Streamlining some of the early progression content so players can get to the real content faster, reducing enhancement costs so you don't go broke before you actually need to go broke, and more buff merging

[PvE] Content Drops

Arendel Trial Nest

Final key chests

Due note that these chances seem kinda meh, but you do have like 5 tries of 6 rolls of 2% or 1%
  • 6 rolls of 2% for [Steve's Fiend Coupon] --> 6 rolls of 4% chance
  • [Premium Benefit] removed from drop table
  • Added 6 rolls of 1% for [Teardrop] title
  • Added 6 rolls of 1% for [Vessel of the Goddess] title

Other Nests

  • [Volcano Nest] drops [Pillowsheep Stuffing] 3x --> 9x
  • [Third Core Nest] drops [Vahrein] at 40% --> 75% chance
  • [Manticore] and [Archbishop Nest] drops [Garnet Fragments] x4 --> 10x

[PvE] Shops

Revamp Exchange Shop

  • [Pillowsheep Stuffing] to [Steve's Fiend Coupon] exchange rate changed 12:1 --> 9:1

Illusive Burst Shop

  • [Sunbathed Dawnburst] 350 --> 150 [Lebrium Points]
  • [Fired Dawnburst] 500 --> 350 [Lebrium Points]
  • [Ignited Dawnburst] 650 --> 450 [Lebrium Points]
  • Reorganized the ordering for Lunarbursts to follow the same order as Dawnbursts

GM.X Shop

  • [Premium Benefit] [Pengu's Infinity Stone] 2000g --> 500g (see below)
  • Added [Black Dragon's Crest Flag Salute]
  • Reorganized a tad

Crystal Point Shop

  • [Pengu's Infinity Stone] removed (see below)

[PvE] Gear

  • [Vibrant Sun] enhancement gold cost reduced by 40%
  • [Golden Wind] enhancement gold cost reduced by 40%
  • [Twilight Luna] enhancement gold cost reduced by 60%
  • [Ardent Dawn] enhancement gold cost reduced by 50%
  • [Premium Benefit] merged with [Pengu's Infinity Stone]


  • Fixed an issue where you can tune a [Golden Wind] mainhand weapon into a Staff and vice versa (should be tuned to the offhand)
  • Attempt to fix a stacking physical defense debuff from [Dragoon]


  • Cleaned up several NPC talk options
  • Fixed teleportation positioning to most NPCs in Skitzovania
  • Fixed missing teleportation targets in Skitzovania
  • Added/updated better tooltips to NPCs
  • [Duckling Starter Bag] now provides [Premium Benefit] [Pengu's Infinity Stone] (see above)
  • [Pengu's Infinity Stone] removed from [Rob Box] (see above)
  • Added wings for the upcoming [PvP Event]
  • Updated [Requiem Weapon Voucher] description to tell you to go to Alter Roy instead of Zeke