All Astral Extinction weapons now have the same STR/AGI/INT/VIT and increases to those stats from enhancements (so a greatsword will have the same STR/AGI/INT/VIT as a cannon). This is in preparation for stat-related changes in the near future.

We recognize that this will shake up class balancing across the board. Most classes got buffs, some classes got no change, and a few got a minor decrease. We're doing more balancing again soon anyway.



No longer as gay

Thank you for participating in the Project Duck 2023 Pride Event. Mei's shop will stick around for a while to allow you to buy what you need. However, you will no longer be able to earn any more Pride Jelly Beans.

  • Removed Gay Dragon Nest (Pride Event) from the Event Nest Portal in Garden of Solace
  • Removed flag props around the Event Nest Portal in Garden of Solace
  • Disabled Daily Mission event for Gay Fucking Box (2023)

Double Drop Rate

Catchup event before the next content drop!
  1. Snowdrift Citadel Abyss: Doubled Shattered Glacies and Starlit Jewel droprate
  2. Snowdrift Citadel Mastery: Doubled Terminus Extract droprate
  3. Solace of Oblivion: Additionally drops up to 40 Shattered Glacies

Duration: After maintenance (v835) ~ (v836)

PvE Content

Solace of Oblivion

Nobody ran easy difficulty. I literally mean nobody.

Removed the [Easy] difficulty for Solace of Oblivion

PvE Daily Tasks

Now that the Gay Beans event is over, the daily tasks have been replaced with a new set of tasks. All tasks give a [PvE Daily Reward Box] which randomly give one of (at equal chance):

  • Midnight Rock x150
  • High-Grade Midnight Rock x100
  • Terminus Extract x5
  • Void Essence x10
  • Starlit Jewel x10
  • Shattered Glacies x2
  • Eternal Timepiece x6
  • Mirage Mirror x6

The tasks are to clear:

  • Ice Dragon Nest (Vahrcore 4-man)
  • Professor K
  • Rune Dragon Nest (4-man)
  • Guardian Nest (4-man)
  • Black Dragon Nest Time Attack
  • Snowdrift Citadel
  • Granom Nest (4-man)
  • Solace of Oblivion

As usual, these can be checked in your Event menu (default keybind is V).

PvE Class Balancing

Still fixing up the DPS meter, also there's not really a good piece of 8-man content to use as a baseline right now. This should at least bring War Mage (rework) and Trickster (new class) more in line.

/\c37\War Mage

Hey guys, James Corden here. I am a massive asshole. Also, this class really does a lot of damage so I'm going to nerf it.

[Awakened Flux] Light ATK reduced: 20% --> 15%
[Class Mastery II] MATK reduced: 20% --> 15%


How's it going everyone, Obama here. When we're talking about equal(lization) rights, Vandar was really unequal. Yes, we can!

Adjusted equalization stats (TKN Berserk, IDNVC8, etc) to not be astronomically higher than other classes

/\c100\Treasure Hunter

Trickster nerf but will affect Duelist too slightly if you use this skill.

[Falling Arms] damage reduced: 800% --> 720%


Hey guys, Tiger Woods here with the Trickster nerf. Let's go, hole in one!
Honestly, this might seem like a lot but this gives us space to buff it back up through Class Masteries if we need it later

[Awakened Guillotine Blade] damage reduced: 9400% --> 8460%
[Unchained Bolt EX] damage coefficient reduced by 20%
[Split Fire EX] damage coefficient reduced by 20%
[Clutch Field EX] damage coefficient reduced by 20%
[Sword Storm EX] damage coefficient reduced by 20%
[Class Mastery II] now additionally grants 5% MATK passively

Cash Shop


Yellow Winter Slayer Suit
Cold Vampire's Black and Yellow Accesory
Yellow Punk Rocker Set
Black and White Hall Monitor Tights
Naive Cabin Crew Black and White
Gray Yellow Superior Staff
White Yellow Witch Spell Book
Deep Black Superior Robe
Girl Scout Black Tosh
Yellow Devil Hunter Staff
Black Yangban Robe
Shiny star yellow set
Yellow arrogant witch
Yellow Knight Assassin Vest
Black Gerrant Hair
Cherry Gerrant Hair
Red Gerrant Hair
Moon Breathing Nichirin Blade
Sun Breathing Nichirin Blade
Blue Nichirin Battle Sword
Crimson Nichirin Battle Sword
Purple Nichirin Battle Sword
Yellow Nichirin Battle Sword


  • Moved the Elf Guard away from Mei a little bit, flipped Miya around
  • Moved Walter (storage) where Alter Roy is, Alter Roy moved between Kaye and Zeke
  • Added energy bars for both Vandars
  • Added buff duration bar for Trickster The Eye buff duration
  • Added a button to BTG that confuses you
  • Added test Vandar weapons to GM.X
  • Added a few weapons to Alter Roy's shop for Vandar (Light, Sweet and Fresh, Atonement Darkness, and Brilliant Twilight)
  • Added big skill tracker for Trickster, Duelist, and War Mage
  • Replaced "Report Illegal Program User" button on ESC menu with "Open the Guide" which, when clicked... opens the guide
  • DPS bars now display their progress damage



  • Fixed Vandar not having F1/F2/etc text and voice lines
  • War Mage [Awakened Nine Tail Laser] should be more reliable when casting with more than 1 stack of cooldown
  • Fixed Trickster [Class Mastery II] description not having a '%' after the ATK increase
  • Assassin [Preparation] class buff should be more reliable now
  • Fixed Arch Heretic [Carnage] skill plate giving the same effects to [Devastation]
  • Fixed Arch Heretic [Devastation] skill plate not having any effect
  • Fixed Vandar [Phase Blade] delaying bosses


  • Fixed Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore (4-Man) not granting Social Credit
  • Fixed autobuffer sometimes giving more buffs than it should based on the classes in the party
  • Fixed autobuffer not realizing Vandar exists and giving action speed and stat% even if you have a Vandar in the party
  • Fixed party size adjustment buff from stacking multiple times if a person disconnects


  • Fixed Golden Panda's Heels and Black and Golden Panda's Heels having the wrong item names
  • Fixed several Vandar costumes not being server storagable


  • Fixed an issue that caused the DPS skill tracker to sometimes not calculate crit% correctly
  • Fixed DPS meter not switching to old DPS meter when joining a party that's already in BTG (and not tracking skill spread etc)
  • Fixed/updated Kiwi, Alter Roy, Mei, and Miya's descriptions when you hover over their NPC dot on the map