We've kept ourselves busy with work on getting multiserver running, but we've still got some exciting changes with new client features, the Crusader rework, and fashion nest upgrades.

Character Creation

  • You can now select all existing hair options in the cash shop from the character selection screen
  • Added Knight tree to the character creation screen for Warrior
  • Character creation no longer has an empty second page
  • Removed unused DWC button on the character screen
  • Replaced character level with class name on the character screen


Spot checker

Raid spot thingy can now be opened and closed using Alt + S. The X button is now used to unclaim your spots.
Left click to claim a spot. Right click claim additional spots.
For regular users, you can use the available presets. In order to use them, use /spots [preset]. For example: /spots bdnta. There are presets for the latest raids:

  • rudnhc
  • bdnta
  • rudn

For the power users out there, here is a syntax guide for making your own presets

PvE Class Balancing


Baking in dynamic balancing when I found a description bug. The [Class Mastery II] said it gave 10% when it really gave 15% internally
No damage change from what it currently is, just baking in dynamic balancing and fixing a bug

[Class Mastery] no longer grants 5% PATK
[Class Mastery II] PATK decreased: 10% --> 5%
[Dynamic Balance] Attack -10% --> -0%


Aura swapping is no more
Elemental Aura's reset chance is decreased but permanently active (you don't need to have Elemental Aura on)
Elemental Aura is changed to Lightning Flank, an active skill that does damage and guarantees an instant proc.
Conviction's animation is changed, does damage, but still enhances the two awakening skills
Ulti animation is changed to be more consistent
Mighty Blow Instant no longer jumps in their air but casts faster

Skill FX updated and changed to blue/white for now. I might change it to white/yellow later but blue had a lot more/better assets and the sort. We'll see how the community likes it. I'm up for making it yellow or keeping it blue. Either way it's just some tedious work to change it yellow if that's what people like.

[Class Mastery III]

  • Added a indicator for which instant you used last to help with [Divine Combo] left or right click

[Awakened Passive Divine Bless]

  • No longer awakens the auras to grant effects while active
  • NEW: Awakens the auras to become active skills with their own effects
  • [Awakened Elemental Aura] 45% chance to reset skills while aura is active --> 25% chance to reset skills passively
  • NEW: [Awakened Elemental Aura] --> [Awakened Lightning Flank]
    • Conjure lightning in your hammer and swing it wildly sideways to pummel your enemies.
    • [Awakened Lightning Flank] resets the cooldown of and activates [Mighty Blow Instant] and [Hammer Hand Instant]
    • Damage: 10100%
    • Cooldown: 20s
  • NEW: [Awakened Conviction Aura] --> [Awakened Conviction]
    • Explode with vindication enhancing [Mighty Blow] [Hammer Hand] to their conviction versions doing significantly increased damage
    • Enhance duration: 4s
    • Damage: 5200%
    • Cooldown: 5s

[Awakened Passive Divine Hammer]

  • Fixed a bug where [Awakened Divine Hammer] still did mixed damage (PDMG/MDMG)
  • NEW: Animation, skill FX, hit-spread, and damage changed to be more consistent
  • Damage increased: 30075% --> 37365%

[Awakened Crusader's Zeal] now has a visual effect to the caster's hands while zeal is active

[Mighty Blow Instant]

Still has an iframe

  • No longer leaps into the air
  • NEW: Immediately slams the ground
  • Cooldown reduced: 2s --> 1s

[Hammer Hand Instant] cooldown reduced: 2s --> 1s


Same as Sniper, no damage change from what it currently is, just baking in dynamic balancing

[Class Mastery II] PATK reduced: 20% --> 0%

[Dynamic Balance] Attack -20% --> -0%

Cash Shop

  • Added three variants each of the Felicity and Space Pirate packages for Lencea
Aqua Felicity Package
Scarlet Felicity Package
Crimson Felicity Package
Lunar Space Pirate Package
Galactic Space Pirate Package
Solar Space PIrate Package
  • Added Corrupted and Fallen Velskud Packages for Lencea
Fallen Velskud
Corrupted Velskud
  • Added Enchanting Curtain Hair for Lencea


  • Added White Kitty Mask for all classes


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use Awakened Eclipse by hitting spacebar even if you have the option enabled
  • Fixed issue where show passive skill cooldown setting wouldn't save properly