This patch includes buff bar changes and new costumes, with some minor QoL for a few classes.

Big Boomer's Bonerific Buffs

The base 8 class buffs no longer shows up on the "main" buff bar. Instead, they appear next to the health bar with fixed slots for each of them. For example, [Harmonize] will always be in the second slot of the first row.

Each class's pair of buffs corresponds to a diagonal line, with the exeption of cleric (which actually does if you consider the buffs to be layed out on ℤ/4ℤ ⨯ [2]) and tinkerer.

Here, have a diagram:

PvE Class Balancing


[Crash Mode] duration extension on damage taken internal CD reduced from 0.5s --> 0.3s


[Puppet Dance] debuff duration 2s --> 20s (this is technically a bugfix)

Cash Shop

  • Added Christmas sets for all classes
Red Rudolph Package
Blue Rudolph Package
White Rudolph Package
Christmas 2022 Weapons
  • Added Lovely Spring Flower Accessories (Ring, Earring, and Necklace)
  • Added A LOT of miscellaneous sets that weren't in the cash shop
White Seal Stamp Package
Red Seal Stamp Package
Duke Feather Velvet Package
Purple Enhancement Kit Package
Black Eroshi Package
Main Saint Package Tinkerer
Duke Frill Velvet Package
White Vitality Potion Package
Main Saint Package Archer
Red Moon Armguards
Purple Gambler's Set


Crystal Dream Shortbow
Penguin Hunter's Black Earmuffs
Sleek Vampire Flail
Slimey Vampire Suit
Red Dark Fire Suit
Edgy as Hell Eye Mask
Red Surgeon Mask
Dark Red Ares Body Armor
Violet Trunhell Top
Poisonous Trunhell Top
Purple Plate Armor
Blue Plate Armor
Gilded Gerrant Pants
Purple Summer Shock Shorts and Boots
Black Panda Boots
Monochrome Team Captain Gauntlet
Yellow Dragon Thorn Sword and Gauntlet
Ocean Blue Cogsmith Package
Purple Soul Bloom Fan
The President's Suit
Green Awakened Rocker Scimitar
Green Awakened Rocker Hook
Monochrome Darkness Scimitar
Green Cassius Royal Academy Uniform
Pink Energetic Zeal
White Energetic Zeal


  • Fixed [Flash Stance] having the wrong cooldown in PvP
  • Added ExitLag compatibility setting in the launcher. Turn this on if you use ExitLag to try to improve your network connection. If you don't use ExitLag, do not enable this setting
  • Added an option for different keyboard mappings (currently QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, Spanish, Japan keyboard LAYOUTS NOT INPUTS)
  • Dead party members no longer show up on minimap
  • Greatly reduced game startup time
  • Mildly reduced game stuttering for various reasons


  • Attempted to fix a bug where Defensio couldn't use [Endure] after [Awakened Parry] left-click
  • Fixed a bug where if you log in, log out, and log in again, your game doesn't load your account settings