Those of you that have been with us for a while might know that we usually do some wacky woohoo JOORJIMAN class changes temporarily for April Fools. Unfortunately this year, we will not be doing those for various reasons (elaborated at the end). In the meantime, Roy has done some wacking out in PvP, Kozima is testing out some base game systems changes, and there's some minor other joke changes.


[PvE] Systems Change Testing

We're trying out some systems changes to spice things up and see how they feel. Project Duck in the past somewhat "sterilized" a lot of systems from the game because we're a small team and didn't have the time, game developer/design skills, or technology to manage those systems. Now we have some breathing room and technology to where we can try broader changes.

Critical Damage

Currently, critting feels like a must happen situation, where the damage without critting is pitiful, while the crit chance we currently have, and the damage it provides is massive. This is due to the fact that critical damage ends up being 300% of your normal damage, so missing that crit on a big boy skill ends up feeling awful. These changes here are meant to do a few things.

  1. Reduce the difference between hitting a critical strike, and whiffing.
  2. Add back diversity in the amount of critical damage you have.
  3. Introduce new potential avenues for damage increases in gear and from party's other than "Just have more ATK"

Critical Damage Modifier changed from 200-300% to 100-200%

Critical Damage Scaling format changed. Classes no longer get Critical damage per each point in STR or INT. Physical classes now get critical damage per point in STR, while Magical classes get critical damage per point in INT

Critical Damage Scalings per class adjusted

Critical Damage from skills now go over the cap(200%). Critical damage from gear still obeys this cap.

Critical Damage cap increased to 2,452,670

Critical Chance

Critical chance like critical damage has been an underused stat for a long time in Project Duck, and we are looking to change that. For the changes here we mostly looked at how classes of different stat types should scale, and we adjusted the values to match this. For a brief rundown here, AGI classes will have the highest values of crit chance, while STR/INT classes will have the highest critical damage. Don't worry too much about critical chance, most classes end up with a general buff or close to neutral change to their chance when combined with all other changes listed. And for the sin players, the difference in damage was calculated to be very similar for both gear types.

Critical Chance Cap increased to 2217623. (reminder that you only need 90% of this to hit cap)

AGI to Critical Chance ratios changed on every class.

Critical Chance from Skills now goes above cap
(for a theoretical limit of 100%)

Critical Resist Debuff

Critical Resist has been weird with the way it operates.  Unlike with elemental and damage taken debuffs, which just add/subtract 20%, critical resist is a multiplier on the targets critical resist % value. What this means is that at 33% critical resist (the "standard" resist on bosses currently) we reduce this by doing .33*.8 to equal a new resist level of ~26/27%. This sucks. I've changed the implementation to now be a direct reduction in critical resist, which at a -20% debuff, reduces this 33% to 13%, giving more impact to this once very useless debuff.

All Crit resist debuffs now directly reduce critical resist by 20% instead of a multiplicative reduction.

Party Buffs

Trying a new party buff out, while also doing a change for the systems that power these. These change only applied to dedicate crow, since the skill is going to be replaced anyways.

Dedicate Crow Removed

New Skill
Death Mark
Mark a target for death, storing 65% of your damage dealt and 30% of party members. When the mark expires, the damage stored is dealt.
Death Mark's cooldown ignores CDR

Crow Augment removed.

New Skill
Death Mark Augment: Sole Shadow
Changes Death Mark to only store 100% of your damage dealt, and permanently increases your damage.

Skill/Gear/Damage Adjustments

Just changing your critical and critical damage values would result in a massive loss in damage, so the changes listed here are to attempt to push your damage back to "normal" values. These will not be grouped by class, as there are so many changes here, including some to Pengu's Infinity Stone. This will not be exact, as to be honest I got lazy with some of the calculations and experimented with newer changes, but this should put you in the ballpark.

Pengu Stone Phys 5%-->30%
Pengu Stone Ele 5%-->35%

Pengu Stone actionspeed/movespeed 15%-->30%(See Harmonize change at the bottom)
Gladiator cm2 15%-->20%
Battle Howl cdmg 0%-->15%
(Reminder: this goes over cap)
Dark Avenger cm2 20%-->25%
Tempest CM2 15% --> 30%
Fury of the Owl 0% cdmg --> 10%
(Reminder: this goes over cap)
Warden CM2 0% --> 5%
Silver Hunter CM2 15% --> 30%
IW CM2 15% --> 20%
Pyro Cm2 20% --> 30%
WM CM2 25%-->35%
CM CM2 20%-->25%
Wand Mastery(Priest) 18% -->45%
Crusader CM2 0%-->5%
AH cm2 20% -->30%
Adept cm2 30% --> 50%
Physician cm2 25%-->40%
GM cm2 5%-->10%
SS Cm2 25% --> 45%
RM cm2 20% -->35%
SE cm2 30%-->45%
DS cm2 20%-->30%
BD cm2 25%-->40%
SD Cm2 20% --> 25%
Sting SD --> Provides 100% crit chance to general dawnblade and praetor for 10 seconds
(Reminder: this goes over cap)
OE cm2 25%-->35%
Ripper cm2 15%-->0%
(You have a party buff by default now)
Raven cm2 40% --> 30%
(You have a party buff by default now)
Rai cm2 ele 10%-->25%
phys 10%-->15%
Jotunn cm2 ele 25%-->30%
cm1 30%-->40%
LB cm2 30% --> 45%
AW cm2 20% -->30%
BP cm2 ele 20% -->35%
cm1 phys 25% -->30%
Dragoon cm2 15%-->20%
Avalanche 15%-->25%
Rangrid cm2 ele 20% --> 25%
VP cm2 10%-->15%
Ruina cm2 40%-->55%
Defensio cm2 35% -->55%
Blaster Mastery cdmg 0%-->15%
(Reminder: this goes over cap)
Harmonize action/movespeed are removed. Now grants 10% crit chance
(Reminder: this goes over cap)
Crit chance % on rune amps is removed
Crit chance % on pet is removed
Crit damage values on rune amps are lowered.

New Plates

We removed fierce and limit plates long ago when we abandoned crit and critical damage as a stat, leaving 7 full slots for nothing but skill plates. Adding these plates back into the game to actually make skill plates more of a choice, rather than just putting everything in your rotation.

Added Astral Fierce Plate
Crit - 32791
Crit % - 10%

Added Astral Limit Plate
Crit Damage - 32791
Crit Damage % - 10%

Both of these plates are available for purchase at Kylie's shop. They will contain no stats after April Fools patch.
Every character will also receive one in special storage.

[PvP] Roey's Retirement

It's over. I quit. Is this what everyone wanted? Fine. Here you go. Nerfing the Roey classes. You can thank ShyGuy for the Dancer changes btw (and these are probably only half the Dancer changes he wanted).
Was any of this tested? No, of course not. This is my last pvp patch so, why would I bother.


Breaking Point: Mdmg increased 10% > 14%


Crescent Cleave: damage -50%

Halfmoon Slash: damage -25%

Lunar Knight

Moon Blade Dance: -25% damage

CM1: INT increase 25% > 45%
CM1: STR +5.5% added

Now LK can do damage on everything and has equal para + para res to Glad.


Side Dodge: CD increased 15 > 30

Mystic Knight

Overline: Able to Tumble and move camera


Untouchable: MP requirement increased: 0 > 9999999 (disabled)


Elemental Shield: Duration increased 10 > 15


Shield Blow: Range increased ~15%


First Aid: Heal decreased: 59% > 9%


Devastation: Removed bubble requirement.

Arch Heretic

Nightmare Devastation: Bubble requirement lowered: 60 > 30


Sleep Escape: Sleep duration set to 0.5s or not because changing this number does nothing.


Chakram Flurry: 13s-> 16s cd

Whirlygig 10s-> 17s cd,

Swivel charge: 16s cd-> 21s cd,

mist caper: 16s->20s cd, right click SA break 400->200

Chakram storm: 32s-> 45s cd

Windcall twirl: Removed damage reduction, removed heal, FD boost duration reduced 10s-> 5s

Windcall: 10s-> 20s cd

Abolisher: 16s-> 19s cd

illusive dance: Removed damage reduction, removed heal, FD boost duration reduced 10s-> 5s

illusive gaze: Iframe removed

General Dawnblade: 25s-> 32s cd

Squall spin: 25s-> 32s cd

Gust Dementia: 32s-> 40s cd

Blade Dancer

Bladeflip EX: 600-> 400 SA

Chakram storm EX: No lift on final hit

CM1: Effects besides strength bonus removed

Spirit Dancer

Praetor: 30->35s CD

Sting: No longer fast cancelable, buff duration 12s->6s

Stalker EX: 300->200 SAB

Dusk hunter EX: Explosion hit 400->100 SAB

General Dawnblade EX: Shockwave hits do 10% damage of main attack, final shockwave lift-> stagger, final shockwave SAB 400->200

CM1: Effects besides strength bonus removed

Oracle Elder

Sharp Hurricane: CTC lowered 3 > 2

Chain Rush: CD increased 15 > 25

Position Shift: CD increased 25 > 35


Healing Chakra: HP per tick decreased 0.2% > 0.1%

Illusion Strike: -20% damage

Light Bringer

Healing Chakra EX: HP per tick decreased 0.4% > 0.1%
Healing Chakra EX: CD decrease -30 sec > -60 sec (now 30 sec cd)

Abyss Walker

Illusion Strike EX: Removed ability to tumble/left click iframe after forward teleport


Lethal Torture: SA decreased 600 > 400

Soul Breaker: SA in air decreased 500 > 400 (ground cast initially still has 500 SA, but changes to 400 SA in air)


Harmonize: AS increase removed.

Removed -8% AS from staggered animation.


Lingering Swing EX: +10% AS


Gale Stab EX: +10% AS

Splitter EX: +10% AS

Extreme Twister EX: +10% AS


Added FX to Lariat to help indicate hitbox

Over Clock: Pdmg increased 5% > 15%
Over Clock: Pdef increased by 40% > 100% of Pdmg
Over Clock: Added to BL


T-Operate: Added some sound/FX for Salad (sorry if this bothers PvE Launchers)

Set Position: SA decreased 1200 > 200


Stunt Rush EX: Changed to use Ruination action.

Roey's Temple

Now maybe forces teams to have an equal amount of enemies on each side.

And to mess up all these things:

All Classes (including PVE)

All Tumbles can now use skills at frame 10.

All Wake Atks can now be tumbled when the iframe ends.

EZ standardization.

Misc Fun Changes

  • Every character now gets their own custom name color (guild, friend, party, blocked, etc still take priority though)
  • Characters now have slightly different sizes in town
  • Taking damage changes your size

Why we aren't doing class changes

For those of you that have been with us through the years or have heard about or April Fools and Spooktacular/Halloween events, you'll notice that this year we aren't doing our sweeping meme/experimental/cracked out class reworks.

  • We just finished doing a massive sprint to get new content out, so we're tired and need a break
  • It takes over a month to do most classes and yet we still usually need to import previous years' versions because there's 46+ classes (we just added two!)
  • We've reworked so many classes its getting harder to figure out how to make changes - remember, we use April Fools/Halloween to prototype class reworks and have some fun.
  • Too many people complaining and bitching over a temporary for-fun event that's expected to be buggy, unpolished, and incomplete.

Joorji's Additional Note

That last point is honestly the one that makes me the most upset. As the one who does a majority of the crazy PvE class changes for Spooktacular and April Fools, nothing makes me more upset than having people bitch and moan at me for doing stuff for fun. This is honestly so much of a privilege for players to enjoy such ridiculous (and sometimes well-crafted) changes. There isn't any other server who puts in the amount of work that I do for such a short-term seasonal event and yet we still have people complain.

Doing these changes can be really rewarding but also incredibly exhausting. I've done them for the past 2+ years now and it's honestly felt worse every single year. There are more and more people who complain about it with each event run.

I want to do it again sometime in the future but it's so much of a time investment that I don't know if I'll be able to put it in again in the future (especially attempting to come up with new wacky concepts). Some of these changes in the past make it into the game as reworks and I can't be bothered to come up with original ideas for every class. I understand that it may be upsetting for some people that their main class doesn't get some wacky change for the event unlike other classes, but please understand that it's mostly just me with some help from Vahr putting these in. We can't give the same amount of love and care to every single class. Let us have some fun with what we put out.

I hope everyone enjoys what's happening this time around even though it's much less crazy than last time. To everyone else who has been supportive of us, thank you.