Just dropping a patch before multiserver no big deal. This patch has a lot of cosmetics (mostly recolor requests), a ton of quality of life features, cleaning up of stuff, and some class touchups.

User Interface

  • Added energy bars for Avalanche and Vena Plaga
  • "Current town only" checkbox is now unchecked by default (so by default, you will see all parties)
  • Upon entering character select, if you have not yet set an account nickname, you will be prompted to set one
  • Party leaders can now kick players while in field regardless if they're AFK or not (so now you can kick that annoying person who joins your party in field while you're waiting on your chad carry to rejoin)
  • Disabled the "hidden" cash shop that only sold junk
  • Item enhancement now displays enhancing information (success rate, break chance on failure, and level drop on failure)
  • Enabled the [Preview] button in NPC shops so you can preview costumes
  • Added an option (ESC --> Settings --> Interface) to always display the mail icon on your hotbar for quick access to your mailbox
  • Ping meter now shows what server (LOGIN, TOWN, FIELD) you're connected to
  • Energy bars removed from PvP
  • Replaced the map filter rotator with a dropdown list and added several new options
  • Cleaned up party target map selection list of maps that we don't have



Added first time clear achievements to [Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4-man)] and [Ice Dragon Nest (Vahrcore 4-man)] which give rewards (sent via mail) upon completing:

  • [Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4-man)]: Snowball x15, Hailstone x10, Frosted Plate x40, Sealed Omega Dragon Gem x3, Box of Lumens x35
  • [Ice Dragon Nest (Vahrcore 4-man)]: Sealed Omega Expedition Crest x3, Frosted Plate x40, Box of Lumens x40



  • Autobubbler now includes all classes that have non-transient bubbles except for Shooting Star (due to upcoming rework)

Boulder Training Ground

  • Added autobubbler button
  • Added force crit button (forces you to always crit)
  • Added slow motion button (slows down the game to 50% of its normal speed)
  • Autodebuffs now have tooltips

Rune Dragon Nest (all versions)

  • Reimplemented boss 2's knockback then jump over lines then sit in safe zone then get stabbed mech to have the green buff grant invulnerability to the final stab
  • Attempt to force synchronize magic tornado positions at dragon 50 mech
  • Attempt to make boss 3's machine gun mech desync less and a little less punishing if you do desync

PvE Class Balancing


Fixing an annoying issue where the more geared (and tanky) you got the harder it was to extend your Crash Mode

[Crash Mode] now extends whenever you take any non-percent-HP hit that deals damage, on an internal 0.5s cooldown

/\c85\Black Mara

Small QoL buff

[Agonal Shadow] Cast time reduced


Smoothing out the rework a bit based on player input

[Mighty Blow Instant] Reverted to old jump action, you can now hold [S] while casting to do the instant ground pound version without moving

Alter Roy

Lost Duckling Rewards

Lost Duckling

Alter Roy's army of ducklings has escaped! You can find them scattered throughout Void Portal content. You can return them to Alter Roy at the Lost Duckling Exchange shop for cosmetic rewards.

Lost Ducking Exchange Shop
Found At Drops per Clear (bound)
Volcano Nest 1 Lost Duckling
Rune Dragon 4 Man 3 Lost Duckling
Rune Dragon 8 Man 5 Lost Duckling
BDNTA 5 Lost Duckling
Rune Dragon 8 HC 7 Lost Duckling
These drops will be adjusted as new content releases, and items will periodically be added to the shop.

Cash Shop

  • Added Simple and Elegant Archer hair
  • Added Spiky All-Back Shaggy Hair Kali hair
  • Added Smarty Pants Lencea face
  • Added 7 Archer sets that weren't in the cash shop
Brown Tomboy Sheriff Set
Black Tomboy Sheriff Set
Red Tomboy Sheriff Set
Dark Bat Set
Fire Bat Set
Ice Bat Set
Dark Noblesse Set


  • Added Blue Energetic Zeal
  • Added Green Energetic Zeal
  • Added Black and White Aisha Package (Archer)
  • Added Thunderous Marine Mace (Cleric)
  • Added Sleek Vampire Cross Shield (Cleric)
  • Added Purple Space Pirate Top (Assassin)
  • Added Blackout Devil Deal Hood (Assassin)
  • Added Blue Examiner Vest (Assassin)
  • Added Cherry Red Aviator Package (Lencea)
  • Added Blackout Space Pirate Top (Lencea)
  • Added Blackout Space Pirate Gloves (Lencea)
  • Added Blackout Space Pirate Shoes (Lencea)
  • Added Silent Jarano Bottom (Warrior)
  • Added Gray Gerrant Hair (Warrior)
  • Added Black Midnight Slayer Hood (Warrior)
  • Added Smoky Rajuul's Top (Warrior)
  • Added Gilded Rajuul's Top (Warrior)
  • Added Purple Pyjama Package (Warrior)
  • Added Pink Pyjama Package (Warrior)


  • Added [Magnificent Black Dawn Wings] to the cash shop
  • Added [Black Cupid Wings] to the cash shop
  • Fixed several one piece costumes showing up under the Weapons section


  • Attempted to fix a bug where [Hammer Hand] would occasionally ghost hit if you cancel it too soon
  • Fixed big wings acting strangely
  • Fixed a bug where  [Ascended Flash Step]'s description is the same as [Awakened Flash Step]
  • Fixed a bug where Crusader [Struck by Lightning] was behaving weirdly in PvP
  • Fixed a typo in the RuDNHC spots preset


  • Parrying an attack or taking 0 damage from an attack no longer resets your combo counter
  • Guild creation now instantly levels your guild to level 40 (you no longer need to wait for the database job to run)
  • Changed the default for Garden of Solace north portal from RDNVC Practice to RDNEZ
  • Added [Found at] text to [Sinister Dragon Gem]
  • Disabled Mei's Spooktacular Event Shop
  • Daily reset now gives 200 blue revives for free
  • Adjusted wording of Avalanche [Awakened Passive Battle Sense]