Heey! I'm Pitchyy and I am from Europe, Greece. I've been playing Dragon Nest since 16 August 2011. I started in DN SEA 24 cap and continued in Europe after its release in 2013! I've always mained Acrobat, but having to choose between Windwalker and Tempest was hard for me back then. Eventually Tempest caught my eye, and I've mained that class exclusively and still love it to date!

I'm always up for some PvP and hope to see other players in the lobby! I also got a YouTube channel to store my favorite moments throughout the game from different times and different people. YouTube: PitchyyDNEU

These PvP guides are meant to be bite-sized and basic. If you want to add to them please feel free to message @snot#7451 on discord. Remember that PvP builds are customizable to your preferences. Experiment!

Skill Build

Skill Crests

[Counter Ring Shot CD] / [Chain Tumble CD] / [Kick Shot DMG] / [Furious Winds Action Speed] / [Multi Shot DMG] / [Air Pounce DMG] / [Somersault Dance DMG]

Skill up: +1 Kick Shot (you can use a costume weapon to +2 it as well)

Combo Practice

I'd like to also add this link which leads directly to a series of episodes of me teaching tempest on YouTube. It is for 95 cap but it still has various fundamentals and similarities! You can check it out here.