This patch brings Ice Dragon Hardcore (so y'all can start smashing your faces enhancing Midnight Frost), more capes, more costumes, PvP rank changes, and some underlying tech updates! ❄️

Legacy Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

After about 3473024793047 "when is IDN HC coming out" – it's finally coming out (of the closet during pride month no less - Ice Dragon GUY GAYYYY)!
Please note that as usual we expect this to be mildly overtuned on release. We'll be monitoring closely and will issue hotfixes as needed
Property Description
Location Frozen Foothills > Frozen Wasteland (North Portal)
Party size 1-8
Revives 0 (お前はもう死んでいる)
Expected duration 35-45 minutes
Recommended gear +5 Midnight Frost or better, T4 Evo Radiance Accessories, 90%+ FD
This north portal btw
  • Please note there are some differences compared to official – some mechanics have been modernized (and some very annoying-but-not-difficult things have been removed)
  • We also have fixed or attempted to fix several longstanding bugs with the nest
  • Changes made for IDN8N also apply for IDN8HC


Item Distribution Count
Hailstone Bound 3
Snowball Bound 5
Lumens Bound 1500
Prismatic Medal Bound 3
Sealed Midnight Crest Bound 4
Sealed Midnight Crest Rollable 4
Sealed Frost Talisman Bound 4
Sealed Frost Talisman Rollable 4
Subglacial Rune Bound 1


Clear [Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (Hardcore)] and earn the [Guy Slayer] title and a world announcement!

Who'd you slay again?

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 22


/\c81\Silver Hunter

[Arrow Storm] 1157% → 1056%
[Deluge Bolt] 1871% → 1708%
[Tornado Shot] 1759% → 1547%
[Wild Shot] 2220 → 2027%


[Class Mastery II] 30% → 25%

Chaos Mage

[Enhanced Summon Comet] Meteorite duration 60s →30s.

/\c85\Black Mara

[Class Mastery II] 30% → 25%


[Spirit Thorns] can now be actively cast from skill bar

[PvE] Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of class gameplay improvements/smoothing to PvE. See background info and all changes here.


[Triple Slash EX] camera lock/resistance removed
[Side Dodge] can move slightly earlier after cast
[Frenzied Charge EX Instant] non-s version can now directly link to [Dash Kick] using right click

Chaos Mage

[Triple Orbs INS] action speed increased by 10% and timing to move out of the skill cast slightly delayed to avoid the orb projectiles from bugging out.


[Smite EX] camera lock removed
[Charitable Zap EX] camera lock removed
[Hammer Hand] camera lock removed

More Capes!

It's been a long time since the introduction of Vestiges, which essentially allowed players to have capes in game. We have collaborated with one of our community's artists, Raudhr, to bring us some new cape designs that will be available through PvE systems.
Abyssal Rune, Bloodlust Rune, Subglacial Rune
In order to get your hands on these new items you'll find yourself accumulating materials throughout various nests. Afterwards, pay a visit to ριtcн вℓαcк in town.
Location: Near conversion mirror
Nest Item Quantity
Daidalos Hardcore Abyssal Rune 3
Typhoon Kim Nest Abyssal Rune 3
Granom Nest Abyssal Rune 3
Guardian Nest Abyssal Rune 3
Desert Dragon Hardcore Abyssal Rune 3
Black Dragon Nest Memoria (All Versions) Bloodlust Rune 3
Black Dragon Nest (Normal) Bloodlust Rune 6
Black Dragon Nest (Hardcore) Bloodlust Rune 10
Ice Dragon Nest (Hardcore) Subglacial Rune 1

[PvP] Design Changes

New Rank Designs

Some PvP Ranks had their names modified to better suit a more professional and competitive setting. Also, we've decided to throw in some new icons to boot.  MADE BY GM ASSFKING
RANK # Title
1 Duckling
2 Novice
3 Apprentice
4 Adventurer
5 Tactician
6 Master Tactician
7 Fighter
8 Brawler
9 Duelist
10 Knight
11 Elite
12 Major
13 Captain
14 Lord
15 Great Lord
16 Warlord
17 Alcor
18 Gemini
19 Orion
20 Luna
21 Soleil
22 Eclipse
23 Emperor
24 Grandmaster
25 Slayer
26 Champion

Rank Climbing Incentives

One-time achievement rewards have been updated for PvP Ranks. Have you ever thought about climbing the ranks? Now is the perfect time to do so with these new achievement rewards.
Rank Rewards Quantity
Warlord Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 200, 100
Alcor Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 200, 100
Gemini Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 200, 100
Orion Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 300, 100
Luna Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 325, 125
Soleil Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 350, 150
Eclipse Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 400, 175
Emperor Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 800, 200
Grandmaster Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 1600, 250
Slayer Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 2000, 400
Champion Goddess Medal, Warrior's Trophy 2400, 500
  • Currently unable to distribute rewards to those who have already achieved these ranks. A fix is being worked and will be announced when it's ready.

[PvP] Class Balancing

All Classes

[Aerial Evade]

  • Consistency fixes: jumping at frame 0 instead of frame 5
  • Landing lockout equalization across all classes (added 1-2 frame i-frame on landing in order to help with tumble bugs as well)


[Lightning Relic] casting SA increased from 200 → 300
[Cure Relic] casting SA increased from 200 → 300


[Consecration] damage increased by 60%


[Lightning Relic EX] casting SA increased from 200 → 300
[Cure Relic EX] casting SA increased from 200 → 300


[Divine Ascension] SA changed from 400 at charge up and 200 at swing → 400 throughout


Vitality is lowered to make max HP 140k

[Divine Ascension EX]

  • SA changed from 400 at charge up and 200 at swing → 400 throughout
  • Cross summoning swing is no longer i-framed, SA 200

[Class Mastery I] increases defense and stun resist to make up for Vitality change


Vitality is lowered to make max HP 125k

[Class Mastery I] increases defense and stun resist to make up for Vitality change


[Guilt Attack] CD increased from 5 → 10 seconds
[Cruel Rush] Nightmare cost increased from 5 → 15
[Cruel Slash] SAb lowered from 50 per hit → 25 per hit
[Savage Attack] electricity debuff should now properly appear on the debuff bar


[Sleep Escape] added a 30% slow debuff for 1.5 seconds on hit


[Electric Spanner] consistency for 2nd hit projectile should be better
[Atomic Blade] AoE on first hit increased to match animation


[Slight Turn] lockout reduction
[Ghostly Kick] SAb increased from 50 + 200 → 100 + 200


[Squal Spin] CD increased from 20/18/16 → 25 seconds at all levels

/\c58\Blade Dancer

[Gust Dementia] damage nerfed by 30%
[Bladeflip EX] extra attack SA nerfed from 600 to → 400


[Spirit Thorns] can now be actively cast from skill bar

[Ghostly Webs]

  • Slow reduced from 50% max → 20% max
  • Added a slight lift when hitting grounded targets point blank

[Phantom Claw] damage increased by 10%
[Unholy Ground] now reflects 30% dmg back to the opponent
[Blitz Claw] damage nerfed by 40%
[Spirit Snakes] slow nerfed by 30% on all levels
[Spirit Papers] damage reduced by 10%
[Spirit Wolf] damage increased by 30%

/\c55\Dark Summoner

[Chain Claw EX]

  • [Air Cast with spacebar] SAb changed from 400*2 → 100*2
  • [Air Cast with skill press] SAb changed from 400*2 → 200*2
  • [Ground Cast] SAb changed from 400*2 → 400 + 200
  • Damage nerfed by 10%

[Rampage Claw EX] damage increased by 15%


[Rubicon] after going up in the air, the next default action is changed to right click (which also lifts)
[Chakra Cure] reverted to cure up to 10 debuffs instead of 1

/\c68\Light Bringer

[Sunshine Spark] damage increased by 60%


[Iron Lance EX] SA changed from 600 → 400
[Lava Raid EX] space between the hits of the AoE field increased to allow opponent to roll/wakeup
[Stomp and Stab EX] AoE lowered slightly to match animation better

Cash Shop

New Cleric Trench Rocker Sets

Next up, cleric! #devbias

These are available in both individual parts and as a package in the F11 Cash Shop for the usual costume prices. For you warriors that are asking "WHERE'S MY WHITE-BASED SET" that'll be coming soon with the next set (probably Assassin or Sorceress) so please be patient!

[Exclusive] Rune Serpent Cape

Special thanks to Raudhr for taking his time to design all of these capes that exist in game. Here is a very special cape that will be featured for one month only! We deeply appreciate the collaboration and look forward to working with you again.
All profits on this item will be going directly to Raudhr.
Location: Cash Shop Price: 29,666 EC


  • Rewrote most of the underlying systems supporting the Duck DN client to make it much easier for me (Vahr) to add new features and improvements
  • In-game DPS meter results (the stage DPS reports and nest clear reports) are now logged to a file. Look for it in Athena/logs in files named dv-athena-dps-report_DATE_HERE.log. They look like this:
Pls no make fun of my DPS numbers in IDN that was a test run
  • Laid down some groundwork for per-hit damage tracking, buff/debuff tracking, and more
  • Laid down some groundwork for custom chat commands
  • Laid down some groundwork for potential network reliability improvements (NO PROMISES HERE THIS IS DN AFTER ALL)
  • Laid down some groundwork for improved mod loading
  • Some prep work for integration with new launcher


  • [Erosion Wellsprings] now say in the name what type they are (e.g. [Physical Erosion Wellspring])
  • [Light Bringer], [Chakra Cure], and [Healing Chakra EX] now have minimal party-visible indicators (it's kinda hard to get healed by a stationary healing zone when you can't see it unless its already on top of you) – other healers will have their visuals looked at and adjusted next
  • [Goddess Medals] removed from new character creation (we did this as a server-side hotfix a while back, putting here for completeness)
  • Minor bits of optimization work for [Red Dragon Nest HC/VC] – this probably won't get your FPS up to Frozen Foothill nests level but it should help, especially those of you on toasters 🍞
  • Added [DIRTY FUCKING CHEATER] title which grants several penalties, useful as a punishment option for those ducklings who are abusing or misbehaving – title is unremovable for the duration and applies to all characters on the account (including new ones)

Bug Fixes

  • Mystic's [Black Hole] & [Gravity Crush] now spawns at the proper distance (PvP)
  • Soul Eater's [Soul Devourer Awakening Passive] should no longer heal caster when 30 bubbles are reached (PvP)
  • Randgrid's [Falling Meteor Awakening] now shares CD with [Falling Meteor] through passive input version via [Rising Lava]
  • Barbarian's [Demolition Fist EX] double hit bug does not occur anymore if you miss the first hit