Hey everyone, long time Duck Nest pvp player Zifeer here. I'm known for being a Lunar Knight or Paladin main but I have experience with all Warriors and Clerics. I picked up Grandmaster when it came out and played around with it until I figured it out. I hope this guide helps you out. Feel free to ask around for me for pvp advice or a quick match. Good luck on Grand Master!

These PvP guides are meant to be bite-sized and basic. If you want to add to them please feel free to message @snot#7451 on discord. Remember that PvP builds are customizable to your preferences. Experiment!

Skill Build

Notes: [Crossover] barely does damage but if you want to max it you can replace level 8 [Skyward Crash] with level 1 and take SP out of [Elusive Shot] in order to have level 11 [Crossover]

Skill Crests

[Side Kick Action Speed] / [Bang Sword DMG] / [Spin Drift DMG] / [Spanning Cleave DMG] / [Counter CD] / [Arrogance CD] / [Wind Breaker DMG]

Skill up: +1 Bang Sword

  • You can replace [Bang Sword] for [Crossover DMG] if you max Crossover
  • The reason you take [Bang Sword] +1 instead of [Spin Drift] is because without the Ego version [Bang Sword] hits harder and more consistently

Combo Practice

Example Match