Skitzovania has gotten a makeover. The warm summer is here and several props have shadows now to give the town a bit more life. Some props are also now animated (lanterns, flags, etc).

Character Select Screen

In line with the town update, the character selection screen has been updated too!

A nice lively street scene awaits

PvE Drop Event

Escape the summer heat and catch up in gear!

The following content will have bonus drops in addition to what they normally drop

Content Bonus Drops
Daidalos Nest 3 Pillowsheep Stuffing
Volcano Nest 10 Lava Sparks
Typhoon Krag Nest 100 Crystal Points
Daidalos Nest Hardcore 3 Zakad Crystal, 3 Memory of Roy, 1 Steve's Fiend Coupon
Red Dragon Vahrcore Memoria 1 Wrath, 1 Scale
Red Dragon Nest 4-Man Easy 6 Wraths, 3 Scales
Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore 24 Wraths, 12 Scales, 4x Rolls for Evolving Radiance Acc., 60 Luminous Sparks
Ice Dragon Nest 4-Man 2 Snowballs
Ice Dragon Nest 8-Man 5 Snowballs
Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore 4 Hailstones
Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore Checkpointless Clear Glacial Chunk 30% --> 100%, Omega Gem 10% --> 100%
Green Dragon Nest Time Attack 2 Sealed Omega Dragon Gem, 2 Sealed Omega Expedition Crest
Professor K Nest 10 Flawless Dragon Powder, 10 Lapis, 25 Vermilion
Dungeons (Tyrant, Reclaimed, Goddess) 7 Lapis, 4 Vermilion
Kaeron Trial Nest 20 Flawless Dragon Resin, 2 Flawless, 15 Lapis, 30 Vermilion

PvE Content

  • Daidalos Hardcore revive limit increased from 1 --> 3
  • Volcano Nest revive limit increased from 2 --> 5
  • Arendel Trial Nest revive limit increased from 1 --> 5
  • Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore revive limit increased from 1 --> 3

Zeke's Crystalis Venture Shop

  • No longer sells Zeke's Rock of Blessing
  • No longer sells Rock of Strength
  • Reorganized a bit

Buff Consolidation

We're combining Zeke's Blessing and Power of the Mighty from the stone buffs into just raw stats on Rune Amplifiers (Gloves & Primary Weapon) as these two are the buffs that work universally (raid included).

This means that your damage in town will increase by a large amount, however, damage in content remains the same. The two aforementioned buffs no longer have an effect as a result of this change.

We dropped the 3000 Critical Strike Chance and 200 AGI away from the Power of the Mighty buff as they were weird to have (especially 200 AGI and ONLY AGI)

RoyBot will eventually stop applying the two useless buffs
  • [Zeke's Blessing] no longer has an effect
  • [Power of the Mighty] no longer has an effect
  • [Rune Amplifer (Primary Weapon)] now has [Zeke's Blessing] stats
  • [Rune Amplifier (Gloves)] now has [Power of the Mighty] stats


  • [Evolving Radiance Accessories] up to Tier IV are now tradable (requires stamps)
  • Trial Announcement in [Kaeron Trial Nest] no longer releases your mouse lock
  • [Kylie] has been replaced by [Kiwi]


  • Clarified that the 5% damage buff from Guild does not have an effect
  • Fixed a bug where [Sealed Omega Dragon Gems] were untradable
  • Fixed a bug where Destroyer's self-FD buff from [Empowering Howl] wiped the effects from the FD class buff (Machina / Archer)
  • Fixed a bug where several cash shop items were not marketplace tradable
  • Fixed the Critical Chance stat tooltip to stop lying and finally say 90% is the crit cap