64-bit Client

...is now in public beta! We expect there to be some bugs and issues still, but we feel like it is stable enough for everyone to try out.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 x64 21H1 or newer (Windows 11 OK)
  • At least 4 GB of RAM (recommended 8 GB)
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher
  • 100 MB of additional installation disk space

How to get the beta

  1. Open pdlauncher.exe as usual
  2. You will see a "Client" selector on the left side
  3. Select "64-bit (BETA)"
  4. Wait for the launcher to re-patch
  5. Press PLAY

If for some reason you need to switch back to the old client, simply select "32-bit" instead.


If your 64-bit client refuses to start or crashes immediately or has certain issues, there's some fixes here. You can also check our troubleshooting guide here

Application Error: The application was unable to start correctly

Your computer is missing certain components that are required to play. In PDLauncher, hit the settings button (top right, gear icon), press "Repair Client", and then press "Install Prerequisites". The launcher will install those components for you and then relaunch.

If you still encounter the error after installing prerequisites, you may need to update your DirectX

Water renders on top of other things

Go to your graphics driver's settings page (e.g. Nvidia control panel), select ProjectDuck_x64.exe, and disable antialiasing. The game has its own antialiasing and the driver one interferes with water rendering

New Features and Notable Changes


  • New lighting and shadowing
  • Borderless Windowed mode and Fullscreen now allow you to select which monitor to show on
  • Self and Party Transparency setting now applies to more visual effects
  • Character model texture quality improved
  • FPS is automatically capped during login and character select to not fry your GPU

User Interface

  • You are no longer prompted for a 2nd password PIN at all
  • You can now increase your chat log and sent message history in ESC --> Settings --> Interface --> Chat
  • Dragon Gem management has been simplified, you can now slot and unslot dragon gems in the shift-right click menu without having to repeatedly re-open the menu
  • Dragon Gems now show their enhancement level on their icon (like armor and weapons)
  • Bosses now display their buffs and debuffs under their HP bar
  • Removed several unnecessary "are you sure?" prompts when managing crests, talismans, storage, and enhancing items
  • Enhancement stats are now combined with the base item stats to make comparing item stats easier
  • Skills that get enhanced ("turn yellow") can now change icons (mostly a dev thing, but Lustre players will get more clarity)
  • Left clicking on other players while running content is now disabled (no more accidentally trading people mid-GDN run)
  • Clicking the "Charge QC" button in cash shop now takes you directly to the website donation page
  • Chat messages now have a timestamp
  • Red birds no longer pop up an extra window
  • Chat notification added for when fellow guild members log out

Fixed issues

  • The "Enable Dark Class" setting in ESC --> System Settings now works (you no longer need the mod)
  • Mouse cursor randomly popping out should be fixed
  • Mouse cursor not re-capturing after closing user interface windows fixed
  • FPS drops when mouse cursor is not captured greatly reduced

x64-Specific Class Changes

  • [Mystic Knight] changed to hold down the corresponding skill button instead of left click (NOTE: The tooltip still says left click)
  • [Grand Master] [Grand Weapon Master] cinematic camera changed to be more fluid


  • Improved performance in most situations
  • Improved loading times
  • Minimize to tray now greatly reduces the resources used by the game (almost 0% CPU and ~100MB of RAM while minimized)
  • Several settings in ESC --> Settings  that used to require a restart now apply in real-time: Camera zoom, camera shake, radial blur, camera pivot range, skill cinematic camera
  • Removed several ESC --> Settings options that are no longer relevant or supported
  • When the game crashes, you now have the option to restart the game immediately (please send us crash dumps!)

Known Issues


  • Screen-space reflection is currently not supported
  • Some areas may be lit too brightly
  • Some particle effects may render in the wrong position/direction
  • Grass renders too dark in some areas
  • Shadows are sometimes a little inconsistent


  • On-hit sounds sometimes don't play (unequip and re-equip your weapon or change your costume weapon to fix)

Please report any issues you encounter to the Discord #report channel and mention that you're on 64-bit.

Also feel free to make suggestions as usual! We're prioritizing bugfixing and performance but we will happily add small improvements when we can!


  • Slight redesign to the new area in Skitzovania which also include a portal that takes you to the Void similar to the other side of town.
Yay, an actual reason to be here kinda?

Dynamic Balance

  • Chaos Mage +5% removed

[PvE] Class Balancing

/\c70\Mystic Knight

[Ego Eye] skill lockout reduced

/\c38\Chaos Mage

A mini quality of life/rework to CM that should smooth out some of the pain points and improve the feel of the class. We're considering a minor rework to how the bubble system works and ult interactions in the future.

[Gravity Well] damage increased:  6726% --> 8744% (damage increased of same amount (30%) applied to Awakened version as well)
[Class Mastery] no longer causes [Gravity Well] to do 30% more damage to targets immune to its effects
[Class Mastery II] now resets the cooldown of [Blink] upon successfully hitting [Gravity Spark]
[Class Mastery III] now allows you to left click after casting [Dark Nova] to use [Gravity Well CM3]
[Awakened Black Hole] now summons Gravity Balls closer to the center of the black hole
[Awakened Triple Orbs] cooldown reduced: 15s --> 14s
[Triple Orbs Instant] cooldown reduced: 15s --> 14s
[Gravity Spark] cast time reduced
[Summon Comet] cooldown reduced: 20s --> 16s
Meteorite duration increased: 30s --> 999s (bubble)


[Overwhelm] you no longer need to left click to do the 2nd half of the skill (regular or enhanced)


[Awakened Sacrifice] no longer requires slimes to cast and will apply the buff in an area around the caster instead of the slimes

/\c68\Light Fury

[Blessing of Azuna] cooldown reduced: 20s --> 10s
[Balm of Azuna] cooldown reduced: 30s --> 10s

When you hold the [Regular Attack Button] after summoning [Blessing of Azuna] or [Balm of Azuna], you will automatically use the other Azuna summon wiith a drastically reduced cast time (sorry nothing for you [Pact of Azuna] since you're not a buff!)

[PvP] Class Balancing

  • [Shatter] is disabled in PvP if you learn [Awakened Passive Shatter]

Cash Shop

Recolor Tab

We have migrated all the past requested recolored cosmetics (that are currently purchasable) to a whole new tab in the cash shop. Any future recolor requests in the #costume-set-requests chat will now be located in here for easier accessibility!
Note: Searching for costumes that are in the recolors tab won't show results. You have to look for them under the appropriate category.

Mushroom Island Costume Set

Mushroom Island Weapons

Eerie Ghost WTD

Marionette Basket WTD

Lavender Mushroom Chori (Kali - Recolors Tab)

Heroic Axe (Warrior)

Electrifying Snow Raider Suit (Warrior - Recolors Tab)

Grassy Rajuul's Dress (Archer - Recolors Tab)

Black Captain's Jacket (Cleric - Recolors Tab)


  • [3 or 2 Letter Name Voucher] is now [Special Name Change Voucher], allows including Chinese or Japanese characters in your name


  • Fixed [Awakened Shatter] breaking boss animations (again)
  • Fixed a bug where [Awakened Spirit Snakes] would occasionally fail to reduce the cooldown of skills if you cast a different skills while the snakes were mid-flight
  • Fixed [Glacial Freeze] doing significantly more damage than expected (337% more in fact)
  • Fixed [Thrust Force] Vanguard not having the proper VFX telling you that you vanguarded
  • Fixed CM3 [Beat Crush] not applying the debuff (also fixed tooltip)
  • Fixed [Awakened Beat Crush] not applying 20% damage taken debuff