest since NA Open Beta and Project Duck since July 2019. My first character was a Mystic who later specialized into the majestic Chaos Mage class.


Chaos Mage manipulates the dark forces of the universe under her majestic will. Anyone who dares to challenge the Chaos Mage will be subjected to her brute force of bending space-time and gravity. She is a short to mid-range class with bursting capabilities. Her gameplay primarily concerns her [Gravity Ball] management. Although her skills are ping-dependent, this should not discourage you from playing one of the best classes ever! :)

[If you're interested in learning about other classes, we have a Class Guide Archive! - Naka]



[Air Kick]: :d

[Toxic Spray]: Optional/filler skill. In some instances, you can cast the skill beforehand to spawn mobs/bosses early.

[CM3 Dark Nova]: Good filler skill. Primarily used in combination with [CM3 Gravity Well].


[Force Shield]: 10% chance on hit to receive -18% less damage and gain 30% more magic attack. Usually not worth the bother to proc the skill. If you’re masochistic however, multi-hit attacks can increase your chances to proc the [Force Shield] buff.

[Nine Tail Laser]: Filler skill.

[Force Mirror]: Grants a 20% damage debuff. It can be used to block incoming projectiles. For solo play, cast [Force Mirror] and [Gravity Crush] together. For party/raid play, this skill is rarely ever casted unless none of your party members have the debuff or there’s multiple enemies on the field.

[Gravity Crush EX]: Grants a 20% elemental debuff.

[Time Dodge]: Has iframes when you cast the skill. Optional to learn.

Chaos Mage

[Steal Magic]: Increases your dark attack by 30%. As the name implies, you can steal buffs, although generally from small mobs.

[Gravity Well]: There are 3 versions:

  1. Regular [EX] version: After the 3rd pulse animation, press left or right click to release the bulk of its damage. You can also left or right click before the 3rd pulse animation to end the skill early. However, you lose damage from those 1-3 pulses.
  2. [Gravity Well Instant]: When [Teleport] accurately hits an enemy, it triggers [Gravity Well Instant]. Instantly deal all of its damage, but you lose extra damage from the three pulses.
  3. [CM3 Gravity Well]: When [Dark Nova] is cast, immediately cast [Gravity Well]. The gravitational field of [Gravity Well] is moved to where [Dark Nova] was. This version deals the most damage, so it has higher priority than the other two.

[Class Mastery II]: [Triple Orbs Instant] takes the shape of a triangle. Keep the cooldowns of [Triple Orbs] and [Triple Orbs Instant] aligned as much as possible. Simple combo: [Triple Orbs] [Blink] [Gravity Spark] [Triple Orbs Instant].


[Awakened Teleport]: Your best evading skill – also great for positioning. You are invulnerable until the end of the animation; cast the skill any time with the condition that you’re in a normal and grounded state.

[Awakened Passive: Meteor Mastery]:

  • [Awakened Comet]: Preferably, you should cast the skill at 3 bubbles whenever possible; this includes gaining bubbles during your FF rotation. If the third bubble does not proc at around 15 seconds on the timer, cast the remaining bubbled comets before the timer expires.
  • [Awakened Meteor Storm]: Invulnerable for the entire casting animation. Press left click at the start of the animation so you can cast other skills.

[Focus Gravity]: Aim at the head of your target to ensure the skill works properly most of the time.

Pushing Skills

[Witch Slap], [Fire Burst], [Wheeling Staff], [Shockwave], [Gravity Spark], [Gravity Blast], [Nine Tail Laser]

Whenever you need to push for nests/raids.

Disabling Skills

These skills only affect small mobs and mini-bosses, but are essential for making your nest/raid runs smoother.

[Time Stop], [Gravity Crush], [Gravity Trap]

Examples: BDN Phase 1 Dragon, DDN Manticore/Scorpion Mech, RDN Jasmine Bar Mech, IDN Phase 1 Dragon Punisher

Skill Build

Unified Skill: Ultimate CD

Skill Crests

[Gravity Blast CDR] / [Triple Orbs DMG] / [Fast Forward CDR] / [Gravity Well DMG] / [Comet DMG] / [Ultimate CDR] or [Black Hole DMG]

+1 [Triple Orbs]


Constantly cast the 4 skills that spawn [Gravity Ball], then cast [Gravity Rush] or [Focus Gravity] to detonate them. [Gravity Rush] has higher priority than [Focus Gravity], simply because it deals more damage. [Gravity Rush] should always be used every time it is off cooldown to deal a hefty amount of damage. Try to prevent your [Gravity Ball] from expiring, otherwise you lose DPS.

  • Priority combo should be: [Triple Orbs] [Triple Orbs Instant][Gravity Blast][Black Hole]

In practice, you’ll be using [Focus Gravity] more than [Gravity Rush] due to the nature of how the skill works. However, you should always try to set up your [Gravity Ball] for [Gravity Rush]. It can be difficult to pull off, but it's very rewarding when you succeed.

Flexibility and Animation Cancelling

You can [Blink] as you’re casting these skills: [Triple Orbs], [Gravity Well], [Gravity Rush] OR immediately after [Dark Nova], [Gravity Blast], [Triple Orbs Instant], [Black Hole], [Gravity Crush], [Steal Magic], and [Force Mirror] OR cast [Awakened Teleport] at any time to cancel whichever skill you were using.

Similar to [Awakened Teleport], [Triple Orbs Instant] has the ability to cancel animations of another skill. One combo example is: [Blink] --> [Gravity Spark] --> [Focus Gravity] --> [Triple Orbs Instant]. What do I mean by this? You’re effectively cancelling the end lag of [Focus Gravity], however the skill continues to function properly. This helps to reduce the clunkiness and improve your overall gameplay. Do note to not cast [Triple Orbs Instant] immediately, otherwise you might completely cancel the previous casted skill.

  • [Awakened Teleport] and [Triple Orbs Instant] can also be used together to help reposition yourself more properly.

Optimal [Fast Forward] Rotation

[Fast Forward] is your bread and butter skill. It reduces your skills’ CD by 80% for 15s. With the crest and buffs, it has an ~86.5s CD. Optimize your [Fast Forward] to deal massive damage at the end. ([Fast Forward] rotation provided by Neoliia!)

There’s two ways you can optimize your [Fast Forward].

First rotation eases spacing and positioning for setting up [Gravity Rush] burst, however you sacrifice some damage.

[Triple Orbs (Instant)][Gravity Blast] → Proc [Class Mastery II][Gravity Blast][Triple Orbs (Instant)][Gravity Blast] → Proc [Class Mastery II][Gravity Blast] → etc.

Second rotation prioritizes damage. However, spacing and positioning may be difficult for setting up [Gravity Rush] burst.

[Triple Orbs][Triple Orbs (Instant)][Gravity Blast][Triple Orbs][Triple Orbs (Instant)][Gravity Blast] → etc.
  • Casting [Gravity Blast], [Triple Orbs], [Triple Orbs Instant], and [Gravity Trap] causes you to move forward a few steps. Right before casting these skills during your rotation, either move back a few steps or control how far you [Blink] backwards with [Gravity Spark] to your starting position so your [Gravity Ball] are more congregated and/or aligned. Therefore, it is easier to use [Gravity Rush]. You can also make use of these skills' short movements to dodge incoming attacks. You’ll likely be unable to stay in the same position because of boss movement, so use [Gravity Trap] as a guide to position your skills. The general rule is to have all your [Gravity Ball] within [Gravity Trap] and its area of effect.
  • Properly position the 4 skills that spawn [Gravity Ball] so they are not located inside the physical hitbox of your target.
  • Cast [Gravity Trap] when you start to see [Gravity Ball] turning red to extend its duration. When you cast [Black Hole] outside of your [Fast Forward] rotation, you will not be able to use [Gravity Trap] to extend all 3 of its [Gravity Ball]. Position your [Gravity Trap] accordingly to extend at most 2 of its [Gravity Ball].
  • You want to have as many [Gravity Ball] on the field before using [Gravity Rush]. However, when you start to see the target move away or cast a mechanic, you should cast [Gravity Rush] regardless of how many [Gravity Ball] you have. It is advantageous to use that window of opportunity, otherwise you will yield lower damage when you cast [Focus Gravity].
  • These methods apply to both during and outside of your [Fast Forward] rotation.

Stats for the recorded rotation video are: ~1.33m MATK, 61(+46)% Dark, 100% FD.

Opening Rotation:

[Force Mirror] [Gravity Crush][Meteor Storm] [CM3 Gravity Well] [Triple Orbs] [Triple Orbs Instant][Gravity Blast][Black Hole] [Comet] --> [Fast Forward] Rotation #2
  • Damage of [Focus Gravity] is calculated from the damage of the 4 skills that spawn [Gravity Ball].
  • Because [Awakened Comet] is an RNG skill, it can rank anywhere within the top nine of your damage spread.


Here’s to give an idea of how CM plays in actual content. I used Velskud cause I’m lazy.


As the Chaos Mage rework recently came out, there is still potential for alternative rotations that bring more damage to the table. As such, this guide will continue to be updated in the future to take these considerations into account!

Credits to Echos, Fabulous, and MoraNiN – I adopted some of their knowledge and gameplay into my own playstyle.