Spreading out debuffs to more classes because DMG amp is way overrepresented and CritRes is almost nonexistant. We're also back on the class rework train with Inquisitor and Grand Master reworks! PvP has para/para resist rework and class adjustments. As usual, we're bringing more improvements and bugfixes.

Dev Vacation

Vahr and Joorji will be on vacation for two weeks, so Kozima and Roy are in charge now. Good luck.

Patch v830 - Hotfix

Fixed an issue with Jotunn's [Frostborne Stigmata] causing attacks to deal less damage for its duration.
Fixed an issue with Grandmaster disabling all passive inputs in PVP
Fixed an issue with Forward Casted Assault Slash not properly linking with Left Input
Fixed some Grandmaster UI descriptions
Added Inquis Radial Bubble for Detonate Instant
Fixed issue where fury of the owl plate was granting the old damage on crit buff.
Attempted to fix inquisitor consecration buff flickering.
Slight modification to new W casted Assault slash to reduce issues.
Fixed hitboxes on certain Vena Plaga thorns
Fixed an inconsistent hit count on Bleed Phantom Pass Away
Fixed an issue where Lustre's Flood Trick AS plate would grant 50% speed for the entire buff duration.
Fixed issue where Vena Plaga had 27 less skill points
Fixed issue with Hellfire Iron Lance not displaying its debuff.

[PvE] Class Changes

Debuff Changes

The debuffs granted to various classes are very lopsided and weirdly distributed. This helps spread them out better
Class Skill Debuff
Silver Hunter Transformed Spiral Bolt NEW: CritRes
Silver Hunter Transformed Razor Wind DMG --> ELE
Priest Holy Burst NEW: CritRes
Saint Bind Relic EX DMG --> ELE
Shooting Star Star Burst DMG --> CritRes
Screamer Puppet Dance DMG --> ELE
Ruina Exploding Palm ELE --> CritRes
Lustre Lighting Rise DMG --> CritRes
Vena Plaga Subconsious NEW: ELE
Light Fury Outbreak DMG --> ELE
Light Fury Fullbright NEW: CritRes

/\c44\Inquisitor Rework

Inquisitor was one of the first reworks I did. Since then, our standards are a lot higher and I wanted to go back and revisit this class to bring it in line with our other reworks. This rework further incentivizes good placement of [Consecration] and playing around it. I switched Holy Burst and Grand Cross' damage around since Holy Burst feels more powerful and is more impactful. The ultimate enhancement brings it in line with the kit better than before. Previously, it gave Retribution, but it was on such a long cooldown that it didn't feel part of the kit.

[Consecration] effectively has 100% uptime so long as you use it well so you should have a more cohesive rotation. The main deal about the class now revolves around staying in the field and using your [Detonates] properly.

The new visual effects feel great too
- Joorji

[Mind Snapper] cooldown increased: 10s --> 12s
[Heavenly Judgment] no longer generates Retribution per hit
[Detonate EX]

  • Lightning wave damage coefficient reduced: 10% --> 5%
  • Detonation damage coefficient reduced: 130% --> 100%
  • REMOVED: No longer detonates [Judgement Spear]

[Awakened Lightning Bolt] electrocution chance increased: 10% --> 35% per hit
[Awakened Thunderous Vengeance] Retribution is no longer generated passively
[Awakened Consecration]

  • NEW: [Heavenly Judgment] is additionally enhanced to [Consecrated Heavenly Judgment] which has a shorter cast time and deals 20% more damage while the caster is standing on the field
  • NEW: The cooldown of [Consecrated Heavenly Judgment] is reduced rapidly while standing on the field
  • NEW: Now requires 10 Retribution to cast
  • NEW: Generates 1 Retribution every 0.75 seconds while standing on the field
  • Visual FX update
  • Cooldown decreased: 24s --> 17s
  • REMOVED: No longer grants 15% Light ATK while standing on the field

[Consecrated Heavenly Judgment]

  • Leap into th eair and focus lightning energy before crashing down upon your enemies
  • Invulnerable while casting
  • Damage: 18528%

[Consecrated Grand Cross]

  • Total damage coefficient reduced: 464% --> 250%
  • Total effective damage decreased: 16889% --> 9100%

[Consecrated Holy Burst]

  • Board damage increased: 2051% --> 3671%
  • Total damage coefficient increased: 450% --> 420%
  • Coefficient spread changed: 350%/20%/20%/20%/20%/20% --> 400%/10%/5%/5%
  • Total effective damage increased: 9229% --> 15418%

[Lightning Fury]

  • Damage decreased: 30481% --> 25908%
  • Bubble cost reduced: 50 --> 35

[Judgement Spear] electrocution duration increased: 5s --> 10s
[Awakened Passive Detonate]

  • NEW: Casting [Awakened Detonate] while on [Mind Snapper] causes it to explode, dealing 550% of [Mind Snapper]'s board damage
  • Reset chance increased: 50% --> 100%
  • Note: [Awakened Consecutive Detonate] cannot detonate [Mind Snapper]

[Awakened Detonate]

  • Visual FX update
  • Sound FX update
  • Animation changed to be more impactful
  • Total damage coefficient increased: 130% --> 225%

[Awakened Consecutive Detonate]

  • Total damage coefficient decreased: 195% --> 130% on electrocuted enemies; 130% --> 100% on non-electrocuted enemies

[Righteous Bolt CM3] visual FX update

/\c71\Grand Master Rework

We wanted to remove some of the unused skills while keeping the fluidity of the class. The two skills that got replaced have meaningful replacements that fit in the rotation. We also added some missing effects from official that were missing.

[Awakened Passive Dreadnought] → [Awakened Passive Sword Storm]

  • No longer inflicts a Time Fragment on monsters hit
  • NEW: Reduce the cooldown of Dreadnought based on the number of Arrows hitting the enemy.
  • NEW: Possible ultimate cooldown reduction capped at 5s (to avoid extra cooldown based on multiple mobs)

[War Cry] → [Grand Arsenal]

  • No longer extends Arrogance buff to 999
  • NEW: You can press the [Normal Attack Button] Slam down with an Axe
  • NEW: You can press the [Special Attack Button] dodge backwards with a Spear, leaving an afterimage
  • NEW: Each input generates 1 Arrow

[Assault Slash] → [Awakened Assault Slash]

  • No longer does a backwards slash attack
  • NEW: Weapon Shift to a Spear and slam forward onto the ground
  • NEW: Can be used by holding [Normal Attack Button] after [Awakened Assault Slash]
  • NEW: Generates 1 Arrow
  • Damage increased: 2813% 3235%

[Assault Drive] → [Awakened Assault Drive]

  • No longer dash forward slashing your sword
  • NEW: Weapon Shift to two short swords and slash in an X in front of you or forward if holding W while casting
  • NEW: Can be chained with [Awakened Assault Drive] to stab forward with a Spear
  • NEW: Generates 1 Arrow
  • Cooldown decreased: 8s 6s
  • Damage increased: 3438% 3954%

[Class Mastery I]

  • No longer increases [Arrogance] time by 5 seconds when popping Time Fragment
  • NEW: Popping a [Time Fragment] will now reduce cooldown of [Grand Arsenal] by 2s


  • No longer channels your inner focus to summon weapons
  • NEW: Jump into the air and rain down spears before smashing the ground followed by raining spears
  • NEW: Can Left click early to slam down on the ground
  • Damage increased: 19000% 34328%

[Sword Storm]

  • NEW: Cooldown reduced from 20 seconds 16 seconds to fit more with new Arrow generation
  • Damage decreased:  4781% 4303%

/\c91\Blood Phantom

Draw Blood Heal reworked. No longer heals .4% HP per hit of swift cut on bleeding targets. Now heals .025% of damage dealt against bleeding targets (cap of .5% HP per hit) to a total of 10% HP. Duration increased 5 seconds --> 8 seconds.

Draw Blood A Passive - Reduces cooldown by 5 seconds and increases damage by 40%

Draw Blood B Passive - Heal cap increased to 15% and duration increased to 16 seconds


The impactor re-rework adjustment with the single hit worked out well but it was a little bit slower than it should've been.

[Intense Shock] cast time reduced

[PvP] Class Changes

Vahr: I'm not formatting this any better good luck blame Roey
- ty Vahr for the initial format <(UwU)> - Roey

Para/Para Res rework implemented.
Insert Information about that here:
Paralyze/Paralyze Resist. These stats affect how long a Light Impact (LI) attack will leave a standing player Flinched for. (Attacks like the first hit of Triple Slash). We've decided to group each class into a certain tier of Para and Para Res to help keep these flinch timings consistent, so players will know with certainty what types of attacks can connect vs certain classes. This also makes balancing easier, since, we've recently learned how to make certain hits apply more Para than others. So, any LI hits that feel bad, can either be increased or reduced in how long they paralyze for.

Below are what the old values for each class were:


12261: Arch Heretic, Spirit Dancer

11772: Blade Dancer

11673: Dragoon

11652: Bleed Phantom

11280: Barbarian, Destroyer, Dark Avenger, Guardian, Omegalul Elder

11166: Rangrid, Vena Plaga

10374: Gladiator

9858: Raven, Light Fury, Abyss Walker

9810: Lunar Knight

9708: Crusader

9411: Ripper, Rai, Jotunn

7896: Valkyrie, Avalanche, Mystic Knight, Grandmaster, Saint, Inquis

6990: Windwalker, Tempest

6486: Ruina, Defensio, Impactor

6426: Sniper

5580: Warden, Silver Hunter, Gear Master, Shooting Star, Ray Mechanic

5298: IW, Pyro, CM, WM, Black Mara, Adept, Physician

4896: Soul Eater, Dark Summoner

4512: Lustre

Paralyze Resist

9604: Arch Heretic, Spirit Dancer

9221: Blade Dancer

9143 (8% AS not considered): Dragoon

8836 (Guard/OE AS not considered): Barbarian, Destroyer, Dark Avenger, Guardian, Omegalul Elder

8777: Bleed Phantom

8746 (8% AS not considered): Randgrid, Vena Plaga

8126: Gladiator

7836: Mystic Knight, Grandmaster

7722: Raven, Light Fury, Abyss Walker

7684: Lunar Knight

7604: Crusader

7580: Impactor

7371: Ripper, Rai. Jotunn

6185 (8% AS not considered): Valkyrie, Avalanche

6138: Saint, Inquis

5475: Windwalker, Tempest

5080: Ruina, Defensio

5033: Sniper

4371: Warden, Silver Hunter, Gear Master, Shooting Star, Ray Mechanic

4150: IW, Pyro, CM. WM, Black Mara, Adept, Physician

3835: Soul Eater, Dark Summoner

3534: Lustre

New Values:


Arch Heretic, Spirit Dancer, Blade Dancer, Dragoon, Barbarian, Destroyer,  Dark Avenger, Guardian, Oracle Elder, Crusader

Bleed Phantom, Lunar Knight, Randgrid, Vena Plaga, Gladiator, Raven, Light Bringer, Abyss Walker

Reaper, Rai, Jotunn, Grandmaster, Valkyrie, Avalanche

Mystic Knight, Saint, Inquisitor, Ruina, Defensio

Windwalker, Tempest, Impactor, Sniper, Silver Hunter

Warden, Gear Master, Shooting Star, Ray Mechanic, Ice Witch, Pyromancer, Chaos Mage, War Mage, Black Mara, Adept, Physician, Soul Eater, Dark Summoner, Lustre

Para Resist:
Arch Heretic, Barbarian, Destroyer, Dark Avenger, Guardian

Gladiator, Bleed Phantom, Dragoon, Randgrid, Vena Plaga, Crusader, Lunar Knight

Impactor, Reaper, Rai, Jotunn, Mystic Knight, Grandmaster, Ruina, Defensio, Spirit Dancer, Blade Dancer, Oracle Elder, Light Bringer, Abyss Walker, Raven, Inquisitor

Valkyrie, Avalanche, Saint

Windwalker, Tempest, Sniper, Lustre, Silver Hunter, Shooting Star, Ray Mechanic, Gear Master

Warden, Ice Witch, Pyromancer, Chaos Mage, War Mage, Black Mara, Adept, Physician, Soul Eater, Dark Summoner

Some classes were given more Para/Para Res and some classes were given less (moved up to a tier, or moved down to a tier).

Skill Changes

Lunar Knight

Flash Stance: Reverted left click timings. Lowered para per atk from 100% to ~10%


Demolition Fist EX: Adjusted left-click input to be more reliable maybe.

Chaos Mage

Triple Orbs EX: -25% damage


Deadly Blow: CD increased 20 > 25

Devastation: Removed bubble requirement

Arch Heretic

Nightmare Devastation: Bubble requirement lowered from 60 to 30


Fade: added to blacklist

Applause: CD increased from 13 to 16 seconds

Abyss Walker

Illusion Strike EX: removed ability to tumble after forward iframe until all projectiles are out

Bleed Phantom

Lethal Torture: SA decreased 600 > 400

Soul Breaker: SA in air decreased 500 > 400


Lariat Lv6+: Given some FX to help indicate hitbox when running.


L-Burster: Changed hits applying ~5% of para to 100%


L-Burster EX: Changed hits applying ~5% of para to 100%

Cash Shop

Genderbend Costumes

We've finally got these working! If you equip the face and the one-piece body, you'll be changed into the opposite gender, complete with voice line changes.

These can be found in the Packages tab

Strong Baseball Club Girl's Package (Female Warrior)
Cool Medical Doctor Package (Female Cleric)
Shy Geek's Package (Male Tinkerer)



  • Added an option to increase the scale of Project Duck's custom interfaces (ESC menu, DPS meter, etc). Primarily for people with 4k (or higher) displays where the text ends up being too small to read
  • Added an option on PCs where the game autodetects Intel graphics and disables Vulkan to override the check and force Vulkan on. Note that this should only be used if the game is actually running on NVidia/AMD graphics, e.g. on systems where you have both a dedicated card and Intel integrated graphics
  • Pressing WIN-SHIFT-S now forwards the key combination to Windows Snip, allowing you to use Windows Snip to capture screenshots
  • The game no longer freezes while in loading screen
  • The game now displays a loading indicator and loading information while in loading screens
  • The game now responds to inputs while in loading screen (e.g. managing DPS meter)
  • Built-in IME (non-English language input) is now disabled by default, you will need to enable it explicitly in settings (this is to mitigate the bug where the game stops accepting input due to IME mismatch)


These things are mostly internal/not player related
  • Improved server management to make it easier for us to start/stop/restart servers remotely
  • Added memory leak logging so we can figure out why the game server sometimes starts eating up rediculous amounts of memory
  • Improved server startup speed


  • [Eternal Timepiece] now stacks to 9999
  • Pets now give 858 FD instead of 10% FD, which is the equivalent amount of FD
  • Improved "apply effect on hit of certain type" to add a check to conditionally apply if the target has another effect. This is used to simplify certain class mechanics such as Blood Phantom's healing passive, Grand Master's Timepieces, and more


  • Fixed Lunar Knight [Awakened Blade Storm] not hitting on certain bosses
  • [Ruler's Authority] now properly sucks in all mobs in [Illusory Domain]
  • Party class buff UI is now hidden when the rest of the UI is hidden and when the ESC menu is open
  • Fixed an issue where certain buffs/debuffs weren't updating their remaining time
  • Attempt to fix Dark Summoner's [Phantom Claw] fizzling
  • Attempt to fix an issue where certain classes could cause a party to freeze if they were flying a certain way during certain Apocalypse boss mechanics
  • Another attempt at fixing Randgrid [Counter Flare] hitboxing. Hit count reduced to 2 to help diagnose, damage unchanged.
  • Another attempt at fixing Vena Plaga hitboxing on various skills
  • Crudelis stage in [Solace of Oblivion] now warps you in if you somehow end up outside
  • Fixed power hour not applying in certain content or not visually showing in the list of available instances

Upcoming Changes

As a reminder, you can check the Project Duck Public Roadmap Trello for most of our planned and upcoming changes. Here are some of the new/bigger things:

  • We've started work on adding Vandar
  • After the April Fool's critical and critical damage test, we're planning on moving forward with the change. Obviously this time around damage values will be tuned more accurately, there should be little to no change in damage
  • Planning to look at offloading some responsibilities from tanks to make them easier to learn how to play (namely looking at adding more classes that can remove enrage buffs from bosses)
  • Replacing Dragoon's vulnerable mark VFX with something more visible but not too visually noisy