I will spread the garden’s emerald sheen to the whole world. My vines will hit cities like massive waves...

Sorry for the delay, but developers need breaks too! Forest Dragon Nest is finally here and we're so ready to work on something new...

We do expect there to be some bugs as usual with the release of new content. Please report them to the right channel in the PDN Discord if you encounter any of them and sorry for the inconvenience.

Forest Dragon Nest

Hurry! Hirendel wants to turn us all into phyto-gro for his plants, his so called "beautiful" world garden. We have to stop him!

Welcome to Project Duck's next 8-man mainline progression raid! Forest Dragon has a distinct difference in style compared to previous raids we have and demands greater party coordination to successfully clear. The raid is mostly original, however we have made some minor changes and fixed several bugs and exploits. You're welcome for the mushroom farmer change.

For now, we're only releasing Normal difficulty, as we'll need to calibrate a few things before releasing higher difficulties, but we plan on releasing those very soon.

Entry Information

Location Twilight Bay > Mysticum Ostium (south)
Party Size 1-8 players
Difficulty Normal (harder levels coming soon)
Required Achievement Cleared Brynhildr or Treasure Nest
Recommended Equipment +20 Astral Extinction, Terra Accessories, Verdant Aeon Crests, Yggdrasil Gems
Revives none; revived after every boss
Positions Command /spots fdn
Expected Duration 40-50 minutes


Intermediate Rewards

You will receive rewards after every gate:

Reward Type Amount Gate
Cracked Verdant Crest Bound 1 1
Gold Bound 1000 1
Terra Accessory Fluid Bound 1 2
Gold Bound 1000 2
Sealed Verdant Aeon Crest Bound 1 3
Genesis Spaera Bound 1 3
Gold Bound 1000 3

Clear Rewards

Reward Type Amount
Genesis Spaera Rollable 2
Genesis Spaera Bound 2
Whispering Everbloom Bound 3
Terra Accessory Fluid Bound 1
Sealed Verdant Aeon Crest Bound 1
Cracked Verdant Crest Bound 2
Forest Dragon Spores Bound 4
Paradox Fragment Echoes Rollable 10
??? Rollable 20% Chance
??? Rollable 25% Chance

Additional special rewards may rarely appear

PvE Content

Brynhildr Nest

Brynhildr Nest final boss can now be accessed if everyone in your party cleared Forest Dragon Nest on Normal difficulty.

After defeating Ludwig, if every person in the party has cleared FDN, you will be presented with an option to proceed (click on the torch at the top of the stairs) or end the run (step into the return portal in the center of the arena).

Final Boss Clear Rewards


Reward Type Amount
Overworld Frost Crystal Bound 1
Gold Bound 1000


Reward Type Amount
Overworld Frost Crystal Bound 2
Sealed Verdant Aeon Crest Bound 1
Gold Bound 2000


Reward Type Amount
Overworld Frost Crystal Bound 3
Sealed Verdant Aeon Crest Bound 1
Gold Bound 2000

Treasure Nest

Treasure Nest final boss can now be accessed if everyone in your party cleared Forest Dragon Nest on Normal difficulty

After defeating Yeoul, if every person in the party has cleared FDN, you will be presented with an option to proceed (walk through the door behind the chest) or end the run (step into the return portal in the center of the arena).

Final Boss Clear Rewards


Reward Type Amount
Treasure Quartz Bound 1
Gold Bound 1000


Reward Type Amount
Treasure Quartz Bound 2
Terra Accessory Fluid Bound 1
Gold Bound 2000


Reward Type Amount
Treasure Quartz Bound 3
Terra Accessory Fluid Bound 1
Gold Bound 2000

Boss Adjustments

  • Boss 3 Yeoul now sidesteps less often
  • Disabled Boss 3 Yeoul's slo-mo punch move since it's bugged

Midgame Progression

  • Rune Dragon Normal drops increased:
    • 4man: Starlight Cell 3x --> 5x
    • 8man: Starlight Cell 6x --> 10x

Side Content

  • Vein of Sorrow drops increased: Reinforced Plate: 1 --> 2

Port Duckling

  • Added class-specific help popup during Wooded Krag Hallow and Rowdy Pirate Galleon to help new players understand what their class buff skill is
Now there really is no excuse to not know
  • All players automatically use the [Rebuff Please!] flag when debuffed in Wooded Krag Hallow and Rowdy Pirate Galleon
Hopefully this makes the connection that see "Rebuff please!" = "I need to rebuff"
  • Players who did not class specialize before entering Port Duckling are blocked from entering any dungeon with a very helpful sign
Seriously we really have to handle how... um, clueless people can be (aka those that didn't read the guide)


Verdant Aeon Equipment

The next mainline set of equipment is here and ready to occupy your slots! This gear can be obtained and enhanced to +15 with the release of Forest Dragon Nest with more enhancement levels to come later!

Blooming Talisman

You can craft and obtain Blooming Talismans now that Forest Dragon Nest is released!

This is kind of new, the crafting has a chance to fail and you'll lose SOME of the materials consumed. However, you will NEVER lose the main talisman itself.

For example, you're trying to craft the Minor Blooming Talisman and it fails. You will lose the Genesis Spaera and the Forest Dragon Spores. However, the Lesser Blooming Talisman will be returned to your inventory.

Sovereign & Sinister Dragon Gems

You can now enhance your Sinister and Sovereign Dragon Gems past +15 and +10! You can enhance up to +45. In order to break through the +15 and +10 gap, you'll need some Whispering Everblooms from Forest Dragon Nest and Genesis Spaera from EXP5 content. After you break through the wall, you're free to enhance until +45!

Sovereign Gem for reference

[PvE] Class Balancing


This is a change we wanted to make a long time ago that we now have the technology to do.
Now instead of losing all your Momentum when the stacks expire, you'll lose 25 per 4 seconds. So it goes like this:
50 bubbles --> Didn't hit for 4s --> 25 bubbles --> Didn't hit for another 4s --> 0 bubbles

[Momentum Rising Storm] cooldown increased: 7.5s --> 9.5s


  • Lose all stacks after 4 seconds of not attacking --> Lose 25 bubbles every 4 seconds of not attacking
  • Updated description to match new functionality


Kaye's Material Exchange

  • Added an exchange for Forest Dragon Spores to Amber Maples and Forest Essence

Cash Shop

  • Fixed several wings not properly appearing in the cash shop. Go take a browse!
  • Added [Tacitus Sword] and [Tacitus Battlesword]

Gacha Exchange/Pity Shops

Starfall Weapons, Vino Variety Weapons, and Lit Bonfire Arsenal Weapons can now be extracted at the Extractor --> Extract Cash Item for their corresponding gacha exchange tokens, replacing the pity exchange shops.

Extract unwanted gacha weapons and receive pity material at the Extractor, then take them to the corresponding pity NPC to buy your desired weapon (or sell the pity material on the market)


  • Added storage access to marketplace NPC
  • Added a setting to disable head up/down look on Archer, Sorceress, Kali, Assassin, Lencea, and Vandar. This setting only affects your character, e.g. other players will not see your head move if you have this setting on (but you will see other players' heads move if they don't have the setting on)
  • Chat now displays who dealt the finishing blow on a boss
  • Replaced revive count with account nicknames in the party list


  • Added auto rebuff to Vein of Sorrow
  • Port Duckling's portal to Skitzovania has been removed and replaced with another portal to Myla Laurel (to stop new players from getting lost in Skitzovania)
  • Added Ticket NPC Arnenne to Myla Laurel, allowing you to teleport to Skitzovania (and in the future, the old towns!)
  • BTG equalized now uses EXP4 cap gear as it's equalization
  • Added [Found At] text for Memory Wisp and Ultima Solace Oblivia
  • DPS meter backend has been rewritten, and now captures significantly more data. This will power future features (personal history, ranked leaderboards, etc)



  • Fixed Adventurer Necklace and Earring display title and icon being on the wrong accessory
  • Fixed an issue with Vein of Sorrow displaying an error message when trying to f12 after clearing
  • Fixed an issue where using Minimize to Tray while on the game exit prompt causes the game to crash
  • Fixed Hide Sword Trail setting not loading correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Savage/Elusive/Arcane Void Talismans description said they were no longer obtainable
  • Updated Storm Manticore Hide/Paw and Reborn Apocalypse Eye/Ram item descriptions to say that it's used for Astral Gems instead of Reinforced Plates
  • Updated Mei's Solo Challenge Shop description to only include information on Typhoon Krag Nest (Berserk) instead of the now defunct nests
  • Fixed an issue where the party size adjustment indicator didn't show for Manticore and Apocalypse nests
  • Updated several out of date loading screen tips and added some new ones


  • Fixed hidden per-stage timers in Treasure Nest automatically failing you (AKA removing them)
  • Fixed issues pertaining to Soft Equalization in Black Dragon Nest Time Attack, Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack, and Solace of Oblivion. Classes should have their proper stats now
  • Attempt to fix game servers not knowing the proper date/time for BDN/DDN time attack cycling
  • Fixed players facing the wrong way after defeating all the dragons in Treasure Nest stage 3
  • Added missing sound files to Treasure Nest
  • Added a failsafe mechanism for the rebuff mechanic in Wooded Krag Hallow and Rowdy Pirate Galleon which will initialize the rebuff check even if the boss glitches and skips the first step and goes immune directly
  • Fixed players getting stuck behind the gates after being thrown into the air in Storm Manticore Nest's second boss


  • Attempt to fix Patronas freezing themselves with the frost artifact in IDNVC DX when they use Ducking


  • Fixed battle BGM playing in port duckling because pebbles is there (lol)
  • Character Quickswap no longer breaks if your character was last in a different town than your current character

Forest Dragon Clear Events

First Clears

Be among the first few teams to clear FDN to receive the rewards!

  • Either be the first team to clear FDN or clear shortly after the first team clears
  • After the first team clears we will start a 1 week timer
  • The first clear team and any other teams that clear within that 1 week timer will receive the event rewards

Rewards: 30,000 QC + "Hirendel Executor" title

First Deathless Clear

  • Be the first team to clear without ANYONE dying throughout the entire run
  • Basically, the first team to get the deathless title

Rewards: 50,000 QC + "Original Earthbound Immortal" title

Fastest Clear (1 Week)

  • Following the "First Clears" timer of 1 week after the first clear, the team that clears the raid the fastest will receive the event rewards
  • Basically, from the first clear until 1 week after, the team with the fastest clear time will win the rewards

Rewards: 45,000 QC + "Fast Flashy Forest Foe" title